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Thursday 1st Apr

12:04pmFast on Puzzles
  • Hi slow, looks like you got me beat today.

10:09amW.D. Grumpphucker on April The 1st
  • May I congratulate the web-team on so may merry japes for the first of April, it must have taken quite some time to think up so many amusing story lines just for our amusement. I would, however, for next time, suggest that one good story may just have a little more impact than this myriad of efforts!

    Editor's comment: The webteam debates this balance ferociously amongst itself each year but opts for a multitude because it's us that possibly has the most fun of dreaming them up. Those published, by the way, are just the tip of the iceberg. Many more were drafted!

8:28amGrabbitt & Runn on Legal Notice
  • My clients, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit have brought to my attention the hereto stated article published on Audlem Online today, this first day of April 2010 — 'Climate change raises canal level'.
    Despite its juvenile nature, in my clients’ view, the aforesaid article impugns and questions their undoubted integrity and professionalism. In pursuance of their inalienable rights under the Questioning Climate Change (Prohibition of) Act 2010, they intend taking appropriate action against the website editor and the author of the aforesaid article.
    Please, at your immediate convenience, provide details of where papers can be served.
    Avril Primo LLB, Grabbitt & Runn Solicitors, Almighty Flood Street, London EC4

Wednesday 31st Mar

10:13amSlow on Puzzles
  • Could all the really fast people give us slower puzzlers a chance tomorrow to register some realistic times before they wipe us off the top ten? A day or two would be good. I must confess that even if I write the solution down I can't hit those times. Well done.

Monday 29th Mar

8:50pmLennie Meredith on History Event
  • I was interested to read about the Historical Event at Corbrook Court recently, in particular Audlem Secondary School and Mr Parry who was Art teacher when I was there.
    I remember the weekend rock climbing trips and all the names mentioned are familiar to me. Unfortunately I didn't hear about the above event till it was too late to attend but I shall look out for the next one

7:36pmHenri on Community Awards
  • I appreciate that there are, but ADAS, ASET and the webteam were principally behind Audlem getting the awards, not the parish council — hence my comment.

6:22pmJAM on Allotments
  • Mr McGregor, regarding the fields you see with nothing in — they are growing a crop called "grass" which is a very valuable crop in Cheshire as it is the basis of our milk production (the cows really like it!).
    The maize stalks you describe have been spread with muck to return the fertility to the soil and, providing the field is going back into maize, will be planted in late April/early May when the soil is warm enough.
    Farmers in this area have to abide by nitrate vulnerable zone regulations which means that they have to have a certain amount of land per animal — this means that every acre is necessary to make a farm viable.

4:35pmHocster on Fat Pigeon
  • And yes, we also have bird nuts! Look forward to seeing you.

7:47amJames E.D on Fat Pigeon
  • Ok, so what does this new enterprise do? Sell bird seed?

    Editor's comment: Why not pop in and see. Audlem Online ran an article last week about the shop which sells:
    Organic, Fairtrade, gluten free, vegan, Sugar added and environmental products:
    Basics: Beans and Pulses and Grains
    Dried Fruits Nuts and Seeds
    Flours, Flakes and Brans and more.
    Pasta, coffees,Teas and snacks,
    Supplements as well as non food items such as Household cleaning products etc.

12:11ampj on Community Awards
  • Not sure that I am all that bothered about the awards but must point out to henri that many many people in Audlem pull their fingers out and get things done who are nothing to do with either ASET or ADAS.
    There are many popular events organised by community minded people and many groups, clubs and societies run by local people who quietly get on with it. I know this because I have had the privilege of working with some of them over a number of years.

Sunday 28th Mar

10:32pmGB on Allotments
  • To concerned and others: ignore the parish council. Debate the planning application here.

7:58pmMr McGregor on Allotments
  • One question that no-one has asked is why is it so difficult to find land other than the one on offer at the moment?
    I notice that as I drive in and out of Audlem there are acres of empty fields. Is there not one landowner who is community spirited enough to lease or sell a part of a field?
    I would like the following points clarified — are farmers paid for keeping fields empty and does anyone know how much? Are they just hoping that the allotments issue will just go away — rumours abound about it being a three day wonder, but over 60 people say not.
    Do people actually believe that having allotments will be to the detriment of the village instead of bringing people together? Do they think that they will look ugly? — any new allotments that are set up have to follow strict rules and regulations and look beautiful — see the photograph on the allotment articles — and let's face it, nothing looks uglier then a field full of dead maize stalks covered with slurry.

6:52pmHenri on Parish Council
  • There is a difference between supporting and actually pulling your finger out and doing something.......

5:38pmconcerned on Allotments
  • I have been following the articles on chat box with interest. But we seem to be forgetting the reason why the P.C. have found themselves under such criticism. It all stems back to the so called extraordinary meeting that was called to debate the planning aplication for house and allotments on land at Paddock Lane. When the good people of Audlem turned out in force to talk this issue through, they were met with a cavalier, almost dictatorial atitude by some members of the P.C. "You know who you are." They seemed determined have their way no matter what the people thought.

5:10pmBilly Gibbons on History Event
  • Just to say "thanks" to Celia, Jenny and everyone else involved with the "Audlem Remembered" event. I really enjoyed my visit and learned a lot about the village and surrounding areas. Billy.

12:36pmserfx on Parish Council
  • I believe that the parish council supports ADAS and ASET but there will now be hundreds of chatboxes rubbishing that suggestion. People will believe what they want to believe.

Saturday 27th Mar

10:38pmHenri on Parish Council
  • I am confused as to why the parish council are getting the praise for Audlem winning any awards, surely that is the hard work of ASET and ADAS.

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