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Saturday 12th Oct

11:07amtarkatronic on Wood burner stove

Friday 11th Oct

6:31pmButterfly on dish
  • Sounds tasty

6:29pmButterfly on Wood burner stove
  • Try Mitchell Evans, Bomere stoves, amazingly efficient, reasonable price, offers stoves to suit your budget, wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, he's done lots of work in the locality.

6:24pmButterfly on Farm Shop
  • Brookfields Farm Shop at Blackbrook is only 10 mins drive from Audlem, everything is fresh, a lot home grown, and they have fantastic pumpkins

1:26pmNick Smith on Farm Shop
  • Does anyone know of any Local farm that sells meat and or Veg.

Thursday 10th Oct

9:59pmLesley on Wood burner stove
  • We've had 2 Woodwarm woodburners (supplied and fitted) from Chris Moss at Cheshire Fireplaces Ltd at Tarvin. Tel 01829 740572. Highly recommend.

Wednesday 9th Oct

9:35pmnorachelp on dish
  • This is a quick and easy dish for one person whether student or pensioner or other.
    Put a weetabix in a dish and break it up with a fork adding a splash of tea or ginger wine or whatever to remove the dryness. Do not pat down, leave it loose. Add a small tin of baked beans and a dash of olive oil.
    Eat it as it is or warm first over a pan of hot water.
    Marrowfat peas, also known as mushy peas are alternative to baked beans but they need preparation.

7:01pmbob-bee2000 on Wood burner stove
  • Nick,
    Try Market Drayton Stoves who are now situated opposite Lidel's store in Whitchurch.

5:34pmKAC 87 on Wood burner stove
  • Hi Nick,
    I would recommend Clearview Stoves. They are really efficient and made in Shropshire. They also have a retail shop in Whitchurch. The phone number is 01948 663 954 and ask for Kevin who is the boss there. We have had three stoves from them over the last few years and always get good service and he would be able to recommend an installer too.
    Their website is
    Good luck and let me know if you need any more information.

5:32pmJonR on WI October Report
  • I would like to thank Lynne for her kind remarks about Stephanie (a.k.a. Pam Ayers of Audlem). As Steph's husband, I have mixed feelings about her stepping down from her WI reporting role. On the one hand I shall miss reading her reports, and on the other I am now relieved from the pressure of reading her drafts. If I didn't laugh enough, she would go back and re-draft! They were always her own words. My role was to laugh in the right places. Such pressure!

5:06pmAndy on Wood burner stove
  • We bought our stove from Clearview at Whitchurch and they had several installers on their books, the one the recommended was excellent but I can't recall his name now.

9:03amLynne on WI October Report
  • Although I am not a member of the WI I always look forward to Stephanie's reports. I am sure her successor will do an excellent job as Press Secretary but I would just like to thank Stephanie for making me laugh with her wonderful wit and sense of humour — Audlem's very own Pam Ayers.

8:36amNick Smith on Wood burner stove
  • Does anyone know any reliable wood burning stove retailer/installers, they could recommend.

Tuesday 8th Oct

11:10pmAndy on That Play competition.
  • I'm sorry Celia but I can't understand what your comment is about. Who is Colin and what is That Play Competition?

    Have I missed something?

Monday 7th Oct

4:46pmPeter Morgan on chatbox
  • Harryboy, I cannot accept that the decline of Chatbox is down to their' keep it Boris' policy'. Surely this is one blame too far for a leader who's horizontal recreation leaves little time for boredom?

Sunday 6th Oct

3:55pmcelia b on That Play competition.
  • Congratulations to Colin for winning best actor out of all those productions!

Thursday 3rd Oct

7:56amSoftail on Adderley lights
  • And so October and autumn is upon us, another month has gone by and absolutely nothing has happened at the Adderley lights. In fact the verge and hedgerow is now growing over the road such is the lack of activity.

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