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Wednesday 12th May

10:29amtlunt55 on Music Festival
  • I hope Audlem is going to turn out in force to support the festival this year. I came down from the north of England last year, and was amazed at the atmosphere.

    I read on the festival website: that 'Alive & Kickin' will be playing this year. I have seen this band perform a number of times and I must say they are superb!

10:23amMontyMoose on Article
  • Audlem Villager: I think the webteam should take it as a compliment that you think the website looks so professional, people should be warned that it is in fact an unofficial website run by volunteers! I'm sorry if you feel patronised that is not my intention.

10:14ammeddleman on Article
  • Sensible advice Montymoose: " think before you write". However, I have concluded that this is completely beyond several contributors to this site. The problem with free speech is that it allows the empty headed and self-absorbed to spit their unpleasant criticisms without offering anything constructive in return. I think the Audlem website is a fantastic facility for the village and am very grateful for the obvious hard work that goes in to producing it. .

10:12amAudlem Villager on Article
  • MontyMoose you need to turn down your 'patronise' switch. Perhaps I chose my words and phrase wrong? But your 'I know better than all' way is equally as bad. We shall agree to disagree, you obviously have a vested interest? If the website is not official then that message "unofficial" should be visible on the home page, you give off the image that you are official. As someone who runs an unofficial website for an organisation I ensure it says so.

10:01amMontyMoose on Article
  • Audlem Villager: As I understand it there is nothing official about the website, it is just a team of people working very hard for no reward. Or as you would no doubt see it: sitting around doing nothing, enjoying the glory, and letting valued members of the community such as your good self get on with all the “real work”.

    You are indeed entitled to your own opinion, I just hope other people on the ChatBox realise that you are, in my opinion, wrong.

10:01amChapel Ender on Article
  • As a former webmaster myself (for the town where I used to live) and also an IT professional I can only admire this website. It is up-to-date, informative and well constructed. People who moan really don't understand the time and effort that goes into something like this — I don't see the webteam "enjoying the glory".

9:38amAudlem Villager on Article
  • Well MontyMoose we will have to disagree won't we, but I am allowed my opinion and that is how I see it. Thanks for being so patronising but I did think before hand, just differentley to you. Is this website an official website?

9:35amAnnt on Article
  • Audlem Villager what is your real beef? Most people I think must have an idea of the amount of effort the webteam puts in, as the partner of one of them I certainly have. Is it that none of us have been in the village forever, just over 30 years for three of the team? What is CSW please in plain English, I will probably know when it is explained.

9:12amMontyMoose on Article
  • Audlem Villager...? Seriously, in what way does the webteam "sit back and enjoy the glory".

    They spend hours and hours each week working on this website. They campaign on local issues, assist local businesses and promote events. It is so easy to write silly things which could upset people who work very hard for free. Next time, please 'think' before you write.

8:40amAudlem Villager on Article
  • "We all know that Audlem is a fantastic village and the great spirit and community in the village is down to all the people of Audlem." Unless you are CSW group hey Audlem Webteam? Only a few in this village do the work, most (like the webteam) just enjoy the glory.

Tuesday 11th May

11:16amAnnt on The Saints
  • Sorry to read of your penalty shootout loss. Hope the last game goes well. I have enjoyed reading of your exploits but have only seen one of your matches. Him indoors thought I was too noisy for delicate young ears, but I'm not sure. I didn't swear or call the ref anything, Good Luck.

7:50amswan on Cookoos
  • Heard a cuckoo on Sunday at Rawhead in the Bickerton hills. Is this early for them?

Monday 10th May

3:30pmpj on Speedwatch Group
  • Thanks Tony for your interesting message about cookoos. It got me thinking. But not about cookoos as it happens. I wonder which of the following best describes the speed watch group as all have been used at some point.
    Vigilantes — An organised group who take the law into their own hands, often violently
    Big Brother — The voice and face of a ficticious totaliarian state that controls every part of one's life, room 101 is waiting for all that rebel, or a rubbish T.V. show.
    Mafia — family based organised crime often involving illegal drugs and prostitution and killing people.
    Taliban — Religious funadamentalists who among other things stop girls and women from being educated by killing them. And please, please, please do dare to have a different opinion. I don't even believe in God.

Sunday 9th May

5:19pmTony on Cookoos
  • Dear Sonia and Wittoner: It must be obvious, from the website jottings, that any difference in opinion, other than that of the Speed Vigilantes and their associated mafia connections, is very prone to bring down the wrath of God on any such foolish low life who dares to offer a different opinion. As Gordon says “It’s the right thing to do”!

12:03ampj on Speed Watch
  • Wittoner I am worried for you. Surely if the taliban are after you they might get to you as the 'parked vehicles in the village' taliban or even the 'deal with it as I have to' taliban. Or is the use of the word taliban just a short cut to saying anything I disagree with is oppressive rather than just soemone else's opinion? A bit like the taliban really.

Saturday 8th May

2:13pmWittoner on Speed Watch
  • Instead of introducing the 'traffic taliban' to our village to make it safer, the powers that be should first of all sort out the chaos caused by parked vehicles, at the moment this presents the biggest problem on the village's roads.
    Also to people who complain about speeding traffic on the Woore road, Green Lane etc. outside the 30 zone, deal with it, I have to, it's NOT a problem to me or most other residents, or do you want a 30 limit on any bit of road with a house nearby?

1:04pmSonia Chelp on Speed Watch
  • If Annt had properly understood what I wrote she would not feel any resentment against it.

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