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Nigel Machin on Dangerous Tractor Drivers

7th October 2021 @ 9:03pm

Audlem is a small village but is a centre of a massive agro-Industrial complex supplying dairy products which is great but the downside is these enormous tractors have to navigate these village type roads. Some drivers are considerate but many consider the public highway as a personal farm track extension. Someday there is going to be one hell of accident I just hope their employers have good insurance.


7th October 2021 @ 8:14pm

I think it's more then clear that the the council has gone through a lot of change in the last couple of weeks. We have been quite open about the issues and the plan we now have to resolve them it's very easy to make comment but we are now taking action

Kind regards
James McGregor

Ray Faulkner on Dangerous Tractor Drivers

7th October 2021 @ 7:53pm

It Is only a matter of time Hollie, an accident is going to happen and when it does it will be serious. Audlem roads were never built to accommodate such large vehicles, particularly massive tractors pulling huge trailers at excessive speeds. I believe that a 20MPH speed limit was proposed through our Village some time ago which would apply to all vehicles and we need it NOW before someone is seriously injured. Come on APC do your job and put some effort into this, it is long overdue.

Josien on Bell ringing

7th October 2021 @ 7:50pm

Hi listen to the church bells being rung tonight.
Who would we contact with regards to joining in?

Lynette hopkins on APC SPECIAL MEETING

7th October 2021 @ 4:40pm

Question to council ; why has it taken the 8 weeks to decide to investigate , a huge amount of money going out of their account , then being put back :
Hackers don't take it then give back do they ???

Sandra Rothwell on LPG Supplier

7th October 2021 @ 12:08pm

Hello, we are about to renew our current LPG Contract, can anyone recommend a good, fair priced supplier please?

Hollie Henderson on Dangerous Tractor Drivers

7th October 2021 @ 10:01am

About 20 minutes ago I was driving to work along the Woore Road, just past the Baptist Church, when a tractor came pelting towards me taking up half of my side of the road. I have never been so frightened and immediately pulled my car up onto the pavement, only just missing it. Had I not, I don't think I'd still be alive! I didn't get a good look at the tractor, all I know is that was very large and I believe it was green with a red trailer. I work on Paddock lane and I hate to sound like a moaner, but tractor drivers are constantly driving up and down so fast that it is frightening. I'm worried that this is going to cause a terrible accident one day that could be mitigated if they just drove with more awareness.

Cindy Cliffe on Boxes needed for move Gary cliffe

6th October 2021 @ 10:04pm

Hi Vanessa, sorry for the late reply we've been away for a few days! 😬 Email me on and we'll sort delivery or pick up. 😊

Celia Bloor on Spam email re getting a 'Covid Pass'

6th October 2021 @ 5:32pm

received today an email with subject line NHS COVID-Pass-GOV.CO.UK telling me that i was being offered an appt to get one and I had to click on the link within 24 hours. I am so cross that these scammers are using this sort of thing as an far as I know I can ring 119 anytime and get the document confirming my vaccination. The sender address was nothing official, it has now been deleted but please be on the look out......


2nd October 2021 @ 8:40pm

Perhaps if they spent more wisely, stopped being so over ambitious and kept to basics might help, like many parishioners have done.

Vanessa hooper on Boxes needed for move Gary cliffe

2nd October 2021 @ 4:26pm

Hi Garry – if you've still got them i can come and pick them up. – ed how can i contact direct?

Rosemary green on APC SPECIAL MEETING

2nd October 2021 @ 2:43pm

From what I gather it's not the lack of funds that's the issue but rather the location of them


2nd October 2021 @ 12:14pm

No course of action has yet been agreed and the meeting is being held to discuss all options available to resolve the current issues

Kind regards
James McGregor

colin cliffe on APC SPECIAL MEETING

2nd October 2021 @ 9:33am

So if I have understood this right, the Audlem Parish Council are going to pay some other councilors up to £3000 to tell them why they are struggling for money, you couldn't make this up, or maybe it's just a crazy dream, I'll wake up in a minute (hopefully).

Lynette hopkins on Farewell to Ant the Postie

2nd October 2021 @ 9:04am

Gentle reminder that Ant the Postie will be at the lord combermere this afternoon after 3.30
Please call in and wish him well in his new post .
We have certainly missed 😩

Graham Wildgoose on Garden Waste Bin

1st October 2021 @ 5:11pm

Green Lane bins emptied today

Rachel Bailey on Garden Waste Bin

1st October 2021 @ 4:39pm

Update on Food/Garden Waste Bins:
'We have a crew out today who will hopefully complete the work from Monday 27/09, today'.
I saw the team in Lightwood Green, they stopped to update me and confirmed that they were on the case to 'get the job done today'; big thank you to 'the team' for providing this service, however I will continue to ask questions of CEC as to why 'missed bins' appear to be a regular occurrence in the Audlem Area.
If your bin hasn't been emptied please let me know and thank you to you all for your patience.

Nigel Mottershead on Garden Waste Bin

1st October 2021 @ 3:37pm

They were collected in Mount Pleasant too at 07:30.

Still not proper and correct reply from either CEC or ANSA to me.


Jenny Frank on Garden Waste Bin

1st October 2021 @ 8:14am

I think the garden bins have been emptied in Cox Bank.

Bill Biggar on Garden Waste Bin

30th September 2021 @ 6:45pm

The contact I have for waste collection is Chris Pennell 07973-786834. He's usually very good in arranging to collect missed ones.

Gary Cliffe on Removal cardboard boxes

30th September 2021 @ 6:40pm

Hi Having just moved into Audlem ( hello!).....we've got about 20 good quality removal cardboard boxes free to a good home.

Rachel Bailey on Garden Waste Bin

30th September 2021 @ 4:57pm

I have raised the issue/risk of Garden/Food Bin non collection at the CE Audit & Governance Meeting today, asking for a piece of work to assess service CE wide.

The ANSA team responded in writing as follows:

'We aim to get this done as soon as possible, however, it all depends on drivers.
I'll let you know more once I have an update.'

They have also telephoned me directly but as yet I regret to say I do not have a date to rectify the uncollected bins.

Graham Wildgoose on Garden Waste Bin

30th September 2021 @ 12:02pm

Garden Waste bins on Green Lane still await emptying. Don't know what's gone wrong, usually very efficient service. Do we leave them out, which is unsightly, or take them back until next time?
Note Rachael Bailey is on to it and she usually gets answers. Green Lane also suffers from severe lack of "sweeping" and poorly maintained footpaths. What are all the ££££ spent on?

David Parry on Oil fired boiler service

30th September 2021 @ 11:32am

Ellisons Heating 01270 811 883.

Nigel Mottershead on Garden Waste Bin

30th September 2021 @ 10:41am

Still waiting for ours to be collected as well; it appears that some in the village were collected and some were not. Ours is totally full of garden waste and food waste too. Not good, healthy or pleasant at all. I have written to the Lorraine O'Donnell CEO of Cheshire East and have been promised a reply but haven't received one yet and also written to Kevin Melling the MD of ANSA which are supposed to provide the service. No reply yet from him either. I also complained that the roads were not swept regularly in Audlem and lo and behold, at 06:30 yesterday morning a sweeper was working along the Woore Road and Mount Pleasant! Wonders never cease. I did copy the chair of APC for information but not sure of the members at present. Kevin Melling is also MD of 3 other companies associated with CEC including Orbitas that provide cremations. I wonder how reliable that service is too?

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