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Janet Maughan on Turnpike Field Carpark

5th February 2022 @ 10:02am

I have to agree with Judy in that one of the main reasons the purchase of the field was supported was that it could be used as green car parking for the village. The Trader's Association, now the Audlem Tourism and Traders association have for may years campaigned for more car parking and the acquisition of the field was seen as a major step forward towards this. The costs given are not unsurprising. What I guess needs to be considered now is how the funds can be raised, perhaps by fundraising, donations and grant funding?? Anyone have any good (constructive) ideas?

Trevor Clarke on Turnpike Field Carpark

5th February 2022 @ 9:42am

Personally Judy, I'm glad I'm being consulted on the extra cost. Doesn't change me wanting the carpark but at least I'm aware of potential tax increase.


5th February 2022 @ 7:29am

and if you do a Google search, the number is : 01270 812462.

Again, not sure why phone number is not on the website then.

Judy Evans on Turnpike Field Carpark

5th February 2022 @ 7:24am

As a member of the Turnpike Working Group from its inception, I would like express my extreme disappointment that in my personal opinion the issue of the carpark funding was not in my view appropriately discussed or explored by the group at the Turnpike Working Group Meeting held last Monday, The item of " Carpark Update" was item 5 on the agenda, and after a discussion over over an hour on wildlife and footpaths, this item was given less than 10 minutes discussion. Despite my protests during the meeting and afterwards, that insufficient research had been carried out on funding and tendering, and that further in depth discussion by the group should take place, the new Chair has sort to ignore, what I assumed to be reasonable request. You might imagine that as a long time resident, representative of the Traders in the village, more discussion and consultation could have been afforded. ? Unfortunately not, The Chair (and others), choosing instead to insist that we rush instead back to a public vote. Unfortunately it has sadly illustrated to me that the provision of a much needed carpark, which was the remit for purchasing the field in the first place, has sadly been downgraded in the effort provide more trees for the village – in what is essentially a rural environment, we are already well populated in trees. Unfortunately more trees will not keep our pubs and shops open or improve the provision for parking at the village facilities such as the doctors, the gym, football field and Town Hall etc. This is a personal opinion which I wish to share.


5th February 2022 @ 7:21am

Signing up for emails was straightforward, unless your PC loaded the page correctly. You could have clicked on the mail icon, and when you get to the screen to write your mail, the mail address would be on top.

Don't know why the contact details are not clearly visible on the website. Many websites don't these days.


4th February 2022 @ 7:45pm

I would try this email from their landing page.


4th February 2022 @ 3:25pm

Does anybody know how to get in touch with the people who are running the White Lion, Hankelow, e.mail address maybe? I've tried their website and unless you you have a degree in IT technology it's pretty much impenetrable. Thanks in advance for any help

Maggie Brownsmith on Re upholstery group

4th February 2022 @ 2:38pm

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of a re-upholstery group or classes. The classes at Brineleas are not running as they are looking for a tutor. Thanks Maggie

Janet Maughan on EV Charging now available

4th February 2022 @ 2:34pm

Without wishing to get into another debate about the pro's and cons of EV's and whether they are good or bad for the environment, we would like anyone who needs one to know that we now have a 2 vehicle EV charging point at Overwater Marina. These are available for use by members of the public during normal marina opening hours which are 9.30am to 4pm seven days a week (winter) and 9.30am to 5pm seven days a week (summer). In order to use the charge point you will need to scan the QR code on the top of the charge – our charger is via the SMAPPEE app. If you don't have a smart phone we do also have a token operated charge point and tokens are available from the marina office.

Mandy Lewis on PawFit Dogercise

4th February 2022 @ 9:39am

Hi Susan I too have used this field and it is great for exercising your dog with no worries about them escaping and meeting other dogs. You may also be interested in The dogs Paddock by the four alls in Market Drayton which is also secure and can be booked online.

Stephen Jones on Sign of the Times

4th February 2022 @ 8:54am

HALLELUJA, at last a sensible, unbiased post on vaccinations. The sooner we all get jabbed and continue to wear masks in shops etc , the sooner we can all get back to some "normality". Thank you.


3rd February 2022 @ 11:14pm

I hope it assists to draw attention to the Report of the Planning Officer who has already recommended that the councillors on the Planning Committee approve the plans subject to conditions, despite the large number of well reasoned objections.

