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Tuesday 30th Nov

7:56amJAM on Featured Wedding
  • NM — can only assume you looked at the picture and didn't read the text as it explained that whilst the website does not normally feature weddings, this one was shown because there was a full guard of honour — something not normally seen in the village and which would have have raised some interest — I was certainly interested in seeing the photo.

7:51amsycophantic on Featured Wedding
  • At last someone else sees this blatant use of an 'official' (self-called) website as some egomaniac's toy. How perfect the write up was when outlining the Groom's mother. The Editor should resign.

    Editor's comment: The use of that particular wedding photo was explained in the story. Thank you for your continued interest in the website — not described as 'official' anywhere, we think. If you would like to let us know the sort of stories you would enjoy, please let the webteam know.

Monday 29th Nov

7:50pmNM on Featured Wedding
  • Whilst I do congratulate the couple featured in the "Honour Guard at Audlem Wedding" story, can I ask why their wedding was featured? There are plenty of weddings in Audlem, most weeks in fact, none of which I've seen featured on Audlem Online. Why preferential treatment for some and not all? Surely there isn't Nepotism in Audlem?! Ahem.

    Editor's comment: It was because of the Honour Guard which made an exceptional picture which we did explain in the story.

4:24pmshoes on House Needed To Rent
  • Check, theres usually one or 2 on there.

8:07amAnnt on Snoring
  • Walk down to the village pharmacy and ask them to order one. They may be able to help though they have less scope for that sort of thing now that they are part of a larger organisation.

Sunday 28th Nov

8:12pmrobinwilson on Snoring
  • Thanks, snorer — the first positive reply, but neither Betterware nor Boots sells them, at least on the net!

6:30pmhouse hunter on House Needed To Rent
  • Thanks Landlord. We will keep in touch with Martin's. Any other suggestions welcome.

3:38pmlandlord on House Needed To Rent
  • There may be a bungalow in the village to let soon when a place arises in the care home of our choice. We are going through Martin & Co. in Nantwich who manage other let properties in the village.

3:35pmsnorer on Snoring
  • I have found little U shaped plastic things called 'snore stop' or similar to be helpful. They keep the nasal passages open. Betterware and Boots used to do them.

9:15americ cantona on Snoring
  • Keep off Indian Food!

12:14amGB on Open Fire
  • The phrase "blowing back" suggests that the problem was caused by an adverse wind rather than an obstructed flue.

Saturday 27th Nov

3:36pmPatient Poster on Open Fire
  • Eat lunch fireside at The Old Priest House Cafe.

2:31pmrobinwilson on Snoring
  • Thanks, Ann. Even my wife thought that the reply from Against the grain was a little excessive!

11:35amHouse hunter on House Needed To Rent
  • Does anyone know of a house available to rent for about 6months, in or round Audlem? We need a place from February 2011 while we finish renovating our cottage.

11:35amannt on Snoring
  • What a lot of unhelpful remarks though humerous hopefully. Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnia, I may not have the spelling correct, and can cause health problems for both snorer and partner. I finally went to the surgery. They can help.

9:05amBilly Gibbons on The End Of An Era
  • It sure does sound like a good title for a record Ernie but Paper Lace beat you to it. I think you may be getting mixed up with that time we both had a tour of a well known Chocolate factory and I was messing about and being all daft and slipped and fell into a large vat of bubbling chocolate...remember? shouted down to me as I went under for the second time..."Billy.....dont be an Aero...!" Remember that? No?....Oh...I must have dreamt it. Anyway, not to take away from the reason this thread was started..Good Luck Stuart..

8:07amcommon sense on Open Fire
  • I reckon the landlord is your best bet for answering that one.

    Editor's comment: Allan at the Lord C apologises. Smoke was blowing back into the pub (and smoke is now, of course, illegal in a pub!) and the chimney sweep is due to visit this weekend. The fire should be back to its blazing best on Monday.

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