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6:18pmmeddleman on Lights at Corbrook Park
  • Has any post on Chatbox elicited such a rapid response? The lights seemingly have now been removed. It does rather beg the question as to why they were there in the first place. Little or no work seems to have been done, not even clearing up the mess left in the road. Does it take that long and that much disruption to remove a single stranded car?

1:03pmlifestooshort on Xmas fare
  • We have an excellent butcher — Oxtail and Trotter — right in the centre of the village. Alan goes out of his way to provide excellent service and high quality, local produce. Why would you look elsewhere for your turkey?

1:03pmmeddleman on Lights at Corbrook Park
  • Are we developing another 'Adderly lights' fiasco on the road out of Audlem opposite Corbrook Park? Lots of impressive signs and cones (no doubt in case if an ambulance fails to get through again, Cheshire East can point to the vast efforts being made to rectify this problem (which, in my memory has existed for at least thirty years) but no signs of any actual work being done. Moreover, should it rain heavily and the problem resurface, currently, the traffic will be forced into the deepest part of the flood. I'm sure that there's a cunning plan but perhaps it is time it was activated.

12:00pmAnnT on Good Pub Food
  • The Combermere Arms at Burleydam is popular and good.

11:58amAnnT on Xmas fare
  • Our village butcher is very good and sources locally. It is over three years since we were able to host the family Christmas but I had one from Alan then. Previously I have been happy with birds from Sutton's who farm around the cricket pitch but don't know if they still do them.

11:04amHarryboy on Good Pub Food
  • You don't have to go to a pub or out of Audlem for good food. Try the Old Priest-House Cafe. It also rivals a pub in being a good place to meet people.
    Open Wednesday to Sunday.

8:14amJulie on Good Pub Food
  • Hi Nick, little bit of a drive but I would highly recommend Etzios Italian in Whitchurch. The food is excellent and freshly cooked, the staff are extremely helpful. You do need to book well in advance as very popular.

Tuesday 12th Nov

9:51pmIanT on Good Pub Food
  • The Bhurtpore Inn in Aston, near Wrenbury. Never had a bad meal there!

6:11pmNick Smith on Xmas fare
  • Anyone know where to get a Turkey and Xmas tree within the Audlem area?

3:44pmNick Smith on Good Pub Food
  • Does anyone know of any good pubs for food locally. I have tried the 3 in Audlem,several times and because I am new to the area, fancy a change.

10:37amHarryboy on Oxford comma
  • Like bob-bee I have lived most of my life in ignorance of the Oxford comma. I came across it while researching the apostrophe s.
    Using some sort of coded punctuation to avoid obscurity and eliminate ambiguity is just a quirky thing to do. It is better to make an appropriate choice of words and word order. An example from the internet is
    "I went away with Betty a maid and a cook."
    Is that 3 people,2 people or 1?
    If 3 three then write "Betty and a maid and a cook."
    If 2 then as appropriate "a maid Betty and a cook" or else "Betty and a maid cum cook."
    If 1 then "cook cum maid Betty."

Monday 11th Nov

10:28ambob-bee2000 on Todays' news
  • AnnT, "the upcoming travesty of an election."? Surely that is a political comment/point of view. Didn't think we mere mortals were allowed to make such observations on AOL.

    With regards to your other points. More than happy that people to put in the effort to keep the village a vibrant and caring community, as long as it is not self serving.

10:14amsoniachelp on Todays' news
  • To Splatt and Annt: Please read my post again. My "issue" is with the webteam.

9:49amSuzieW on Nom De Plume
  • I agree with Steph (Stephanie, Sunday name) regarding hiding behind a screen name. Whilst it is a poster's right to do so, it is also a screen to hide behind for potential bullying, trolling, and just been mean.

    Content should be owned.

9:20amAnnT on Todays' news
  • Come on Sonia, they always seem to publish a carping post from you. Surely it is right to publish details of at least two prospective candidates in the upcoming travesty of an election.
    Bob is sorely missed at times like these, would be good to have 'hustings' in the village like last time but many of the people who do the village affairs are paddling like mad to keep floating, probably not a good analogy but it takes a lot of effort to keep the village a vibrant caring community.
    They don't do it for thanks which is just as well then they are not disappointed. Getting continual negative feedback, brickbats etc., may put off more volunteers. Lay off Ralph please unless you can occasionally make the odd positive remark. Whatever you think of him he gets things done.

9:11amAudlemIsGreat on Lost an old Collie?
  • Hi — the dog was reunited with its owner on Sat night.

9:11ambob-bee2000 on Todays' news
  • Totally agree with your comment Sonia. I think the point that some are treated differently or preferentially to the vast majority of AOL subscribers is a valid point.

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