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Monday 9th Aug

7:37pmlen2_1954 on Eric Cantona
  • Can I congratulate you Eric on your recent Sky Sports adverts, very clever and amusing. How you find the time to record these ads whilst continuing to be so vocal on the Audlem ChatBox is a mystery to me!

4:29pmAnnt on News
  • Popped into Enya's Books (nice to see local youth enterprise) and along with a book picked up a Good News newspaper. No not The Bible in newsprint, genuine news with signs of optimism for the future. Modern life is so complex that it is hard to see how to do/buy things without a knock on effect. Sad to think that someone has been working in a sweat shop so that I could buy cheap clothes, I thought that M&S went in for fair trade. Interesting read. And no I am not on commission.

4:11pmAnnt on Sudoku Cheats
  • My objection isn't about cheating, I have been known to do the puzzles twice or more in a day and it is not difficult, especially with the alpha one, to 'remember' or at least have an inkling of some letters. I can't speak for learner1 but my objection is to the personal animosity shown to me by AntiAnnt. Made me doubt even close friends. I had stopped posting times so was disappointed when they struck again. How you do the puzzles is of course up to you. I really enjoy the rainbow ones but rarely get those right apart from the one with the four boxes. Glad you enjoy them, so do I though I am trying to lessen my semi-addiction.

9:12amSupermum on Sudoku Cheats
  • Forget the cheats — they cheat!
    I do all three puzzles (when I can), every day (when I can), and do them (if I can!) without writing them down. I do them just once a day (if I can) and without interruption (very often I can't!) but never start them again.
    It's about the challenge, you see, to me. So, some days may take 45 mins, others about 7, and many a time I'm just stumped! Early on I realised there may be cheats, later realised these may be cheats with issues!
    Can't see the point — rise above them.We know who our genuine competitors are and may the best man (or woman of course!) win!

Sunday 8th Aug

8:13pmeric cantona on Hankelow Restaurant
  • Are you lot on commission?

2:49pm57lawnman on Hankelow Restaurant
  • Just back from a very good lunch at the Hankelow Cottage. Great value at only £ 5.95 Starter and main course. If you have not been, shame on you. Give it a go!

    Editor's comment: Couldn't believe it on Wednesday night last week — went to the restaurant and when we arrived almost every seat was already taken. Over 100 dining, and almost all seemed to be from Audlem.

11:02amAnnt on Sudoku Cheats
  • I sympathise with Learner1 — we semi-professional Sudoku solvers must stick together! I too have had my name misused, and in quite an unpleasant manner, presumably by the same person as 'leaner1'. Can we now look forward to a silly version of every proper name that appears on the list? Or perhaps whoever it is might desist. Assuming it is the same person of course. PS I admire the keyboard skills of whoever is doing it!.

10:13amLearner1 on Sudoku Cheats
  • It looks as though AntiAnnt is trying to make me look a cheat on the Sudoku challenge by posting a ridiculously fast time as leaner1. The only problem is they can't spell properly because they have missed an r from the name.

Saturday 7th Aug

5:59pmAnnt on Football
  • Today's match has left me almost speechless Eric. So I am quiet. I wasn't at the game to which you refer so am unable to comment. Not many stewards in evidence at all. Not many goal scorers either though Hereford always looked more likely as we missed chance after chance..

1:14pmDarioG on Football
  • Oh Eric, try harder and see ;).

9:24amLearner1 on Sudoku Cheats
  • So, it appears that the person who calls themselves AntiAnnT has emerged from wherever they have been hiding for the last few weeks to renew the cheating campaign on the Sudoku challenge. The genuine players know how they cheat. I wonder if one of the computer wizards at Audlem on line could send an amusing little virus to the cheats computer to prevent them from inserting the last number. That would amuse the genuine players.

    Editor's comment: We have spent some time wondering how we can detect cheating, so far with no success — it seems to be harder to detect cheating than it is to solve (or indeed invent) the puzzles

8:10amRhoda Head on Sccccreeeaaccchhh
  • Skid marks could be prevented from appearing on the footway halfway along Stafford Street by protecting it with a guard-rail. But for it to be practical this section of road would need to be widened first.

Friday 6th Aug

10:54pmeric cantona on Football
  • Stewards? It wasn't one of the bunch of intelligentia that assaulted the Accrington Stanley Assistant Manager at the end of last season was it? Oh and talking about Crewe.... Annt is being very quiet.

12:37pmsj on Village Butcher
  • I am not a meat-eater but live with a carnivore. It is so helpful to be able to buy good quality meat, in just the right quantities and at a competitive price. I’m never going to make Charles’ fortune but I do appreciate his great little shop.

12:01pmlucky on Sccccreeeaaccchhh
  • Has anyone else seen the aggressive tyre skid mark on the pavement of the Stafford Street/Post office bend? It covers the pavement so anyone in the way was in trouble. Do not want to open old wounds but have Audlem roads officially become national speed limit?

9:08amDaioG on Football
  • Nigel do you know who the steward was? It's just I would like to shake his hand and buy him a drink. I hope he literally threw you out. Alex Alex Alex Alex.

12:05amGresty on Football
  • Grrr Nigel Y! That steward certainly rattled your cage. I wonder if you celebrated the opposition goal in the same courteous restrained manner you use when chat boxing. I often, well sometimes, applaud opponent while groaning at the same time and have never been asked to leave, though when we were 6-1 down to Coventry I may have been pleased to do so.I had a bad experience at Oakwell with a few stewards but have not felt constrained to seek Barnsley's removal from the league. Do the Alex have to go down, away and disappear completely to stop any of your cash going their way? Customer relations not a strong point I agree. Hope you have found a worthier recipient for your cash meantime.Thanks for the suggestion Eric, can I pop round for some counselling? Love your ads.Probably see you Saturday DarioG, if we can spot one another in the HUGE crowd.....

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