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Wednesday 21st Apr

11:43amLF on Speed Watch
  • You folk in the village just think yourselves lucky that its only 30mph through the village, it goes up to a whopping 60 mph less than one mile away on the Woore road. On Sundays it's like a Silverstone raceday with all the speeding motorcyles!

9:58amShoot them now on Road Works
  • Not vigilantes watching your every move — just community spirited people checking that you do not drive through Audlem at an excessive speed. Why should we let you put our children's lives at risk? Why is 30mph not fast enough for you? Where are you going that is so important? What is the matter with you people?

1:04amIanWalley on Senior Citizens
  • The Day Care for the Elderly met today. Promises by Age Concern to consult with attendees about closure of this facility have not been carried out. None have been consulted. The decision, by the trustees is on Thursday 22nd..

Tuesday 20th Apr

10:28pmFed Up on Road Works
  • E, you're right, even the village car park is full at times. However there is plenty of parking in Market Drayton or Nantwich and a better selection in the shops! Not to mention the vigilante group in Audlem watching your every move. You are probably better off in these towns!

Monday 19th Apr

2:32pmJAM on Cemetery
  • Swan — are you sure what you heard wasn't just a crop banger? They tend to bang twice at either 10 or 20 minute intervals to scare the birds off newly sown crops.

Sunday 18th Apr

4:28pmE on Road Works
  • What I think is that all the potholes should be done — the parking in Audlem is horrendous.

3:54pmserfx on Speedwatch Group
  • I think I preferred the seagull/trawler nonsense.

8:36americ cantona on Speedwatch Group
  • Why doesn't the speedwatch group borrow the ak-47s issued to the allotment group for when "mugabe style" they cpo / seize land off the white farmers.

Saturday 17th Apr

7:32pmGB on Road Works
  • Not everybody is happy for there to be a line of cars parked opposite the co-op but there would be even more complaints if they were not there since then the traffic would whizz past at 40 mph instead of 20. The way traffic movement has developed there is actually quite good. The narrowed part is treated as intermittently one-way. Drivers go if they see they have a clear run and otherwise give way and wait.
    Stafford street would be negociated in the same way if it were straight but the bends deprive drivers of the necessary forward vision. However this is a problem which can be got round. I have noted how elsewhere.

5:48pmswan on Cemetery
  • Enjoying a really nice stroll in the cemetery at about 4.00 this afternoon when a loud gun shot went off scared the living day lights out of us and another one went off ten minutes later. I know the person and I can't believe that shooting a gun so close to the cemetery is a safe pastime. It is totally disrespectful and also downright dangerous. Too much time on their hands..

10:24amJB on Flights From Coxbank International
  • Can confirm chaotic scenes were witnessed at Coxbank International Airport yesterday.
    Flights from LAX, BCN and Welshpool International were the only flights that landed. Many passengers are still stranded and were forced to stay over night in a hay shed. A near riot errupted at lunch time when the airport's one, and only, coin operated drinks machine ran out.
    Travelling passengers are advised to wait in the new Shroppie Fly terminal annex building or Halliwell's cafe, for further information on possible re- routing via the Shropshire Union canal.
    Local farmers and gardeners are advised not to light bonfires over the weekend, as this may further confuse the situation. Sadly, yet another hit to Audlem's tourist trade after last year's canal closure.

Friday 16th Apr

5:44pmCanal Cat on Road Works
  • I see there is going to be more road works coming up...On the 22nd April I think the A525 road will be closed on the way to Burleydam for resurfacing...Near Rookery Cattery...It's long overdue...Very poor surface there..

2:27pmCB Control Tower on Flights From Coxbank International
  • Seddo, that's a load of old tosh, i've just seen three jumbos land and they have made one hell of a mess of the grass. Rumour has it, that we are expecting a few mosquitoes and even a camel to arrive in the not too distant future!.

1:16pmserfx on Speedwatch Group
  • Lots!

1:03pmseddo on Flights From Coxbank International
  • I am working in Northampton today. As you know, Stansted is the hub of Bryanair's activity. I heard on the local radio station this morning that all of Bryanair's flight, including those at Cox Bank International (yes, it was specifically mentioned!) are grounded until at least 01.00 hours tomorrow because of the volcanic ash. Hopefully, this should save you having to pay Bryanair for the privilege of finding out.

12:25pmShoot them later on Speedwatch Group
  • I was a little disappointed to learn that the speedwatchers were to be issued with speed guns only. A kalashnikov ak-47 and a zero tolerance policy would have been my personal preference. Still, you can't have everything.As to those offended by the outrageous limits on their personal speeding liberties may I point out that speed limits are there for pedestrians? Pedestrian are the ones not surrounded by metal, the ones not protected by side impact bars, the ones not strapped in with seat belts and the ones not cushioned by automatic air bags. Pedestrians are also the ones least likely to escape with a minor whiplash injury in any collision. Pedestrians are the ones who can expect to get hurled into the air and splattered all over the road by a half-ton of metal travelling through a country village at 35mph. Now, how many guns do they want?

7:40amAnnt on Speed Watch
  • Tony, as one of the speedwatch group, I take exception to the sneering tone of your remarks. We will be operating in pairs, we will be highly visible as we have to wear bright yellow jackets. However I would prefer that you did not approach me to congratulate me personally. We are not the police but merely trying to plug a gap in their range of services. What we can do is proscribed but as a result of the data we gather, and the highways are public so we are not assembling secret information, it may be thought worthwhile to put some electronic equipment to gather further data about road use through our village and how to improve safety. All this at no cost to the ratepayer! Why the bile? Possibly I have misunderstood the tone of your comments. I doubt it. No need for a photo.

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