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Roy Plume on Loud bang last night

23rd February 2021 @ 3:00pm

I too heard the load bang last night although I thought another large bird had flown into the patio doors. I walked around the house but saw nothing. Some sort of shock wave maybe but no idea where from. The back of our house is alongside the brook in School lane, some way from you but it was still very noticeable.

Suzie Poole on Loud bang last night

23rd February 2021 @ 3:00pm

Hi Nigel

Yes I heard it loud and clear – I'm pretty sure it was a gun shot – sounded very close – over the direction of Parker's yard.


Nigel Mottershead on Loud bang last night

23rd February 2021 @ 1:25pm

Thanks to AoL, we have found out what the bang was.
It was indeed a rocket to commemorate anniversary the passing of the daughter of one of the neighbours. It turned out to be a bit louder than expected.
Thank you for letting us know and out thoughts are with you.
Nigel and Neighbours.

Nigel Mottershead on Loud bang last night

23rd February 2021 @ 11:21am

I few of us in the Mount Pleasant area were disturbed by a very loud bang or explosion at about 22:40 last night (22nd February).
Does anyone have any idea what it was and where it came from?
Gas tank?
Bird scarer?
Sonic boom?
It was loud enough to wake a few of us up and set dogs off barking.


Susan Wilkinson on Garden fence

23rd February 2021 @ 10:45am

Hi Can anyone recommend someone to repair/replace a small garden fence please

Bill Biggar on Septic Tank

23rd February 2021 @ 8:40am

John Reeves 0800 358 7455. Highly recommend.

Dave Woollam on Septic Tank

23rd February 2021 @ 7:24am

We have used Aston tank services for years 01270 522291.

Sandra Nield on Septic Tank

23rd February 2021 @ 6:26am

Highly recommended Andrew Parton to empty a septic tank. Fast, efficient, pleasant & reasonable service 07712 365063.

Philip on Septic Tank

22nd February 2021 @ 7:54pm

Hi, can anyone please advise who to contact for septic tank emptying?

Jordan slawinski on Missing black young cat smidgey

22nd February 2021 @ 4:25pm

Thankfully found sorry for the late update

Jon Richardson on Lords & Ladies

22nd February 2021 @ 12:27pm

I must say how much I enjoy reading Adrian Leighton's postings in AoL. Always has some interesting details which are informative as well as entertaining. Today's posting is a perfect example. Nice work, Adrian. You clearly know your stuff.


22nd February 2021 @ 9:31am

My best guess would be Smoky Bracket (Bjerkandera adusta) of the Coriolaceae family. There are a number of similar Bracket fungi
which are found of dead or rotting broad-leaved tree wood and seen all year round.

Sue Davies on Shaking at Christchurch

21st February 2021 @ 3:15pm

Thank you for your superb, personal account of your experience of the earthequake in New Zealand.
It was very moving and I quite understand why it took ten years to put pen to paper.

ken lee on Windmill Drive street sign

21st February 2021 @ 11:52am

Try Billy Gibbons he's still looking for a street sign, perhaps he'll settle for this one instead of Green Lane

Sonia Kay on Shaking at Christchurch

21st February 2021 @ 9:32am

Thank you Pete and Jan for sharing your story on AOL. I'm not surprised that it still leaves you disturbed even after ten years. We were so lucky to get you all back safely.

Jordan slawinski on Missing black young cat smidgey

20th February 2021 @ 6:27pm

Hello everyone I don't know where else to ask,
Our beautiful young cat smidge has not been seen since this morning at around 7:30 am 20th February, We live out on the hill leading out of audlem along the Whitchurch road, she usually is a very indoor cat especially when the winds blowing as it has today, so it's strange she hasn't been seen all day and hasn't come back for her tea, if everyone can keep an eye out and or check sheds Or out building as she might be hiding from the weather, thanks Jordan

Chris Briggs on Windmill Drive street sign

20th February 2021 @ 3:47pm

There are two waist high Windmill Drive street signs at the junction as you enter the street. There is a third at shin height on the grassed area to the right of the junction. This third sign is slowly rusting away and is , in my view, in a dangerous condition, it could cause injury to anyone (I'm thinking more of children) should they brush past it. I just wonder if consideration should be given to removing this sign as, in its current state, I don't think it's serving any useful purpose.

Karen Jefferys on Shower replacement

20th February 2021 @ 1:38pm

Can anyone recommend someone to replace a shower door and shower tray please.
Thank you in advance

Ann on Shaking at Christchurch

20th February 2021 @ 10:22am

A very moving article about the NZ earthquake. I have experienced two smaller ones in Bali and Indonesia which were frightening so it is hard to comprehend how you all must have felt to experience the NZ one. Thankyou for sharing.

Paul Cawood on CEC budget and pot holes

20th February 2021 @ 9:15am

You may have noticed that CEC have just released their medium term budget for 21/25 alongside a press release reminding us why the roads are in such a state. After a little investigation, the reason for the appalling road condition is budgetary. CEC simply don't have the budget to keep up with repairs let alone reinstate. They should be pulled up on their release too. Their budget document (274 pages of it) lists Highways with Waste and expenditure at 3.0% of the gross budget. In their release they state highways is 5%, an error I think. By comparison Shrops has a dedicated highways budget of 4.1%. So there we have it. Structural underinvestment. Embrace the fact the roads will be getting worse.

Denise Harrison on Roving dog of Audlem

19th February 2021 @ 10:04pm

Coming home from work, just. Dog ran across the road, merely missing us. Golden retriever, heading towards the village. Went to look for it, but couldn't see it

Eric on Blue Bell wood

19th February 2021 @ 6:58pm

The recent AOL article 'Reminiscences By Jessie' such a lovely wonderful story. Can anybody tell me where is the location of the Blue Bell wood?

colin cliffe on Wood suppliers

18th February 2021 @ 8:50pm

Hales of Market Drayton are by far the cheapest in the area for timber, very helpful and they deliver to Audlem 01630 653359

Nigel Mottershead on Wood suppliers

18th February 2021 @ 6:06pm

Richard Potter of Nantwich
Proper traditional timber merchant who know what they are talking about and will deliver.
01270 625791

Dave Martin on Slow work at bridge 80

18th February 2021 @ 4:16pm

Thanks Janet for the explanation. What does a heritage officer have to do with a hole in the canal I ask myself! In that case, shouldn't an archeological dig have been arranged before the big boys started work????!!!
Pleased to see the big yellow digger was being primed for action today. And the Dog Unit van was also in attendance, presumably in case someone tried to hi-jack it??

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