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Wes Lechley on Climate Change

27th May 2022 @ 1:29pm

Tim is of course quite right, although my addition to the debate was more of an observation on some of the disjointed ramblings that appear on Chatbox. I think Plato once observed something to the effect that to hold an opinion you need no actual knowledge – amply demonstrated by some of the contributions to this debate.

Hannah Platts on NHS World Ranking

27th May 2022 @ 12:55pm

In response to Mr Denning, obviously and thankfully some people receive a good standard of care but many dont. Especially at the moment. Below are a few articles supporting the point i was making;

Currently, GP's and the NHS are still hiding behind COVID. Today, my partner received a letter for an appointment for haematology (he got 2 blood clots due to the vaccine) which he now is under treatment for, treatment we had to fight for. The letter starts by telling us how the NHS is under so much strain from the virus so his appointment will be over the phone???

Our baby is 2 and has never seen a health practitioner – not even a health visitor because like social workers – they are working remotely???

The impact of this is going to be seen soon enough, some articles are trickling out into the mainstream.

Now its not all about money, in 2012 i was part of a government taskforce that appointed leading technology and software companies to work with NHS trusts to provide a single view of the patient, improve efficiencies via technology so people could have a good level of access and treatment reducing our appalling outcomes. Here are 4 reasons why i had to remove myself from this project;
1) NHS trusts were painfully slow to respond, evasive and refused to take up the technologies
2) 6 trusts spent more than £50 million on technology and never implemented it despite having IT departments on huge salaries
3) The NHS procurement system ensures trusts pay hugely inflated prices for basic commodities that can be sourced for much less – there is zero accountability
4) The sickness rates within hospitals is absolutely way beyond normal, Private sector sick day averages are 6 per year. NHS is 29 days per year

So money isn't the answer – its a beast that cant be fed and while they are spaffing OUR money up the wall we will never get a service that is remotely good enough.

Anyway – this is something i'm more worried about than whether we will all be under water in a few years because frankly – we wont be.

And anyone needing front line treatment from a GP then my god, good luck, my baby didnt manage it when he had a temp and infection, i had to help the NHS by going straight to our overstretched hospital for antibiotics when a GP seeing him could have saved all that.

SAVETHENHS???? Tell that to the nations GP's

Hollie Henderson on Kitten Found

27th May 2022 @ 11:17am

Hi, I was having a bed delivered and a lovely little grey and white kitten jumped onto the delivery van. It is very young and doesn't have very good road sense. The postman had seen it wondering around Cotton Mews this morning, and it has obviously made it's way to my estate (Village View Close, near Audlem School). I have taken it into my house. If you have any information please call me on 07807363711.

Sharon Parker on Dog sitting

27th May 2022 @ 10:44am

Can anyone recommend someone to look after my miniature dachshund puppy on 1st July for one night

Tim Denning on NHS World Ranking

26th May 2022 @ 5:41pm

I noticed an offhand comment in a recent chat box contribution about the NHS having the worst 'outcomes' in the world. I'd be interested in the source for this. I had a small stroke a few weeks ago – it's technically now known as a TIA – that evening I had CT scan and other tests. Over the next few days I had further CT scans, an MRI and ultrasound scan and meetings with two specialists. This wasn't Harley Street it was at our local NHS hospital – Leighton. The NHS has frequently been rated best in the world although last year it was fourth Not the worst!

Celia Bloor on Silver bin collection

26th May 2022 @ 5:14pm

Ours was emptied at 10.35 this morning, my thanks to the workers.

Chris Whalley on Grey bin still has not been emptied

26th May 2022 @ 3:12pm

Grey bin emptied this morning in Hankelow @ 08:30!


26th May 2022 @ 12:42pm



Wes Lechley on Climate Change

25th May 2022 @ 10:32pm

It was most thought provoking to read Hannah Platt's comments on the chat forum, especially as regards the NHS. It's certainly evident that more needs to be devoted to mental health care, and beyond the NHS on education.

Bob McClintock on Worrying Times

25th May 2022 @ 6:20pm

Rail travel .Bus fares . Insurance . Food. Petrol . Rates .Rents . Cost of living . All massive price increases. No invite invite to a Boris party . what a state the country is in .No worries tho . My grey bin was emptied yesterday . Made my day. the y

Jeff Price on Grey bin still has not been emptied

25th May 2022 @ 4:59pm

I'm rather surprised that residents expect to have some sort of service for their Council Tax payments. Don't they realise that it's a donation?

Hannah Platts on Climate Change

25th May 2022 @ 4:58pm

Seems the editor may have not included my final point which is;
Regarding climate hysteria, as a resident of the UK which is already green taxing us all to kingdom come, my bigger worry would be that the NHS has the worst health outcomes in the western world, id be more concerned about this and the fact that with more houses being built we are less and less likely to have access to GP's medical care and treatment. Because this will actually effect all of us.

Rachel Bailey on Silver bin collection

25th May 2022 @ 4:48pm

I received the following message from CE Waste Collection Service at 1637 hrs today, regarding missed collections on Monday:

'just to keep you updated on progress so you can advise any residents with queries, unfortunately we were unable to get back to the area today, we have it planned for tomorrow. One of the Team Leaders is scheduled to drive the vehicle with one of the normal crew members who has good knowledge of the area assisting him, hopefully we can get all the collections completed. I have passed on the areas you have highlighted.

Thank you for your help in keeping residents informed'

Anne Crutchley on Silver bin collection

25th May 2022 @ 3:08pm

Our silver bins were not collected 2 weeks ago in Coxbank, I reported it via the missed bins link and received a reply saying they would be collected within 5 days. The following Monday the siver bins were emptied in the same truck as the general waste which was due to be collected that day!

