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Peter Morgan on Missing Parish Council Funds

4th December 2023 @ 12:38pm

Thank you Andy for your kind comments. As I convalesce I was suddenly struck by how much time had passed by without any apparent action taking place in this case. Of course, it may be that the parish council has been updated without any public statement being made to us ratepayers. However, with C E threatening to impose car park charges it is now more pressing than ever that we get some answers and hopefully some funds to make progress with the green car park, if our change of use case is successful. If this is published before the pc meeting tonight it would be helpful to our case if the pc throws its FULL WEIGHT behind my letter to the PCC and the MP
I have certainly had a lot of support for my letter from many in the community whom I have met whilst dog walking plus emails.
It is essential that we push our case for swift police action.

Pete smythe on flood Windmill Lanr Buerton

4th December 2023 @ 10:10am

That'll be why it's just a rumour then

Jonathan Measor and Stan the dog on Sunday lunch at the Bridge

3rd December 2023 @ 4:48pm

Hello, just wanted to say what an amazing pub The Bridge is. Sunday lunch was amazing, fresh veg and perfectly cooked beef from the local butchers. Sharon the land lady is the best and why that pub is not packed every Sunday for dinner just amazes me . For less than £10 you get the best roast in Audlem. Also I want to point out that Sharon and Richard have raised thousands of ponds for local charity. Thank you for also looking after locals that don't have others looking after them.

Andrew P. Smith on Missing Parish Council Funds

3rd December 2023 @ 3:38pm

Iwould very much like to congratulate andthank Peter Morgan for stepping into the breach on behalf of us all with an excellent letter expressing our frustrationsat the stagnated effortsto track down and recover the missing funds owned by our community and to identify the responsibility for themis-direction of them in the first place? Peter you have my heartfelt Thank you and a thumping pat on the back!Icertainly couldn't have done better, or even equalled its content or the identified recipients. Let's hope your effortslead to apositive outcome for usall Avery Happy Christmas to you andyour family!Thank You; Andy Smith

Brian Bugeja on Audlem Car Park Charges

3rd December 2023 @ 11:03am

The SAFE (Save Audlem's Future Existence) Group, a Group of Audlem volunteers working against Cheshire East's proposal of adding charges to our Car Park, we're looking for a kind volunteer to video and ideally edit the interviewing of a number of members from the village, i.e. private citizens, shop owners... and the impact that the car park charges will have on them.

We need the videos as historical evidence for future use, and for short term use into the media.

Anyone who can help – if you can please contact

Nigel Young on flood Windmill Lanr Buerton

3rd December 2023 @ 10:58am

Rumour has it the bridge on Windmill Lane Buerton is closed.

Philip BS on Ralph Warburton

2nd December 2023 @ 8:22pm

Had the privilege of bumping into Ralph on the Xmas tree lighting up, such a pleasure to see his cheerful welcoming face, such a positive reflection to audlem and its welcoming demeanour, will miss his cheerful characteristic voice, what an asset to our village we have.

Simon on Oil Boiler Repair/Replacement- Air Source Heat Pump

2nd December 2023 @ 5:32pm

Thanks Geraldine, Peter and Colin
Your replies much appreciated , having looked into the air source looks like will not be great , to be fair to the one installer who got back to me ( left messages with quite a few) they did not try to push it and explained the problems.
After a bit of tlc the boiler is ticking over ,Ellison's were great and came and had a look at what I've got and we have a way forward hopefully in the spring.

Jan Morgan on Ralph Warburton

1st December 2023 @ 4:25pm

I would like to send Ralph a Christmas card as he was so much a part of Audlem Christmas for many years. I know he is in Clarendon Court in Nantwich and just wondered if any one else would like to know where he is to send him Christmas greetings.

David Holton on Car Valeters

1st December 2023 @ 4:01pm

Hi Mandy,

Thank you very much for the recommendation. I've made contact with Mitch and will be arranging an appointment soon.


Jonathan Kay on Green Lane Traffic Lights

1st December 2023 @ 2:32pm

No wonder Cheshire East is in a financial mess.
Since the temporary lights were installed on Green Lane in Aug 2022, they have spent £30,823.92 to end of Nov '23!

They have strimmed some grass / bushes, inspected the hole and paid a contractor a significant sum to manage the lights.
No work has been done to correct the issue itself!

Surely a decent contractor could have fixed it within a couple of weeks and for less than has been spent so far.
At this rate, I suspect they could be looking at a near £100k spend by the time the issue is fixed. Assuming they do actually fix it.
(FOI response with all the figures have been provided to this site.)

And let's not forget the wasted time and extra CO2 from people waiting for non radar lights to change.

Carol Palin on Congratulations Joe

1st December 2023 @ 7:49am

Very many congratulations to Joe Sheldon being awarded Citizen of the Year. Joe's generosity has been greatly appreciated giving advice and service, going the extra mile for Buerton Events for the Community (BEC). Thank you Joe, your award is well deserved.

William Pearson on Wheelchair

30th November 2023 @ 12:10pm

Thanks all. Chair obtained. Much appreciated

Celia Bloor on Collapsible wheel chair

30th November 2023 @ 6:50am

We have one you can borrow tel 811260. 2nd posting but it has not been put up!

Mandy Lewis on Car Valeters

29th November 2023 @ 4:58pm

I have used Attention 2 detail valeting through Facebook and found him very thorough and hard working. Will be using again.

Geraint Davies on dishwaher repairs

29th November 2023 @ 9:31am

I can highly recommend Duncan Meredith 07967189353 for repairs of all kitchen electrical goods – conscientious and reliable.

Paddy Kenshole on Repairs to Dish Washer

29th November 2023 @ 9:23am

Hi Niki
I can highly recommend Home Aids of west street Crewe Darren is the manager they come out to you and not to expensive 01270 255386

Geraint Davies on Christmas Lights

29th November 2023 @ 9:12am

I would heartily like to second Steph's complimenrary comments regarding the village lights. We had friends staying for the weekend and proudly took a walk round after dark to show off our wonderful village. Many thanks to all the volunteers.

Rita Tillin on Wheelchair

29th November 2023 @ 8:25am

William Pearson, we have a wheelchair you can borrow if still required based in Coxbank

Celia Bloor on Collapsible wheel chair

29th November 2023 @ 7:32am

We have one, 811260.

Bill Biggar on Car Valeters

29th November 2023 @ 6:54am

Highly recommend Chris Whitlow 07568 700642

Annette Roberts on Black Bin – Mistakenly Taken?

28th November 2023 @ 2:30pm

Would the person who may have mistakenly taken my black bin in please return it to Aldelyme Court gates...It has an indented and split lid which is covered in brown parcel tape.

If you could please check your bins as there is a bin with number 5 on awaiting collection.

Many thanks

William Pearson on Collapsible wheel chair

28th November 2023 @ 1:34pm

Hi, does anybody have a wheelchair we could borrow for a few days while my elderly mum is staying with us? Just until the weekend. Thanks

Nikki Pascall on Dishwasher repair

28th November 2023 @ 7:04am

Can anyone recommend anyone who can repair a dishwasher please ?

Stephanie Richardson on Christmas Lights

27th November 2023 @ 11:41am

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to ADAS for the breathtaking Christmas lights display. Your collective efforts in the wind and rain, has turned our village into a magical wonderland! Thank you for spreading so much cheer and making our community shine bright during this festive season. Your hard work has brought smiles to all our faces.

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