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Janet Maughan on Road Closures

22nd June 2021 @ 6:49pm

I spoke to a lady in Cheshire East Highways today who told me that the closure on the whitchurch road on Friday will be between 9.30am and 3.30pm. She also assured me that the Nantwich road closure would end today but as of this evening the road closed signs are still out. Given that the Whitchurch road is part of the diversion route Friday should be interesting..

Steve Elliott on Turnpike Field signs

22nd June 2021 @ 6:24pm

Many thanks Geraint for your comments – they will be greatly appreciated by the working group. We wanted the signs appearance and natural materials to be in keeping with the field – not some ugly metal and plastic thing as used in places like Burma!!

Marilyn Paxton on 3 Counties Cleaning

22nd June 2021 @ 12:12pm

3 Counties Cleaning Audlem
A massive thank you to Cecelia and her fabulous team yesterday, for thoroughly transforming the dirty house we completed on recently.
When we walked through the door last night we could not believe the transformation, everywhere sparkled!
This company's attention to detail and extremely high standards are truly superb, thanks to them we now look forward to moving into our home very soon.
If you require cleaning at it's very best, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.

Geraint Davies on Turnpike Field signs

22nd June 2021 @ 11:32am

I'm sorry to read today the rather critical comment on AOL regarding the new signs in the field. If you have to have signs at all, which I suppose you must, I think they are rather tastefully done and are in keeping with the ambience of the surroundings. I'd like take this opportunity to thank the committee in charge of the field for all their good work.

Nick Smith on Parcel delivery scam

21st June 2021 @ 4:10pm

I have received x2 text messages in the last week 1 supposedly from Hermes, the 2nd supposedly from Parcel Force . On both occasions I was not expecting a parcel so was already suspicious. They ask you to pay for redelivery. So be aware, it's a scam. But the websites look legitimate.
Most legitimate delivery companies provide tracking numbers and text/ email messages before your parcel is likely to arrive.

Sarah Hailsby on New to Audlem/Things for children

21st June 2021 @ 11:36am


I'm fairly new to the area. I have a toddler aged 2 and just had a new born baby.
Just wondering if there are any football or rugby classes for my toddler? Where we have moved from there was rugby tots and diddy kicks for his age group. We are wanting him to be involved in a little football team when he can. Do Audlem have a little team?

Also can anyone recommend any baby groups/classes?

Thank you

Geraldine Leighton on Concern for Audlem Posties

21st June 2021 @ 9:56am

Whilst thanking Rachel Bailey for trying to get this forthcoming re-organising of the 'postie' rounds changed, it is clear from the reply she received that Royal Mail haven't a clue what a detrimental effect this will have not only on the present 'posties' themselves, but also, inevitably, on the efficiency of the delivery service for every rural delivery round and the new 'posties' assigned to these rounds.

Treating the re-organisation of town and rural rounds as the same is ridiculous. Walking up and down town streets to find, generally speaking, well-ordered numbered houses is one thing. Trying to find houses with names and no numbers, roads without obvious identifying name boards, postcodes that cannot pinpoint a property accurately are just a few of the difficulties that will mean we will lose the efficient deliveries than we presently have. Instead of creating 'efficiency'' and 'fairer distribution' of workload, this reorganisation will just create further damage to Royal Mail's reputation.

I don't know how to start a petition, but will eagerly sign it if someone can start one.

Billy Gibbons on Cheese Boat

20th June 2021 @ 7:41am

Hello Helen and many thanks for the information. I shall pass that on.

Best wishes.


19th June 2021 @ 10:48pm

Hi Billy,

Unfortunately, there is no Cheeseboat operating in your area anymore. We operated Cheeseboat 2 until 2011 (when we returned to Canada) and then the Borders Cheese Carrying Co. took over, but they have now sold their boat and retired from the cheese business. There is an RCTA trader called Cheese Aboard and, according to their schedule, they plan to be at the Gnosall Festival July 16th-18th. You could try contacting them to see when they will be in the Audlem area.

