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Monday 1st Mar

4:26pmDavid S on Website Management
  • How about aqueous impregnated feline?

11:33amSonia Chelp on Website Management
  • Following on from what Rhoda writes, many posts to the Chatbox are on topics such as health, public utilities, roads and traffic, which are of enduring interest. So they should not be treated as ephemeral. This was where the webteam went wrong with the Forum. Now they make the same mistake with the Chatbox.

8:46amDavid S on Potholes, Patches & Pipes
  • Dear Canal Cat*: I have reported this and may other potholes, blocked drains, overgrown verges and other items. I just don't crave the publicity that you seem to thrive on!
    Kinsey Heath has 2 parish councilors and I would hate to undermine their position in the community by doing their work for them and notifying the world as to what a grand chap I am!

    Editor's comment: *The writer's original salutation has been edited for reasons of decency

Sunday 28th Feb

7:24pmCanal Cat on Potholes, Patches & Pipes
  • David s, if you have spotted a local pothole issue (which I for one wasn't aware of) then why haven't you reported it to the council yourself?
    I suggest we all stop moaning and expecting someone else to sort these things, and get on with it. There is a link from the webteam on the "report local potholes" news story. So what's stopping you?
    PS. I am not a member of or associated with the webteam but am fed up with all the potholes and am doing something about it. If we all do this, the council will be forced to fix them due to the sheer volume of complaints.

1:21pmAnnt on Short-ARS
  • Many thanks to the organisers and participants involved in the walk yesterday and particular thanks to those who helped me when I got into a panic state. Won't do it next time I hope. Extremely well organised and enjoyable — well most of the time.

12:44pmDavid S on Potholes, Patches & Pipes
  • It's a pity that the councilors or web team members that managed to get the East Cheshire roads engineer to visit the pot holes in the village didn't think to advise the engineer of the far worst situation at the end of Paddock Lane where it meets the woore road. Is this centralised view symptomatic of all political out look by ignoring the peripheral members of society?

    Editor's comment: Paddock Lane is to be featured shortly in our series on alternative uses for local potholes as a Tank training ground for the military

Saturday 27th Feb

10:06amRhoda Head on Website Management
  • At first sight this looks like the requested concession but if you check it out you can only search back to November 2009 because the archive is cut off then although the Chatbox was started in April 2009. In contrast news is archived right back as far as it goes.

Friday 26th Feb

11:51pmexpat on Short-ARS
  • Fantastic name. Almost worth doing the walk just for that!.

12:29pmAudlem Webteam on Website Management
  • Rhoda: we have added ChatBox comments to the search system. For example, type: 'hankelow cottage' into the search box and click 'Go'. You now get the Hankelow Cottage page, a photograph of the front of the building, and a list of people's comments.

9:58amRhoda Head on Website Management
  • Nothing special asked for, just put chatbox on a search parr with news.

8:35amRicardo on Hankelow Cottage
  • My understanding is that it could be a gay club / bar. But then that's only a rumour iíve heard.

Thursday 25th Feb

8:49pmworm on Hankelow Cottage
  • I always like to think that all businesses do well and prosper, but I do hope that Hanklow Cottage is not another Indian restaurant.......or perhaps it's 3rd time lucky!.

5:33pmAnnt on Website Management
  • Rhoda head I was not excusing the webteam, merely pointing out that it is possible to find using the existing search engines, one for the site and the little one on Chatbox which selects by subject. What more do you need? Hope that it is something that doesn't take more weeks out of busy lives.

3:38pmAudlem Webteam on Website Management
  • Rhoda, we're not exactly sure what it is you are suggesting? Would you like chatbox comments to appear in the search results when people search using the box on the top right?

2:23pmsj on Hankelow Cottage
  • Just passed the pub at Hankelow and saw a sign saying that the Hankelow Cottage was coming soon — anyone know any more.

11:45amRhoda Head on Website Management
  • Annt excuses the webteam's not including the chatbox in the domain of the search application. One wonders if the webteam itself has any comment?.

Wednesday 24th Feb

8:15pm57lawnman on Only W****** Do It
  • John, I do not think speeding through the village is a minor misdemeanour — lives are at risk. If drivers would only think about others we would not need to think about doing this.

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