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6:34pmNick Smith on Replacement garage roof
  • Thanks Agent, but the roof has been repaired in the past and is starting to let water in through the panels. I am not sure if it is asbestos, any advice on what to look for?

11:33amAgent436743 on Replacement garage roof
  • To Nick Smith: To remove asbestos you will need a qualified man, not just any old builder. Anyway as the Yanks say "If it ain't broke don't mend it."


9:05pmQuasimodo on Vile Creature
  • Perhaps he was a government advisor out testing his eyesight and didn't see where it was going? It'll be in the rules somewhere if you drill down far enough I expect

9:02pmOscar Wilde on Double red lines.
  • I seem to recall a certain regular contributor to Chatbox moaning about the number of disabled spaces on the car park and advising an objecting disabled badge user to park on the double yellows instead because you can if you have one. I can't think of anywhere in the central village where this is actually possible without causing a traffic obstruction — which is why they're there in the first place of course. Strange to hear them now calling for strict enforcement.
    I don't park on the yellows ever by the way — I have nothing to declare other than my brilliant parking!
    And don't get me started on the pavement parking.......

2:49pmNick Smith on Replacement garage roof
  • Comment 2
    Can anyone recommend a builder or roofer who could remove and replace my garage roof.
    The garage is pre-cast concert and the roof is made of corrugated sheeting which may be asbestos.
    The work is not urgent, but it would be nice to get it "pencilled in".

12:40pmColonel Blimp on Double red lines.
  • Mea Culpa — I think I might have been one. You see the old eyes don't seem to be so good these days and I might not have seen properly where I was parking. I haven't been able to get into Specsavers cos of the lockdown, but inspired by recent events I thought what better way to test the old mincers than a spin in the old Rover. I put in Mrs Blimp and Blimp junior in the back (he's only 57 and can't be left on his own) and off we went. Good job I did as besides the faux pas parking in the village I later ran straight off the road into a field and hit a bull killing it outright. Mind you Mrs Blimp jumped straight out and heaved the carcass on the roof rack and, as soon as Junior finished having a wee, we got it straight back into the freezer at home solving our food shortage

12:31pmLeo on Double red lines.
  • Bob, Billy and Local, I understand that the Parish Council is meeting this week. How can we add this important subject to the agenda?

11:13amNick Smith on Replace garage roof
  • Do anyone know/recommend a builder or roofer who could replace my pre-concrete garage roof.
    It is covered with corrugated sheeting, that might be asbestos, but I am not sure.
    Any advice/help would be much appreciated as I am new to this area.

9:19amChris Lewis on Vile Creature
  • It appears that these creatures also totally ignore the direction of walk in the Co-op, heading for the beer.

Monday 25th May

9:37pmBob Fousert on Double red lines.
  • I'm afraid Leo, that it's not a small number of people who have total disregard for the double yellow lines. Prior to lock down there was hardly a time when you could drive pas the Co op and one and often two cars would be parked on the double yellow lines. The worst incident was a car left with the engine running and a child in the back seat whilst the owner was doing their shopping. I have previously suggested that Audlem could fund its own traffic warden with the money that could be raised in fines. What really disappoints me is the lack of action by the Parish Council. Never a peep!

8:03amLeo on Double red lines.
  • I agree with Billy and Local, there are a small number of arrogant, self-serving individuals who believe that they can do exactly as they wish, all without a second thought or concern as to the consequences of their abhorrent arrogant actions. Could the double yellow lines become enforced by ANPR, just a thought? Name, Shame and Fine.

8:00amcelia b on Peter Brown
  • Peter is a well known historian of the canals and has written a comprehensive account of the Shropshire union canal and was instrumental in getting world heritage status for the unpronounceable aqueduct in Wales. He lives in Market Drayton and I will see if I have an e mail address to give Emma but Peter Sylvester at canal shop or Market Drayton Museum would be worth a try.

1:56amBobert on Pavement Widening
  • Possibly we could have a flyover..if it was high enough we might even get a glimpse of the people living on cloud 9 who came up with the idea..

1:50amBobert on Double red lines.
  • Shouldn't be a problem, if we're widening the pavements the Fire engines won't be able to get out of the station anyway..

Sunday 24th May

8:59pmVillage Dweller on Vile Creature
  • Today as I walked from the village towards the old wall on Whitchurch Road a tall looking cyclist wearing black lycra with a light blue strip across the back of his top spat onto the pavement next to the wall, some people can be disgusting at the best of times but to think someone would do this during the current circumstances is beyond belief.
    If your are that cylclist and are reading this '' You are a vile creature and should be ashamed of yourself''

8:05amBilly Gibbons on Double red lines.
  • Well said Local; I saw that car there as well. Luckily when I drove past it there wasn't as much traffic about as when you did. My first thought when I saw it (and when I've seen others parked there too) was, I wonder how they'd feel if their house was on fire and the Fire Engine couldn't get to it because someones vehicle was obstructing the Fire Station exit. Regarding the lines you mentioned; a great idea but sadly some people in the Village are way above the Law and rules don't apply no matter what colour the lines are. The only exempion should obviously be Disabled drivers of course.

Saturday 23rd May

7:36pmlocal on Double red lines.
  • Earlier today I had to mount the pavement near the co-op whilst driving towards Whitchurch. It was the only way to begin to untangle a jam of lorries, cars and trailers once again caused by some irresponsible idiot parking on the double yellows between the co-op and the fire station. Parking on these lines causes a narrow pinch point with those cars legally parked opposite.
    Rather than proposing complicated and unnecessary solutions for the social distancing of pavement users, the time and energy of the Council would be better directed at keeping traffic moving through the village and pedestrians safe. Double red lines and rigid enforcement for the short section between the co-op and the fire-station would be a positive start.

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