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Janet Maughan on Traffic warden targetting funeral goers

16th August 2022 @ 4:47pm

Just wanted to say how disgusted we were to see a traffic warden in Audlem today who ticketing people attending the funeral. They were parked in a legal parking bay but had gone over the time limit a little as the service ran on. lovely to see that there is still some compassion in this world (NOT!)

JAMES IRVINE on Pet Stroller

16th August 2022 @ 11:54am

We have what Laura Ellwood needs. If you/ she can we provide her contact details we will message her

Marilyn Paxton on Jean Clarke

16th August 2022 @ 11:37am

Hello can anyone advise whether Jean who advertises cleaning duties etc on AOL is still in business? I have sent emails and texts to the info given but not had any response.
Many thanks

Billy Gibbons on Volume

16th August 2022 @ 9:43am

Even though I have the best neighbours in the world, I'm looking for a place to rehearse a new band so my neighbours don't have to be subject to too much Rockabilly music. Does anyone know anywhere in the Audlem area suitable please? I can offer free earplugs to anyone nearby if needed although the rest of the band are currently using them at the moment. I'm sure it's nothing to do with my singing........possibly....... ;-0

Nigel Mottershead on Audlem – in need of a fix

15th August 2022 @ 11:05pm

To those who have enjoyed the benefits of, for example, a Parish Council or a Public Hall Committee, without making any attempt to contribute to them -
I suggest that instead of moaning and picking holes that you get involved.
None of these resources work by magic.

Celia Bloor on Pym's lane recycling centre

15th August 2022 @ 2:49pm

Bit late but I have been pondering on the access to Pym's lane with Middlewich road closed. Their website not very helpful as it says 'access via Marshfield roundabout' anyway they have been sensible and put the barriers just beyond the Middlewich road lights which means you can still turn right and access as usual!.

Celia Bloor on Scam telephone call

15th August 2022 @ 2:44pm

I had a call purporting to be from my bank which said that someone was trying to spend £300 with Amazon and over £1000 with someone else which was not my normal pattern. I put phone down and used mobile to call the customer services on my card (Pity they don't give a single number to use for fraud) have been assured it was a scam-it was a local number 01270 868 --- as I never pick up unrecognised codes or international ones.

Laura Ellwood on Pet stroller

15th August 2022 @ 1:27pm

Hi. Does anyone have a stroller for a small dog I can borrow or buy. I have a pregnant small foster bitch with separation anxiety and need to be able to walk my other dogs! Please message me if you can help. Thank you

Julie Pitts on Recommendations for damp treatment and repair or replacement of bricks.

15th August 2022 @ 1:05pm

We are looking for the above please. We live in an old barn conversation dating back to the 1800's which has developed internal damp and bricks are perished. Struggling to find anyone. Many thanks Julie and Robert.

Elizabeth Adams on The Lord Combermere

14th August 2022 @ 10:30pm

Yes it does seem that Sunday in the village for either locals or tourism, is verging into a ghost town for Hospitalty & Catering.

As an ex licence, the best place would be the Shroppie Fly to either reopen( yet not on the £16k yearly rental!) The car park is huge and in the meantime of it being closed, I would be very keen to provide a temporary pop up catering service to provide for passing trade.
As a community I believe this is crucial at present to offer a value for money service in line with the cost of living and to see locals running this " Community Project" in order to reach out to those who are vunerable/ living in isolation or just want to simply contribute to village life in general.

Bill Higgs on Audlem Saints Football Club-new season

14th August 2022 @ 5:22pm

Just noticed on the Audlem News re post for ASFC signing on that it stated

"With the aim to sign on the children from age 3 up to age 12 for the whole season reaching until next June "

This should be age 3 up to age 16

Ralph will be doing an amendment

Sorry if upset the older lads

bob fousert on Audlem – In need of a fix

14th August 2022 @ 4:59pm

Interesting Editorial comment to Ian Brewer's submission. So I go back to my original point. Given the way people appear to be treated, who would want to volunteer in the first place. And the lack of openness and accountability that prevails, does not help matters one bit!

