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Dave Lambourne on Another Pothole! Woore road

23rd February 2024 @ 2:02pm

To help others, just warning of a Pothole on the West bound carriageway of the A525 Woore Road, about 1/4 mile before arriving at the 40mph limit at Buerton. Its close to the road centreline and perfectly placed to take out your offside as I found out yesterday to my cost! Both front and rear tyres deflated/damaged and needed immediate replacement. I wasn't even travelling fast, as I was following a tractor but there was a lot of spray coming off the wet surface and didn't see the road damage which was also filled with water. I have called this in to Cheshire Highways as an emergency requirement and have now submitted my claim for compensation. Interestingly enough it had been previously marked for repair but obviously not carried out.

Chris Lewis on Pothole Green lane

22nd February 2024 @ 9:12pm

The next pothole is opening up just opposite the end of my drive , give it it's due it was "filled" last autiumn, its 3 little sisters are just appearig as well. Mindyou as yet we have a long way to go to emulate station road Wrenbury nice to think we are slightly ahead of our neighbours in Shropshire

Norman Huntbach on Pothole Green lane

22nd February 2024 @ 7:12pm

I reported it on the 13th February and I have since had a reply saying it is "in progress"! What that may mean is beyond me because I suffer CE Highways fools quite badly.

Longman's farm shop on Fresh fish

22nd February 2024 @ 6:42pm

Just to let everyone know we are selling fresh fish every Friday from 8 till 12.30 come have a coffee in the coffee shop or browse the farm shop there's lots of local produce for sale all at Longman's farm shop Whitchurch Road Nantwich Cw58dj

Bob Fousert on Pothole Green lane

22nd February 2024 @ 2:57pm

I certainly recognise the pot hole Celia is referring to. It is one of those that was 'repaired' not that long ago utilising the infamous, low cost, CE Road Maintenance "Dump and Pat the Tarmac" pot hole repair system. Far from being economical, the fact that this method of repair is as much use as a chocolate fire guard and therefore, requires repeated visits, make this yet another criminal waste of tax payers money for which CE is renowned.

Given the fact that CE have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to 'save money' be reducing the road maintenance budget by around £0.8M this comming year, the chances are that road users will be running an ever increasing risk of pot hole damage to their vehicles.

Therefore, I have included a link to the Money Saving Expert (TV's Martin Lewis) website which provides a comprehensive guide on how to make a successful claim against any council that fails in its upkeep of our roads. Only by hitting them in the pocket will things ever change.

Julia Parton on Road closure Audlem to nantwich

22nd February 2024 @ 11:55am

Have just spoken to someone from Cheshire East Highways who informed me that the road is closed from the centre of Audlem even though the work been carried out is 6 miles away because in the past they have received complaints from people living in The Dig lanes about the excessive increase in traffic particularly large vehicles!!!!!. The fact that if you follow the diversion it puts at least 10 miles onto your journey +more large vehicles are having to go around the church seems irrelevant.!!.He said the work was due to be completed tomorrow. 🤞

Carol Haq on A charm of siskins

22nd February 2024 @ 10:28am

We have been blessed with 20 to 30 siskins on our feeders, together with the usual goldfinches and greenfinches. The trees are awash with their beautiful song. I have never seen so many in the 40 years that we have lived here. A little bit of joy in a troubled world.

Celia Bloor on Pothole Green lane

22nd February 2024 @ 7:09am

Lapse of concentration for a moment and lost a tyre. Hole nr edge of road past the temporary lights leaving village. I need to re visit to photograph etc but anyone reported it?

Steve Elliott on Road closure Audlem to nantwich

21st February 2024 @ 5:35pm

I understand that the road works are re-surfacing outside the Globe Inn. First or Second Dig Lane provides a simple detour

Sonia Kay on Road closure Audlem to nantwich

21st February 2024 @ 2:14pm

Hi Barry – the signage elsewhere says 20-24th Feb. The closure itself is six miles away just before Brine Leas School. It feels like the signs in Audlem seem to be causing more bother than the closure itself, as the obstruction is causing mayhem in the village, as you point out.

