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Michael Hodges on A525 closure

1st June 2023 @ 1:49pm

As residents on Mill Lane affected by yesterday's chaos, we can report the highlights of one lorry caught on the bridge on the lane and a video with drivers out of their vehicles swearing and gesturing at each other captured by my daughter (we won't share to spare the blushes of the participants). I did speak to CE Highways who said they would send someone out, but the lack of planning is embarrassing as this was always going to happen

SUSAN HARWOOD on Music Festival thanks

1st June 2023 @ 12:07pm

So many thank you's to David Scott and Jody Jennings, plus their team of volunteers. I thought the festival was a massive success and everyone I saw seemed to enjoy it hugely. The musical variety in the three locations was excellent, and the art displays and craft stalls both interesting and tempting. Never stop thinking how lucky I am to live in this village.

Geraint Davies on Telephone help wanted?

1st June 2023 @ 11:07am

We're having a little problem with our landline phone. Some of the press-down buttons tend to stick, particularly the Hand Free button which is used constantly as Sue, my wife, cannot have the handset next to her head.
I wonder if there is a telephone engineer, expert, or enthusiast around who could help fix the problem? The hand set is about 2-3 years old.
Please contact number – 01276 812 158, or email –

Jody Jennings on Music at the Shroppie

31st May 2023 @ 12:06pm

We were thrilled to see how many people supported this year Music And Arts Festival, after several hundred hours of voluntary work over the past 9 months by the team, having the event so well attended was a welcome relief, and we are hugely grateful to everyone who came and supported us, both at the music venues and the Public Hall.

Unfortunately, due to the logistics of hosting two stages in fairly close proximity to one another, and the laws of physics, there would have been times where the music could be heard from both stages in a handful of locations, and this was a consideration to the timings we ran with and the sound system we used, which both utilised a cardioid sub array, meaning that the low frequencies were more manageable and the audio crossover from both stages was mitigated to a degree.

A single stage solution would unfortunately not be practical, as this reduces equity between the pubs, who both offer financial support to the event, and we have been meticulous in the organisation of the festival to ensure that each pub had a great lineup, with the timings between acts ensuring that anyone attending could watch every single band appearing over the weekend.

We take all feedback on the event seriously and every single issue raised will be discussed, but please bear in mind that the team who produced this years event are a new collection of people, that this year was our first event in the village, and we always knew that this years festival would be something of a learning curve that will no doubt help us hone our skills for next years festival, which will be even better.

We will be publishing our official thank yous over the coming days.

Barbara Baker on Music Festival

31st May 2023 @ 10:41am

I totally agree with Lynne Smith and her comments. We could sit in our garden and listen to BOTH bands playing at the same time but do not agree with it being awful. Some artists were louder than others, depending which way the wind was blowing! We still went down to the pubs and supported the event which was , as Lynne said, FREE. We are so lucky to live in such a vibrant village with all of the free entertainment we have. This event happens once a year, your garden will be quiet for you the rest of the year or does the Party on the Park disturb you also? Just to finish with a big Thank You to all involved for putting on yet another fabulous event in the village. Well Done.

Jill Sanders on Music festival

31st May 2023 @ 8:08am

Well said Lynne, totally agree with everything.

Ann Mansell on Music Festival

31st May 2023 @ 6:54am

What a fabulous event! Such a lot of organising and hard work from a group of volunteers. Bar staff, market stall holders, shops, food outlets...everyone was so welcoming and cheerful throughout the very busy weekend.. It was great to see the village so busy.

The bands were amazing,.
Long may it continue. Well done all.

Peter Morgan on Festival Safety

30th May 2023 @ 3:36pm

The Turnpike Field proved to be very popular with campers and visitors over a busy May bank holiday weekend with probably hundreds of vehicular movements through the enhanced entrance onto the field. A safety feature long overdue for both road and field users. Just a plea to the organizers to remember the importance of maintaining clear lines of visibility when placing those large Car Park signs for any future events. The one on the Cox Bank side of the entrance impeded visibility down Green Lane.

Lynne Smith on Music Festival

30th May 2023 @ 1:44pm

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Music Festival Team for a wonderful weekend. All your hard work, planning and stress really paid off. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves and Turnpike Field full of camper vans and caravans. We are so lucky to have people living here who voluntarily put their heart and soul into organising such a wonderful and well organised event for the village. I would also like to thank the village pubs for providing financial backing and working so hard over the weekend – you and your staff were amazing! It is disappointing however when someone feels the need to moan on Chatbox because the music was not co-ordinated for them to enjoy from their own garden. The different stages are there to give people a choice of music to listen to at this FREE event so it beggars belief that they expect the whole festival to be arranged differently in the future to accommodate them. Perhaps next time they will join the rest of the village and visitors in supporting this event and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. Once again thank you to the organisers and financial backers for an amazing Music Festival. I feel blessed to live here.

