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Friday 26th Mar

1:40pmA525 on Parish Council
  • Well said meddleman. I agree. Tony I find your remark about the 'tamed few' offensive. Between the two of them there were some valid points, some delivered in a measured way and some with more passion but not tame, unless you count not ranting tame. I do think one remark verged on the libellous.
    The meeting was not an alternative to the bingo nights or 'reels on wheels' so did not set out to excite.
    Eric cantona invites us to infer that the pc is somehow expensive in ways that are not to the benefit of the village. I do hope that he is not implying anything improper. If he wants to stand for the pc next year, and there are enough candidates, we can have hustings and the excitement of an election.

11:52ammeddleman on Parish Council
  • An aspect of message boards like this is that armchair critics can make vague and unsubstantiated criticisms of people and organisations who serve the community, often for no pecuniary reward (such as the webteam)!
    I know little about the pc which is entirely my fault. However, I feel privileged to live in Audlem and judging from the environment, facilities and atmosphere, the pc do a good job. Even if it costs more, I'd still prefer to live here than anywhere else in cheshire.
    We should be wary of removing a local tier of representation as decisions affecting the village are increasingly being made from distant places to the detriment of the residents.
    The pc's accounts are available so criticism of their cost could easily and precisely be made; meetings can be attended; minutes can be perused so that specific criticsms could be expressed (or possibly even praise?).
    Or is it, perhaps, that such detailed research sounds just a little like too much hard work?

10:26amTony on Parish Council
  • A525 — well nobody had a chance to listen at the extra- ordinary meeting as most mumblings couldn't be heard, so I suppose ability to listen when required, is a must, so is being alert, to keep on top of the mumblings. Follow procedures, well yes, as no one was allowed to speak at the e.P.C meeting apart from the tamed few, nothing better than a few procedures to stifle a meeting! If this is how you class excitement then you need to expand your horizons a bit..

9:48amGB on Parish Council
  • I cannot remember the last time there was a parish council election either. Existing members prefer new ones they co-opt over ones who, as they see it, go behind their backs by asking for the approval of the voters.

9:45ampc on Parish Council
  • Anyone like eric cantona who is unclear about how to become a Parish Councillor and how often elections are held should check out the PC's entry on this website. Click on the blue bit headed "your Parish Council" on the home page. Maybe he'd like to stand at the next election.

Thursday 25th Mar

8:33pmeric cantona on Parish Council
  • A response to A525:
    1.When was the last election? Remember the result? Why is there no publicity from the PC when they want new members of the perceived right calibre? Why not advertise locally rather than the "closed shop?
    2.Libel? Please read the Cheshire East accounts (with your council tax demand). Over a 100 town/ parish councils in Cheshire... And Audlem is in the top 10 most expensive per household. We are almost twice as much as Prestbury. £12 above Nantwich for band D. The list is endless. Unless I have misread the accounts for which I apologise in advance.

8:28pmA525 on Parish Council
  • Tony — Along the lines of I'll show you mine if you show me yours, metaphorically not really of course, will you explain what is the mysterious body to which you refer. I assume that you mean the parish council, most of whom are actually elected. The council have the power to coopt extra people who have either a skill required or the time and enthusiasm or all of the above. An ability to listen when required and follow procedures, and remain alert, must be an asset. Don't know about the initiation ceremony but my imagination is now running riot. Perhaps local politics is exciting after all.

4:30pmthinj on Allotments
  • The question is does the Lady of Shallott know her onions?

4:25pmMinnie Brayne on Logo
  • Has anybody been able lo edit the logo template yet?

    Editor's comment: We've received half a dozen entries so far

11:35amLady of Shallott on Allotments
  • I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Why doesn't everyone get their gardeners to grow their vegetables like I do. By the way it's super fun to have a bit of class on the web site, so if the Duke of York fancies getting together in a raised hot bed in the near future, count me in.

9:42amTony on Parish Council
  • A525, could you please explain as to what is "the right calibre" for consideration for co-opting people to this mysterious body. Who sets the criteria? Is there some sort of initiation ceremony for the lucky individual?

9:21amsj on Small World
  • Steve elliot's item on chance meetings on the Whitsundays brought back super memories of our mid-life 'trip of a lifetime' in 2006. Bundaberg also do a rather good ginger beer which we drank a lot of when we needed to keep a clear head! Happy days !

7:10amSerfx on Allotments
  • I also agree that you are being over the top. It has been three and a half years so far I think so not just a whim. Also there is a duty to try to provide allotments where demand exists so why not save your efforts until there is an application to which you can object.

7:05amA525 on Parish Council
  • I think that you are being maliciously mischievous eric. I could swear that I have voted in an election, although I am aware that people of the right calibre can be co-opted on to the council. Do we pay them? I didn't think so.
    They do have responsibilities which perhaps they exercise too discreetly for you to be aware of. I would like to thank the pc for their efforts in the de-priming of the A525, along with the webteam, and also their work on the ambulance situation. Add to that the informing Cheshire East of local difficulties and controlling local funds and works.
    I am not on the council and given the amount of rubbish currently being spouted am glad of that, but to those who are, thanks.
    The allotment issue is a difficult one. What exactly do you mean by stating that we have an expensive pc? Not libel of course but you do seem to be inviting several unflattering inferences to be drawn. Sad.

2:21am57lawnman on Parish Council
  • What a great idea Eric Cantona, a vote on the pc. Come on webteam, set it up.

Wednesday 24th Mar

11:04pmeric cantona on Parish Council
  • Why not have a vote (at the same time as the allotment issue) as to whether we need a parish council? They have no power and are defacto "unelected" and seem to be a waste of local taxpayers money (indeed in Audlem we seem to have one of the most expensive pc's in Cheshire).

8:19pmRHY on Allotments
  • I have to say that when Celia Bloor says that she cares about the enviroment, does that take into consideration that most people will drive to the allotments in their cars!
    They will then have to park their vehicles on some sort of car park within the allotment area and if all the people who are on the allotment commitee turn up it will have to hold 60 cars!
    That's a big area of natural land that has to be dug up and stoned up! But I suppose you could park all the way up Paddock Lane and block it and not have a car park!
    I do agree that I am being over the top with my comments but it's not as environmentally friendly or really required. We do not live in an inner city where people have very small or no gardens, most of the committee have gardens so why not use them that would seem more env friendly to me.
    I bet within 2 years people will drop out leaving overgrown weeds and mess. Well that would look lovely to drive into, it's like a new craze — it comes in and goes out!

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