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3:58pmLesJonesWales on Property to Rent in Audlem
  • Hi Everyone — My wife and I are in the throes of buying a house in Audlem that needs a lot of renovation. As such, we're looking to rent a property in the village for about a year — starting in November. If you have, or know someone who has, a property for rent, could you please get in touch. My email is — many thanks. Les

Wednesday 16th Sep

12:48pmChris Lewis on Adderley Lights
  • Just driven to and from Adderley and have to report that once again there are two rows of bollards but in far greater profusion. Makes one wonder if we are able to rely on the November end date

7:21amSoftail on Adderley Lights
  • May I commend Nigel_Y on a great bit of work with reference to Adderley Lights. He`s found out more than I ever did contacting Shropshire Council who incidentally never replied once and I`ve been emailing them since February. On reading the status of the roadworks I was somewhat amused to read "Work in Progress" I`ve not seen any work being carried out there in the past 18 months.

    Passing through them yesterday the cones had been moved back to the verge effectively opening up the carriageway I can only assume by frustrated and bemused motorists.

Tuesday 15th Sep

10:08pmAnna Phylaxis on Illegal Parking and Phone Use
  • Dunno wot yor all moanin about — laws is opshinul now — Boris an Dom dunt bovver wiv em no more so we dont ave to eever. I ain't gunner walk any furfer than I ave to get ter coop just cos of some yeller line and moanin minnys, an I ave ter use me fone cause I got important stuff to talk about wiv me mate Sharon — like the terrible news about no more Kardashuns on the telly. Some of you lot got no sense of priority. Audlems peepuls getting really stuffy lately — so I'm avin a party wiv all me mates on satday nite an everybodies welcome to come cos this coronary virus is all made up anyway — I know cos I seen it on Facebook. Get a life you lot

6:55pmNigel_Y on Adderley Lights
  • I've just been checking on road closures around Bentley on the website. I thought whilst here I'll check on the Adderley lights saga...... Drumroll.......... it says they're due to complete the work by 23:59 on 30th Nov. Bad news is it doesn't say what year.

12:37pmbob-bee2000 on Illegal Parking and Phone Use
  • I think that it is time that AOL changes its policy re naming and shaming. The Parish Council have shown themselves to be toothless by abrogating all responsibility re this continuing problem. These people are so self centred that when challenged about their selfish behaviour they become most indignant, affronted and defensive — naming and shaming just might do the trick.

11:56amHarryboy on Illegal Parking and Phone Use
  • Complaints about parking outside the Co-op are ongoing. The Parish Council was at fault in asking for parking to be changed from the other side of the road to that side and the roads people were at fault in giving way to them.

11:17amAnnT on Illegal Parking and Phone Use
  • I am with you Billy. I have, politely for me, pointed out to drivers that they are parked illegally and making it difficult for residents of Kingbur place to enter and exit with any degree of safety. The most polite reply I got was to the effect of 'what's it to you' and 'I will only be a few minutes'.
    Even less polite responses when I asked if they could perhaps not have their engines running. If they turn off for more than 6 seconds they save fuel.
    However the furore on Facebook, I think, when part of one main road near Stoke had a speed limit of 50mph and speed cameras introduced makes me think that the mindset of many drivers is that of their divine right to please themselves. Viewing speed cameras as an income source not as a deterrent.

7:39amBilly Gibbons on Illegal Parking and Phone Use
  • This will continue as long as there is breath in their bodies! The Law means absolutely nothing to these important people. Probably far too busy checking how many 'Likes' the picture of the Lunch they had that they'd just posted on FarseBook has had to bother about trivial matters such as parking on double yellow lines or partially (and in a couple of instances, totally) blocking the Fire Station entrance. This will continue unless something is done about it and, I've got to the point of thinking nothing ever will be.

Monday 14th Sep

7:51pmAnnT on Audlem Youth (some) - 'Not bothered'
  • There isn't a lot of sunlight in the Coop and not a lot of fresh air Sonia.

1:31pmAnnT on Audlem Youth (some) - 'Not bothered'
  • I sympathise and empathise with you Germanicus. Hard to know what to do for the best.
    I have been thinking about possible actions and decided that the first line of approach would be to ask if they have a vulnerable family member, whether through age or infirmity. then point out that the masks and hand gels are meant to be a two way protection.
    Easier when not actually faced with the problem.
    I find that I am tremendously angry and sad, both, most of the time.

1:25pmsoniachelp on Audlem Youth (some) - 'Not bothered'
  • One wonders if masks are such a good thing. If you are breathing out the virus it gets trapped and concentrated in the mask. Then if you take it off to eat or drink and put it on the table the virus is there, also on your hands, and ready to go who knows where.
    It may be better to breath it out freely into the air where it disperses and is killed by the sun's rays.

Sunday 13th Sep

5:22pmGermanicus on Audlem Youth (some) - 'Not bothered'
  • Just been to our great Co-op, went to the back of the queue — realised the three male youths in front had no face masks — kept touching products which they weren't buying — went outside — two more about to enter a male and female, she actually said 'you aren't wearing a mask'.. response... 'didn't wear one last time either'... followed by stupid grin...
    Obviously not bothered they are putting people at risk...
    Now some of you might say ask why didn't I say something... good question... simple answer...
    Got a phone call from my wife (who was down visiting her mum in hospital) at 2.00 am this morning — her mum had just died from pneumonia... we don't know if it's Covid related.
    If I had said something might have escalated somewhat...

Saturday 12th Sep

12:26pmlizado on max
  • Hope max makes a full recovery. The car driver by law should stop and also report it to police. I can only assume the driver had something to hide. did know body get the car number.

9:12amKenny on Nick Smith Door
  • Yes I can come and look at your door text me on 07836607192

9:03amGmac on Hearing Aid
  • Morning Lis,

    Thank you for handing into Williams my hearing aid.
    I was delivering to Williams brochures of Parish Paths and of course I had my mask on to enter the shop. I completely forget to take off my hearing aids before putting on my face mask. The masks have a defect that when you take them off they propel glasses, hearing aids etc to kingdom come.
    The boss can now scold me and unfortunately I will now be able to hear her.
    Very grateful.

Wednesday 9th Sep

9:25amNick Smith on Hardwood double glazed door
  • Post 2.
    Should have said the locking mechanism is not working correctly.

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