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Wednesday 20th Feb

7:48pmpercy on Turnpike Field thoughts and ideas
  • Great idea Andrew. The allotments could go up along the green lane side of the field so they don't spoil the canal walks side. Is there a possibility of allotments there? where can you apply ?

2:18pmERM on Farewell to the crane
  • It's great to see the crane gone, it's just a shame its left behind another McCarthy & Stone non descript travel lodge style monstrosity and yes it is a legacy to use the crane, right back to the days when my dear old cousin John McCarthy was running the show, it was his quick escape when residents were coming after him with their complaints!

12:58pmIanT on Farewell to the crane
  • Now I have no excuse for seeing three copies of Mars in the evening sky when stargazing after a half of shandy.

9:20ammeddleman on Farewell to the crane
  • Ah yes, the crane. Someone told me, though I cannot say whether it's true or not, that it is a policy of this company to have a crane in residence in case members of the McCarthy & Stone hierarchy visit the site. They will, of course, arrive by car; the crane is for their wallets.

8:49amSteveE on Turnpike Field thoughts and ideas
  • I've noticed a few comments from time to time, on Chatbox, regarding the field. If anyone would like their thoughts to be considered or responded to by the fields's working group or the Parish Council, then I suggest that they use email: This way any such comments will be formally acknowledged.

6:54amcelia b on Farewell to the crane
  • It was interesting to find all the different places you could see it from. Hey woods lane, riding in the Audlem lass, long hill lane etc. Not always where you expected it!

Tuesday 19th Feb

7:20pmBat in Belfrey on Allotments at turnpike field
  • I think you will find that the said people have to be 'labouring population' ie unskilled manual occupations not 'retired', 'trained', 'desk bound', 'skilled', 'office','retail' etc etc, Could be a bit difficult finding enough of the right people in such a vibrant village that earn their living using a spade and pick axe nowadays.

2:52pmandrew on Allotments at turnpike field
  • Are there any plans to provide allotments on Turnpike field only after talking to a friend they informed me that if six people or above apply for an allotment then the parish council have a duty to provide ,and planning permission is not needed.

Monday 18th Feb

12:35pmExasperated on Medical Mal-practice
  • Who's the complete muppet that reported the builders taking up a couple of spaces on the carpark.... for goodness sake....have you nothing better to do with your day!

6:49amTowpath Terry on Medical Mal-practice
  • One does wonder what sort of person 'grasses' on the local doctors' surgery to the council for something so trivial. It takes all sorts I suppose..

Sunday 17th Feb

7:55pmBillcarper on Medical Mal-practice
  • Well said bob-bee2000!

5:09pmSeamus on Sunday morning football
  • Pottering around my garden on Sunday morning about a quarter of a mile from the football pitch,I was sad to hear that a goal near full time had been ruled as offside. I was also gutted to learn that it --------- " F!*&%!G happens every F!*&%!G time.
    So many thanks for your informed, highly articulate and intelligent commentary on the match dear sir.
    I'll bet you're glad you stepped aside now aren't you Motson.

4:28pmbob-bee2000 on Medical Mal-practice
  • Dai R Straights, you obviously read a completely different article to me as I did not see anything about the Medical Practice saying that they should be exempt from any charges. Nor can I understand anyone making a fuss about the builders parking as they are only using a couple of disabled parking slots of which there are far too many in the first place. This is a small inconvenience when you consider how vital this facility is to the village and how much the expansion is needed particularly since the increased demand from all the building taking place in the immediate area. Next, the same people will probably be complaining that they can't get an appointment when they want one.

12:45pmDai R Straights on Medical Mal-practice
  • What makes the medical practice think they should be exempt from Cheshire East charges, when using up public car parking spaces for their builders' private use, for months at a time ? They are not a charity. Also a bit of a cheek to imply this has/will lead to building delays.

8:07amHarryboy on Post Office
  • Two failed emails. They are often a waste of time. Better to send an old-fashioned letter. And if also Recorded Delivery you can be sure it reaches its destination and it will be clear to the recipient that you expect to be taken seriously.

Saturday 16th Feb

11:28pmJohnbbank on ADCA mystery for new residents...
  • ADCA is listed on the groups page of AOL (AudlemOnline)

11:26pmAndy on ADCA mystery for new residents...
  • Try searching ADCA on AOL!

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