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Wheels for ADCA

2nd March 2024 @ 6:06am – by Kathleen Fedouloff for ADCA
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Could YOU drive for ADCA?

You know that wonderful warm feeling you get inside when someone’s face just lights up when they see you?

That’s just one of the rewards ADCA volunteer drivers enjoy every week. Along with the satisfaction of making a genuine difference to someone’s day – and not just to their day, but to their life!

How do they do it???

Method 1 – Drive for our clubs

Our voluntary drivers make sure that ADCA members who can’t get to our social clubs and activities under their own steam, or with relatives, or on the wonderful Wheelybus, don’t just get left out.

These are members who depend entirely on an individual volunteer driver to pick them up, deliver them to their club, collect them afterwards and take them safely home again. All live in the local area, so there is not far to go to fetch them.

For some people, attending an ADCA club is sometimes the ONLY face to face human interaction they have to look forward to in the week. Without the help of our volunteer drivers, they could not take part at all.

Drivers don’t have to be available every day, or every week. Every driver chooses their own level of commitment, and we welcome all of them!

A driver rota for the clubs is planned well ahead, with slots to suit all commitment levels, cover for any last minute problems, and accommodate holiday plans.

Method 2 – Drive for the Medical Transport Service

Unlike our clubs – which run at regular fixed times – the Medical Transport Service responds to individual requests from anyone in the area (not just ADCA members!) who has difficulty arranging transport for themselves to and from GP appointments, clinical sessions, or hospital appointments.

We ask people to give us plenty of notice of a Medical Transport request, so that we have time to call round our Medical Transport volunteers to see who might be able to handle that specific request.

These sorts of appointments, of course, might be at any time on any day, and can also involve waiting times. Users of the service pay a set charge towards the costs of providing the service, taking account of the particulars of their request.

Medical Transport volunteers don’t have to say yes every time. Every driver decides for themselves how far they are prepared to travel on such a mission. Some drivers prefer to make very local journeys only, while others are willing to venture further afield.

Method 3 – Drive for both!

Some of our drivers are willing to drive members to ADCA clubs and other people to medical appointments!

Could YOU help us?

We are looking for capable drivers who are willing to make relatively short journeys for us on a regular and/or occasional basis. Drivers can claim expenses.

All you need to join their number is your car and some spare time, and the confidence to drive with an older or disabled person as a passenger (or the willingness to acquire that confidence, if you don’t have it already!)

Please come and talk to us, and we’ll tell you more!

Call us on 07984 785907 on Wednesday or Friday mornings to speak directly to someone, or leave a message at any other time and we will get back to you.

Or drop in to the ADCA office in Audlem Public Hall Annexe on a Wednesday or Friday morning and speak with staff.

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Find out more about ADCA on our website:

You can donate to ADCA on our JustGiving Page

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The Wheelybus are ADCA Partners. They would love you to volunteer for them too!

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