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Billy Gibbons on Corbrook Flood

14th November 2023 @ 6:28pm

Not sure how much money and time was spent on the Corbrook flooding problem but, I have to say...there has been an improvement. I drove through it today (Tuesday) and instead of the water actually coming in my car, it was only about an inch off coming in. ;-)

Colin Cliffe on Illegal driving

13th November 2023 @ 7:38pm

I was interested to read that a tractor driver from Sandbach had just received a 8 and a half prison sentence for knocking a lady off her bike who subsequently died. It appeared that the tractor driver was using his phone at the time, not an uncommon practice around here.

Nick Smith on A525

13th November 2023 @ 12:03pm

Does anyone know if and when the A525 wil be closed at Longhill Lane. The signage say 13/11/23.

Rhys Morgan on Vehicle electrics

12th November 2023 @ 5:51pm

Hi there. Are you still wanting this job done.?
I am an auto electrician and live in Buerton .

Let me know.


Brian Bugeja on Cat

12th November 2023 @ 8:48am

Saved the same cat myself the other day. Very friendly... was on the kerb in front of butcher and the cat brushed against leg and walked into the road in front of incoming car. Had to walk out to stop car – thankfully driving within speed limits.

Carolyn Robinson on Cat

11th November 2023 @ 5:17pm

Attending the quiz we stopped traffic by the butcher's the other day at night as the black and white cat was wandering in the road. Narrowly missed get knocked over. Hope someone knows whose it is.

Celia Bloor on Probus

9th November 2023 @ 6:58am

Interesting to see they are now taking female members. Wonder how many they have so far as it always used to be male only. Nice to see the change.

Celia Bloor on Road closures

9th November 2023 @ 6:04am

The signs are up that road to Buerton will close on 13th but as far as we know Swanbach will still be closed. Disaster?

Bruce Mantle on Swanbach flood update

8th November 2023 @ 11:11am

Thank you for recently providing an update regarding the ongoing drainage work at Swanbach Ford.
Your and Liz Huntbach's recent updates on here and Chris Spring's recent updates on Audlem Life Facebook have been especially useful in the absence of very recent updates from CEC.
I found the summary of the open/closed status of the main roads around Audlem on the AOL News page useful. I can't see it on there today, though.

Nigel Young on Car Park Charging

7th November 2023 @ 9:55am

Excellent response from Audlem Parish Council to the proposed CE car park charges. Well done to all those involved.

Jane Ashworth on Matalan

6th November 2023 @ 5:08pm

For the shoppers amongst us – Matalan is set to open its doors on Crewe's Grand Junction Retail Park on Saturday 18 November.

Julia +Michael Parton on Stop Audlem Car Park Charges Protest March

6th November 2023 @ 8:02am

Well done to everyone who was involved in the organisation of the march on Saturday, it looked a great success +we were very sorry not to be there.
We totally agree with the comments made by Peter Kay, Jody Morgan+Harrison Lister. Why anyone can be so critical of people who are trying to do their best for the village is beyond belief+as others have said 'get your facts right first' before passing a comment. All organisations in the village rely heavily on volunteers so thank them not dam them+better still offer an hour or two of your own time +I am sure you will quickly have a different opinion!!

Jonathan Spibey on Swanbach flood update

5th November 2023 @ 11:18pm

I spoke to one of the contractors on Saturday who has been working on the job at Swanbach. he told me that the drain which runs to the Duckow brook is now clear and running after they jetted it through. On the left of the bridge (Adderley side) there is a very large excavation from which the soil on the road. (there is no way this will be opening anytime soon) further excavations will now be done back towards the dip still on the left side, where there is a collapsed culvert. this will need to be rectified and then the ground reinstated. i reckon two weeks minimum before the road opens. At least we have a professional team of drainage contractors on the job,

Bruce Mantle on Flood

5th November 2023 @ 6:30pm

Geoff Oakes,
I doubt that the A529 at Swanbach is open at weekends.
You might want to look on Audlem Life Facebook, where Chris Spring has posted some updates on the ongoing work with photos recently.
I only discovered this Facebook page recently.