The report can be read by clicking on Item 6 of the Agenda ( Google: Cheshire East Southern Planning Committee Agenda and then select the date 9 Feb).

Amongst other things: "It is accepted that some level of noise will be audible from outside the premises on occasions, particularly should windows of the buildings be open"

Other issues such as highways & traffic – which were the subject of objections- are also considered.

Marcia Simpson on I need a caligrapher

3rd February 2022 @ 7:14pm

hi i love to write poems and i am looking for someone to change the words to calligraphy so i can get framed and give as presents thank you Marcia

Chris Dyson on Sign of the Times

3rd February 2022 @ 5:20pm

Would Chatbox contributors like to reference the medical / scientific journals the information is based on.

Rose Shepherd on Wheelie Bin clean

3rd February 2022 @ 12:37pm

Having tried, unsucessfully, several wheelie bin cleaning companies (they don't cover Audlem), can anyone suggest a company?


3rd February 2022 @ 12:31pm

The Southern Planning Committee will consider the application for the Wedding Venue at the Parkes on WEDNESDAY 9TH FEBRUARY 2022 at 10am.
THIS IS YOUR FINAL AND ONLY CHANCE TO MAKE YOUR VIEWS KNOWN IN PERSON. Three minutes is allowed for those individuals wishing to speak. I have done it before – it is very straightforward and is a hugely important part of the local democratic process in my view.

VENUE: Council Chamber, Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe CW1 2BJ.
Contact for any queries: Rachel Graves Tel: 01270 686473 Email:
Details are on the Cheshire East Web Site:

susan critton on PawFit Dogercise

3rd February 2022 @ 11:30am

I have finally found a fully enclosed paddock to run my deerhounds in (very reasonably priced ) in Sound. The field is around 2 acres and your dog is completely safe to run, exercise and play. The field is attached to the owners property and Andy and Tanya are really friendly and easy to deal with. You get the paddock to yourself, up to four dogs. It would be great for doggie parties and also for your children to play safely too with your pets. I have been looking for somewhere local for two years, but I have had no luck. I wanted to share this information with Audlem residents, as this offers you doggie owners the opportunity to exercise your dogs safely and in a great environment.

The paddock is also available in the evenings and is even flood lid during the winter months.

PawFit Dogercise Contact Andy after 4pm 07759 806742 for more details

Adrian Davies on Sign of the Times

3rd February 2022 @ 11:07am

I despair when I read some of the COVID conspiracy nonsense being regurgitated on here. I think unfortunately that some people want to believe a certain narrative and then cherry pick often unsubstantiated information to suit that. The best sources of reliable information are the scientific journals written by people who have some understanding of science and how to interpret scientific papers. Relying on news outlets of any source is risky and those with a preset political agenda such as GB news, Fox news and the like even more so. It's been interesting that whilst Fox news in America has been active in pedaling all sorts of COVID misinformation their own management have insisted on vaccination for all its own staff.
Just to correct a few points made in recent posts.
It's true that vaccines have reduced efficacy against Omicron. However they are still 45% effective at preventing infection, 70% effective at preventing symptomatic infection, 85% effective at preventing hospitalisation and 95% effective at preventing death. This is after 3 doses, figures are much lower after 2 doses. Unfortunately some people can still become seriously ill even with 3 doses, but you are still reducing your risk massively – as the OP says nearly all ITU admissions are now unvaccinated. It is true that there has been a relatively small number of adverse reactions to certain vaccines but these are massively outweighed by the lives saved. Long COVID must also be factored in – there are many persons with severe long term effects after infection. The vaccines are in no way experimental – this is just an anti-vaxxer myth. It is completely wrong to characterise Omicron as being like a cold, its severity may in general be less but some 1200 people are dying with it each week.
It is true that the simple blue masks do little to protect the wearer, but masks of any sort are effective at preventing the spread from an infected person to others. Studies have shown a reduced transmission of 50-55%. If you use an FFP2 mask or better still an FFP3 mask you substantially protect yourself from the virus too.
Trials have been conducted using Invermectin. So far there is no proven benefit from its use. Anecdotal stories that someone was given it and recovered two days later mean little – this could simply be coincidence and they would have recovered anyway. You need randomised, blind, statistically significant trials using placebo control groups. Buying versions intended for animal use has led to documented serious illnesses. Effective remedial drugs are now, however, appearing and have been approved, eg Paxlovid.