Claire Scott on Music at the Shroppie

30th May 2023 @ 11:16am

Claire Douglas one stage = half the bands. Having 2 stages means more variety and each pub supported equally. There have been 3 stages in previous years. I don't think the sound can be described as awful. If you actually came down and sat at one stage you could enjoy some fantastic music and not hear the other stage. Expect it to get bigger in future years!!

Clare hammond on Coop local community fund applications

30th May 2023 @ 10:47am

Calling all community groups or causes in Audlem. The deadline to apply to be a coop local community cause for next year has been extended to 11 June so follow the link and let Audlem coop and it's customers help you raise money for your group.

Claire Douglas on Music at the Shroppie

29th May 2023 @ 6:54pm


What a brilliant festival, for our local business and I hope they have gained a much needed cash injection.
However! living nearby to The Shroppie and The Bridge we were looking forward to enjoying a musical four days also from our homes, but with two bands playing at the same time you could not enjoy the individual music and the noise was awful, can the two pubs not share a stage with one band playing at one time to enable us to enjoy the four day festival.

I hope the next Music festival will be improved upon and I and my family will really look forward to this annual event.


Gillian Mitchell on Thank you

29th May 2023 @ 9:02am

This morning a very kind gentleman found my phone and house key whilst walking along the canal towards the Marina. Thank you for this kindness

Diane Fawkes on Child has lost phone near Bridge

28th May 2023 @ 9:41pm

Phone was found! It had fallen out of her pocket on the path up from the Shroppie car park to the park.
Thank you to anyone who looked.

Diane Fawkes on Child has lost phone near Bridge

27th May 2023 @ 2:07pm

If anyone finds a lost phone, it could be my daughter's. Please can you ping me if one is found.
She was near to the Bridge Inn when she lost it.
Thank you 🤞🤞🤞

Kevin Errington on Garden bonfires

26th May 2023 @ 10:02pm

During the hot weather most people have their windows open at night to allow fresh air in, having a garden bonfire isn't a good idea especially when it fills someone's house with acrid smoke.
I almost called the fire service as I thought someone's house was on fire!

Denise Harrison on Delivery sent to wrong house

25th May 2023 @ 2:07pm

Has anyone had a large parcel delivered to their house today, that they werent expecting.

My delivery has been sent to the wrong address and it would be appreciated to get it back.

Please get in touch


Carol Palin on Coop Local Community Fund Applications opening soon

25th May 2023 @ 9:33am

Clare Hammond, re submitting a bid for local communities in Audlem – are the communities around Audlem are included in your role, i.e., Buerton? I would like to discuss who/what is eligible to apply. Please can I contact you by phone for more information? Alternatively you can contact me via email.

Rachel Bailey on household bins and road surface

25th May 2023 @ 7:53am

Thank you to those who have contacted me with reference number(s) issued by CE when reporting missed black bin collections on 15 May. The response, is as anticipated, ie, collection will now be next Monday, 29 May.

If you haven't contacted me and have additional bagged black bin waste, please let me know; as you likely know the operatives will not collect additional bags unless authorised.

My email address is or telephone 0790 998 2609.

Andrew Carr on A525 Closure

25th May 2023 @ 7:31am

Apparently it was for gully cleaning – hardly an emergency.

Peter hanson on A525 Closure

24th May 2023 @ 8:26pm

They (CE) were clearing the drain gullies

Nick Smith on A525 Closure

24th May 2023 @ 2:07pm

Anyone know why A525 was closed today near Longhill Lane ( 10.00) The sign says "Emergency Closure " it reopen at about 13.00 today and there didn't look like any repairs/work had been completed.

Suzie Warren on Meet Our Local Business

24th May 2023 @ 6:13am

What a great idea from Audlem T&TG to interview local businesses. A good way to let new residents, and visitors, know what is available in, and around, the village. I look forward to seeing many more.

Laura Furber on Community help needed for our School Summer Fair

23rd May 2023 @ 10:16pm


We are busy organising our annual school summer fair and would love to include the wider community as much as we can to enjoy the Fair.
Our fair is to be held on Friday 14th July from 5pm on the playing fields of the school and we are hoping to have some good ole fashioned fun with lots of classic games such as whack-a-rat, Hook-a-duck etc.

We are currently on the hunt for a set of stocks so we can round up our teachers and let the students pelt them with soggy sponges. If someone knows where we could borrow some please point us in the right direction.

If you feel you have any other classic games that could be of use please let us know.

Finally, if any local businesses would like to get involved and sponsor us or donate some prizes for our raffle, we would greatly appreciate it.

Please get in touch with myself on 07582572575

Laura Furber
FASA Chair

John Tandy on Electric scooter

23rd May 2023 @ 8:34pm

bob fousert..........Looks like Google's lying then....

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