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Paul Wise on Narrow Escapes

17th May 2024 @ 12:53pm

Not sure if I missed the "Audlem " early warning system?
The Channel 4 programme, "Narrow Escapes" episode 14, 16th May, featured a Couple mooring up in Audlem and partaking in some bell ringing at StJame's, before heading up to Nantwich and beyond.

Dom Graham on Lost cat

17th May 2024 @ 10:41am

Lost a long haired tabby boat cat along the canal. Lost at around half 7 this morning grey collar can you please keep an eye out and if spotted call 07724411800

Jon Measor on Himalayan Balsam

17th May 2024 @ 8:36am

Good morning, I saw this article about Himalayan Balsam and its edible and medicinal properties. Thought it might make interesting reading

It has some very interesting properties but as everyone knows it is very invasive. Good luck on Sunday with the clearing.

Sheila Julian on Wendy Icke

14th May 2024 @ 9:00am

Wendy, the charity shop is open every Saturday from 10-4 (if not raining hard) or you can contact me on 07811 660058, if more urgent.

Wendy icke on Charity shop

13th May 2024 @ 1:37pm

Does anyone know who to contact for the charity shop in Audlem please, name and phone number would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Carol Bell on Parking Turnpike

13th May 2024 @ 7:41am

Good morning

For parking on Turnpike Field please contact the Parish Clerk at for a booking form and further information.

Michael Cookson on Parking Turnpike

13th May 2024 @ 6:53am

To park on the Turnpike Field you need to complete a booking form which can be found on the Audlem Parish Council website – – under the heading Turnpike you will find booking form etc.

Peter Godling on Parking Turnpike

12th May 2024 @ 7:41pm

Was chatting to a very nice gent today on Turnpike Field as he was getting into his car that was parked on the field. He was saying that he was at a private party last night and it was easier for them to park on the field so as not to block access to the house. I just wanted to ask if anyone can let me know who to contact as we have a big anniversary coming up and would like to have access to the field for the family to park on. Happy to pay. Many Thanks Peter

Peter Morgan on Xylitol poisoning (artificial sweetener) in dogs

12th May 2024 @ 3:55pm

Devastating to lose your lovely dog Angus. It must have been horrible for you all to see him go like that. We had never heard of the danger of Xylitol artificial sweetener to dogs before and we will have to keep a very close eye on our choc. lab when out and about as food scraps disappear before you can say Dyson.
I have a personal dislike of artificial sweeteners which are pure chemical concoctions to replace a centuries old, tried and tested safe product called Sugar. My father was a sugarholic, never having less than three, preferably four spoonful's in each cup of tea, not to mention every sickly confectionary creation he could get his teeth into. It killed him eventually, but it took 97 years to achieve it. Mind you, his shortened lifespan could equally have been down to the smoking (Players Navy Cut) or the 100 gallons of whisky he often boasted about consuming in his lifetime. The Health Stazi have a lot to answer for, like those smaller chocolate bars that I now need two of to fill the gap that one was once sufficient for.

Nikki Pascall on Recommended tailoring

11th May 2024 @ 6:16am

I can heartily recommend Joanna Nelson 'papas tailoring '

Chris Lewis on Xylitol poisoning (artificial sweetener) in dogs

10th May 2024 @ 9:14pm

I do comiserate with Rachel on her tragic loss. Sadly more and more apparently safe ingredients and food contains toxic elements for pets with no warning, Safe for humans is NOT necessarilly safe for animals. There are also breed differences. The classic poison in dogs is chocolate, related to body size, but to be avoided at all times. Basic precautions do not let your pet scavange nd bewars tit bits

Julie Pitts on Seamstress

10th May 2024 @ 9:10am

Hoping someone can help me find an experienced seamstress/dressmaker, looking to have a dress made for my son's wedding in September. Would like help choosing fabric, I have a design in mind. Many thanks Julie 07467 587456

Joana Oliveira on Pint of Science at Tom's Tap

9th May 2024 @ 2:05pm

Dear all,

See below for an event in Crewe that may be of interest to local residents.
Thank you,
Joana Oliveira

Pint of Science at Tom's Tap

Wednesday 15 May (7:30-9pm)

For the first time, the Pint of Science phenomenon is coming to Crewe, and what better place than Tom's Tap! Keele University scientists Tom Foster, Charlotte Loy, Dmitry Kishkinev and Jacco van Loon (Audlem resident) will entertain, and perhaps surprise, you with interesting and fun gigs about bones, birds, viruses and Life (in the Universe), with a chance to win a Pint of Science glass.

