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Bob Fousert on Operation Park Safe

2nd February 2024 @ 6:26pm

Following on from the AOL News item shown on 19th January, and after a successful Trial in Crewe,it is now reported that this has been extended by the Police and Crime Commissione to cover all of Cheshire from today. So, residents of Kingbur Place and everyone who has been plagued by irresponsible and selfish drivers who dump their vehicles without any regard for the regulations or the inconvenionce that they cause, NOW is the time to get your own back!!!

Ray Faulkner on Mobile tyre fitters

2nd February 2024 @ 7:59am


Nikki Pascall on Mobile tyre fitters

1st February 2024 @ 3:43pm

Can anyone recommend a mobile tyre company who don't rip off with call out charges – Drayton ones are not competitive ?

Moira Stanistreet on Dish washer repair

1st February 2024 @ 1:32pm

Thank you Terry, we have had Duncan in this morning and now it's up and running, so now no more wrinkled hands!
We would recommend him to others needing repairs to washing machines, dishwashers etc, excellent repair and advise.

Celia Bloor on Old names in village

31st January 2024 @ 7:13am

I smiled at Judy's post detailing the names her shop is known by and it set me thinking. When new to the village I was asked if I was "off the Cape (estate)", our house is sometimes called "Shore's place' , I have foxed people by talking of 'the Victoria bakery' , Mrs Shukers shop, Cox Bank post office etc etc

Terry Aston on Dish washer repair

29th January 2024 @ 5:50pm

Moira, Duncan Meredith from Whitchurch did a very reasonably priced repair to ny neighbour's washing machine. 07967189353 or

Mandy Lewis on Lawn mower service

29th January 2024 @ 3:33pm

Hi We use Market Drayton Mowers who collect and return the mower – great service.

Moira Stanistreet on Dish washer repair

29th January 2024 @ 3:24pm

We have a Bosh dishwasher that requires a repair, any recommendations please.

Tim Denning on Buerton draw

29th January 2024 @ 1:35pm

Judy – don't forget 'Paper Shop' or 'Dress Shop'

pauline Hobbs on Audlem Health and Fitness Group

29th January 2024 @ 12:39pm

Strongly recommend this group. Thursday evening 6.15 pm to 7pm. Suitable for any age group. Alex is a very motivating leader, who varies the activities every week . Individual support throughout the session. It is also fun and amazing value for money!

Judy – Williams of Audlem on Buerton draw

27th January 2024 @ 8:04am

For clarity for potential village "newbies" – the Buerton draw tickets will be available from Williams of Audlem.
Williams of Audlem have been trading under this name since my great-great grandfather, Eli Williams, bought the shop from the Kirkham's in 1862. However, through time it has also acquired several village colloquialisms – so depending on your age, we have variously (and unofficially) been referred to as "Judy's" (present owner), or "McKelvey's" (my father & mother – Eli's great granddaughter), or by the very senior members of our community, as "Dutton's" (my grandmother, and Eli William's granddaughter). Just thought I would clear this up, to save some of the newer members of our community, some head scratching over where they can find the tickets !

Bryan Clydesdale on Lawn mower service

27th January 2024 @ 7:34am

Does anyone know of a local company that will service a petrol lawnmower?

Thank you

Buerton Parish Council on Buerton draw

25th January 2024 @ 9:42pm

Hi Celia
Registration forms will be at McKelvey's from tomorrow & Judy has agreed to people dropping completed forms off there.
Thank You for your support

Aljeana Baddley on Buerton draw

25th January 2024 @ 6:03pm

Hi Celia
We have arranged with Judy for forms to be dropped of at her shop & will drop some forms in there tomorrow. I will get the flyer updated with a contact number.
Thank you

Sandra Nield on Plumber please!

25th January 2024 @ 6:30am

Thank you everyone for your recommendations. Much appreciated.

Stephanie Richardson on Audlem Car Park

24th January 2024 @ 12:18pm

In response to Bryan's Chatbox entry, the SAFE Group, and Audlem Parish Council have made additional representations ahead of tomorrows meeting and there will be speakers and questions from APC, SAFE and the Medical Centre and Rachel Bailey will also be 'fighting our corner' at the meeting. A number of SAFE members will be travelling to Macclesfield to observe and we will be taking our banners! Rest assured, this fight is not yet over.

Chris Whalley on Plumber please!

24th January 2024 @ 11:45am

Try Karl Bennett, he's in Wybunbury.

Tel: 01270 842790 or 07850 744701

Always found him to be very reliable.

Nigel Young on Plumber please!

24th January 2024 @ 10:57am

Try Josh Bradley from Hough

Bob Coulson on Carpenter

24th January 2024 @ 9:54am

Sandra (Rothwell), re Carpenter, try Hugh Protheroe on 07931 526157

Bob Coulson on Plumber/Heating Engineer

24th January 2024 @ 9:43am

Sandra, try Ellinsons Heating & Plumbing . Details are on the 'Directories' . However, contact phone is 01270 811883.

Sandra Nield on Plumber please!

23rd January 2024 @ 9:25pm

Could anyone please recommend a plumber. I've been let down by one who did not come when he said that he would and is now not answering my calls or replying to my messages. I have a half decorated bathroom and a brilliant decorator that cannot finish the job that he's started. Thank you.

Bryan Clydesdale on Audlem Car Park

23rd January 2024 @ 5:06pm

Highways and Transport Committee – Thursday, 25th January, 2024 10.30 am – according to this it appears that there will now be charges for Audlem Car park despite all protests.

Lisa Trumper on Audlem

23rd January 2024 @ 7:54am

The new season for 2024 is just around the corner for speedway and grasstrack for Ollie to start racing and living his dream sport again but this comes at a cost and ollie is kindly asking if anyone would be interested in sponsoring him to help continue with his passion for this sport..
He loves this sport and this year will be moving onto a 250cc after finishing 3rd overall last year on a 125 in the British youth championship young lions speedway and 2nd overall in the Grasstrack British championship in Cornwall..
If you would like to sponsor Ollie please get in touch as this will make Ollie very happy and helphim achieve his dreams in the sport..

Celia Bloor on Buerton draw

23rd January 2024 @ 7:07am

Where do we pick up a registration form please? Could Williams issue and receive some which is easier for Audlem residents who would still like to support the preservation of the trees?

Peter Morgan on Green Lane Action

22nd January 2024 @ 6:23pm

This morning the Green Lane traffic light area was the location of considerable activity as both men and material appeared. The absolute certainty of meaningful action was the location of a cabin close to the footpath bridge. The kettle is on folks.

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