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bob Fousert on Local Plumber

12th November 2021 @ 12:03pm

Could anyone recommend a reliable plumber please to either repair or replace an electric shower unit? Many thanks, Bob

Bruce Mantle on Electric cars are they actually green

12th November 2021 @ 11:54am

Mr McGregor,

You stated very recently on the Chatbox that 'There is a lot of evidence to show that your average electric car is actually much worse for the environment when you look at the full life of the vehicle then a standard petrol car. '

I was thinking of buying or leasing an electric car in the next two years, so found your statement interesting.

Please would you point me to the evidence for your statement by supplying some relevant urls or references.

Thank you.

Rachel Bailey on Go-too bus service

12th November 2021 @ 7:28am

Thank you for the feed back on the recently launched Go-Too Bus Service which Audlem, Nantwich and Bunbury have benefitted from in the first instance, thanks to a Government Rural Mobility Grant which funds the scheme for three years.
The more we use this service the more we justify the case (1) for Cheshire East to fund it beyond the three year grant and (2) to extend the service, joining up more rural areas; indeed extension of the service is pledged so long as 'the pilot' proves successful.
Please keep sharing your experience of the service, not only what's good but what could be improved.
I look forward to seeing you on a Go-Too Bus very soon.

Janine Marie Roberts on Thank you

11th November 2021 @ 10:13pm

I would like to say thank you to the kind person who found my medical excemption card this morning. My husband and I were walking up to the church for the 2minute silence, at some point I had put my hand in my pocket my card must have fallen out. I retraced my steps back home to the Anwyl Estate, Boots said that it may have been handed into Dr's thankfully it was behind the desk. Thank you again.

Janet Maughan on Electric car charging

11th November 2021 @ 4:33pm

Not wishing to enter the debate over whether electric cars are for the future or not, but I did want to make you aware that we are about to commission a SMAPPE car charger (which will charge 2 vehicles) at Overwater Marina. This is on our Reception car park and as such is available to all during office opening hours. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the top of the charger.

Celia Bloor on Local taxi service.

11th November 2021 @ 8:59am

I understand the go too bus will not take you to Leighton, only to villages in the specified area and Nantwich. Would have been more useful if it did include the hospital and Crewe station.

Steve Elliott on Electric cars are they actually green

11th November 2021 @ 8:12am

Some interesting comments. My own view is that electric vehicles are only a temporary solution for the reasons already mentioned. Also to me the biggest issue with electric cars becoming widespread is the enormous infrastructure required, PLUS the enormous amount of dirty electricity required for charging them.
To me hydrogen is definitely a better way forward – when burnt or used in a fuel cell it produces water!! BUT the big issue that prevents its widespread use is its production. There are four main sources for the commercial production of hydrogen: natural gas, oil, coal, and electrolysis; which account for 48%, 30%, 18% and 4% respectively.
Obviously the first three are not particularly sustainable and the enormous amount of dirty electricity required to perform the electrolysis of water to produce it cleanly is also a big issue.
To me, until the scientists crack the commercial problem of how to create clean electricity using fusion, then the problems will remain.

Rosemary green on Electric cars are they actually green

11th November 2021 @ 7:56am

At what point do they start replacing the lost duty on fuel and who shall they select as their new vilified cash cow?
Seems as long as this mining, burning of fossil fuels and burying of hazardous spent batteries is done in another far fetched country (say China or Russia) then we can continue to dance around with Greta saying we're doing our bit for the planet.

ken lee on Vehicle Charging Points

11th November 2021 @ 7:29am

Thanks Bob. I had actually seen that statement relating to the 'current' time. However I feel this could well be a subject that is going to get brought up time and time again in the future and I was, in my way, expressing my agreement with the council decision and trusting it will remain the same in the future.
Like many others I also feel electric vehicles are not what they are made out to be having spent many many years delivering milk from one. People are going to find that they will be needing that 'magical' bunny on the television adverts more often than they think.

Nick Smith on Electric cars are they actually green

11th November 2021 @ 6:21am

If electric car are so go then why are JCB going down the road of hydrogen engines, it may have something to do with:-
1. Battery vehicle will be twice the price.
2. The batteries increase the weight of the vehicle by nearly 40%.
3.The companies that use these vehicle, use them for 10-18 hour's a day so when can they charge them.
4 Existing mechanic can work on the hydrogen engine with little up spilling.
5 Hydrogen engines have 0 emissions.
6 The first hydrogen engine was built in about 1800s.
Maybe the government could tell us why, as alway, the cash cows will have to pay for the expensive option.
Have they struck a deal or are they just incompetent?