Billy Gibbons on Cheese Boat

19th June 2021 @ 6:28pm

Hellooo. I've been asked by a friend if anyone knows if the Cheese Boat is making an appearance in the Village at all. I said it would be more likely to be on the Canal rather than in the Village but what do I know. What I do know is; it's a good job it's not made of that cheese that's full of holes...that would never float would it?
Anyway; does anyone know if it will be making an appearance please.

Thinking about it; if it WAS made of cheese with all them there holes, they could bung the holes up with some other cheese they had on board. But of course, they probably wouldn't have any cheese left over to sell then would they...

judy Evans on Just Visiting

19th June 2021 @ 2:46pm

Hi Sue
Glad you enjoyed watching the Repair Shop featuring our cash register, and that you also enjoyed visiting Audlem in 2017. It may be of interest for you to know that our village, & surrounding area, has been fortunate enough to have had 3 residents in total, featuring on the Repair Shop (so far). Besides our cash register, the other items were ; a pretty blue writing case, given to a lady when she went to boarding school by her grandfather (also series 2), and a silver tipped marching cane, owned by one of our esteemed local War veterans (series 3 – I think ?) . So Audlem is something of a Repair Shop "hotspot". And just to say, we very much look forward to welcoming you again to Audlem, when the COVID situation allows – and please do call into our shop, and see our lovingly restored cash register ! Judy – Williams of Audlem

Sue collins on Just Visiting

19th June 2021 @ 4:09am

Hi there from Adelaide, South Australia.
I'm an avid watcher of The Repair Shop, and have just rewatched the episode showing the Cash register from Williams of Audlem. I was lucky enough to visit the village in 2017, and stayed with my brother and sister in law, Robert and Debbie. What a pretty part of the world, we look forward to visiting again today in future years.
Keep safe
Sue x

Paul Maton on Woody loose on Nantwich Rd around 5.45pm

18th June 2021 @ 11:17pm

I would just like to say thank you to those drivers who stopped on Nantwich Rd this evening about 5.45pm when Woody le young chien slipped his harness and decided a really good game would be criss-crossing the main road chased by his arm waving distraught owner shouting '...Woody Woody.. come here.. WOODY..' and having no affect. Thankyou to the tractor driver who slowed the traffic down – took a slow turn pulled up and helped corral the errant Woody and thank you, thank you to the couple in '...No 3...' who enticed him in to their front garden closed the gates and helped me get him home safely.

The loss of any dog in an RTA would be tragic but Woody is a therapy dog to our autistic daughter who has severe learning difficulties so double tragedy avoided,

Thank you again all

PS. Note to owner 'buy a Houdini proof dog harness'

Paul Cawood on Animal farm

18th June 2021 @ 8:13am

I had the pleasure of watching the National Youth Theatre perform at Soulton Hall last night. A truly superb production of Orwell's Animal Farm. Tickets are available for tonight and Saturday from the Soulton Hall website.

Andrew O'Halloran on Road Closure on the 25th June

17th June 2021 @ 2:08pm

The alternative suggested route for anybody wishing to nip into Audlem, from the Coole lane area, Overwater marina etc. is a round trip of 26 miles via Nantwich. With an expected travel time of 29 mins each way (provided there are no hold ups).
Information Source Google maps. (from Overwater to Audlem)
For those people who need to visit the Doctors or Chemist this is quite a long haul. they will also not be able to patronize the business's such as the post office chippy, cafe's and pubs and general shops. All such Business during the closure going to either Nantwich or Whitchurch.
Not only is this inconvenient, is is both costly in terms of fuel use and the subsequent extra pollution caused by turning a 5.6 mile 12 min trip into a 26 mile 58 min trip.

Nigel Mottershead on Concern for Audlem Posties

17th June 2021 @ 1:05pm

Just an update from the Royal Mail / Simon Thompson; I received a very quick reply from the office of the CEO, in fact two letters in reply. One saying that they are looking into this and one the day after saying they have looked into the matter and it appears that due to the agreement the Royal Mail has with the Communication Workers Union, all their colleagues in Crewe Delivery Office will be seeing changes in the areas they deliver to. This is to ensure efficient routing and a fair distribution of workload. The agreement with the CWU also means that a preference exercise will be adopted and so because of the marvellous union, it is likely that all postwomen and postmen will be assigned a new delivery round.
I don't think there is a lot more that we can do except keep writing.
The address is:
Chairman and Chief Executive Office
Royal Mail
PO Box 76085
185, Farringdon Road

I have an e-mail address too which is


Nigel Mottershead on Festival of Transport

17th June 2021 @ 9:42am

Hi Bob,
The Festival of Transport is going ahead on Sunday 25th July.
We (ASET) would welcome any help in the form of volunteers on the day.

