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Paddy Kenshole on Electrician

18th June 2024 @ 4:48pm

I would recomend DPS electrial Darren Sinclair 07852300588

John brooksbank on Electrician

17th June 2024 @ 11:00am

Can anyone recommend an electrician please?

Karen Jefferys on Window cleaner

17th June 2024 @ 8:05am

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable window cleaner please.
Many thanks

Arthur Lashford on Wasps/bees nests removed

16th June 2024 @ 7:09pm

Thank you for the wonderful gentleman that removed a swarm of bees from our garden!

Jenny Frank on Green Lane Closure

16th June 2024 @ 4:27pm

Anybody any idea where 92 Green Lane, Audlem is? Can't find it on Google or Royal Mail.

Mrs A Owen on Wasps/bees nests removed

16th June 2024 @ 3:58pm

Reply to Kevin

I have always used Oliver Fitzgerald always does a complete thorough removal of all nests, can be contacted on

Mob 07547325445 or 01948 302001

A. Owen

Lynn Turner on Wasp nest removal

16th June 2024 @ 11:38am

We have used the firm below twice and have been delighted with the service received. Hope this helps
They are a local business and very efficient.
Lynn Turner

Heather Bloomer on Carpet binding

16th June 2024 @ 10:42am

I have used The Carpet Edging Project based at Cockshades Farm Wynbunbury

Celia Bloor on Green lane closure

16th June 2024 @ 6:55am

Can anyone tell me exactly where no 68 is? And 92? I did not know there were numbers! I always work from names, Grange farm etc. It makes a big difference if the closure includes the junction with Bagley lane or Chapel lane etc.

kevin errington on Wasp nest removal

15th June 2024 @ 6:20pm

Hi, can anyone recommend a wasp nest removal service locally? I can't get into my shed because they've taken up residence.

Chris Lewis on My apple tree

15th June 2024 @ 8:55am

I feared the worst Cox's are not happy this far north and also need a pollinator.I inherited one when we moved and despite a lot of TLC failed and was replaced by variety called Spartan bred with Cox's in its pedigree. It produces deep red fruit ready to pick late september /early October and many think it's flavour is superior to that of the moden Cox. Sorry to be despondent

Sue Fousert on Carpet binding

15th June 2024 @ 8:48am

Does anyone know of a local carpet 'binder' please? I have a very good quality carpet but the edges need tidying up to stop from fraying.


14th June 2024 @ 6:44pm

Dog owner found and dog returned safely

Eric Leeson on My apple tree

14th June 2024 @ 5:54am

I have zero mulch around my apple tree and I also reallocated the tree to another location in my garden in October / November last year.
Thanks again to Chris Lewis for the reply on AOL and also Ian Reynolds for his photo of a perfectly top dressed mulched apple tree.
I will be mulching today.
The variety of tree is Cox's orange pippin.


12th June 2024 @ 7:14pm

RING 07465996222

Denise Harrison on Bee or any insect person

11th June 2024 @ 12:21pm


I am after someone who keeps bee's or any other kind of insects, who would love to talk about them at our local nursery. Either next Tuesday or Thursday morning.

Linda Beardmore on Freesat dish

11th June 2024 @ 12:15pm

Hello, does anyone have a number for a local person who checks Freesat dishes and repairs them please

Chris Lewis on My apple tree

10th June 2024 @ 2:44pm

I am not entirely convined Eris' aple drop is just a June drop. None of mine have dropped nor anther friend with an extensive orchard. Isuspect there may be a underlying physiologicalproblem., such as a trace element deficiency. Eric does noyt say whih thcvariety is and what surrounds the tre. If grass this will prefertially draw awaytrac elements andother nutrients. I dealy there should be a radius from the trunk of 18-24 inhes of weed and grass free soil. In March /early April this shoul be covered with a good deep mulch such as something as simple as grass clippings. Apples belong to the rose family so before appling the mulch a good dressing of a quality rose fertiliser can be beneficial again some cultivars are more demanding nd greedy than others. Just a few thoughts. Anyway a top dressing now will not go amiss.

Kevin Mellor on Mill Lane Audlem

10th June 2024 @ 8:01am

With regard to the posting by Joseph Halliday, the Mill Lane that he refers to is Mill Lane, Swanbach with postcodes likely to be CW3 0EH. Mill Lane, Audlem is off the end of Heathfield Road close to the bowling club with postcodes likely to be CW3 0AY. Hope this helps,
It's best to get a post code in addition to the address to ensure the correct location when buying on AOL.

Judy Evans on Mill Lane Audlem

10th June 2024 @ 7:59am

Simple answer – there was more than one mill in Audlem in previous centuries, when the lanes were originally named.

Celia BLOOR on Mill Lane Audlem

10th June 2024 @ 6:13am

I would describe the road you know as mill lane Swanbach, the other mill lane is the turn on the right as you enter heathfield road before the bowling club. Audlem old mill was in a field down there. There is a book about all the local mills for sale at the canal shop.

Joseph Halligan on Mill Lane Audlem

9th June 2024 @ 2:01pm

Will the real Mill Lane please stand up!

I've been associated with Audlem since 2010 and thought I knew my way around.

Having recently purchased an item on AOL which was too big for transporting on my bike a friend offered to collect it on my behalf. Having put Mill Lane Audlem into his car satellite navigation system he set off.

Now, for me Mill Lane is the cute little road off to the left prior to the river Weaver on the Whitchurch road as you're leaving the village. It's also the location Google maps sends you to as your final destination.

So how did my friend end up at a different Mill Lane in Audlem?

I'm confused.

Sandra Capper on Water Pump ( Narrowboat)

8th June 2024 @ 11:04am


Can anyone help with my query Does anyone know a Plumber that deals with Narrowboats.

My Water pump comes on for no reason we have checked for Leaks and all is dry.

Some days it does it few times then sometimes it can be more generally runs for round 5 seconds.

If anyone knows of anyone l'm moored at overwater marina , if anyone can help out that would be great 😊



George McLaren-Brown on Lost seat Coxbank

7th June 2024 @ 4:14pm

I would be grateful if anyone living in Coxbank or Audlem can e-mail me any information regarding a wooden seat/bench positioned prior to 1993 at Coxbank.
Has it either been removed, destroyed or is still in use within Coxbank? If it is, where is it situated?
The Register of APC Assets shows two wooden seats or benches within Coxbank. I have found one which is situated on the road up to Coxbank from Green Lane.
Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks.

George McLaren-Brown

Eric Leeson on My apple tree

6th June 2024 @ 5:58am

Thanks to Hazel Hall and Chris Lewis for their AOL Chatbox replies and Also Bob Fousert for his phone call 'June drop' diagnosis. The problem looks very much like June drop. Also, on closer inspection I noticed a number of tent caterpilars which I have cleared away. No more apples are dropping and those that remain seem to be stable.
Thanks again to all for the replies.

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