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3:58pmmeddleman on Death of Democracy
  • None of the Above is probably right when he says a dog with a blue rosette would win our ward's election. Audlem folk seem happy for hundreds of thousands of pounds of their money to be spent on seven police investigations into the Council's conduct in relation to: the awarding of contracts; the falsification of data for planning applications; land purchases; the awarding of school grants and the conduct of senior officers. They are also happy for senior executives to be paid large amounts to stay at home for over a year. This has led to Cheshire East gaining the attractive title: 'Fllthy Liars of the Year.' 'We want more of this,' cry the majority of Audlem voters as they plead for more potholes this year than last. We get the politicians we deserve.

Sunday 21st Apr

5:35pmHarryboy on Death of Democracy
  • This is Audlem. Political discussion is banned but metapolitics is allowed.

Saturday 20th Apr

10:00pmTroglodite on Death of Democracy
  • Democracy is not dead!
    It may be in poor health, but that's because WE are not looking after it properly.
    If we don't make OUR opinions and wishes known, then WE can't blame 'THEM' for not taking any notice of US.
    WE have to make it unpleasant for those who would have OUR views ignored.
    How many of US read our Local Council Agenda's and Minutes?
    How many of US attend our Local Council Meetings?
    Why is there so much apathy?
    What are WE going to do about it?
    It's up to US — whoever WE are.

7:07pmMoomoo on Death of Democracy
  • Troglodite, et al... I note that instead of addressing the point I made, you chose to attack me instead. Was I to know in advance that a well-funded party like Labour could not be bothered to offer a local candidate? If Britains second biggest political party (and others) are not interested in Audlem, — WHY should any if us ever vote to support them in a General Election?

6:14pmDen C on Death of Democracy
  • I thought the "Death of Democracy" had already occurred with our Mp's derailing Brexit. Face it though, our Councillors seems to have little or no power against Central Government or senior officers, the planning system is in disarray and has been for a number of years. Democracy is dead indeed.

4:44pmNone-of-the-above on Death of Democracy
  • Someone once told me a dog with a blue rosette would get elected in our ward so I think candidates are only fielded who have a chance of winning. Also the smaller parties don't have funds to field candidates in every local council ward so they only target wards when they have a chance of winning.
    I don't want to re-open the B***** debate but given that the country is split almost 50:50 , it doesn't surprise me that our MPs are split in a similar way and I think our local MP does a really good job for this area.

11:15amTroglodite on Death of Democracy
  • Moomoo,
    The best way to protect Democracy is to take an active part in the 'democratic process'.
    As you are so concerned by the small number of candidates for the local council elections, why didn't you stand yourself?

7:07amcelia b on Death of Democracy
  • Please remember these are elections to the council. Anyone can stand. I was asked as a member of the Green Party but in all honesty I do not want to be a councillor. The small parties have very little money for leafleting etc. They target certain wards. Overall there are 27 seats where it will have to be a member of one of the 3 largest parties and unluckily we are one of those. The other 50+ can be independent, local groups or greens. Forget the MP for the moment.

Friday 19th Apr

11:12pmAndy on Death of Democracy
  • Moomoo Whilst I am certainly not a conservative (either with a big C or not) I actually think that our local MP has acted reasonably sensibly in a representative democracy, although I don't necessarily agree with her.

    I'm also rather disappointed that other candidates aren't challenging in these local elections but I suspect the reason is that in the ridiculous first past the post system that we have they know that they have no chance so understandably most are reluctant to spend money.

    We really need to think again about proportional representation, a system where our politicians will learn that they need to talk, debate and possibly comprise and not just be so blinkered.

8:28amMoomoo on Death of Democracy
  • Just got the postal voting forms through for the local Council elections next month, and shocked to see Audlem ward only being contested by a Conservative & Lib Dem candidate? Choice of TWO? Is that it? Have Labour, Ukip, Greens, & other independents all given up on democracy in rural areas? Thought that our referendum-ignoring politicians in Parliament (including our own local MP) had reached a new low but it seems politicians are so lazy that they cannot even be bothered to stand anymore! How disgraceful.

Thursday 18th Apr

7:37pmsillius soddus on Notre Dame
  • Not sure that Emmanuel Macron has plans to replace the 13th century spire with a polycarbonate roof.

5:08pmsoniachelp on Notre Dame
  • If AJ will re-do his arguments with personalities removed I will try to answer him.

6:46amSuzieW on Notre Dame
  • Totally agree with you, soniachelp... leave the trees where they are! Maybe some tycoon could develop a process so that all (some?) of our plastic waste could be put to use for the roof.

Wednesday 17th Apr

10:53pmAJ on Notre Dame
  • @soniachelp — Why try and exploit the undeniably sad situation of a much mourned global treasure for such an ill informed and — quite frankly -ridiculous "politically green" statement? The next thing we know you will be spouting off about all of the noxious carbon emissions that the centuries old wooden spire has emitted into the atmosphere whilst burning. And clearly you have no concept of the environmental costs of producing steel (or do you think it grows on trees?) Your point lost any credibility when it started with the phrase "The Daily Mail reports".......

5:59pmsoniachelp on Notre Dame
  • The Daily Mail reports that the Notre Dame roof cannot be restored exactly as it was since today there are no trees big enough. I would suggest it should be done in steel since today the Earth needs to keep all the trees it has.

Tuesday 16th Apr

9:47pmBat in Belfrey on Spot the Pat
  • Vacca vacuous — I don't think you have to worry about the pressure getting to the cow but I bet the pressure will get to the judge doing the measuring come the big day.

Monday 15th Apr

11:06amVacca vacuous on Spot the Pat
  • I see that Patty Spotters Syndicate is treating this competition with the seriousness it deserves. The way I read the rules it has to be the centre of the first pat that lands within the field once the cow has entered. I am sure the judges will be suitably trained in such matters and no doubt, as ever in these competitions, "the judges decision will be final".
    I hope that, as the big day draws near, Audlem Online will reflect the sense of anticipation in the village and of course in the cow itself. Just imagine the pressure it will be feeling.
    As for seating for spectators attending the "performance", I am told this has not yet been decided, although anyone wishing to attend will not be allowed to bring their own stools.

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