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Sunday 2nd May

8:13pmMOS on For Sale And Wanted
  • Can anybody help we are moving into Audlem next week and need some telephone extentions installing. If you know anyone who does this type of work, please let me know. Thanks Maurice.

    Editor's comment: If you can help, please contact the webteam and we'll pass on the contact details.

7:04pmIan on Speed Watch
  • At last some decent messages restoring faith that only a minority of villagers are simples. I must challenge the Audlem website team and ask them their stance?

    Editor's comment: The webteam has not discussed its stance on this issue — it's a Police initiative and it's clear that there is excessive speeding on most of the main roads.
    The editor, however, is concerned that this debate is getting repetitive and, in some instances, personal. Can we move on to something else, please?

6:58pmKev_G on Fred1066
  • I find that getting personal fred, would you like to come and see me in person and discuss it?

6:53pmBilly Gibbons on Speed Watch
  • I'm with "concerned" on this....If it's 30, do that or below (my words, not concerned's but you get my meaning?) how hard can it be to ease your right foot off the fast pedal (or ease your right hand off the throttle) until you get to a place where you can press it down ( or twist it a bit further) a bit further? But, not too much further unless you're on a race track (ok ok, I don't mean Green Lane or the road through Chapel End or the Whitchurch Road) there will be a major accident soon, or should I say, another major accident.

1:19pmConcerned on Speed Watch
  • Jane (and others, but I refer to Jane as her comment sticks in my memory as it was the most recent) — I assume you don't have any children, common sense, or conscience? The limit is 30. So do 30. What's your issue?
    I've regularly had to quickly step back as a car, tractor or lorry has suddenly mounted the pavement because of driving too fast and being unable to slow down safely. Just the other day a van very nearly knocked into my child and I whilst we were 50 yards from the post office.
    You only have to stand outside the co-op, chippy or by the crossroads on Stafford Street to see many cars roaring down the road. I don't think the minority of cars in this village speed — I think the majority do. And it's up to the public (swg) to assist in bringing this to the attention of those that are able to action it (i.e. The police and council).
    Jane et al need to open their eyes and minds.

11:18amJT on Speedwatch Group
  • I applaud the speedwatch group and the stance of Kev. How anyone can put up a counter argument is ridiculous and as Kev points out, foolish. If the cap fits for some. Some drivers, not in any means all, need educating and reminding. Bravo the speed buccaneers I say.

11:13amIan on Speed Watch
  • A very late message Jane, nothing better to do? It is very silly isn't it to oppose the speed group, surely we all want a safer village? I can only conclude those three or four with against views do no live on a main drag. I vote kev_g.

10:58amKev_G on Auntie Jane
  • Or Jane or whatever name it is today. Would you please tell me what your position is on having a CSW group? Now hopefully you wont re-iterate bollards such as 'big brother' and similar piffle as the CSW group only records car plates of those breaking laws, you do understand that concept yes? Laws. Just tell me how you or the 'few' have any issue with trying to make a gorgeous village safer?
    Intolerance you say. Damn right Jane! I am very intolerant of racing cars outside of my house and luckily the law sees it my way to. Looking forward to you coherent and well-balanced view of the CSW group.

10:45amKev_G on Speed Watch
  • Jane now, not auntie? I am glad you realise it is only a 'few' and that you have accepted what you are (for being so vitriolic about a CSW group that is obviously very necessary). All good then, we agee.

7:31amfred1066 on 2010 General Election
  • Wibble. Ukip are a good choice.

    Editor's comment: Remainder of post removed as comments re a member of Speedwatch team are getting personal.

12:42amJane on Speed Watch
  • But we fools have to suffer you, your views and intolerance, quietly. I only speak for myself but my views seem to be in line with that of a few other fools!

Saturday 1st May

10:35pmKev_G on Speed Watch
  • Rhoda head, forgive my frustration but the answer has been posted before, recently. We cannot get fixed cameras without data, they tell us, too expensive. The CSW team is merely collecting data to show Audlem has, or has not, got an issue.

10:05pmKev Graham on Speedwatch Group
  • There are not two sides to this at all, there is a speed limit and a good reason for it. Children hit a 30mph tend to live, at 40 mph tend to die — fact. Anyone who sees 35 etc as ok is kidding themselves and the law would comedown on them, to think it is right is not, for me, normal.
    Breaking any law can happen but to think it is regularly ok is plain stupid. Some of you need to watch the police traffic accident dvd, it is local info and horrific, it changes habits. I hope the CSW team get no number plates to report — that would be excellent and is not too much to ask for. Everyone has a right to an opinion but some show a real prejudice to 'right' in theirs!.

8:19pmKev_G on Speed Watch
  • Auntie Jane, I am not trying to be any of those things you state, sorry to disappoint, I just cannot suffer fools quietly. All these 'new name' posters hey, I am sure they are all the same person. Long live the 30 mph limit..

4:43pmRhoda Head on Speed Watch
  • "Critics of speed watch only condemn its methods, not its aims. Cameras at well-chosen points would catch all speeders and kerb-mounters without anyone having to move a finger and without the hazard of confrontation."if clarification is needed for the benefit of another poster I had hoped my last phrase would have made it clear that it was fixed cameras I was thinking of.

12:46pmAuntie Jane on Speedwatch Group
  • God! How I wish I was as intellectual and witty as our kev. His tolerance and diplomacy are second to none. A wonderful person to behold!

12:24pmEccles on 2010 General Election
  • Wibble! Hell no, they are probably as corrupt as the rest! Probably as full of hot air as the rest and as self delusional. Go for it, live dangerously!

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