Sylvia Stead on Road closure Audlem to nantwich

21st February 2024 @ 1:24pm

I have just phoned Cheshire East to find out how long the road closure from the village to Nantwich will be and I was told it will be closed from the 19th until the 23rd. I expressed my concern that there has been no notification and poor signage for large vehicles entering the village.

Celia Bloor on Road closure Audlem to nantwich

21st February 2024 @ 6:49am

We passed signs nr Brine Leas school saying closed there for 4 days starting 20th. For light vehicles there are plenty of options.

Barry wilkins on Road closure Audlem to nantwich

20th February 2024 @ 5:38pm

Hi any ideas how long road shut to Nantwich from Audlem chaos at junction tonight artics etc trying too turn round the memorial statue and very vague signage as usual.

Jay Cam on Skilled person required for pointing job

19th February 2024 @ 9:05pm

Hello guys. Just wondering if anyone knows of any office work / sales jobs available full time ?

If anyone knows of anyone. Please drop me a text or phone call. Thank you.


07942 063271

Philip Bradbury-Smith on External render masonry repairs / painting

17th February 2024 @ 7:44am

Hi, my external render is looking very sad and in need to some repairs / painting.
Any suggestions please?

Jane Wright on Exterior painter needed

16th February 2024 @ 5:09pm

To the two requesting a painter and Decorator. I can highly recommend Audlem Decorators. He's very clean and tidy nothing is to much trouble. He does do a lot of work round the village and outlying villages I.e Cox Bank Buerton Hankelow and Hatherton plus Nantwich and further a field if necessary.

Celia Bloor on Slurry saga

15th February 2024 @ 6:25am

Well done Dave for such an apt contribution! It should be sung at the next gathering of musicians. Alongside Steph's contributions our website is a real entertainment!


14th February 2024 @ 5:43pm

Once again, Stephanie Richardson has outdone herself!! Always a treat to read her submissions to Audlem Online..

Roy PLUME on Slurry saga

14th February 2024 @ 4:14pm

All they've done is move it from the centre of the village, washed it down the Woore road blocking the street gullies and then letting in run down School Lane (both ends) and Vicarage lane polluting places that were clear previously. Ridiculous.

Lynne Smith on Slurry saga

14th February 2024 @ 10:17am

What a dreadful mess and smell in the village this morning. A similar incident on a smaller scale happened in the village a few years ago which was reported to the Environmental Health Agency who visited and arranged clean up. Hopefully it will be sorted soon by the person/people responsible.

Megan Goode on A Valentine's Day Story

14th February 2024 @ 9:51am

Thank you to Stephanie for a wonderful story, and for giving the businesses in Audlem a big shout out! A most enjoyable read xx

Peter Morgan on Slurry saga

13th February 2024 @ 7:25pm

Driving through the village this evening to see a large quantity of farm slurry on the road outside the Combermere and all the way up the pavement and garden walls of Cheshire street. I don't know how far it went as we turned off the main road but it was obvious that a tractor and slurry tanker had been discharging the contents as it drove through. Has anyone witnessed this event or can provide any information to assist CE in reclaiming the costs of the clear up?

Elizabeth Hollinshead on Yoga

13th February 2024 @ 5:54pm

Hi, does anyone know of any yoga classes for pregnant ladies?

Chris Lewis on Fall prevention

13th February 2024 @ 2:05pm

Good to see a positive guide to help prevent falls. I have found that a well fitted stick gives great confidence and support. Initially just for confidence, now an absolute necessity. I understand that some people have a reluctance to be seen using a stick, but if it saves a single trip or fall it saves pain, inconveniene to self and family. So please use all the other suggestions but do invest in a good stick and be safe

Matt Turner on Exterior painter needed

12th February 2024 @ 3:19pm

Duncan Morris is brilliant and reliable, his number is: 07540349970

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