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7:00pmHarryboy on Adas
  • It seems someone at ADAS has a magic keyboard that rendered "The Old Priest-House Cafe" as "The Priest Hole Cafe".

    Editor's comment: Ed — yep, sorry. Missed that — now fixed.

Saturday 8th Dec

4:25pmMeg on Audlem Post Office Robbery
  • Thank you for all the support since this incident occurred. It's certainly something we won't let happen again. If anyone on the road from Cheshire Street down to Shropshire Street knows of Surveillance Cameras that would have been active during 13.00pm and 13.15pm on the 6th, it would be a massive help to us in our attempt to catch this (I won't say what I'm thinking)....person.

12:42pmKAC 87 on Name that Church
  • I think the church photo could be Pott Shrigley near Bollington.
    Any other ideas?

8:10amcosmo on name that church
  • The church in the picture is at Maer, near Baldwing Gate. It is the church where Charles Darwin was married ,

Friday 7th Dec

4:28pmAnnieT on For Christmas-Crazy People
  • Find this week's tip at

9:36amKAC 87 on Audlem Post Office Robbery
  • Very sad that the Post Office has been targeted by thieves. I was in there yesterday and it was packed which is good to see.
    Someone in the village must have seen this person being short and dressed in a white parka and wearing gold jewellery.
    They would stand out like bling in a place like Audlem.
    I hope they are tracked down and put to rights.

Wednesday 5th Dec

6:19pmbob-bee2000 on Interactive Map
  • AnnT, I don't know where you get the idea that I am anti AOL as on the whole I am very much in support of it and do not hesitate to tell people how good it is. However, that does not stop me having an opinion about some aspects of its delivery, content or the way some contributors use the medium for self promotion that appears to be fully supported by the Editorial team without censure or a bit of judicious editing. Re the Interactive map, views were asked for so please do not complain when they are given.

5:57pmtimd on Interactive Map
  • Like the look of the new map — I know it's early days but perhaps the post office could be shown in it's new location. Keep up the good work tech elves — our splendid village website is much appreciated.

5:25pmIanT on Interactive Map
  • Before I moved to the area I used quite a number of maps (probably including the one on AoL, but I can't remember) and Google Street View to get an idea of where everything was.

    I know that a lot of passing trade on the canal only know about the two pubs adjacent to it and maybe the Co-Op; many people, for example, don't know about any shops that aren't near the Square.

    It might be a man-thing but in my opinion there is no such thing as too many maps :)

5:21pmAnnT on Interactive Map
  • bob-bee, just where do you start your walk from "one end of Audlem to the other"? Admittedly I need a lot of time these days for traversing anything but I am left wondering what you find to object to in the map. We are not all perhaps as fleet or as clever as you but you do seem to be anti AOL.
    Criticism can be helpful but do please bear in mind that all these things are done to hopefully make the website useful, accessible and interesting, free of charge. I love the puzzles and Chatbox, news of upcoming events or indeed the football results, hope they win soon, but please share with us a positive comment, if you have any.

12:35pmbob-bee2000 on Interactive Map
  • Given that you can walk from one end of Audlem to the other in less than five minutes, nor the fact that Audlem is hardly awash with shops, services and facilities is there really a need for an interactive map?

Tuesday 4th Dec

5:31pmAnnieT on Big Switch On
  • It's our first Christmas in Audlem. I just want to say how much we enjoyed the Big Switch On. Everything was beautiful. Thank you to everyone for making it so magical.

5:25pmAnnieT on For Christmas-Crazy People
  • My next tip is for thrifty floral decorations. See at:

9:29amDen C on Cheshire East Want to Increase Parking Charges
  • Well there's a surprise!

9:21amHarryboy on memoirs
  • I am old enough to remember Reg Booth coming round with a horse-drawn tumbril to empty the pans from the outbuilding lavatories. You knew when it was coming, could smell it befofe you saw it.
    When that job came to an end Reg worked on the canal and afterwards in the Cemetery. To my mind he was a true local hero. I do not make heros of people that like to organise things and so often ger it wrong.

Sunday 2nd Dec

7:22pmrml on Photo of church
  • Thank you to everyone who helped to identify the mystery church! It's a lovely picture and will stay hanging on our wall!

1:22pmHarryboy on Joiner
  • Try Timber Traditions at Whitchurch.

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