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Wednesday 28th Apr

9:19amLeon Trotsky on Swallows
  • I know this area is so blue you could rinse your hair in it but do the local Tory farmers have to stick up so many election posters? Lord Ashcroft may be purring like a conservative cat to see his tax dodging millions promoting Cameron & co but I, for one, am turned right off by these grinning goons poking out of the local hedgerows every few yards. No-one littering the countryside like this will get my vote.

9:05amTony on Swallows
  • Must be nice to be as perfect as the meddler.

6:35amfred1066 on Speed Watch
  • Will the vigilantees be marching in this year's carnival?

Tuesday 27th Apr

8:10pmmeddleman on Speed Watch
  • I don't think they're supporters of kev g; I think they are supporting speed limits, driving laws, children, the elderly, the law of the land and what used to be called human decency.
    They are opposing selfishness, irresponsibilty, contempt for the law, juvenile outlooks and plain idiocy!
    All they want you to do is keep to the speed limit, turn your phone off when you're driving and avoid drink driving. Is that really too difficult? Most people manage it without even thinking about it — common sense!

7:16pmKev_G on Speed Watch
  • But not me hey minnie ;) good to see a point of view stood behind! Hoorah! Errrr what is your point of view then?

6:38pmMinnie Brayne on Speed Watch
  • "Why do all the outraged hide behind pseudonyms?" kev g's description is of his own supporters.

Monday 26th Apr

9:20pmBilly Gibbons on Speed Watch
  • I can't understand why people who drive expensive vehicles can't afford to go to a shop and buy a "hands free" mobile phone kit. In some of the economy type stores they're only a few quid.

8:26pmJedimaster65 on Speed Watch
  • Rhoda, the speedwatch campaign will influence driver behaviour here, as those who ignore it will do so at their peril. The police will target any repeat offenders who are identified by the volunteers and this campaign is about to begin. So let's take it easy in Audlem please.

8:21pmKev_G on Rhoda Head
  • Is that supposed to be 'deep'? What a load of piffle! So drivers have no independent thought or control? Pmsl! It is the road's fault?! The signs clearly say 30 — heard it all now. Ahh well rh look on the brightside(s), you don't speed I bet and you ain't giving up your free time — why are you so anxious?

7:37pmmeddleman on Speed Watch
  • I've just seen that Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children, has been fined for using his mobile phone whilst driving. Moreover, his own children were in the car at the time. Incredible; what an example to set! This man runs our education system! And some people think we don't need Speedwatch! They've certainly got a job on!

6:48pmworm on Speed Watch
  • To put it very simply.....You have nothing to fear if you stick to the speed limit. Those who don't ,are breaking the law. Easy to understand if you ask me.

6:40pmRhoda Head on Speed Watch
  • The way a road is determines the way drivers use it. So to influence driver behaviour you have to start with the road. This is where our kerbside cops have got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

2:27pmFarner Giles on Speed Watch
  • I have monitored this thread over the last few days, and I can't believe the dissent shown to a dedicated group of people keen to improve road safety in Audlem.
    On an associated topic, I can't believe the national speed limit applies as you drive along the A525 through Buerton — this is a built up area with a school just around the corner and traffic (particularly motorbikes) seem to treat it as an alternative to OultonPpark.

1:56pmChapel Ender on Speed Watch
  • Canal cat — I live on Woore Road and have recently engaged with local councillors about reducing the speed limit from 60 mph to 40mph. The local councillor and highways officials turned up to see the problem (we had "highlights" of examples of dangerous driving). However, unless somone is killed or a number of accidents occur they have greater priorities. Prevention is not better than cure it seems.

10:00amCanal Cat on Speed Watch
  • Also should add that Buerton and Hankelow have 60 mph speed limits, which to me seems dangerously fast ! Surely 40 mph would be more sensible given the difficult junctions in those villages?

9:06amConcerned on Questions To Potential Mp's
  • Having read the reply to the aol questions by stephen o’brien especially about the cuts in the nhs budget, I wonder if he is aware of the rumoured cuts in the NHS front line services that appear to be taking place in Leighton and Northwich?
    It is my understanding that wards are being closed in Leighton, nurses are being placed on notice of potential redundancy and at Northwich Victoria Infirmary patients are being “decanted”.
    In the light of all protestations by national and local potential MPs that the NHS is safe with them, that funds are ring fenced and that investment is to continue in front line services, whether they or anyone can confirm these rumours, and if correct I would be interested in the candidates' response to this situation.

8:37amCanal Cat on Speed Watch
  • I think the speed limits need re-thinking in Audlem, especially as you come into the village from Whitchurch. You arrive at potentially up to 60 mph on the A525 then drop down a steep hill to be confronted by a 30 mph limit at the bridge, then followed by another steep uphill section.
    I think the limit at the bridge would be better at 40mph reducing to 30mph at the top of the following hill (nr Moorsfield Avenue) but surely the very centre of the village should then be 20 mph given how narrow it is? I have had angry drivers up my behind at 30mph, wanting me to speed up there!

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