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Thursday 29th Apr

5:44pmpj on Speed Watch
  • Wittoner I am trying to get my head round your argument. At the present we don't have a law requiring a person to walk with a red flag in front of vehicles although it would be a nice little job for someone. However we do have a law that says motorists have to stick to speed limits and in the village this is 30mph. Can you tell us whether you would like to see this speed limit scrapped or whether you just wish to be able to break this particular law without being prosecuted. If neither of these then what is it that you wish?

4:42pmDangler Green Thum on Allotments
  • What would be the pay-back duration/ 100years?

4:31pmJedimaster65 on Speed Watch
  • I agree with wibble. I understand that people are concerned about surveillance, and we do have some silly speed cameras around the country that are simply not needed, on dual carriageways, for example and in the middle of nowhere, but let's not confuse this for where the cameras and speed limits do make sense, like here in Audlem.
    Fred1066 / wittoner, does someone have to die here before you will realise that prevention is better than cure? As said previously, if you are so sure you are right, you need to get out of your air-bag filled, crash-bar encased safety cell, and stand in this village near the coop or post office and see the discourteous, aggressive, selfish speed and stupidity at first hand. Unless of course, you are some of the perpetrators, in which case, can we have your vehicle registrations please?

3:20pmDahlia on Allotments
  • Could I clarify the point about allotments being subsidised. When there are allotments in the village they will be a village amenity, the parish council will ideally own the land and the rent from each allotment plot will, when all expenses have been covered, provide the council with a net income.

2:24pmWittoner on Speed Watch
  • Wibble, your comment about bigoted persons reminds me of our dear prime minister's howler. Obviously anyone not sharing your opinion has no right to one themselves. I, like many others, am sick to death of being watched and spied upon. As a final thought, what if we got a man with a red flag to walk in front of any vehicle daring to drive through the village?

2:14pmWittoner on Allotments
  • Meddleman if you want to come and look after my garden you can plant as many veg's as you please and keep 95% of them. There are probably quite a few elderly residents or disabled residents who could also use a volunteer gardener, everyone's a winner and it costs the rest of us nothing.
    P.S. I'm quite a lover of lap dancers, any chance the council could provide a gentlemans club? Thought not!

10:48ammeddleman on Allotments
  • I think you're on to something here wittoner. As a minimal user of public services why should I subsidise others? Audlem school for a start. I've never used that so why should I pay for it? Make the parents pay. I hardly ever use the doctors so let's make that private. I subsidise dental care on the NHS
    Mobile library service? I don't use that so let's make them pay. Public hall? Why should I contribute? And as for those agricultural subsidies — they do nothing for me. I don't drop litter so why should I pay for someone to clear it up?
    I think I'll be all right without the old age pension and I won't need the winter fuel allowance so let's get rid of those. I belong to a private gym so why should I subsidise Nantwich swimming pool? So the way to improve the community is to get rid of all forms of subsidy. Great idea, wittoner. I'd be fine, would you?

7:51amwibble on Speed Watch
  • Is it not now time to draw the Speedwatch thread to a close? The issue clearly splits people into two widely opposed camps, and never will the twain meet. There's really no hope of ever persuading those 'bigoted persons' in the nay camp of the simple logic of aiming to save life, as they reveal themselves to be rather dim witted. Take for example that breathtakingly crass question "how many accidents have actually ever happened in the village involving pedestrians and motor vehicles that have been proved to be caused by excessive speed? "i rest my case.

12:47amWittoner on Allotments
  • If people want space to use as a garden, try using your garden! Why on earth should the rest of us subsidise you.

Wednesday 28th Apr

11:28pmswan on Painted Signs
  • How nice to see the old direction signs been painted white. You can actually see them they really stand out. See the one in Hankelow dip — fantastic!

10:40pmfred1066 on Speed Watch
  • I think a lot of people will agree with wittoneer. Pity they don't say so openly. Perhaps on the chat room it's the tirade of illogical irrational abuse that eminates from certain quarters. I try and make light of it but it's sad really.

9:06pmNigel_Y on Questions To Potential Mp's
  • From wikipedia: Emergence of the later hundreds the later hundreds of cheshire, around 1850. Over the years the remaining ten hundreds consolidated to just seven with changed names: Broxton, Bucklow, Eddisbury, Macclesfield, Nantwich, Northwich, and Wirral.
    The date at which this process happened is not clear: these newer names are reported to be all in use by 1259 to 1260. The same source reports research that has found Macclesfield hundred to be named in 1242 and Eddisbury hundred by the late twelfth century. Chester lost its hundred status, but was subsequently given the status of "County of itself" and was known as the city and county of Chester.

7:14pmBit o' Politics on Questions To Potential Mp's
  • Just read Pat Merrick's response.So that's 2 people I've heard cite JFK in this election — our Labour candidate and David Cameron! Funny old world. Safe to say Pat is not working from the Labour script.
    I wonder who will be the first to quote Nixon "I am not a crook". Why is it called Eddisbury?

6:52pmfred1066 on Speed Watch
  • Sorry kev g I apologise. A sensible idea: why don't the vigilantees take barrows with tarmac on patrol and multi-task.
    Inbetween manouvres they can fill in the odd pothole that everyone is moaning about..

6:17pmMaggie on Swallows
  • Just goes to prove what the Communist / Labour really think of free speech, I think Mr Brown said it all today. The same sentiment is purveyed on this web site at times, have a differing opinion from the vocal minority and be pilloried for it, instead of constructive criticism.
    P.S. I have to agree about the gurning faces leering from the hedgerows, however it could be even more disconcerting having a picture of Gordon the Great “smiling” from the hedgerows! Now that would be terribly off-putting and could cause major traffic road problems!.

4:34pmWittoner on Speed Watch
  • How many accidents have actually ever happened in the village involving pedestrians and motor vehicles that have been proved to be caused by excessive speed?
    Seems to me this group is just another extension of the community policing policy (powerless and pointless), this village has more committees and groups dedicated to making their members feel rather more important than they really are than you can shake a stick at.

2:33pmmeddleman on Speed Watch
  • Tony, I do not claim to be perfect, not even a good driver, but in well over 30 years of driving I have never had a speeding conviction nor have I knowingly exceeded the limit in built up areas.
    I am willing to admit I may have done through lapses in concentration, I don't know, but if I had been caught either by the police or a speedwatch group, I would have been happy to accept the resulting sanction without complaint.
    I have certainly never used a mobile phone while driving. I have never driven whilst knowingly over the limit. I have had a child run out into the road immediately in front of me and either through luck or judgement was able to stop in time. I am certain that had I been speeding or on a mobile phone or over the limit, I would have hit the child with serious results.
    This issue is not a question of ifs, buts and maybes. People should drive for the unexpected and remember that they are in a potentially lethal machine. As a community, we should accept nothing less..

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