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Sudoku snakes arrive

8th October 2010 @ 7:07am – by Audlem Webteam
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We are proud to release a new variation on the Sudoku theme, called Sudoku Snakes, available only to Audlem Online readers.

In this form of the puzzle all the normal rules apply, but in addition there are two "snakes", one going across from a "1" in the left hand column to a "9" in the right hand column, and one going down from a "1" in the top row to a "9" in the bottom row. Each cell in the snake must be adjacent or diagonal to the preceding one. No cell can be in both snakes. If you enter a number which would be part of the snake if it is in the right row or column, then it is shown in a different colour (green for the vertical snake and pink for the horizontal snake).

The first of these puzzles can now be accessed via the puzzles page.

The format of the puzzles page has been changed to accommodate the new game so that the lists of best times now drop down by clicking on the appropriate list header line. This also brings it into line with the current style for lists on the website.

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