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Bob McClintock on Footpaths

15th April 2021 @ 8:03am

Couldn't agree more with Mike Harthern's comments . Seems like walking and dog poo go hand in hand these days . Does anybody know when Peter Kay will be back on the television?

Kaye Harrison on Gas

14th April 2021 @ 7:32pm

I am interested in moving to Audlem. I assumed there was no mains gas but I have just read details of a house that says gas central heating. Is there mains gas at all? Thank you.

Mike Harthern on Footpath obstruction

14th April 2021 @ 12:05pm

And will the footpath inspector really inspect the excrement ridden footpaths and the fully loaded poo bags thrown into hedges and verges. I doubt it very much.

Peter Kay on Footpath obstruction

14th April 2021 @ 9:20am

The Footpaths Officer has agreed to check the stiles.

John T on Childminders / nanny options

13th April 2021 @ 9:22pm

Hi everyone. My wife is due to go back to work after maternity at the beginning of August and we're a few weeks away from moving to Audlem. Any recommendations on a childminder/nanny for our daughter? She will be 12 months in August. We hope to use the nursery adjacent to the school eventually, but they don't take children until they're older.
Thanks for any help.

E Fisher on Footpath obstruction

13th April 2021 @ 1:41pm

Mr Kay...really? Is it THAT difficult to take a slightly different route??

Peter Morgan on Footpath Obstruction

13th April 2021 @ 9:12am

I regularly walk this footpath with my Labrador (on a lead) and we both negotiate the electric fence with ease. It is a low fence and easily stepped over and if you have a walking pole it can be depressed or lifted to allow the dog to pass. The two stiles that have to be negotiated to get into that field are far more challenging and potentially dangerous than the low electric fence complained about. Had it been a higher cattle electric fence then one would expect it to have been shielded by a length of insulation tubing, but that is totally unnecessary in this case and would undoubtedly allow the sheep to escape.

Norman Huntbach on Footpath obstruction

13th April 2021 @ 7:22am

It is also fine to just step ON the plastic wire to walk on the exact line of the footpath but just beware never ever to stray off the official 1.5m width for any reason.

Norman Huntbach on Footpath obstruction

13th April 2021 @ 7:17am

We're you not able to divert your route a few metres to the south or even step over the wire? We often find filled poo bags, disposable barbecues, bottles, cans and general litter along with gates left open.

Shelagh Hufton on Found

12th April 2021 @ 11:36pm

Pair of ladies sun glasses found in Audlem. Phone 07790538335.

bob fousert on CCTV Maintenance

12th April 2021 @ 5:39pm

Hello Sandra, Many thanks for the information. Kind regards, Bob

Peter Silvester on May Day Floating Market

12th April 2021 @ 3:56pm

We're pleased to see that the RCTA Floating Market will be held on the canal in Audlem over the weekend of 1-3 May. It should attract a lot of interest, and bring many people to Audlem. We'd like to thank the organisers for considering the interests of local shops when choosing the site – just below the bottom lock. This will help the shops, which have only just been able to reopen after nearly four months of lockdown, by attracting customers, but won't detract from business.

Graham on Missing dog

12th April 2021 @ 2:36pm

Anyone missing a small black terrier?
One seen today running past Lock 1

Sandra Nield on CCTV Maintenance

12th April 2021 @ 11:29am

Highly recommend Matt Ford MF Security 07845 590410/01270 382302.

Maggie on Hermes scam

12th April 2021 @ 10:59am

Thanks for heads up on the Hermes scam. Just tried it on me and failed! In Crewe.


Ken jones on Leaky tap

11th April 2021 @ 10:47pm

Hi Anne I can fix you leaky tap..this is my phone number if you would like me to look at it...07836607192. Ken Jones

elaine jennings on lost hearing aid

11th April 2021 @ 8:12pm

lost hearing aid between school in heathfield rd to the Coop..if found call 07795505491

Ann Tilling on plumber recommendation

11th April 2021 @ 1:34pm

We have a very drippy tap in the kitchen and apart from wasting water, not in short supply at the moment, it is driving me mad. Oh for the days when one could put a new washer in. does anyone know a plumber who will see a relatively small job, replacing the whole thing or repairing it, as worthwhile?
We will be having the shower room totally gutted and fitted out as soon as possible.

Chris Lewis on Turnpike field Cone

10th April 2021 @ 12:19pm

The report regarding the cone suffers from a typo. The drain "blew" 3 times between about 1998 and 2014 not after.
Chris Lewis

bob fousert on CCTV Maintenance

10th April 2021 @ 11:28am

Is there anyone who can recommend a reliable provider/maintenance person who deals with home CCTV security systems, please? Many thanks, Bob

bob fousert on Prince Phillip

10th April 2021 @ 11:15am

During 20 years as an Army photographer I met and photographed most of the senior royals including, Diana, Princess Anne, Princess Margaret , Prince Charles and the Queen Mother as well as the likes of Sultan Qaboos of Oman and the King of Jordan during their often private visits to military units. In one particular incident I photographed Prince Philip planting a tree at a military base near Loughborough (the only decent part of a boring office hoping, visit). As I was taking my shots he looked up at me and said "Aren't you a bit too close?" To which I replied "No sir, got a wide angle lens on." He just raised his eyebrows and carried on. I then thought, maybe he's referring to the fact that protocol dictates I should be a bit further away than I was. However, on the many times I photographed him he was always very good and knew just what he needed to do for the best shots. There was also a time when I was glared at by the Queen, but that's a different story. Hey ho, those were the days!

Peter Morgan on Prince Phillip

9th April 2021 @ 6:04pm

Although expected, It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Prince Phillip, for whatever your own personal view of the monarchy may be, none can surely doubt the great service and sincerity of the man who never tried to hide his views on matters far and wide. Not for him the snake oil blather of politicians, he nailed his views to the barn door for better or worse. Often the latter, but oh what joy to hear. I respected him also, for the fact that he had personal experience of prejudice in his own life, for despite his wartime service in the RN he was looked down upon by the 'Establishment,' of the day, coming as he did from the background of relatively minor royalty, his family thrown out of Greece and later supporting the Nazis, plus the mental fragility of his mother who spent much of her life in an asylum. But he, having seen tough times, endured. Unlike some latecomers. A good man.

Peter Morgan on Support your local milkman

9th April 2021 @ 6:02pm

Whilst on his morning delivery along Woore Road this week, on the bad corner at junction with Sandy Lane, Anthony, our intrepid milkman spots a little person tottering unaccompanied down the narrow pavement to the corner. Without a second thought he pulls up and whilst another vehicle displays its hazard lights to stop the traffic, picks up the errant little absconder and returns him/her safely to the garden and mummy's arms. All this witnessed by a neighbour who was also on her way to assist. There can be very few parents who have not shared similar terrifying moments when their own little chicks have slipped under the radar. I know we have, so it's a gold top moment for Anthony and another reason to support our milkman.

Brian Bugeja on Flag at half-mast

9th April 2021 @ 5:55pm

Before someone raises the question, that the flag on the church cannot be flown any lower, otherwise the edge may get tangled against the stonework on the church tower.

Billy Gibbons on Locksmith Recommendation

8th April 2021 @ 4:08pm

"Lock, Stock & Burrell"

I'd use them and I don't even need a lock repairing; what a great name! I know I'm easily pleased but even so, very imaginative.
A bit like the German Barber in Market Drayton; Herr Kutz. Except he wasn't German, he was born in Barnsley. And he wasn't a Barber, he was a Tyre Fitter. And he lived in Plymouth most of his adult life. So, to sum up...beggar all like the German Barber from Market Drayton then.....

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