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MR R DICKINSON on Steph is back

14th January 2022 @ 3:44pm

Couldnt agree more with Andrews comments. It made me laugh out loud, something Ive not done for a very long time, so well done Steph, keep them coming.

Ann Tilling on Steph is back

14th January 2022 @ 12:33pm

I very much enjoyed Steph's article. Great to read the Chatbox entries today although sad that it still seems that the hardworking editors still seem to be shot at. Why not keep your surprise to yourself. And if Steph has the time to fill a weekly slot that would be great but I imagine she has lots to do and might not wish to be tied to a weekly slot. The editors would i think be glad for more of her contributions.
Perhaps whoever suggested a weekly post might like to contribute something himself.
Meantime thanks Steph....and for the book.

Andrew Carr on Steph is back

14th January 2022 @ 9:19am

I was delighted to read the latest offering from Steph – it certainly put a smile on my face, and I really enjoy the frank interpretations that Steph brings to her humour.

I was somewhat surprised (and equally pleased) to see that Steph's piece was published without any intervention from the sometimes overzealous editors of AO. Her suggested alternative phrase to "Grow some balls" and the explanation thereof was hilarious!

Terry Aston on Steph is back

13th January 2022 @ 5:04pm

Steph should have a weekly slot.

joe (audlem printers) on Steph is back

13th January 2022 @ 8:25am

What better way to lift the spirits than to start the day with a 'Steph Story', I have always said Steph should write a book, she is so talented. Probably the only articles on the web I actually read to the end.

Paul Cawood on Precept

12th January 2022 @ 9:22pm

The precept was agreed about 48 hours ago – the volunteers at the council are working on the minutes and an update for AOL on the matters discussed. Lots was achieved in the last APC meeting, so an update will be available very shortly.

George McLaren-Brown on Precept

12th January 2022 @ 3:09pm

Does anyone know what the precept (Council Tax Bill) for Audlem is for year beginning April 2022 to March 2023, which has been discussed and agreed by The Finance Committee and approved by the full council on the 10th of January?

JANIE maxwell on Recliner repair

12th January 2022 @ 11:26am

Can anyone recommend a local person/business who will repair and service recliner/riser chairs. Have used Ableworld before but would like to try someone else. Thanks

chris dyson on GB NEWS

12th January 2022 @ 9:59am

Perhaps people would like to read the article in the Express today – BBC fury: 'Absolutely disgraceful!' Viewers fume at 'biased' reporting of Boris's party

Hayley Bottomley on Local dog/puppy minding service

11th January 2022 @ 7:52pm

Hi Simon

This is something I may be able to help with. If you want to get in touch, my email address is

Kind regards


B Wilkins Buerton on Proposed sewage plant Buerton

11th January 2022 @ 10:47am

A thank you to all of the residents and parrish council who submitted objections/concerns about the plans to build a new sewage pumping station in very close proximity to properties , and the disruption going to be caused by heavy construction traffic in that local , would have liked a few more but thats the way it goes , so far no word from council as to decision .the extension to the audlem sewage treatment plant will no doubt cause a few problems , traffic wise equally but at least it has a dedicated track .

Cheryl Johnson on Lost keys

10th January 2022 @ 8:32pm

Lost 3 keys on small ring. Please contact me if found. Many thanks

simon pemberton on Local dog/puppy minding service

10th January 2022 @ 4:25pm

Hi all, we are looking for a local dog walker/minder to call in on our Sprocker puppy on the off chance we are both working away, would just be to call in and feed, let in garden etc, any recommendations very welcome. (would not be on a regular basis as one is us is WFH most of the time)

Simon and Ioana

Graham Taylor on Community Woodleand Group

9th January 2022 @ 5:37pm

I too admit to the same challenge as you have Anna – no response from the Community Woodland Group regarding my offer to volunteer to work with others in the great outdoors. Perhaps there was a typo in the email address.

We Lechley on GB NEWS

9th January 2022 @ 12:31pm

No doubt a certain Editor will block my post as he does with anything I try to post these days. However, since Chris Dyson has raised the issue of political bias, I will try.
The issue of whether anything is biased of course depends on your own political viewpoint. However, I quote from the Wikipedia page on GB News "GB News has been widely described as right-leaning on political issues". It's contributors are predominantly right wing.
It's popular to brand the BBC as biased – both the left and the right do it, so on balance it's probably getting it right. However as someone left leaning myself the concerted efforts of the government since 2010 to populate the higher levels of management with right leaning people (it's well documented in "Private Eye") mean I rarely turn to it for broadcast news – I find Sky and ITN more balanced overall.

Anna Murray on Community Woodleand Group

9th January 2022 @ 12:04pm

I'm keen to fi d out about the Community Woodland Group. I expressed interest to Chris about 6 weeks ago and have messaged again but I haven't had a response.
Can anyone let me know if its still going and who to contact please?


chris dyson on GB NEWS

9th January 2022 @ 10:41am

Retune your telly and go to 236 on Freeview , or Sky 515 or search on Internet ............It's a news channel that is not as biased as the BBC

Billy Gibbons on GB NEWS

9th January 2022 @ 12:00am

Please excuse my ignorance but...what is GB News? Not only am I asking for me (who doesn't know what GB News is) but I'm asking for someone else what who doesn't know what who doesn't know what GB News is. In other words; he also doesn't know what GB News is as well as me too also either too.

Elisabeth Fisher on GB NEWS

7th January 2022 @ 9:38pm

Lovely to see Audlem on GB News this morning and so complementary too..well deserved

Louise Whalley on Thank you

5th January 2022 @ 1:24pm

Thank you for the kind responses following my request for help with a walking group and zumba and I will be joining the Audlem walking team on Saturday and am also going to try the zumba at Woore school on the 17th January. Best wishes, Louise

Colin Cliffe on Swanbach Panto season

5th January 2022 @ 9:36am

Ed, I was rilly pleased to see the chatbox submissions published as an article, If anyone is interested you should find about 55 watery/drain puns in total, (56 if you count this submission) although I do admit some are a little contentious, thanks again.

Nick Smith on Lord Combermere

5th January 2022 @ 9:00am

Sad news the Lord Combermere's tenancy is up.
I have enjoyed many meals and a wonderful atmosphere.
I wish the publicans all the best in their future plans and thank them for the support and help they have given to Audlem and its people

Kim Jessup on Roofing company

4th January 2022 @ 4:19pm

From a somewhat bemused Kim Jessup – yes that really is my name and no pun was intended!

Christine Towers on Roofing company

4th January 2022 @ 4:16pm

Thank you very much for the replies about roofing, it is very much appreciated
Christine Towers

Terry Aston on Storming Norman update

4th January 2022 @ 3:17pm

Sorry to hear that Colin. I'm more than happy to pop round and administer a good dose of sedative if it'll make it stop. Alternatively I suppose I could take a hefty dose myself to dull the effect

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