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Wanted – Turnpike Fielders

14th October 2022 @ 6:06am – by Adrian Leighton
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Wanted Turnpike Fielders

If you enjoy the use of Turnpike Fields you might like to think about joining a group of volunteers to help with some of the maintenance tasks that are needed to keep the Fields a haven for wildlife and a joy for people.

Already volunteers have helped to manage the Himalayan Balsam and the Ragwort as well as plant trees. Now to continue to help the fields thrive in their new role as a community amenity area, some other tasks are also necessary. So it is hoped to put together a team of volunteers who may be able to fulfil these tasks. Joining the Turnpike Fielders would not involve an arduous commitment but be a real contribution to the community. If you are interested in joining the group please contact me by email or phone 01270 812209.

Whilst much of our wildlife has moved into its dormant period, now is the time for the more secretive members of the natural community to emerge. They spend most of the time hidden underground powering the growth that is going on above through a network of web like fibres called Mycellia. These send nutrients and chemical communication throughout the soil. Often they only emerge to fruit and seed at this time of year. I am talking, of course, of our fungi friends. Humans have long had a love hate relationship with fungi, of which mushrooms are the most familiar. As they are not widely understood they do carry a "handle with care" warning. One of our wildlife survey members sighted 8 different species in the lower of the two fields just recently. So if you are out in the fields keep your eyes open and enjoy this seasonal explosion of interest tucked among the fallen leaves. Using an identification app, the internet or a book you may be able to identify and learn about the different species – but be careful you may become obsessed by them! If you can identify any please let me know or if you need help in identifying send me a picture.

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