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3:46pmHelen Beardshall on Found - hearing aid
  • Happy to report that the hearing aid has been returned to its grateful owner.

10:52amHelen Beardshall on Found - hearing aid
  • Found this morning on the footpath just up from the cemetery — now awaiting collection from the Newsagents.

Sunday 29th Nov

2:47pmBob McClintock on Christmas Trees
  • Obviously I missed thanking more village stalwarts in my previous contribution, so hats off to Paul Couch, Andrew McCLINTOCK for once again collecting the small trees Nickie Dakin for donating the big tree and Jonathan Gleave and his team for the erecting said tree. Once again the village looks real Christmas at night time Thanks to all helpers in these trying times Well done done teams Bob McClintock

9:44amBrian Bugeja on Swans a Swimming
  • In this case, I would personally not interfere with nature.

9:36amBob McLintock on Christmas Tree
  • Cheers up the centre of the village in these trying times Thanks to ADAS , Mike and Dolita. Bob McCLINTOCK

Saturday 28th Nov

8:30pmHawes on Janet Gibbs(nee Griffiths)
  • Alison I'm not sure that I remember your sister, but I do remember you your Father&Mother

    I did come to your home many times as we were growing up, quite a few years ago now.

    I am very sorry for your loss, as my Husband died earlier this week so I do know how you must be feeling I send all my best wishes to you & your sisters family.

    Sheila Harrison nee Tapley

4:08pmLisa Taylor on Swans a Swimming
  • 2 separate swans have been spotted, crying out for their mate. One on the canal at bridge 82 and one near cox bank end — if they are a pair, could they be can be reunited? I tried RSPB but only taking emergency calls.

Friday 27th Nov

5:56pmSteve Elliott on Footpath Volunteers needed
  • Hi Nigel. As I posted the article I will email my contact at CE and tell them.

4:14pmNigel Young on Adderley Lights
  • Well there's good news and bad. The Good, Adderley Lights will continue to entertain folks for some time, The Bad news is the completion date for the works has been put back 13 months to 23:59 on 31st Dec 2021. Celebrate or commiserate as is your wont.

Thursday 26th Nov

5:52pmNigel Young on Footpath Volunteers needed
  • Did anyone else follow up on the AOL article 16/11/2020 ref "Footpath Volunteers" I've had no real response from CE other than a automated acknowledgment.

Wednesday 25th Nov

9:37pmSuzie Warren on Own up
  • I was SuzieW — my imagination knows no bounds.

2:07pmPete Lambert on Lost walking stick
  • Discovered my walking stick missing this morning. Last used Monday 23rd November around Audlem. It is a silver grey Eurohike Anti-Shock telescopic pole (and I did not replace the sticker on it with my contact details ). Pete Lambert. 07767481528

11:44amJoe Sheldon on own up
  • I was just saying... just saying

Tuesday 24th Nov

6:54pmBob McClintock on Blimp
  • Got to say names are a good step forward.However, the sod demise of Blimp will be mourned by many contributors and readers alike R I P Bob McClintock

5:40pmJohn Waters on Own up
  • Like the real names. A level playing field!

Monday 23rd Nov

8:55pmChris Johnson on The Bells!
  • I of course meant choir not quire, I wasn't concentrating properly.

4:19pmChris Johnson on The Bells!
  • I would like to add to Peter Morgan's article that all bell towers sway when the bells are ringing. As you can imagine when bells are turning nearly 360 degrees at different times and you consider the weight of them it becomes part of the excitement of actually ringing. Of course some towers are worse than others, particularly those standing alone such as Wybunbury and the tower in Crewe. It can be quite alarming if you are sitting out with your back to the wall feeling it sway and watching the light in the middle of the ringing chamber swing from side to side. I find the whole experience exhilarating and look forward to being able to ring again.

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