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Suzie Warren on Bonfire night

10th November 2021 @ 5:55pm

Maybe we should do a poll asking all of the local pets, livestock and wildlife first.

Andy Laughton on Go-too bus service

10th November 2021 @ 5:38pm

I can confirm the Go Too bus service works really well. After you have booked your journey you get a message a little before your pick up time to confirm the arrival time. Far better than the normal bus which in my experience was nearly always late. I have on one occasion waited over half an hour, got fed up and walked back home only to see the bus go past the end of my drive as I got in my car! I could never work out how late the bus could be given the entire route took only 20-30 minutes. Must be all the traffic jams! Also runs into the evening which the normal bus service no longer does.

ken lee on Vehicle Charging Points

10th November 2021 @ 5:11pm

I notice vehicle charging points were mentioned at the Parish Council meeting.
I would like to say that personally I feel that such points should NOT be funded or subsidised by the Parish Council as many residents do not own cars and many that do will be forced off the road when electric vehicles become law anyway,
Any such points should be funded by Cheshire East or by local businesses who are the ones who will benefit by having them. Many of us already walk and any local disabled drivers will have charging points at their homes. I don't think we get many disabled people travelling 100 miles to do their local shopping.
I await the flack with great expectations.

hazel horton on Bonfire night

10th November 2021 @ 4:40pm

How I miss Audlem Bonfire night! Would it be possible next year to have a bonfire and NORMAL fireworks by the football field or on Turnpike field? Do we really need display fireworks, music and fairground rides?
I'm sure some oldies like me, or families with young children, would be happy to have a simpler event, which doesn't necessarily attract so many people from outside the area. And it would be cheaper!!

Jessica mair on Lost iphone

10th November 2021 @ 9:12am

Lost in audlem last night an iPhone possible in the combermere if found can you hand in to Jessica mair studios

Emma on Roadworks and closure

10th November 2021 @ 7:56am

Hi Lynn, the road is now fully open again

Suzie Warren on Local taxi service.

10th November 2021 @ 7:08am

Hi Bill

The new Go-Too bus on-demand service should be good for your journey. I believe you would need to download the app first but haven't used it myself yet, but it does sound good.

Julie Pitts on Elderly care....

9th November 2021 @ 2:23pm

Many thanks for all interest shown. I am now fully booked, however, happy to take peoples details for any available slots in the future. 07467 587456

Bill Biggar on Local taxi service.

8th November 2021 @ 10:38pm

Can anyone recommend a reliable taxi service please? I need a lift from Buerton to Leighton next week.

David lowe on fire works

7th November 2021 @ 7:43pm

7.45pm on Sunday. who is letting off a barrage of fireworks. Dogs and Horses going crazy. Pre warned would have been appreciated

Lynn Ford on Roadworks and closure

7th November 2021 @ 5:44pm

Hi, can you tell me please, is the road through Audlem now open? We need to travel through on the 15th November from Wales to Stoke. Many thanks, Lynn Ford.

Celia Bloor on Agricultural and climate change

6th November 2021 @ 5:55pm

Happy with cattle in suitable ratio to grassland to feed them. Wonder what USA figures are where there are many cows kept inside and presumably fed on crops which could feed people directly? The increase in cars is certainly astounding but so is the decrease in public transport in many localities.

Joy Hargreaves on Agricultural and climate change

5th November 2021 @ 10:41pm

Thank you James McGregor for your figures and comments. Might I add that, where there are cattle and sheep ,there are many acres of grass land, and the experts tell us that grassland is one of the finest crops for absorbing carbon. Worth remembering.

Steve Elliott on Agricultural and climate change

5th November 2021 @ 4:18pm

In a similar vein there was a good interview on Radio 4 some time ago involving a vegan and a lady welsh hill sheep farmer. The farmer asked the vegan for suggestions as to how she could make alternative living on the welsh hills, as she wasn't aware of any vegan food crops that could be grown there – he refused to answer the question.

