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Pointing the way – Peter Morgan looks for guidance

20th August 2006 @ 7:07am – by Audlem Webteam
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During the past week, Peter Morgan has been reflecting via Audlem Online on his duties as a Parish Councillor and Audlem life in general. Just as Charles Dickens' work was published in episodes to allow the reader's excitement to increase steadily, so we have broken down Peter's thoughts into bite sized pieces – four have appeared over the past week. And so to Episode 5 of 'Morgan's Miscellany':

"No compass bearings to find Nantwich? Well, no wonder now that the weather vane has gone. Not that it's such a great problem, because who wants to spend hours of their life queuing aimlessly at traffic lights amid the Munchkin houses in order to pay for the privilege of parking there when you eventually arrive. None the less, for those of a more romantic disposition amongst you who may be missing the presence of a lofty (bird with long tail feathers), he has gone to be fixed. All that swinging has beggared up his bearings – there must be a moral there somewhere.

Suffice to say that church regulars believe they already know the right direction and therefore have no great need of the old rooster, and as it's more to the benefit of the community as a whole, would appreciate any donations towards his restoration. To re-erect this old cock is going to cost all but £8,000 plus VAT so you can appreciate we are not talking chicken feed."

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