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Why Won't Men join Choirs?

30th October 2015 @ 6:06am – by Stephanie Richardson
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Audlem Voices 'Why Won't Men join Choirs?'

Many a man can Ding-Dong and Hark the Herald with the best of them, so why won't they join choirs? The perpetual lament from Jennie Collis-Smith, our Musical Director is – where are all the men? Fortunately she has her own captive male at home, so we can only assume she means male choir member!

If you look at the wider world, you will find men singing. I've never watched Match of the Day without hearing men singing in their thousands. The referee may be an idiot, their team might be heading for Wem-ber-ley, or the opposition could be facing the drop – they let the world know by singing about it, together.

One of the great mysteries of the terraces is how does everyone get to learn the words? Do they have secret rehearsals?
The same goes for international rugby matches where hymns and traditional spirituals rub alongside folk tunes and Max Boyce originals
– often in harmony!

70,000 people (predominantly male) singing Tom Jones's Delilah at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is a sound to stir the soul – and that's before the Welsh national anthem!

So come on all you men out there, I'm going to give you five excellent reasons to join Audlem Voices:

  • You will make new friends- Being part of a choir is a wonderful social activity.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people (maybe even new life partners!) who have similar interests.
  • You may live longer- There are plenty of scientific studies now that show how good singing is for the health, but not just any old singing, singing as part of a choir: it's a stress-buster, helps with breathing problems, puts you in a good mood, reduces blood pressure, prevents social isolation, sharpens the brain, and much, much more''..I'll leave that to your imagination!
  • You will become more attractive- Women go weak at the knees when they hear men singing! You'll be amazed at how attractive you become when you start singing. Other men will be seriously impressed by your manly voice "whether high or low "and will look on in envy and admiration (and wish they'd joined the choir too).
  • You can let off steam- What scope is there in everyday life to scream at the top of your voice without causing trouble? Singing in a choir is a fantastic way to let off steam in an acceptable way. Sing at the top of your lungs and let all your worries and frustrations go.
  • And finally, it will cure baldness- Everyone knows that singing in a choir cures male pattern baldness. If you see any bald men in a choir, it's because they didn't join young enough!

Audlem Voices will await the anticipated rush of male applicants- no previous experience or ability to read music is required, although the ability to buy a round in the local hostelry always helps!

Please contact our website: or by telephoning our Chairman Jon Richardson ( who has a fine head of hair ? ) on 01270 811182.

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