Rachel Lambie on Missing black cocker spaniel monks lane

16th June 2021 @ 9:44pm

Olive is now safe at home!

Nigel Mottershead on Missing black cocker spaniel monks lane

16th June 2021 @ 9:06pm

We can hear you shouting Olive and are keeping an eye out for Olive.
Hope you find her.
We are Mount Pleasant.

Rachel Lambie on Missing black cocker spaniel monks lane

16th June 2021 @ 7:08pm

Could everyone please keep an eye out for a young black cocker spaniel who has gone missing on a walk along Monks Lane. She is called Olive and is very friendly and should respond to her name. She is microchipped. Please call Adele on 07702 800066 or Rachel on 07786 516961, thank you.

ADRIAN LEIGHTON on Feathered Friends

16th June 2021 @ 11:19am

Jessie's allegorical story about the ducks , does raise the interesting question of whether ducks can smell. Like all organisms, ducks certainly do give off a chemical smell. The question is whether they have a sense of smell. The consensus of research has said that birds including ducks have a very low sense of smell. They primary use sight and sound. This we witness both in the vast range of bird songs and calls and the extraordinary range of sight of birds of prey. Sound is also important for night birds like owls. The senses primarily provide for four functions: finding food, location, defence and mating. Every type of organism uses some or all of the "senses" for some of these purposes. More recent research has indicated that some birds may use chemical smells for any of the four functions.
When thinking about the sense of smell, some living forms have evolved with a keener sense of smell.
We are familiar with the keen sense of smell of dogs and wild creatures like deer. These have both a range of smell and also a definition of smell due to the number of olfactory receptor nerves they have. Even plants have a capacity to "smell" but using a different kind of receptor system than us humans, but the same medium of chemical stimuli. They do also smell, that is exude a smell, to attract pollinators but also to warn neighbouring plants of predators.
Going back to our birds, there are some types of birds that do use a sense of sense and these include parrots, vultures and some seabirds. Also the nocturnal New Zealand Kiwi uses a sense of smell to sniff out earth-worms at night. More recent research has shown that some species of bird do use the sense of smell for specific purposes. Some birds on migration use smell as a navigational tool. So far there is no evidence that ducks have a significant smelling capacity. So I am afraid the Smellie's family and Greenie would not have significantly noticed Smellie's chemical smell. The story does show however that we as human being tend to think everything revolves around our way of thinking. After all we together with other large mammals are the smelliest creatures on earth whether we like it or not. Incidentally it is nothing to do with being clean. It's why your pet dog can smell you coming from a mile off!
There is still hope for the veracity of the story but it needs someone to do a PH D project on duck smells.

bob fousert on Festival of Transport

16th June 2021 @ 8:21am

With the cancellation of the historic boats, what is the situation with the FOT? I'm particularly interested as I have family in the north of Scotland who normally come down to help.

Bill Biggar on Concern for Audlem Posties

15th June 2021 @ 7:38pm

For anyone who would like to join us in supporting our Posties and our service, Simon Thompson (CEO Royal Mail) email address:

Nigel Mottershead on Just Visiting

15th June 2021 @ 8:27am

Dear Phil,
I thought your post deserved at least one reply from an Audlem resident! Great to hear that you enjoyed tour stay here and that you appreciated the village and what it has to offer.
Thank you for posting your kind comments which are appreciated.
Best wishes,

Pete Marshall on Saints go marching in

15th June 2021 @ 8:22am

Just to correct Ralph's news piece. I was not a founder member of the Saints ever part of that brilliant team of volunteers.. However, amongst others, I do know that Reuben Palin was.

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