Marilyn Paxton on Recommendations Roof Tile Cleaning

3rd February 2022 @ 10:10am

Geraint Davies, thank you so much. I will contact Paul today.
Also I agree with you about Ralph's match reports, every detail covered and some very funny tales!

ken lee on Sign of the Times

2nd February 2022 @ 5:08pm

Everyday style masks as a preventative are of very little use but at least they slow down and prevent some exhaled particles onto others. This I feel is the reason why many, myself included, are still continuing to wear masks when in shops or other enclosed areas is for the reassurance of others not themselves. As for wearing in the fresh air and at a distance, I agree masks are of very little use at all. Things are very slowly heading towards some form of 'normality' albeit 'not quite as we knew it' yet.
The thing about 'normal' is what is normal in today's world of confusion ? – depends on which side the fence you are on I guess.

Celia Bloor on Pot Hole

2nd February 2022 @ 4:44pm

If the money per annum will do 1% of our roads it will be 100 years before the last stretch is done and the first stretch can look forward to being repaired again!

Simon Gleave on Sign of the Times

2nd February 2022 @ 4:17pm

It seems some members of the community dont think we have choices in life. Some people may end up in hospital because they eat too much, smoke too much, drink too much, drive too fast or risk their lives skiing, off road biking etc. Are you going to suggest hospitals refuse to treat those people too?

Colin Cliffe on Pot Hole

2nd February 2022 @ 10:09am

Great point , I know my local potholes in Paddock Lane have been repaired at least 3 times in recent years so if they had done them properly the first time surely 3 times as many potholes could have been sorted with the same resources, and when money is tight is it right they spend millions on their website 'to enhance the customer experience'. I think there is a lack of coherent /smart thinking at the top, some savings are just not cost-effective, just look at the devastation caused by not gritting Coole lane this winter, it's lucky someone hasn't been killed. How much grit, aka money has that saved after you pay all the emergency services and for the bridge repairs, etc this problem is ongoing as their review of the situation is in April when icy roads are no longer an issue, mind you it wouldn't surprise me if their solution to the problem is to start to re-grit it in May the bunch of numpties.

Hannah Platts on Sign of the Times

2nd February 2022 @ 9:34am

As a contribution to this thread I feel i must just make a few points after all balanced and true information is scant these days.

My husband and i have 2 children and we are all fully vaccinated with all the general going vaccines, we reluctantly had the Covid Jabs due to my husbands job requiring extensive travel. After his second jab, my fit athletic and young (37) year old husband woke at 3am unable to breathe and extremely ill – he was admitted to hospital where he was found to have 2 blood clots in his lungs. This was found to be a result of the second vaccine. As you can imagine he is exempt from any further injections and is still in treatment.

So my point is that where there is a risk with an injection that has no long term data then there must be a choice. Bodily autonomy -It can now be seen that the media controlled the narrative throughout all this and for a 37 year old with no underlying issues the risk of Covid was and is beyond tiny as it is for children.

We through work are with BUPA – the NHS have been shocking with this and BUPA would not treat my husband because the side effects from the vaccine are classed as being caused by 'an experimental medical procedure" – how very comforting???

This week Liz Truss and Nadim Zahawi with their 3 jabs still got Covid which thankfully now has turned into a weak and less symptomatic and dangerous strain much like a cold – this is called Omicron – so it does beg the question, if a vaccine does not stop or prevent transmission then its about time we got on with things – i suspect this is why the government did a U-Turn on the mandates.

My husbands company is based in the USA, his colleagues who caught Covid back when it was Alpha/Delta were treated with Ivermectin, 2 days on this drug and they were back to health – which begs the question...why on earth didn't we treat the worst cases of Covid with this??? Why didn't the NHS have a treatment plan? Especially one that was so cost effective and obviously effective?

Finally – it is not for me or children to have experimental injections to protect others. Its over, time for us to move on, get back to life and build our immune systems and maybe even the GP's can get back to work too and actually see people!

Stay safe – colds are unpleasant

Mike Otter on Light Entertainment

2nd February 2022 @ 9:26am

Regarding the light entertainment, I can maybe help, Bentley Motor Cars had outdoor early morning 7:30am event to announce the Bentley Electric Vehicle project had been awarded to the Crewe site. An outdoor stage with lasers and the such, quite a show to be honest and good news for all Bentley and supply chain workers.

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