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Saturday 4th Dec

2:57pmcold feet on 70's Night
  • Something more cheerful today! My group really enjoyed the 70's night in the town hall last night. Lots of people had made a big effort with their 70's gear and everyone had a great time. Well done the PTA organisers.

2:02pmAffleck on Posts And Posters
  • Wibble — whilst I see what you mean and I respect your opinion I do not feel you are seeing my point (not that it matters I suppose) and that, unfortunately, was always sycophantics point about this board. I didn't always agree with his/her thoughts but some I did and, as I continue to point out, he/she is not the only one guilty here. Beemerboy shocked me much more than sycophantic did but seems to know people, that is just how it reads to me.
    Anyway I fear you are part of the group he/she moaned about and I feel my point and opinion being dissolved by the view of the web people, almost hypnotic. I will go back to being quiet and just reading. Personally I think the web team played into his/her hands.

12:35pmAnnt on Mice
  • Thank you GB. To a certain extent you are quite right but these mice were so hungry that they ate their way through a wire pan scourer and bin liners. Not the whole pad and I only discovered the holes in the bin liner when I was emptying it. Then I saw the droppings in the under sink cupboard. I tell myself that a quick end is better than a slow one from ingesting the above stuff. Thanks anyway I will do what I can. If only they would stay under the house.

10:14amPat Wood on Alarm Cold Call
  • I also had one of these calls yesterday, I let them say who they were then put the receiver down. Have heard no more.

9:51amAnnt on Mice
  • I certainly don't want any more in the house. No bodies to report this morning perhaps all the sweet toothed mice are now dead. Left with the Anatoles (another favourite children's book) of the mouse world. He preferred cheese which has not been my experience when setting traps. .

9:47amGB on Mice
  • To Annt: Deprive the mice of access to food and they will go elsewhere.

9:41amWibble on Posts And Posters
  • Affleck – is it always wrong to ‘take sides’? There comes a time in all conflicts when difficult decisions must be made and sides must be taken. Fence sitting is not an option. In this case I believe that the side of good sense has prevailed and that the decision was not taken lightly, but after giving the contributor enough rope to hang himself. There is not a publication on the face of the planet which gives free reign to all views of all people at all times. We are fortunate to live in an era and in a place where censorship and partisanship are at very low levels, so let’s forget about sycophantic (a strange misnomer if ever there was one) and enjoy the Chat Box debates free from his ill considered offensive and witless cynicism.

9:00amJudy Benson on Alarm Cold Call
  • I too had one of these calls yesterday. What worried me most, was their persistence — even after I had told them I already had an alarm based on the one at Fort Knox, there had never been a burglary in the village for 50 years, we lived next to a police station, and my home was a basement flat with no external windows (all of which are blatantly untrue of course!) — they were STILL wanting to come round to give me this free demonstration/ trial or whatever it was.
    So do be very careful — they are obviously not easily put off by a reasoned argument!
    Incidentally, for anyone wishing to to put off energy sales companies that ring — tell them you have your own wind/solar based generator in the garden...and for the window salesman; the windowless basement or 12th floor of the tower block are usually effective!
    Finally, for the internet /phone providers — you are a member of MI5 and all your phone lines/ internet services are provided and run by Her Majesty's Government!

1:02amAgainst the grain on Mice
  • Annt, have you had enough of the annoying little filthy animals? lol.

Friday 3rd Dec

9:28pmAffleck on Posts And Posters
  • I still say it is wrong as sides have been taken and that is too subjective. I found, as Sandra did, Beemerboy more offensive but he is allowed the last word and to be vaccuous it seems, why is that? I think a ban is ott and wrong, if you do not like it then do not read it or do not reply, but to ban is a serious step and sort of proves sycophantic right all along doesn't it?

5:18pmAnnt on Mice
  • Beatrix Potter has a lot to answer for. Having found the tell tale signs of a mouse in the house, more specifically in the kitchen cupboard, I decided that SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE.
    Having raided Williams for traps I set the humane one and the next day set off to release said mouse up near the Baptist Church. Two or three attempts made me think that I hadn't really caught one the first time as these traps are sensitive. Didn't want to use the chemical sort so got Himself to load up a heavy duty metal trap with a Caramel Nibble and put it in the cupboard.
    We are a pretty fair minded couple so when a little body was found yesterday morning I extracted it with a degree of sadness which I had not anticipated. Causing the trap to be set again another little body was there in the evening.
    I now feel like a mass murderer, which I put down to reading too much Beatrix Potter when the children were young. Mice really are beautiful. The trap is down again though.

4:53pmhooray on Trolls
  • Sadly trolls are part and parcel of the internet community. Their lifeblood is the pleasure derived from antagonising others. This common definition says it all really — "In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response".A true troll when banned will reincarnate and over time will be exposed again and again. The best policy is to ignore. You did the right thing webteam and remember all — DNFTT (do not feed the trolls). .

4:22pmvictoria mildew on sycophantic
  • Well done web team I am sick and tired of the bile and negativity that emanates from this contributor. Whoever they are appears to have nothing positive to say about anything. Unlike me!

4:13pmWibble on Posts And Posters
  • It is a sad day when someone is refused further access to the Chat Box, but I feel that the decision is a correct one. Free speech and lack of cenorship are conditional on responsible behaviour. Even in the world outside of Audlem Online no-one is completely free to say whatever he likes whenever or wherever he wishes. I for one will not miss sychophantic or his ill conceived, offensive and vaccuous contributions.

3:55pmWebteam on sycophantic
  • The webteam thank sycophantic for his further, and increasingly offensive, attempted posts this afternoon which have reinforced our belief that enough had been heard and published from him/her. If sycophantic would care to send us a real email address, we will reply directly.

2:57pmaudlemexpat on Carol Singing
  • Just reading the announcement about the carol singing made me feel Christmassy! I will miss it this year — everyone gathered in the market square, the brass band playing, mince pies afterwards...fond memories! Hope it is slightly less chilly by then — although maybe some light snow falling would be perfect?!

2:22pmAffleck on Posts And Posters
  • I am not sure this is a fair decision web team? You cannot single out one user for this as there are other posts on here that offend others. Maybe sycophantic was correct.

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