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Saturday 13th Oct

9:30amsusieq on plumber
  • Hi
    Does anyone know of a plumber who would replace a leaky washing machine tap please

7:23amBilly Gibbons on Crashed Aeroplane
  • Many thanks for the article Ian. Very informative and interesting. I presumed the crash Uncle Eric told me about was during WW2; the silk was mentioned at the same time so I presumed (maybe wrongly perhaps) that it tied in with this crash. I'm guessing that, if I'd have inherited his 'poker stand' that would be a definate indication as to what aircraft crashed but sadly, I don't have it. When I see the people who live in the property I mentioned, i'll ask them to see if any parts are still in there. Thanks again Ian.

Friday 12th Oct

1:44pmAgent436743 on Arboretum?
  • In reply to celia b's personal advice: If I owned the land I would certainly plant trees, if necessary at my own expense. As it is Audlem Online has allowed me to put the idea of an arboretum on record and I can do little more.

1:40pmbob-bee2000 on priorities
  • Unfortunately, Celia, we have advertised fruit time and again but no one is interested. I suppose if I wrap it up in plastic, inside a box with plastic on the outside, people may then take up the offer!

1:23pmBuerton1 on News or Chatbox?
  • For the sake of everybody's sanity, I implore the editors of this esteemed forum to seriously question whether "certain individuals" should be able to publish (?) or promote news articles.

    Let's not forget the theories expounded re: the Skripal saga — before we know it the news pages will be overun with fake moon landings, the queen is an alien lizard, the earth is really made of naan bread etc. etc.

9:07amcelia b on priorities
  • Unaccustomed to dog walking as I am, the last few days have given me food for thought about people's choices. I passed a property with neatly mowed verges alongside the country lane but then covered with rotting damsons, what a waste of good produce and I expect the lawnmower was not people powered but using valuable fuel. If you have fruit you do not want why not offer it on Buy sell?

9:04amcelia b on Arboretum?
  • reply to agent.....first the car park will look green and will only be the level bit nearest the village. At first I believe it may only be accessible upon request for special occasions
    Second I am sure the PC would not turn down an offer of a few specimen trees to be planted by your good self but there are arboreta at Keele Uni and Jodrell bank
    I would support planting productive fruit trees as a community orchard, there may be demand for allotments to grow your own food to support household budgets and to improve health, and we must not forget something for the youngsters-BMX track or skateboards etc

8:25amKingbur on Tourism and Trade
  • If Agent436743 was at one of the meetings in the Public Hall many months ago, he/she will remember that approval was given to the PC buying Green Lane field mainly (a) to prevent development, and (b) to provide additional parking, and not specifically for other purposes, although many were discussed. On most days, there is not enough parking now for shoppers and visitors to Audlem, and it's critical to have parking infrastructure in place before we try to attract more visitors (not the other way round). But parking will take no more than about 1 acre of the 11.5 available, and will be close to the road edges of the field, leaving plenty of room for other things. So the possibility of an arboretum is not excluded by parking.

7:35amHarryboy on Old Priest-House (2)
  • Rendering on half-timbering is not approved of today. However the rendering on the rest of the wall had not been removed and was allowed to remain. While it would not have been an original feature it is part of the history of the building and is doing no harm.
    There were other repairs to the timbers in the roof space and finally the roof itself was retiled complete with a stove-pipe serving the new stoye in the Cafe below.
    The building should now be good for another 400 years. In contrast the Palace of Westminster needs major repairs after only 200 years.

7:32amHarryboy on Old Priest-House (1)
  • The owner has supplied details of the recent repairs. Cracks had appeared in the lower part of the wall that faces down Stafford Street so the rendering was knocked off and it was apparent that the "sole plate", a horizontal piece of timber that supports the rest of the wall, showed signs of decay. Replacing it was a specialist job and a expert was found at Whitchurch. The repair was left unrendered and is visible to the passerby. (Part1)

Thursday 11th Oct

7:09pmAgent436743 on Tourism and Trade
  • Sad that the Traders and Tourism Group seems to have bought the idea of the Green Lane Field becoming a car park. A car park is a secondary thing. Before visitors need to park they need a reason to come here. An arboretum could be that reason.

8:14amBilly Gibbons on Crashed Aeroplane
  • Thanks to Celia b, Against the grain and the Archives section, I now have a lot more information. Much appreciated.

Wednesday 10th Oct

10:38amAnnieT on World Mental Health Day
  • It's World Mental Health Day.
    We don't have to do much to make a positive difference... When you pass someone in the street, just smile at them. Not in a polite, plastic way. Smile from your heart. Connect with your eyes. Mean it. For someone, this will be the brightest moment of their day.

10:07amHarryboy on News or Chatbox?
  • To Editor: How does one get on the list of people allowed to post to News? It would be useful if one wanted to post something "too long" for Chatbox. Alternatively could that restriction on posts accepted for Chatbox be lifted?

    Editor's comment: Ed: If you have an article which may be of interest to our readers as news or a feature then email it to
    It will need to be under your real name and will be moderated by the webteam.

7:24amAgainst the grain on Crashed Aeroplane
  • Billy, It would have been most unfortunate if the airmen were buried in the cemetery as, according to the story, none of them died in the accident.

7:21amcelia b on Crashed aeroplane
  • If you put crash into the archive search box you will see this question came up in 2011 and the Lawrence's lent me a letter from an eyewitness. Ralph would know if there were any burials.

Tuesday 9th Oct

1:42pmEHF on Escaped dog
  • Can I send a huge thank you to the ladies who stopped and helped my husband earlier today in catching my Mums dog who had escaped on to Woore Road. She's only had him since Saturday so he's not familiar with the area at all and just panicked and bolted. Had it not been for their kindness and quick thinking, things may have turned out quite differently.

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