Michael Banks on Electric cars are they actually green

11th November 2021 @ 12:11am

I'd like to correct James in that LIthium Ion batteries are 100% recyclable and there are plenty of companies who can recycle them.

Bob McClintock on Rememberenc Sunday

10th November 2021 @ 7:36pm

Does anybody know if we are reverting to a normal Rememberence Day Service on Sunday .The Albert Hall and the Cenataph Are back to normal . I do hope our church elders and the Vicar are following suit .

James McGregor on Vehicle Charging Points

10th November 2021 @ 6:40pm

Hi Ken must just point out that the council voted unanimously not to carry out the actions put forward by ACER at the current time

James McGregor on Electric cars are they actually green

10th November 2021 @ 6:23pm

Had a conversation today with a good friend of mine he has taken his 2013 hybrid into Mercedes and is now facing a bill of almost £14k for a new battery pack for his car. These batteries have no way of fully being recycled at the moment and the small amount that can be recycled is extremely expensive to do, this point and the fact that to mine the lithium for the batteries is one of the most environmentally unfriendly mining process with much evidence of exploitation of the labour force mining it really got me thinking.

There is a lot of evidence to show that your average electric car is actually much worse for the environment when you look at the full life of the vehicle then a standard petrol car. Then when you look at things like the process for making things such as wind turbines all of which involves burning coal to produce the steal to make them and all of which have gearboxes full of oil to create the so called green energy to run the vehicles plus extreme increase in energy costs and threats of power outages and you really start to question if actually the electric car is any but a gimmick that we will come to regret

Suzie Warren on Bonfire night

10th November 2021 @ 5:55pm

Maybe we should do a poll asking all of the local pets, livestock and wildlife first.

Andy Laughton on Go-too bus service

10th November 2021 @ 5:38pm

I can confirm the Go Too bus service works really well. After you have booked your journey you get a message a little before your pick up time to confirm the arrival time. Far better than the normal bus which in my experience was nearly always late. I have on one occasion waited over half an hour, got fed up and walked back home only to see the bus go past the end of my drive as I got in my car! I could never work out how late the bus could be given the entire route took only 20-30 minutes. Must be all the traffic jams! Also runs into the evening which the normal bus service no longer does.

ken lee on Vehicle Charging Points

10th November 2021 @ 5:11pm

I notice vehicle charging points were mentioned at the Parish Council meeting.
I would like to say that personally I feel that such points should NOT be funded or subsidised by the Parish Council as many residents do not own cars and many that do will be forced off the road when electric vehicles become law anyway,
Any such points should be funded by Cheshire East or by local businesses who are the ones who will benefit by having them. Many of us already walk and any local disabled drivers will have charging points at their homes. I don't think we get many disabled people travelling 100 miles to do their local shopping.
I await the flack with great expectations.

hazel horton on Bonfire night

10th November 2021 @ 4:40pm

How I miss Audlem Bonfire night! Would it be possible next year to have a bonfire and NORMAL fireworks by the football field or on Turnpike field? Do we really need display fireworks, music and fairground rides?
I'm sure some oldies like me, or families with young children, would be happy to have a simpler event, which doesn't necessarily attract so many people from outside the area. And it would be cheaper!!

Jessica mair on Lost iphone

10th November 2021 @ 9:12am

Lost in audlem last night an iPhone possible in the combermere if found can you hand in to Jessica mair studios

Emma on Roadworks and closure

10th November 2021 @ 7:56am

Hi Lynn, the road is now fully open again

Suzie Warren on Local taxi service.

10th November 2021 @ 7:08am

Hi Bill

The new Go-Too bus on-demand service should be good for your journey. I believe you would need to download the app first but haven't used it myself yet, but it does sound good.

Julie Pitts on Elderly care....

9th November 2021 @ 2:23pm

Many thanks for all interest shown. I am now fully booked, however, happy to take peoples details for any available slots in the future. 07467 587456

Bill Biggar on Local taxi service.

8th November 2021 @ 10:38pm

Can anyone recommend a reliable taxi service please? I need a lift from Buerton to Leighton next week.

David lowe on fire works

7th November 2021 @ 7:43pm

7.45pm on Sunday. who is letting off a barrage of fireworks. Dogs and Horses going crazy. Pre warned would have been appreciated

Lynn Ford on Roadworks and closure

7th November 2021 @ 5:44pm

Hi, can you tell me please, is the road through Audlem now open? We need to travel through on the 15th November from Wales to Stoke. Many thanks, Lynn Ford.

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