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Saturday 22nd May

1:09pmCountry Boy on Cookoos
  • Bird Brain. Missing Cookoos:- Try:- Website should give you a rough idea as to the perceived problems!

    Editor's comment: The Short-ARS walk this morning not only heard a cuckoo in the Hanchurch Hills, they also saw one very clearly — more in the News later.

11:36amSpink on Website
  • The dissention I was referring to was between posters and the webteam. I am neutral as regards possible dissention within the webteam. I do understand that committees close ranks when they realize they have made a mistake.

8:59amEd Balls on Stephen O'Brien
  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for International Development" ERM! Is that a parliamentary euphemism for Tea Boy! I take it that the drive that was 'promised' by Mr O'Brien when his potential position was expected to be within Health will now go out of the window? This could mean that the local improvements, so hard fought for by the Parish Council and AOL, may now be put in jeopardy? P.S Please vote for me to be leader! I'm lovely really and kind to little furry animals!

    Editor's comment: We are not 100% sure this is from the Ed Balls we are all too familiar with but, as it's in his normal friendly style towards political opponents; as we don't want to curb free speech; or having his close friend and attack-dog Damian McBride on our backs, we have decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Friday 21st May

10:44pmSpink on Website
  • Audlem Online survived four years without a chairman and all the dissention has come since the chairman was appointed.

    Editor's comment: Any dissension, I would suggest, is because more and more people read Audlem Online — 700 a day — and the nature of contributions to websites, including Audlem Online's Chatbox, are ever more lively. I would suggest you may be trying to cause dissension within the webteam for no good reason. But, if it gives you pleasure.....

6:24pmbookie on Stephen O'Brien
  • For an interesting insight into the job of "Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for International Development" (the bottom rung of the Ministerial ladder) try Chris Mullin's memoirs A View from the Foothills as he held the post in 2001. Judging by Mr Mullin's experience, Stephen will see more of Terminal 5 than Audlem. But I'm sure he'll be checking the village web site from his hotel rooms to keep in touch — errrrrr congratulations Stephen?

1:30pmseddo on Stephen O'Brien
  • I'm disappointed that the webteam didn't correct yesterday's news item about Stephen O'Brien, despite me emailing them. Mr O'Brien isn't the Minister for International Development, he's the Parliamentary Under Secretary (as per the Cabinet Office website.) Does his new post mean that we'll see even less of our MP that we have in the last 13 years?

    Editor's comment: We didn't receive your email, I'm afraid. Yes, Stephen O'Brien's official title is as you say, but 'Minister' is popularly used because that is what he is, a Minister for International Development, which means more to most readers than Parliamentary Under Secretary. The Chronicle, like Audlem Online, also used 'Minister' in its coverage of his appointment. Not sure about your last sentence because I have seen him on many occasions in Audlem. Perhaps, however, if Audlem declares itself independent, ideally a tax-free enclave like Monaco is to France, we will have Stephen O'Brien visit us in a ministerial 'International' capacity. Maybe this could be Audlem Online's follow-up to our attempt to join Wales in 2008.

9:56amAnnt on Fairness
  • Methinks Rhoda that you are out to make mischief. Can't work out why but in answer to your query of course life isn't fair. All we can do is try to give people fairly equal opportunities.
    However your tip for keeping within 30 mph is one I was given on a speed awareness course and it works. Also to keep a good distance from the car in front by the application of "only a fool breaks the four second rule" gap between you. Observe when it passes a land mark, road sign or whatever and if you can't say the above ditty you are too close.
    Supposed to work at all speeds though if going at 70 mph say on the motorway concentrating on the driving seems to be a better bet. There — more information than you ever needed to know.

5:26amRhoda Head on Website
  • We are not now allowed to criticize Speedwatch even though it was Speedwatch supporters who were most intemperate in their language. Is this fair? Meanwhile here is a tip for drivers who find it difficult to keep down to 30mph where it is required: use 3rd gear.

Thursday 20th May

8:44pmAnnT on Website
  • In reply to sj, surely not vitriol. I'm sure that I have read worse. Do papers and the like have a committee to represent all different groups? Sounds to me like a recipe for stagnation. Plus a very large tea and biscuit effort for the back up team.

    I think that the webteam actually like one another and enjoy working together, which is not to say that they do not welcome contributions from others. Articles and points of view are welcome on both the chatbox and site 'proper'.

    The webteam will have to speak for themselves but isn't there such a thing as intellectual copyright. Had I been a developer of the site for the last however many years I would be reluctant to have the further development and control taken from me. Perhaps those with a burning desire to be part of it could contribute articles and points of view on their particular range of interest. I think it works well but I guess I would say that.

8:27pmBird Brain on Cookoos
  • Any body know what has caused the demise of the Cookoo? Are their migration routes running through a war zone or something?

8:23pmNigel_Y on Website
  • To use an Aussie Term "Good on Ya, Web-team, Great Service" The is Officially from Me to you Guys.

4:30pmAllseeingtim on Website
  • Hi, I've been a keen reader of thewebsite for months but havn't commented before. I'd like to say thanks to the website for their informative explanation of the site. Though I see appeals for sensible postings and thoughtful debates have already gone up the swanny. What a shame. Here's hoping for sense sooner rather than later. Once again keep up the good work team, don't let them get you down!

4:13pmsj on Website
  • I can't believe I inspired this much ire. I thought I was making a helpful suggestion — have a small group of people to represent all age groups and make a contribution to the website — which by the way I am addicted to. Richard3 your comments are so over the top — are people not allowed to express rational opinions without being on the receiving end of this sort of vitriol?

1:12pmAudlem Villager on Website
  • Bravo! Like a spring clean hey?

12:38pmRichard 3 on Website
  • SJ, You’re right! Audlem OnLine should totally restructure. Needs a board of directors, with an advisory committee, a full management committee and then an editorial committee, H&S group, strategic planning group, legal advisors, planning committee, work prioritising group, workers' welfare group, union representatives, canteen committee.

    EU human rights committee, community liaison officers, etc, etc, etc. And this just for starters!

    PS: Almost forgot about the financial aspect: need accounts staff, tax experts, fund raising committee, God! Yes: and a publicity department, event organisers, market research committee, working groups, steering committees, public relation officers, etc.etc.etc! Then maybe they would just about get it all right!

8:09amsj on Website
  • Thanks to John Tilling for such an informative piece on website organisation. Also thanks to the webteam for such great work. The team is quite small — this was probably essential to get the site up and running. Would it be possible to have something like an advisory Editorial Board with representatives from all age groups in the community to ensure that as many people as possible have a voice?

    Wouldn't want to overcomplicate things but something like this would help make AOL as representive as possible. Perhaps some of the keenest critics might like to volunteer :-).

Wednesday 19th May

10:46pmPenny Probyn on Website
  • We are often reminded that Audlem Online is run by volunteers but some finance must be involved. So who provides it and how is it spent?

    Editor's comment: Audlem Online was set up originally with sponsorship funding from five organisations — four of them commercial and one of them, Audlem Parish Council. The Parish Council still provides about £300 a year which covers the basic costs. That is spent on items such as server rental costs and the domain name.

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