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7:43pmGrandad Dooler on Grain Lean
  • Most people in Council Houses had little greenhouse Billy.

12:12pmCurious on Wooden Window Repairs
  • Try Brendon Parks on 07920 260629 he is good with wooden windows.

7:27amBilly Gibbons on Grain Lean
  • Harryboy; I agree. By the way, the chap from the Potteries of which I speaked...spoked...speakened...sp...talked about, lived in a Kind Slice and had a Grey Nice in his garden.


6:49pmHarryboy on Grain Lean
  • In a previous post Billy records meeting a Potteries man who rendered Green Lane as "Grain Lean". That would have been the pronunciation by generations of Audlem people also but sadly the local dialect is no longer heard.

Monday 19th Aug

4:03pmlocal on Wooden Window Repairs
  • Hello,
    Normally I am the first to tut and think "why not look in the Directory" when is see the "does anyone know" questions which crop up on here from time to time. Well I have done that and made a few calls — but to no avail.
    So here goes, does anyone know a joiner/carpenter/window expert who could take a look at my wooden windows. They are large windows in need of some professional tlc, so not a 5 minute job. With thanks in advance.

3:52pmHarryboy on Fallen hawthorn
  • Suggest that it is left for nature to recycle. Nature can recycle it without using fossil fuels.

8:29amDel on Gallows in Green Lane
  • Gallows in Green Lane are in front of Billy's front door. I wonder why ?

Sunday 18th Aug

8:44amAnnT on Cows
  • Great and considered article by Pete Morgan. It is ironic that Professor Corner has chosen to ban the consumption of beef and milk on campus at Goldsmiths to defend the planet from global warming when the fashion industry must address its own problems of waste and pollution.
    How dictatorial , I do hope she insists that all students and staff use public transport or cycle to the college. She of course may already do this.
    She should also take into account the extra gas produced by consumers of a vegetable and pulses diet, but then there is a lot of hot air around as well.

8:30amAnnT on My three words
  • Fascinating article and I am grateful for its publication. I will try to learn them and use them to summon himself to the kitchen when needed.

Friday 16th Aug

10:56amthinj on Ridley's - Radley's
  • So I went to Radley's Bank and asked for a mortgage.
    They refused to give me one, but suggested that I ask at Ridley's.
    When I asked where Ridley's Bank was they said "It's down Green Lane"
    But I couldn't find Green Lane anywhere........

10:15amCurious on Green Lane Sign
  • I think Harryboy has now given the definitive answer to the question about Radley's Bank. I agree with his comments.
    PS Could Harryboy come up with a suitable road sign as he appears to have the knowledge.
    I am also a bit surprised that Billy has gone quiet on the subject (or is he busy in his shed with wood, hammer and paint).

8:10amBilly Gibbons on Ridley's - Radley's
  • Very interesting stuff! Having lived in the Village (up to now) all my life and here in what I thought was Green Lane for 50 years last Tuesday, we (my Mum, Dad and Granny) moved in on my 13th birthday, it's only now I learn of the Ridley/Radley name. I'm interested to learn more. I know I've asked this before and drawn a blank but while Green Lane is still a topic, does anyone know why the bridge in Green Lane is called Grey's Bridge please? And, can anyone tell me exactly where the Gallows were please? I saw it on an old map years ago but have forgotten the exact location. Thanks in advance.

Thursday 15th Aug

8:53pmHarryboy on Ridley's - Radley's
  • On reading Celia B's last post I have realized that the ghost of Ridley must have been guiding my finger when I typed Ridley while meaning to type Radley.
    For Curious, to go from Audlem to Swanbach you go down Green Lane then up Radley's Bank. And I believe that Billy's residence is not in Green Lane at all but at the bottom of Radley's Bank.

8:47pmHenrysdad on Ridley's - Radley's
  • There was definitely not a Ridley or Radley in The Village People￿39;￿🏻￿uro;￿♂️

6:25pmcelia b on Mrs M. Thornton
  • Just to say what a public spirited lady Mrs Thornton was. She has described her life in the surgery when it was in her home and she manned the phone while looking after her children. She also ran the Meals on Wheels service for many years and I think she played a part in the WI.

6:21pmcelia b on Ridley's - Radley's
  • Green lane was called Green lane in 16....I had never heard the R name before and it is not in the Cheshire Placenames book but a Thomas Ridley owned land in Cox Bank, Bagley lane and Wood Orchard lane c. 1840 so perhaps it is named after him? No one of the name Radley in my database of village people.

Wednesday 14th Aug

7:46pmZookeeper on Ragwort
  • Interesting court report , owner in Liverpool jailed this week for failing to remove ragwort from horses pasture despite council warnings. Horse found collapsed and blinded due to ragwort poisoning, had to be destroyed, post mortem confirmed ragwort poisoning. Surely removing it from pasture land makes sound sense. Let it grow where it can do no harm. Interestingly also poisonous to chickens.

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