Julie Shannon on Anyone lost 2 peacocks?

14th August 2022 @ 2:23pm

2 peacocks last seen wandering towards Bunsley Bank!

Ian Brewer on Audlem – In need of a fix

14th August 2022 @ 7:40am

As a long time, and very quiet resident of this village, I must say that I am extremely disappointed that, recently, the management of the village has deteriorated significantly. It's even more frustrating that so much is being done in secret, or with so little information available, it's impossible to find out exactly what is going on, and who's responsible.

There are (or were!) some fantastic people in our ever growing community, selflessly devoting their time and effort to making Audlem a lovely place to live and visit, but that hard work is being steadily unpicked by others, either deliberately or through inexperience, apathy or sheer bloody mindedness.

Parking/roads are out of hand, planning issues are going unnoticed or underwhelming responses made, financial irregularities, staff allegedly being sacked in bizarre circumstances, extremely experienced retired staff with no immediate replacements available, with seemingly no forward thinking by those responsible to recruit in advance, and to top it off, our jewel in the crown public house now has its doors closed with an unclear future. The Combermere is a private business, but it's a major community asset, and the parish council should be doing far more to help promote it and Audlem to prospective landlords. If they are doing that, why is there no real information available?

Maybe it's time for a shakeup at the Parish Council, if the bank accounts actually have anything left in them.

Norman Huntbach on Town Hall Committee

13th August 2022 @ 11:03pm

Yes, well worth looking at

Bon McClintock on Town Hall Committee

13th August 2022 @ 8:40am

Who are these people making these strange decisions Are Geof, Olive and the Audlem W I the start of the exodus ? Or is there to come ?

Michael Hodges on Town hall

12th August 2022 @ 5:00pm

and here:


(confusingly there are two entries)

Ann Tilling on Town hall

12th August 2022 @ 1:29am

@Chris Lewis, look up the list of trustees. I believe charities have to have the list available somewhere. They have to ensure Health and Safety regulations are complied with.
There will be the AGM in late September where you can raise issues or even join the trustees but the above reps will still apply. I am not a trustee.

Carol Fallows on Lost little dog

11th August 2022 @ 5:29pm

Little dog found Thankyou

Carol Fallows on Missing a little dog -she never strays little staffie cross lite brown -called Pip or Pipee

11th August 2022 @ 5:14pm

Please call 07775 590705 Thankyou

Lynette Hopkins on Olive & Geoff

11th August 2022 @ 3:15pm

Thank you chris , I do agree the person should be named and shamed unfortunately not my place to name him .
However I do think a public meeting with the village hall committee should be arranged , so they can explain the action taken by this person to olive and Geoff and a full apology given to them both .

Alan Evans on Olive & Geoff

11th August 2022 @ 2:24pm

I am intrigued as to who the mysterious Audlem Public Hall committee members are. No mention of any individuals on the Audlem Public Hall website. Alas the contact page also has an error so I cannot even ask who them directly who they are.
So who can help me out in identifying these individuals who represent my interest in the Audlem Public Hall?
Ed, you obviously know, therefore why not divulge.
Or perhaps these community spirited individuals would like to identify themselves to the people they purport to work on behalf of.

Chris Lewis on Olive & Geoff

11th August 2022 @ 9:11am

Agree with Lynette but she failed to add two words to her post and those should be "and NAMED

Nigel Mottershead on Cemetery

11th August 2022 @ 8:44am

Hi Terry,
The contact below, I have copied from the Directory on this website.
I think Ralph will be able to help you.
Good luck.

Audlem Cemetery and Burial Board

Contact: Ralph Warburton
Phone: 01270 812125
Audlem Burial Board was formed on 12th November 1872 to serve the needs of the ecclesiastical parishes of Audlem, with representatives from each of Audlem, Buerton, Dodcott-cum-Wilkesley and Hankelow.

Mike Otter on Olive & Geoff

11th August 2022 @ 8:05am

Whoever decided that Olive & Geoff should "retire (sic)" should hold their heads in shame! – would these be the same people responsible for a Police probe of 'suspicious' cash transactions within the parish council? Just saying....

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