Tickets are £5 and purchased online only (up until the start of the show, unless sold out):
look under "Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe"

Rachel Lambie on Xylitol poisoning (artificial sweetener) in dogs

8th May 2024 @ 9:03pm

I can't believe I'm writing this, but hoping it'll help save another dogs life. We sadly lost our gorgeous 4 year old springer spaniel, Angus to xylitol poisoning in an outdoor cafe on Monday. It's an artificial sweetener which is toxic to dogs in terrifyingly small quantities. We think the contents of someone's drink got poured/tipped onto the floor and our dog ingested some. He collapsed and started having seizures within 30 minutes and died a few hours later despite intensive care from the emergency vet. It was a truly horrific experience for my whole family and we are utterly devastated.

Xylitol is also found in a number of foods such as chewing gum, peanut butter and baked goods (sometimes labelled as low sugar or sugar free). It also has other names such as birch sugar. It is becoming more common in the UK, but people aren't aware of its toxicity to dogs. It causes catastrophic low blood sugar levels and sometimes liver failure.

Please, please be careful when using artificial sweeteners and dispose of your drinks carefully. Also be aware of xylitol and its other names which can be found in a wide variety of foods, including peanut butter, which Angus loved.

Please tell everyone you know about xylitol and let's protect our dogs from this toxin.

Judy Evans on Jan Mckelvey

7th May 2024 @ 11:03am

Thank you Celia for your kind mention. – My sister, Janet, grew up in Audlem. First attending the local primary school (then on Cheshire Street), then attending Nantwich and Acton Grammar School (now Malbank). During this time, she was living above our family's shop; Williams of Audlem, on Shropshire Street. One of 3 daughters, and 1 son (decd.) of the late Derek McKelvey, and the still very vibrant, 93 year old, Megan McKelvey. Luckily for me, Janet wasn't interested in retail, and after attaining her degree at Aberystwth University, and a short spell working at Keele University, she pursued her passion, of working in the field of ecology, with Shropshire Wildlife Trust.
Wishing you a very "Happy Retirement" Janet !
Judy Evans (her sister) – Williams of Audlem

Celia Bloor on Jan Mckelvey

7th May 2024 @ 7:24am

My Shropshire wildlife magazine has a full page featuring Jan formerly a local girl who has retired after 35 years with them. She credits her interest in wildlife much to the local environment she grew up in.

Richard carter on Plant sale at school

5th May 2024 @ 4:43pm

There is no box beside the plants for us to pay! We have taken I plant but need to find a way to pay
We bought and paid for a plant yesterday when the box was there.

Rhys on Mechanic

3rd May 2024 @ 11:16pm

Hello Peter, I may be able to help, if you'd like to contact me on 07368244593, Rhys

Peter Kent on Mobile Mechanic

3rd May 2024 @ 11:19am

Does anyone know of a reliable mobile mechanic who will come to Hatherton to fix my car?

Christine Hughes on Weaver Bridge/Whitchurch Road

3rd May 2024 @ 8:07am

Hi, does anyone have an update on when the weaver bridge will be open?

Karen Bradshaw on Weaver Bridge/Whitchurch Road

2nd May 2024 @ 8:38am

I feel where there's no-one actually working on the bridge, businesses should be able to claim in some way. The council should be ashamed of their slap dash attitude. Some years ago an extremely long bridge collapsed in Japan. It was rebuilt and functional 5 day's later. This is inexcusable.

Joe Hoyles on Weaver Bridge/Whitchurch Road

1st May 2024 @ 4:33pm

Date line Tuesday 30th April- Traffic lights now at the junction of Heywoods Ridge and the Whitchurch Road 2x men replacing 3x rows of 6 bricks all done by c2.45pm Tues. Wednesday 1St May lights still up and working But NO traffic as the Bridge 100 yds away still closed to all traffic no one working on Bridge, Traffic keeps coming down the hill passing all the signs from Burleydam & Coole lane- turning round and going back you could not make it up!!

Dave Rodgers on Colin Cliffe

1st May 2024 @ 11:55am

Nice one Steph, so refreshing to see both yours and Colin's witticisms in AOL. Really looking forward to teaming up with Colin when he takes on the role of compere at the Audlem Charity Shop Quiz at the the Village Hall on Saturday 18th May. No doubt I'll be on the receiving end......

Stephanie Richardson on Colin Cliffe

30th April 2024 @ 9:27am

Congratulations, Colin Cliffe! You've reached your pinnacle by scaling the Cliffe of success!

Geraint Davies on Garage recommendations

29th April 2024 @ 7:42pm

We have always found Bruce at Adderley Garage helpful and reliable Tel: 01630 654 894 – Also it's quite near Audlem.

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