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Michael Cookson on Recommendation wanted

8th March 2021 @ 7:07pm

Plasterer try Warner Baxter ( He does an excellent job, I have used him on several occasions.

Peter Morgan on Footpaths – PROW

8th March 2021 @ 3:03pm

In reply to Sandra Rothwell, I have to point out that there is a greater danger to her when walking through the farmyard at Monks Hall than there will be in an open field. At stock feeding times a large telescopic handler is often present carrying very heavy unwieldy bales of feed to the cattle and at busy periods of the year such as harvest, contractors will be moving rapidly through the yards, often around tight corners with large tractors and trailers. It is unfair to both drivers and the farm owners to make special allowances for walkers who deviate from the marked footpath. Indeed, if an accident were to occur in the farmyard, it could easily result in prosecution by the HSE of the landowner concerned, if they had failed to make walkers aware of the correct route and keep them out of the yard and away from the danger.
It is equally unrealistic to expect landowners to fence off path corridors through their fields to keep walkers away from livestock. In my experience horses usually shy away from dogs and walkers, unlike cattle who are curious. Fortunately, there are safe alternatives in our parish such as the canal towpath, the Turnpike field and a wealth of rural lanes, avoiding harvest times of course!

Alan Henderson on Recommendation wanted

8th March 2021

Looking for a reliable plasterer to render small external area of approximately 8' x 8'.
Any recommendations?

Sonia Kay on Footpaths – PROW

8th March 2021 @ 11:11am

I've just had a look after reading Bryan's post. A very informative website. This is the link for anyone who might want to take a look.,_culture_and_tourism/public_rights_of_way/public_rights_of_way.aspx

Kevin Errington on Amazon calls

7th March 2021 @ 6:06pm

When receiving these cold calls etc there is usually a delay on pick up before 'they' speak.
This gives me the opportunity to answer with either 'COBRA briefing room, Prime ministers office'or 'SAS HQ, Stirling Lines'
This causes a pause then the person either hangs up or starts to speak.
At this point I ask them how they got this number and to hold the line while the call is traced.
The line tends to go dead then.
I don't normally get a call back...
I did have one young man terrified once when he thought MI5 were going to visit him.

Bryan Clydesdale on Footpaths – PROW

7th March 2021 @ 12:12pm

For local walkers there is available on the CEC website an Interactive Map which shows all the Footpaths (PROW) in this area. It very easy to use an will clarify the route of any footpath (PROW) that they wish to walk.

You can download a screenshot of any particular section also.

On the website there is also available a Problem Reporting Form which walkers can complete for any problems they encounter while out walking.

Ann Tilling on Sunday Supplement .

7th March 2021 @ 9:09am

Great! Well worth the wait.

Sandra Rothwell on Thoroughfare from coole lane bridge passing through Goodwins farm and Maughans farm to Hankelow mill and to the main road

7th March 2021 @ 8:08am

I too have lived and walked in this area for years, and until recently hadn't realised that the path went around Monks Hall farm not through it.... On taking the correct path through the field I was confronted by quite a few horses occupying the field, as I had my dog with me, I was very frightened- do I let him go, or keep on him on the lead with me? On reaching the other side of the field the gate is old and rusty and extremely difficult to open, and I ended up trapped, horses behind and unable to get over the gate. In my opinion, as it is at the moment, that footpath is dangerous, (a) from the livestock loose in the field (b) the fact that the gate is extremely difficult to open. I would be grateful if those at Monks Hall farm could understand- from a pedestrians point of view- why it is that we end up walking through their farm! If the farmer could at least section off the horses and replace the gate I would be very happy to use the path!

Joe Sheldon on Amazon calls

7th March 2021 @ 7:07am

I just had one of our friends on the phone telling me he is from my internet provider and I will be disconnected unless I answer a few questions, I asked him to repeat what he had just said, and then asked him to repeat again, and again, I then told the chap I had recorded the conversation and would be contacting the authorities (whatever that means), strange thing is he hung up, no doubt one of his team will call me again, after all its two or three times a day this happens, seemed like a nice chap

Nick Smith on Amazon calls

6th March 2021 @ 9:09pm

I have also had a call from Amazon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and twice on Saturday. Each time from a different caller I.D. Yes it is a scam.

Isobel on Thoroughfare from coole lane bridge passing through Goodwins farm and Maughans farm to Hankelow mill and to the main road

6th March 2021 @ 3:03pm

Isobel, apologies – I just re-read your post and wonder if you might be referring to the the private drive which goes between Monks Hall farm and Coole Hall farm – there is no public right of way through the Monks Hall farm buildings and never has been. There is a footpath from Monks Hall Cottages diagonally across the field which meets up with the drive through Coole Hall Farm. If you're not sure where it is let me know I can show you where it is (at a safe distance). We've had to put signs up as we've been inundated with walkers straying off the path and trying to walk through the buildings – it's a working farm with heavy machinery operating at any time of day or night so hopefully it will keep people on the footpaths and safe from harm.

