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Sunday 21st Mar

6:01pmlogohater on Logo
  • I would like to draw the attention of readers to the latest feature on the home page about designing a new logo — which I have just seen.
    I assume that the webteam is trying to suppress discussion on the logo as there has been no item in the latest news column announcing it — as there always has been with other features.
    The story appears to be biased suggesting "occasional comments" from "a small number of readers". A large number of comments have been made since the logo first appeared. However, as gb has pointed out about other things, the vast majority of these have now disappeared.
    Can the webteam explain just how you are meant to get into the logo template. I have tried and failed. Is this another example of Big Brother pretending to kowtow to the wishes of the people, without actually doing anything? So readers, here is your chance to change that awful logo.

    Editor's comment: The only reason there's been no News story is that members of the webteam have been away in the Yorkshire Dales and had unexpected difficulties getting on to the Internet to publish all the stories we planned. There's a News story going straight up. We would be interested to know if anybody else has had difficulties getting the logo template. We've tested it and there haven't been any problems that we can see. As for the comment about a "small number of readers", we have an average of 600 readers a day, or around 18,000 a month. The number of comments about the logo has been small — perhaps a few dozen.

Saturday 20th Mar

7:23pmswan on Longhill Moss
  • Why can't Longhill Moss be brought back if it was such an important place for wildlife? If, all it was, was to tip our waste, I think it is a disgrace. Something should be done. I'm going to speak to the RSPB about this get their advice.

Friday 19th Mar

4:47pmCanal Cat on Road Works
  • Well, the road surface outside the coop is certainly a big improvement. Maybe we really should get rid of those parking spaces opposite...That might be one way to stop non-villagers from blocking the road, — if it were double yellow lines both sides of the road, the dangerous audlem "chicane" would be gone for good and we could all walk there like cjb says. Alternatively...We could have a traffic light...Also, hats off to Ken Maple for the recent purge on bad driving, — le'ts hope this is the first of many and that people take note, — maybe this will reduce some of the foolishness we see on the roads through the village.

9:18amCJB on Road Works
  • Swan. I reckon you might be on to something there......Banning all the non villagers... A village shop for village people (and not the band) then there would be no need for a carpark because we can all walk to the shops.... What an inspiration! I am guessing that when the branches at Stapely and Crewe were being built they did not have some people who call themselves developers messing arround with the plans all the time!

Thursday 18th Mar

9:05amCJB on Road Works
  • Canal cat.... You're right I was not talking about the pop group.... More the people that do live in the village. It would be good to be able to walk to the coop without an unexpected shower from passing cars.

Wednesday 17th Mar

6:16pmMick on Road Works
  • This bit of road mending in the village is fantastic but it's a pity that it will all be dug up again in the near future when, and if, the correct size sewerage pipes are installed for the Muller development.

5:37pmswan on Road Works
  • Ok! Why has the co-op in Stapley got a car park and the Co-op in Crewe got a car park? Some people just haven't got the time to nip to the shops and plus the people who are passing through. It's not just for village people. Are you going to ban every non-villager that walks in to the shops?.

4:32pmBilly Gibbons on Road Works
  • I'm not sure but....I really do wish Moseley's were still here..And Bonells...And...Etc etc...Sorry, I know i'm old but.......

2:50pmCanal Cat on Road Works
  • I don't think cjb meant "village people" as in the pop group, — but he makes an important point.We really needed that road re-surfacing and hopefully when they have finished (tomorrow ?) pedestrians can walk to the coop without getting an unexpected shower as they enter the shop or come out in wet weather. That bypass idea someone mentioned the other day is the real solution to the traffic probs, — and if the pedestrianisation concept was adopted, we would have to have a bypass, woudn't we ?

10:20amCJB on Road Works
  • Swan, perhaps you should ask Asda or Morrisons to build a supermarket in the village then. Flatten the village to make way for your supermarket so you can have your free parking! Just an idea but have you considered walking to the shop? After all its a village shop for village people.

Tuesday 16th Mar

2:14pmswan on Road Works
  • Absolute chaos this morning — trucks, cars, ambulance and traffic lights just doesn't mix in my opinion. I think that Muller housing company have destroyed the village. That co-op should have gone at the back of the town hall. It's just chaos everyday — at least the big supermarkets provide free parking!

9:51ammilkycoffeegirl on For Sale And Wanted
  • I noticed that sj has enquired about a classified adds page. Is there any progress in this coming to fruition. Perhaps may be it could be on the similar lines as ebay and we could call it aubay.
    Using a password and editing your own item, with perhaps a listing fee being donated to a selection of local charities, ploughing something back into the village. We miss the buy and sell. I am sure as the people of south Cheshire hear of Audlem's aubay the website would become even more high profile, if that's possible.

    Editor's comment: Buy and Sell is on our list and we are thinking of A-buy as the name. There's a few other ideas in the pipeline to help the website grow in popularity.

9:50amdave S on Pollution and care of environment
  • Is it true that the local postal deliveries are to go green in the near future? My understanding is that the bikes will be replaced by vans, some posties will no longer be required and that all local sorting will be done at Crewe?
    One has to be careful in this day and age and prevent the atmospheric pollution by heavy breathing posties and the damage done to the roads by their bicycle tyres.

    Editor's comment: We understand from Audlem Post Office that nothing has been decided as yet. There are changes coming nationally and the Crewe area is to be in the vanguard of those changes. More on Audlem Online when there is more definite news.

Monday 15th Mar

6:14pmSaddo on A525
  • Simple answer jedimaste65 — the cost. Back in the 1970s the proposed route was from Paddock Lane to the Weaver bridge, but that was far too expensive so the scheme was ditched.

3:56pmGB on A525
  • A525 reproaches the "good burghers" of audlem with turning down a bypass but the fact is we were never offered a bypass. I have written about this common misconception but cannot provide a reference as the post was one of those that got removed.

3:14pmJedimaster65 on A525
  • By-pass? What a good idea! What is stopping us lobbying for a by-pass again?What are the requirements to request one?
    It could run from Corbrook to Coole Lane and on the other side, from Buerton to Coole Lane? Sounds like a plan. Any reason we can't have that then?

7:30amA525 on A525
  • What has been said to indicate that people are not aware that de-priming is only the first vital step in encouraging those vehicles which are unsuited to our village roads to seek alternative routes.
    Steps can now be considered to be a little more active to achieve that aim. Drivers who do come through Audlem without stopping would hardly seem to be doing much for local services.
    Yes, we should make it easier for drivers to come through when necessary without them mounting pavements and generally causing mayhem. That applies to the local tractor traffic as well.
    What a pity the good burghers were against a by-pass all those years ago.
    I don't think pride comes into it but no doubt any new ideas on your site will be looked at with interest. Must see if whole swathes of the village are to be demolished to help with traffic flow.

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