Stuart Bruce on Silver bin collection

25th May 2022 @ 12:23pm

I had the following reply in reponse to an email I sent to the email address :

***Due to operational issues the recycling crew did not complete their rounds yesterday. The Waste department are aware of this and will empty the bins as soon as they can.
Our teams are working extremely hard to maintain our waste collection services. Covid-related staff sickness and the ongoing impact of the national shortage of HGV drivers is affecting our ability to complete some collection rounds, and to return to collect bins that have been missed or that have not been collected as scheduled due to access issues.
Until the situation eases this disruption may continue. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to residents.***

If there are ongoing service issues it would be preferable if the Council informed residents in advance to manage our expectations.

Mrs lewis on Grey bin still has not been emptied

25th May 2022 @ 10:56am

In response to the post about grey bins not being emptied,We live in Buerton Festival avenue.And our bin has not been emptied,They came and did the garden bin and left the grey,Our neighborhood people have Thier grey bins still out,Does anyone have any information as to why..

Joana Oliveira on Silver bin collection

25th May 2022 @ 10:44am

Surprise surprise!
I just got a phone call from Chris at ANSA-waste & recycling. He said that they are currently short staffed so Monday they ended up no sending the grey bin crew out. He did say it will be collected on Saturday....
Fingers crossed ;-))

Joana Oliveira on Silver bin collection

25th May 2022 @ 9:51am

Response I received this morning.... we will have to wait and see!

Dear Dr Oliveira,

Thank you for contacting Cheshire East Council yesterday; I am sorry to hear you experienced another missed collection on Monday (23/5).

Your Lane's recycling collection was missed this week due to an operational issue which prevented crew #2's wagon from being sent out on its allocated route. The Waste department are aware of this and will duly return ASAP within the first 5 working days. Please leave the grey receptacles outside and accessible in the interim.

Please also let Customer Services know by return if your recycling bin still has not been emptied by 6pm next Monday (30/5).

I hope you find this e-mail helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Chisholm
Cheshire East Council
Customer Services-Macclesfield Town Hall
C/O Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

Chris Whalley on Silver bin collection

25th May 2022 @ 9:05am

Hi Chris

Just to confirm we have received your Missed Collection report.

Please leave your missed bin accessible and we will be back to collect it within 5 working days.

Your reference number is SR2514716. You will need this if you contact us.


Waste & Recycling Team
Cheshire East Council

Please do not reply to this email.

Bin is still out, lets see whats happened if anything by Friday. I`m not holding my breath.

Hannah Platts on Climate Change

25th May 2022 @ 8:47am

With energy prices set to go up yet again to levels many can't sustain while attendees of DAVOS this week are flying in on private jets may I suggest we welcome the earths cycle warming things up a bit. Heating oil is hellishly expensive – this by the way is all by design.

The green tax on energy is pushing people into energy poverty meanwhile water levels in Sydney haven't changed in 150 years despite in the 80's climate nutters saying it would be underwater by 2010 – and in the 1970's "scientists" said we would have an ice age in 2020 and let's not forget the scientists bonkers modeling scenarios on Covid that sent the world into a frenzy and huge debt. I'll use a bit of common sense I think.

Even Joe Biden refers to hurricanes now as a result of climate change – Kansas has had hurricanes since before records began ffs. Shrewsbury flooded higher in the 1500's than it has in the past 100 years.

If you believe the hype and hysteria on climate change then I can only assume you believe the Covid Fear Porn, that Biden was voted in, that there were weapons of mass destruction and that the WEF and the WHO care about the people.

Anyone truly worried about their impact on the planet should never ever step foot in a supermarket, Should read what plant based foods consume in production, the chemicals and crops involved and then ask yourself what is better...eating chemicals and unsustainable crops or eating local and seasonal food – forget supermarkets, go to your butcher – the world has gone crackers.

Wouldn't it be weird if all this was to charge us more, have more control, discourage self reliance push us to submission and make a shed load of money??? I mean it doesn't keep me awake at night but it does make me wonder!

We are sadly at a stage where people can't afford to heat, eat and run cars.

We need to focus on home grown produce, support and shop local, reduce waste and generally make good decisions but sadly the masses are being forced into submission by lunatic leaders with their own agendas – follow the money and keep in mind that farmers and truckers run on diesel – when they can't afford to run, we don't eat!

Let's live our lives, question things, read more and not be led by the nose shall we. Maybe we should be more concerned that the NHS has the worst outcomes in the developed world yet we have to worship it like it's our new religion. Clap...clap....clap

Carol Palin on Silver bin collection

25th May 2022 @ 6:24am

It looks like the whole of Woore Road, Windmill Lane and all the streets off Windmill Lane are still awaiting the silver bin collection. I have reported on line and received the usual spiel of 'next 5 days'.

Sue Bonell on Silver bin collection

24th May 2022 @ 10:29pm

I have spoken to Cheshire East today and they have informed me that the lorry broke down yesterday,and wasnt able to finish the collections, he asked that everyone leave their bins out and they should be collected in the next few days, he was extremely helpful

Celia Bloor on Silver bin collection

24th May 2022 @ 9:21pm

I had an acknowledgement of my report of missed collection.

Chris Briggs on Silver bin collection

24th May 2022 @ 8:13pm

I rang Cheshire East today and spoke to a helpful lady who informed me that the bin folk had vehicle problems on Monday. She told me to leave the bins out and they hoped to have the bins emptied within 5 working days ! 😎�'�

Colin Cliffe on Silver bin collection

24th May 2022 @ 5:29pm

After hearing the usual excuses of, leave it out and it will be collected within 5 days, and the wagon has broken down again, when pushed, the very pleasant lady at the council reluctantly admitted that the reason the bins are not getting emptied as they should be was down to a shortage of drivers, so why do they constantly try to fob us off with utter rubbish (no pun intended).

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