Janet Maughan on Thoroughfare from coole lane bridge passing through Goodwins farm and Maughans farm to Hankelow mill and to the main road

6th March 2021 @ 3:03pm

Isabel, Cheryl is quite correct, after you come off the canal bridge the footpath goes through the gate on your right (if the canal is behind you) and across the corner of the field to meet the two stiles. There is a footpath marker on the gatepost but it's often missed and people tend to walk down the private farm track. It's not particularly a problem and often easier than crossing the field in the winter time. The farm track after the field gate on your right is not and never has been a public right of way and it's use is by permission of the landowner and at your own risk. We have been inundated with walkers straying off the footpaths during this lockdown. It's lovely to see people out and about and enjoying the early spring sunshine (but not so lovely to pick up the rubbish they occasionally drop and also to meet with unpleasant remarks when we politely remind them where the footpath is).

Carol on Keys

6th March 2021 @ 12:12pm

Set of keys found in car park today with yellow emoji keyring. Handed in to Williams newsagents

Christine Towers on Amazon calls

6th March 2021 @ 11:11am

Has anyone had a call from Amazon querying an order. Wondering if it is a scam.

Cheryl Cooper on Thoroughfare from coole lane bridge passing through Goodwins farm and Maughans farm to Hankelow mill and to the main road

6th March 2021 @ 10:10am

The route hasn't actually changed; as you approach the sign just before Monks Hall Farm the official footpath turns right and then left and goes down the edge of the field emerging on the farm road in the corner.

Isobel sykes on Thoroughfare from coole lane bridge passing through Goodwins farm and Maughans farm to Hankelow mill and to the main road

6th March 2021 @ 8:08am

I regularly walk from the canal at coole lane to Hankelow via the footpath and right of way passing through Goodwins farm ( coole hall farm) and passing Maughans farm (monks hall farm).
A sign has appeared denying access on the path which is a right of way and has been for a very very long time !
Can anybody explain how and why this route has been changed ?

Denise Harrison on Field for rent

5th March 2021 @ 6:06pm

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has a secure field for rent. Potentially with an outbuilding. Audlem area please


Nick smith on Garden landscaping

5th March 2021 @ 8:08am

Any suggestions as to where I can buy "landscaping supplies ". I need slabs, sharp sand ,cement and materials for boarders. All suggestions would be much appreciated, I am new to the area.

Debbie Ruscoe-Icke on New gates Tollgate/Moorsfield

4th March 2021 @ 10:10am

In reply to Mr McGregor's comment regarding large farm vehicles possibly needing access to the field at Tollgate Drive/ Moorsfield Avenue. I have lived on The Tollgate Drive estate for 23 years and have never once seen any big farm machinery enter the field, farm machinery has been super sized for many years and not suddenly expanded in size.

Yes you are right in saying they have made a good job.

Still cynical, but I hope you prove me wrong!

Norman Huntbach on New gates Tollgate/Moorsfield

4th March 2021 @ 8:08am

What right do you have to wander around somebody else's property? There are no rights of way marked on the map of that farmland.

Sue Davies on Billy Gibbons Band.

4th March 2021 @ 8:08am

Yes Peter, Morris's Ballroom was at the top of Pride Hill. The Morris Hall in Bellstone also held dances.

Moira Stanistreet on New gates Tollgate/Moorsfield

3rd March 2021 @ 9:09pm

What happened to the right to walk the paths that had been used for years in those fields.

James McGregor on New gates Tollgate/Moorsfield

3rd March 2021 @ 8:08pm

Surly this is simply the farmer creating easier access to his field machines are getting bigger as agricultural needs to become more productive to keep the price of food low. Surly this is a better option then w gatepost being ripped out by trailers during busy times of the year. Plus must say he's made a pretty good job looks well

Debbie Ruscoe-Icke on New gates Tollgate/Moorsfield

3rd March 2021 @ 9:09am

Call me cynical, but watch out for a new planning application!

Kevin Errington on Union Flag

2nd March 2021 @ 7:07pm

The Union flag becomes a Union Jack when it is flown from the jackstaff of a Britsh warship or mast at a naval establishment.
The one I donated was from the jackstaff of an Oberon class submarine HMS ONSLAUGHT on which I served.
It somehow fell into my kitbag when she decommissioned prior to refit in 1977.
I can keep a secret,it's just the people I tell I don't trust 😂

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