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Friday 26th Nov

4:15pmpiggy on Washing Machine Repair
  • Thank you for your answers re.washing machine repair & chimney sweep.
    Locketts have been and mended my machine,very prompt & reasonable.
    I remember Mr Haycocks and his wife,they swept our chimney before but I couldn't remember their name. They are great! I love this Audlem website!

2:57pmsycophantic on Snoring
  • A pillow placed firmly over face for 60 seconds?

8:26amrobinwilson on Snoring
  • Does anybody know of anything to help cure snoring?

Thursday 25th Nov

3:02pmclaire on New Recruits Wanted
  • Hi, I'm a local Usborne books seller and I'm traying to find someone in the Audlem/Nantwich area to join my team selling books. It'd be your own business, it costs just £38 to set up and for that you get £130's worth of kit. I can provide all training and initial leads to get you going. I'm just too busy to meet the demand from that way. Please email me — — for more information if you think you could be interested. Thanks, Claire.

10:56amlf on Heavy Lorries
  • I'm sure we are all very grateful to the largest local contractor and their gritting, what I think most people object to is the speed at which these tractors are coming through the village. I was coming through the village last night and a tractor was coming the opposite way and it literally lunged into the side of the road to stop and I looked up and the young lad driving the vehicle had his mobile phone under his chin!

9:39amAnnt on Heavy Lorries
  • I don't remember tractors being the bone of contention. How they are driven, apparently up on to the pavements in a trice, often with the driver on a hand held 'phone or radio transmitter has indeed been commented upon. I think the drivers can see over hedges etc but used very much to worry about whether or not that meant that a child or Lucy when she lived here would be noticed. I have now purchased a high visibility jacket, if I can remember where it is.

Wednesday 24th Nov

8:24pmAgainst the grain on Heavy Lorries
  • I have an idea that the folks complaining about contractors' tractors passing through the village will not be complaining as loudly this winter. The largest local contractor is also responsible for a lot of local gritting with the tractors and trailed spreaders. They will get through where no ordinary gritting wagon will!

8:50amGrandad Dooler on Heavy Lorries
  • Wrexham M & S is on the A525.

Tuesday 23rd Nov

6:11pm57 Lawnman on Heavy Lorries
  • Yesterday saw a Eddie Stobart going through the village at a great rate! To-day a Marks & Spencer lorry at 7.45am going towards Whitchurch? A525. Next M/S shop is Chester? Why Audlem on the route?

3:24pmHelpful on Washing Machine Repair
  • Washing machine man: Dave Locketts 01270 650900. Very good service and reasonable price.

3:04pmJimmal on Washing Machine Repair
  • Hi we use Sammy Haycocks to sweep our chimneys. Sammy and his wife are fab, reliable and very reasonable their tel no: 01948 860103.

11:24amTerryGH on The Ticket Man Is Around!
  • Warning to Audlem motorists... the parking ticket man is around today!

9:47ampiggy on Washing Machine Repair
  • Does anybody know of a good washing machine repair person? Have had no response from the few I have contacted and the washing is piling up!Also,can anybody recommend a chimney sweep.Thanks in advance.

    Editor's comment: We have always found Reg Woolley excellent — his shop is in Hospital Street, Nantwich. His number is 01270 626386.

9:37amPJ on Audlem Is Good!
  • All villages are equal but some are more equal than others.

Monday 22nd Nov

8:41pmsycophantic on Audlem Is Good!
  • "Audlem is good, four villages bad" said squeeler.

Sunday 21st Nov

7:24pmAnnt on Audlem Is Good!
  • Do be careful Robin, you are in danger of enraging the sycophancy police who will think that you were put up to posting such a pleasant item. I may even wrongly get the blame. Or perhaps a website team member. I do agree with you, I love the place too and am so glad that friends in Hankelow recommended Audlem as a place to live. Good recommendation.

6:10pmrobinwilson on Audlem Is Good!
  • I sent this email to an Australian friend, who visited Audlem once, may years ago "This extract fromAudlem-Online sums up why Audlem is such a good place to live! The village of Audlem in south Cheshire, the national winner of Defra’s Village of the year for its community spirit, has a very active website, Audlem Online — — which is read by around 700 people a day (21,000 a month). Our population is under 2,000 although the website does cover three outlying villages and rural areas."
    He replied "Congrats to all the residents of Audlem – if they had bothered to ask us we would have told them years ago" and later added "we loved the place".
    We have lived here since early 1978, and love it too — well done Audlem!.

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