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9:39pmdisollusioned on counting stars
  • Was anyone else lucky to see the shooting star that passed across the sky early hours of Tuesday morning earlier this week. I had driven along Coole Pilate lane and had turned right onto the Whitchurch Road when to my amagement I saw a shooting star falling to earth, time being around 1.30am, what a wonderful sight to to end my day with.

7:30pmK.L on Stafford Street Lights
  • I see that the Stafford Street issue can be easily solved but who is the mystery person that has the solution, what is it and why hasn't it materialised ?
    The lights seem to be performing quite well and have done so for many years, without them it would be total chaos. There are many other places with worse problems than Audlem traffic wise.
    Perhaps the only solution for everywhere is limit the number of vehicles privately owned on the roads and improve public transport. Possibly the enforced changeover to electric will solve the issue for us by reducing the number of privately owned vehicles. I won't be going electric so that's one less already.

4:11pmKFed on counting stars
  • If you're going to count stars, I suggest doing it tonight, as this looks like the only clear night we will get for at least a week!

1:59pmEHF on Lost collie dog
  • Hello Butterfly...any update on the lost collie?

10:40amAgent436743 on Stafford Street Lights
  • The flashing lights in Stafford Street are the relic of a failed experiment.Their false positives and false negatives make them a nuisance to drivers. And of the three the middle one actually faces the wrong way. A wider section of road is behind it and a narrower section of road in front of it so it is the driver on the narrower section that gets the implied suggestion that he should give way.
    The traffic problem in Stafford Street can be solved but first these lights need to be removed.

8:38amKingbur on Bob Williams
  • The buiding at Lock 10 was known to canal workers as The Shops, and it contained work areas for stonemasons, carpenters and a blacksmith, all in connection with lock repairs. Until relatively recently, lock repairs were carried out by fairly locally based British Waterways staff, rather than national contractors as now. There was a crane on rails which ran along between the building and side of the lock, so that heavy items could be lifted into and out of boats. The building was put up around 1910 ish.

Wednesday 19th Feb

8:35pmButterfly on Lost collie dog
  • Has anyone seen a collie dog loose on the canal today ? Dime is a female collie and is very nervous, any sighting information would be much appreciated.

5:41pmDaveM on Bob Williams
  • No news on Bob Williams, but George & John Hardy report that the workshop was not on the wharf, but was the building at Lock 10 that has recently been de-graffiti-ed.
    This building has been said to be a stables, but it can't be. It's on the non-towpath side of the lock, so unreachable by horses.
    The building has wide sliding doors which would be needed to accommodate lock gates for repair.
    More interestingly the photo archive referred to by A27 shows another picture of the building with a crane (no longer there), which confirms it was a workshop.
    I couldn't make A27's link work, but try this link:
    and type Audlem in the search box to see all the photos. Fascinating!

5:35pmNIgel Mottershead on Bob Williams
  • Thanks A27 two great photos there from a similar period I guess.

    Here is another one of the Ice Boat outside the workshop which is now the Fly.


Tuesday 18th Feb

12:19pmA27 on Bob Williams
  • Some similar Photos —
    But no information on Bob Williams, maybe a query to Shropshire Union Canal Society ?

11:58amCare in the community on Elderly care.....
  • I still have one last slot available on a Thursday for 1-2 hours. Able to prepare nutritious home cooked meals, shopping and companionship. Please contact Julie for further information. Established clientele basis within the Audlem and surrounding area. Mobile 07467 587456

10:26amCurious on Bob Williams
  • With regard to the article by Dave Martin on AOL today, I do not have any information on Bob Williams but he may be wrong about the date if the cars in the photograph are relevant to the article.
    There are 3 recognisable cars. The one furthest left is either a Ford Zephyr or Zodiac, the middle one with the registration ending in E is, I think an Austin Cambridge and the one on the right is a Ford Corsair.
    From memory the earliest year for a registration ending in E was 1967. So that photograph was taken in 1967 or later.

7:12amcelia b on counting stars
  • I did this from my garden last year and was disappointed that we have so much light pollution even on the edge of the village. There are some very bright cowshed lights on my horizon south near the shropshire border and some houses are all lit up but I don't know if they leave their lights on all night. Can be frustrating when you are looking for comets etc. Also wasting energy we can ill afford.

Monday 17th Feb

8:55amK.L on Stafford Street Lights
  • First we had confusion over councils now another one. Stafford Street lights have no connection with Adderley, hence the new topic. Obviously Agent436743 is confused as to how these lights work and their purpose. They are simply there to indicate that traffic maybe approaching so take care. The people that proceed are not actually ignoring them by going through although some do proceed at a high rate of knots. I use the term knots because a boat is required on many roads at the moment. Also what many don't appreciate is that there are 3 road junctions within the stretch that don't trigger the lights and also many properties, so care should be taken at all times.

Sunday 16th Feb

7:10pmFerris Bueller on Lost mobile phone
  • Found a mobile phone outside public hall. Please ring it to retrieve it. Will drop off with Judy at newsagents tomorrow if not claimed

2:27pmAgent436743 on Adderley Lights
  • The lights in Stafford Street are quite useless but can be ignored. That is why nobody complains about them.

12:59pmColin Cliffe on Reliable Roofer
  • Hi Nick I always use Anthony Jess roofing from cockshades, very reliable, very reasonable and he always does a brilliant job. His number is 07913533859

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