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5:59pmPeter Morgan on Turnpike field tree safety
  • Regarding safety of the trees, I would respectfully suggest that the picnic table situated under one of the oak trees adjacent to the canal is moved a few yards north of the tree. This is because oak and other trees can shed large branches without warning, as much in the summer as in winter gales. Witness the large oak down in the Vale which has shed three such branches in the last five years. Arboreal specialists can never predict such events with accuracy. Better be safe than sorry.


Thursday 23rd Jan

9:10pmOcean wave Mat on Oceanwave Fresh Fish
  • Even though I've only just got home I just had to take time to thank everybody who came down and supported my fresh fish visit today. I couldn't have been made to feel anymore welcome it was an absolute pleasure to have made the visit. Not just to those of you purchased but also helped spread the word in all different manners, and of course to Alan at the lord combermere for accommodating me. May this be the start of a fantastic service to your amazing village.
    Thank you all sincerely and I look forward to seeing many more of you next Thursday

    Kind regards

5:39pmAnnieT on Meditation
  • Thank you, lifestooshort! Really glad it's helpful.

9:50amDazzlin on Post Office
  • I am told that it is closed? I've not been to the door to see if there is any re-opening schedule notification. Can anyone shed any light?

Wednesday 22nd Jan

1:33pmlifestooshort on Meditation
  • Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the new meditation classes in the public hall annexe. I've been for a few weeks now, and really feeling the difference — much less stressed. We're so lucky to have facilities like this on our doorstep.

8:46amNIgel Mottershead on No phone service
  • Most of you will know that the mobile service seems to be back up now. I received a message this morning at 7:15 to tell me that the problem is fixed.
    I don't know about the problems with land lines yet — ours has been OK.

Tuesday 21st Jan

9:20amNIgel Mottershead on No phone service
  • No problem Meg.
    Oddly my mobile service with EE came back on last night at about 8pm and this morning has gone again. Are we really in 2020?
    If I hear anything else that is useful I'll let you know.

7:13amJudy Evans on No phone service
  • At Williams of Audlem we have no phone line (just constant engaged dial tone) or mobile signal, since Friday We do have the internet however !?
    Luckily we CAN still process card payments, but our UPS system is down. UPS collections and deliveries are still continuing on a manual basis — so only our store tracking has been affected, So please continue to drop & collect UPS parcels as normal — you just won't have visibility on line of whether they are at our store.
    The problem does appear to be hit & miss in the middle of the village — some neighbouring businesses have landlines, and others not.
    We are with TalkTalk and they have told us its a fibre cable fault, on a road that requires the Council's permission to dig up & traffic control — which all takes time,

Monday 20th Jan

7:32pmMeg on No phone service
  • Thank you Nigel for the update, any information at this point is more then ive been able to acquire from post office and BT. It has been extremely frustrating that I cannot operate and offer the normal service for the village.

6:25pmNone-of-the-above on No phone service
  • We seem to have a Russian Roulette phone service although Internet seems okay. Sometimes we get a dial tone and phone works, sometimes we get a dial tone and can't connect to anyone and sometimes we just get a clicking noise.
    Our contract is with BT. After waiting 25 minutes on the BT Call centre and they did a line test and said we were okay as with Murphy's law the phone was working when she did the test but not 5 minutes later. If we called an engineer out we would be liable for an £85 bill if the phone was working when he turned up. What a shower.
    We were at the Marina cafe today and there cash machine seemed to be not working/ working with the same problem as those in the village.

12:36pmNIgel Mottershead on No phone service
  • Thanks LynnT,
    My Mother-in Law on Telford Way has no landline either and no mobile because of the other problems. Post Office Telephones who she has her landline with tell me that it is due to an outage at the Audlem Exchange which could be due to the problems with he mobile mast!
    Good idea to check on people who maybe only have land lines.

12:35pmMargaret Roberts on No phone service
  • I too have problems with both mobile (Vodaphone) and my landline. For mobile calls I use whatsapp its free and so far has worked every time so internet/wifi connection still working. The landline is very intermittent, sometimes works sometimes not. BT tell me they will fix it by 6pm on 23rd! We currently have a family emergency so very worrying to be without communication

10:33amNIgel Mottershead on No service on mobile phone.
  • I spoke again with EE this morning and was told that the problem is with BT and it is due to replacing a broken fibre cable.
    This is being attended to and I was told they have to dig up the road to do this.
    A bit more info to keep everyone in the picture.

10:17amNIgel Mottershead on No service on mobile phone.
  • Hi Megan,
    I spoke with EE on Friday morning and they got me to switch my WiFi calling on which I am still using. I got a message on Friday afternoon to say that the problem at the local mast was taking longer than expected to fix.
    It is clearly still not fixed and affecting other users than EE.
    I will contact them again today.


9:16amLynnT on No phone service
  • I just want to make everyone aware that there are people in the village who have had no phone service at all from a landline or mobile, since Friday morning, this includes my Dad on Broadways. Obviously they have no internet access either so cannot read this. It appears to be affecting many different service providers and when I have spoken to EE and TalkTalk I've been told it is taking longer to fix than expected. Please can I ask that everyone checks on their neighbours who live alone as this lack of communication leaves them very vulnerable if they are taken ill or have a mishap. Thankyou I It would be interesting to find out via Audlem Online which areas are affected. I know there is no service in Bath Lane either.

9:13amsillius soddus on Football Report + Elephant's tale
  • Found the football report most interesting today. Not sure of the link between a Sunday League football game in South Cheshire and the inevitable conflict between the growing human population of Sri Lanka and it's endangered wildlife.
    The author voiced his concerns about the plight of the elephants in their search for food coming into direct contact with subsistence farmers with the inevitable consequences but then goes on to state that they dined that evening on a crocodile steak.

8:49amMeg on No service on mobile phone.
  • We still have no phone line service here at the Post Office, has anyone heard anything about when it will be fixed?

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