Harrison Lister on Public Money

5th November 2023 @ 4:35pm

From my recollection it's any Council's job the world over, to spend other people's money. Unless they are spending it on themselves of course ! There has been an overwhelming PUBLIC demand for direct action against these proposed parking charges, so why do some people feel the need to go against the majority. ? What is their motive ? Unless, perhaps, they work for Cheshire East, or within the parking industry ? !? If people didn't like any part of what the APC had planned they would not have turned out in such numbers (which in any case were probably reduced by the weather). If the embittered think there are enough people who agree with them, why don't they mount a protest march, against the last protest march ? See you all on the car park next Saturday (while it's still free to park your cars) . Majorities should rule – not a handful who disagree, It's called democracy.

Andrew Smith on Swanbatch flood

5th November 2023 @ 4:31pm

Having re-readmy earlier message, Imust apologiseto Audlem at large for the errant fingers( and brain?) leading to ahost oftypo errors. Hopetheessence ofthge message remained intelligible? Sorry, everyone, Andy S.

Jody Morgan on Public Money

5th November 2023 @ 3:07pm

The placards for the protest were privately funded by individuals , this was explained at the end of the march during the speech.

Peter Kay on Public Money

5th November 2023 @ 2:04pm

I note with concern the posts about Parish Council money and the protest march with their implication that some wrong has been committed. We are lucky to have volunteers to take on the roles that a parish needs. Many organisations find it difficult to fill essential posts. If there are concerns about Parish Council expenditure these should be made privately to the Council. Only when the enquiry reply actually raises a matter of public concern should it be made public.

Andrew Smith on Swanbatch flood

5th November 2023 @ 11:03am

Asformer Civil Engineer working on roadbuilding projects, Ifind it very hardto believe CEC PROJECT MANAGEMENT IS NOT WILLING OR ABLE TO TRACK ALL COSTSSPECIFIC TO EACH PROJECT THEY UNDERTAKE and tat theCouncil would requirethisdatato prepare future busgetsandcost estimates forapproving thework to be doneestimatesestimatesto approve futuetimates for future budgetting

Helen Measures on Public Money

5th November 2023 @ 9:23am

Councillor McLaren-Brown has explained the funding of the hearse and horses for the protest yesterday but has failed to confirm whether or not the PC contributed any money towards the march.
The placards and banners featured on photographs looked particularly expensive.
Did the PC give any funds at all to yesterdays event and if so, how much and was it authorised by the whole council?

Elizabeth Hollinshead on Vehicle electrics

4th November 2023 @ 3:27pm

Does anyone know anybody that could put a new radio in my VW van? It's had one in already so it's a replacement but I can't get it to work. I can only find someone in Stoke and wondered if there was anyone nearer. Happy to pay of course

Brian Bugeja on Parish council and the parking charge march

4th November 2023 @ 1:43pm

I would like to thank everyone for supporting the protest and making a success of it.

If you have photos / videos to share, can you please contact me via

Geoff Oakes on Flood

4th November 2023 @ 9:33am

Is the road at the old bridge at Swanbach open at weekends when workmen are not working?

Bruce Mantle on Recurrent flooding at Corbrook & Swanbach Ford

4th November 2023 @ 1:03am

My post yesterday about the FOI request is truncated when I look at it on my phone in portrait mode. If I turn the phone round and look at it in landscape mode the full text is displayed.
The key part of the section that was truncated is
'We are unable to provide the information you request as we do not capture costs specific to the criteria
you refer. We allocate costs to many specific headings such as key schemes and key disciplines e.g.
drainage, surfacing, pothole repairs etc. but in many cases this is not required to be broken down into
specific locations.
In this specific instance we believe you are referring to the A529 Green Lane, Audlem adjacent to the old
railway bridge at Swanbach. Whilst we record that we have had 11 specific notifications at this location
since 2019 (2019 2 no., 2020 4 no., 2021 1 no. and 2022 4 no.) as captured under our out of hours and
emergency work stream, we are not able to apportion specific costs to these.'

There is a link to the 'Disclosure Log' of FOI requests to CEC and their responses embedded in text at

A williams on Black and white cat

3rd November 2023 @ 3:04pm

Could this cat be a stray? He was nearly run over in the doctors carpark last night. Luckily the driver spotted him at the last minute.

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