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This is a series of small articles contributed by individual History Society members under the editorship of Jeremy Nicholls.

Jeremy would welcome contributions from anyone with a story to tell — they need to be 200 to 400 words long, and should include a photo or two.

Jeremy's introductory article can be read here.

The items published so far

1Who was this geniusValerie Mackin
2RigolettoGeraint Davies
3William Smith geologistCelia Bloor
4A shrine and a study courseJohn Whitehead
5Saturn — a fly BoatGraham Dodd
6A tale from the Peninsular WarAnthony Pearson
7The Cragg Vale CoinersCharles Cavill
8Canal CraftsValerie Mackin
9East Coast EvacuationJeremy Nicholls
10My Potter AncestorsJudith Paterson
11A scar from PeterlooCelia Bloor
12Stoodley PikeCharles Cavill
13History of an Unusual Musical InstrumentAlix Bryson
14NHS AnniversaryBrenda Smethurst
15Thomas Jackson — EngineerCelia Bloor
16Brislington HouseJudi Paterson
17Wakes Week in RawtenstallDorothy Jones
18A Musical HelmetSarah Hill
19Historical chart of the USA Edwin Hill
20Combermere Abbey — Rule or MisruleJohn Whitehead
21Sicily 1943Lawrence Anthony Pearson
22Manchester to Altrincham RailwayGeoff Smethurst
23Audlem's watermillsGraham Dodd
24Village in the Vosges part 1Linda Simard
25Village in the Vosges part 2Linda Simard
26My connection with Winston ChurchillGeraint Davies
27The Big Ship Sails on the Alley Alley OJeremy Nicholls
28John FieldenCharles Cavill
29The Battle of HastingsVal Mackin
30The Golden ValleyDorothy Jones
31Fever HospitalAnn Nicholls
32A Family Story in Three ActsJohn Tilling
33William Cooper, Clunbury to Crewe HallGraham Dodd
34After WaterlooDinah Andrew
35Manchester-by-the-SeaGeoff Smethurst

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