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Turnpike Field CarPark

5th February 2022 @ 6:06am – by Audlem Parish Council
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Hello All

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears we at last have a comprehensive quote for a green car park on Turnpike.

Firstly i must say this quote is purely for a very basic car park, there would be no lighting, charging points or disabled access, it would simply be a patch for 40 cars, the access off the road and a proper path putting in to the small gate that's used to access the field on foot.

We have been given 2 quotes the first of which is if they can simply press the mesh into the ground, the second if this is unable to be done to excavate the area, lay the mesh and backfill, unfortunately they will not know which one it will be until work starts.

1st quote £75,556.43 + VAT

2nd quote £131,976.64 + VAT

We completely understand that these are huge numbers and these are not inclusive of planning, surveys, admin costs or a height barrier to name a few things.I think it's reasonable to say that to build the car park that was suggested when a vote was last had is going to cost upwards of £200,000.

The Parish council has not got this money available to spend on any project so would have to look at funding which could increase taxation.

With all this in mind and the knowledge that when a vote was last had people were told this carpark could be built for around £40,000 we feel at the parish council that the only correct cause of action is to now go back to the people of Audlem and ask if this is a project that you wish us to continue with.

So we will be calling a public meeting (the date of which will be decided at the next council meeting) so you can all have your say and we can be sure as a council we are doing what the people of Audlem wish us to do.

Kind Regards
James McGregor
Chairman to Audlem Parish Council

Commentary :
It is good to see, at last, that proposals are emerging for the Car Park. As Mr McGregor says the purchase of the Turnpike field was (and is) for many on the basis it would help alleviate the horrendous traffic log jams which frequently occur in the village – as well as a wildlife sanctuary.
Hopefully, ways of reducing the cost can be found perhaps by enlisting the help of local farmers/ agricultural contractors.
Published plans of the proposal would be really useful.

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