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Monday 24th Jun

5:21pmHerr Ball on Shame on you Cheshire East
  • Is this a serious complaint or is somebody trying to wind us all up?
    If the former the words "get a life" come to mind.
    You could always pull them up yourself if they bother you that much and leave Cheshire East to concentrate its scarce resources on stuff like social care and education.

6:33amJudy Evans on Medical Centre Mystery
  • The small glass window was originally the letter box of the medical centre — the glazed porch was a later addition, after it was found that opening the door directly into the waiting room was too draughty. No idea why they decided to glaze it, rather than brick it up though ?

Sunday 23rd Jun

6:42amcelia b on Roadside weeds
  • I wonder if your correspondent wants the weeds sprayed with weedkiller? This has been shown to be picked up by dogs and of course children. There is a movement to avoid unnecessary cutting and mowing which removes the flowers and seeds for the bees and birds and wastes valuable oil. If the weeds are a real nuisance perhaps a little hand weeding?

Saturday 22nd Jun

12:38pmsoniachelp on Playing Field
  • "...the Playing Field complex is due to be "transferred to the Parish Council in the near future." The only thing different will be that the Parish will pay for maintenance where Cheshire East has paid up till now. Perhaps there is still time to back out.

Tuesday 18th Jun

7:53pmBilly Gibbons on Village Signs
  • OK then....If I promise to stop going on and on about how stupid drivers could potentially maim or kill one of us by overtaking at the top of Green Lane heading towards Swanbach; Can I (and perhaps other residents of Green Lane who haven't voiced their opinion but still may, nevertheless, want one) have a Green Lane sign at the top of Green Lane please? Not much to ask is it? Could be worse, I could want a Petrol Station or a Picture House or a Railway Station or a Corn Mill or a Police Station or a Meccano Set which, by the way, I was promised by Santa at Lewis's in Manchester in 1964 but.....didn't get! I'll ask him again this year. I wonder which will come first...Meccano or a Green Lane sign....

11:07amAngus McCoatup on Cheshire East Pothole Reporting
  • Bill
    A good idea, but I've already taken the matter up directly with Rachel Bailey (under my real name), who to be fair has responded positively and actually visited the site of the defect. I've asked her to clarify why Cheshire East will no longer accept reports from fixmystreet et al, why the Cheshire East website doesn't work properly and what is being done to ensure less shoddy repairs are effected (this particular defect has opened up repeatedly). I'm also interested to learn what is actually done to hold contractors to their responsibilities to repair the road properly, bearing in mind this particular defect started a few months back when I recall BT (I think) had the road up for something. Ultimately ratepayers end up paying for all this

Sunday 16th Jun

10:37amNigel_Y on Cheshire East reporting
  • I've reported a blocked gully drain repeatedly over past 3 and 1/2 years. Finally seem to be making some progress but defo won't hold my breath. And yet millions £ are ear marked to tart up Crewe.

Saturday 15th Jun

8:06pmBillcarper on Cheshire East Pothole Reporting
  • Angus — How about putting a post on their FaceBook page?

4:17pmmeddleman on Cheshire East Pothole Reporting
  • Angus, it might help to know that the situation you describe is is exactly what the majority in Audlem voted for and therefore presumably are perfectly happy with.

2:46pmAgent436743 on Website security
  • To IanT: Please expand your comment.

11:44amAngus McCoatup on Cheshire East Pothole Reporting
  • Just tried to report a massive pothole on Paddock Lane via FIXMYSTREET.COM. They report that Cheshire East no longer will accept reports from third party reporting site, one of only 2% of councils that do not. When trying to report directly on their website I just get an error message after completing all the fields and submitting.
    How convenient, anyone would think that they're deliberately trying to make it difficult.

10:44amRDG on Oil Boiler Service Recommendations
  • "I can thoroughly recommend Nigel Rowley of R & N Garner Services, Burleydam.
    A polite, clean and tidy worker and thorough in all aspects of his work. Even came out to me on a Saturday at no extra cost and did a first class job."

    Thank you for taking the time to leave us you're review , we put customer satisfaction as our priority, your review reaffirms the hard work we put in everyday.

    Any enquires please to Nigel on 07738 262684 or landline 01948 871216

Friday 14th Jun

12:20pmIanT on Website security
  • There is absolutely no need whatsoever to change your operating system to browse secure websites.

9:45amAndy on North or South Walk?
  • You are probably best heading south as I it will be very muddy north once you're past Moss Hall. Not sure how a pavement scooter will cope with the slopes by some of the locks however and there will be plenty of puddles about.

    The only parking close to the canal is at either at The Bridge or The Shroppie Fly, not sure how much they enforce parking restrictions but I'm sure if you ask they will be helpful.

9:41amAgent436743 on Website security
  • Some websites such as Currys have started refusing a browsing connection to those that do not have the same security as themselves. If you are determined to browse such sites there is no need to pay for an expensive upgrade. Just download the free operating system SLAX, copy it to a CD or memory stick and use that.

6:51amNigel_Y on North or South Walk ?
  • I'm not sure what a pavement scooter is, however in my opinion it's easier to cycle on the canal towpath to the south of Audlem rather than north. Hope that helps a little.

Wednesday 12th Jun

5:24pmBilly Gibbons on Village Signs
  • Second thoughts; forget the Green Lane sign as that won't help save lives but maybe double white lines at the top of Green Lane/Swanbach might. A van, at 4.45pm travelling in the direction of Swanbach, on the brow of the hill, on a bend, in the pouring rain, tonight decided to overtake the van that was in front of him/her AND the car that was in front of that! I wonder if they thought that a member of their family might be travelling in the opposite direction? Obviously not as getting home for tea must have been more important. I know you must be sick of me saying this but there WILL be a fatality soon if people keep doing this. Trouble is, as I'm learning, lines, white or yellow, mean nothing to most people. I couldn't care less about the driver but I do for the innocent.

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