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This is a series of small articles contributed by individual History Society members under the editorship of Jeremy Nicholls. Jeremy would welcome contributions from anyone with a story to tell – they need to be 200 to 400 words long, and should include a photo or two.

Jeremy's introductory article can be read here.

Items published so far:

1 Who was this genius Valerie Mackin
2 Rigoletto Geraint Davies
3 William Smith geologist Celia Bloor
4 A shrine and a study course John Whitehead
5 Saturn – a fly Boat Graham Dodd
6 A tale from the Peninsular War Anthony Pearson
7 The Cragg Vale Coiners Charles Cavill
8 Canal Crafts Valerie Mackin
9 East Coast Evacuation Jeremy Nicholls
10 My Potter Ancestors Judith Paterson
11 A scar from Peterloo Celia Bloor
12 Stoodley Pike Charles Cavill
13 History of an Unusual Musical Instrument Alix Bryson
14 NHS Anniversary Brenda Smethurst
15 Thomas Jackson – Engineer Celia Bloor
16 Brislington House Judi Paterson
17 Wakes Week in Rawtenstall Dorothy Jones
18 A Musical Helmet Sarah Hill
19 Historical chart of the USA Edwin Hill
20 Combermere Abbey – Rule or Misrule John Whitehead
21 Sicily 1943 Lawrence Anthony Pearson
22 Manchester to Altrincham Railway Geoff Smethurst
23 Audlem's watermills Graham Dodd
24 Village in the Vosges part 1 Linda Simard
25 Village in the Vosges part 2 Linda Simard
26 My connection with Winston Churchill Geraint Davies
27 The Big Ship Sails on the Alley Alley O Jeremy Nicholls
28 John Fielden Charles Cavill
29 The Battle of Hastings Val Mackin
30 The Golden Valley Dorothy Jones
31 Fever Hospital Ann Nicholls
32 A Family Story in Three Acts John Tilling
33 William Cooper, Clunbury to Crewe Hall Graham Dodd
34 After Waterloo Dinah Andrew
35 Manchester-by-the-Sea Geoff Smethurst
36 History Repeating Itself Renee Cooper
37 Women and children in the Mines Val Mackin
38 Up, up and away Judi Paterson
39 Friend or Foe? Jeff Bryson
40 Cryptic Runes John Tilling
41 The Mulberry Harbours Alan Paterson
42 Discovering a little-known 7th century gem John Whitehead
43 Library Rise and Fall Brenda Smethurst
44 Lloyd George Knew My Father Geraint Davies
45 A Window in Tasmania John Tilling
46 Macclesfield Silk Stripe Beryl Cole
47 Edmund Driver – purveyor of Cheshire Cheese Graham Dodd
48 Joe Biden, St Augustine and Audlem Anthony Pearson
49 A Gangster in the Family I Wyn Jones
50 History Short – 50 and not out Jeremy Nichols
51 The Danny Brenda Smethurst
52 Stonehenge 1917-18 Edwin Hill
53 The balloon is going up! Judi Paterson
54 The House my mum and dad built Val Mackin
55 The Northwoods Farm Moat Elizabeth Huntbach
56 Thomas Wardle Beryl Cole
57 Herculaneum Dock, LiverpoolPauline Griffiths
58 Llanbadrig in Anglesey John Whitehead
59 History Short to Bruges Jeremy Nicholls
60 The Australian Magna Carta John Tilling
61 Cody knew my great uncle Judi Paterson
62 The Weaver-Wolverhampton Canal Graham Dodd
63 RHS Garden Bridgewater Jeremy Nicholls
64 Knots Val Mackin

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