Andrew P. Smith on Hello!

5th November 2021 @ 2:15pm

Hello Helen Meyrick and welcome back toAudlem and environs!Iremember you very well andwith lotsof affection and at timestrepidation! when you were aschool friend of our daughter( Kathryn) which led to usall becoming quite chummy with you and your family andweremain so with yourlongsuffering? mother, – just joking!! Pleasetake thisasan open invitation for you to re-establish contact with usandto come visit us( we're still in the same house?)as soon as you can, There's a bit of catching up to do, which I look forward to. In the meantime Stay safe and happy. Cheerio, Andy Smith

James McGregor on Agricultural and climate change

4th November 2021 @ 8:48pm

In 1950 there were
10.6 million cattle in the UK
50,225,000 people in the UK
4 million licensed vehicles on the roads

In 2018 there were
9.9 million cattle in the UK (with an annual average population of 10.9 million since 1950)
66,460.000 people in the UK
38 million licensed vehicles on the roads

There were no records of commercial flights in the 1950s but ...
in 2004 there were 23 million commercial flights
in 2018 there were 38 million commercial flights
(this doesn't include private or freight flights)

I really would love to see the data that conclusively proves that cattle are the game changing contributor to global warming that the media would have us believe. Please let's remember that this is a community originally built on the back of agricultural and let's support our great hard working farmers in this time we're more and more they seem to be having the finger of blame well and truly pointed at them

Tracey Peel on Pover the Drover

3rd November 2021 @ 6:14pm


In rsponse to Celia, Jimmy was actually my great-grandfather.
His son was Sam.
Jimmy served in the First World War and was taken as POW but survived and returned to the area.
His older brothers George and James died many years before in a mining accident at Diglake Colliery.
It would be very interesting if you could tell me what Jimmy was like and what he liked to talk about.
Unfortunately, he led a life marred by drink thus ending up living in a caravan.


Kate Tilling on VHS to digital

3rd November 2021 @ 4:44pm

Thanks to Celia and Suzie for your advice, we'll take them into Nantwich!

Michael Cookson on Garden Lanscaping

3rd November 2021 @ 2:01pm

For garden landscaping try Pure Ground – Roger Wilcox – contact no. 07527-136054. Web site
Local company based in Monks Lane. He has done several jobs for us, excellent work and comes when he says he will.

Celia Bloor on VHS to digital

3rd November 2021 @ 6:27am

Timpsons in Nantwich square do it. There was an offer on that 2nd and subsequent ones were half price.

Suzie Warren on VHS to digital

3rd November 2021 @ 6:23am

Hi Kate
We had a load done at Timpson's in Nantwich. Service was good, but can't recall the price, sorry.

Kate tilling on VHS to digital

2nd November 2021 @ 2:24pm

My parents have a load of family home movies on VHS tapes. I wondered if anyone knows of anywhere local that can put these into something digital, please?
There are places to send them away to, but they are irreplaceable so we would rather not post them.

Nigel Mottershead on Wasp nest removal

2nd November 2021 @ 11:59am

We have used David Jones from Green Lane, in the village. First class service ingot the job done. He is in the Directory of local businesses on AoL.
David Jones
Phone: 01270 811270
Hope this helps.

Joana Oliveira on Garden Lanscaping

2nd November 2021 @ 11:18am

Can anyone recommend a garden landscaping company? We have a number of projects that we would like done (patio, fencing, vegetable boxes).
Thank you very much.

Julie Pitts on Elderly care, current availability....

2nd November 2021 @ 7:32am

Having just taken on a lovely lady within Audlem, I now just have an early morning slot available on a Monday 9-11am to assist with breakfast, doctors appointments (accompany and drive). Cooking a meal for later in the day, either lunch or dinner. Other availability Wednesdays between 4.45-6.45 or Fridays between 8.30-10.30. Excellent references from long standing clients. Please contact Julie on 07467 587456 to discuss your requirements in detail. Thank you for reading.

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