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Monday 21st Jun

9:19amkeep on truckin on Awkward Audlem
  • Having been a lorry driver for many many years I have to say what a very awkward little village Audlem is. Firstly, if it was up to me I would chop off a big section of the church garden by the Post Office which would mean with a fully loaded lorry (40 tonnes) I could get a bit of speed up coming into Audlem from the Newcastle direction and save a lot of time on my daily drive time. It may cause a few grunts and groans from the locals maybe but my time is precious and the running costs of heavy goods vehicles these days are astronomical....Also the lamp post in the centre could go as it serves not a lot of purpose as far as I can see.

    If all villages were to do the same as this I reckon it could save many thousands of pounds for haulage companies. I would appreciate any feedback from any of the residents of Audlem before I contact the planning people at the council.

Sunday 20th Jun

10:23amwittoner on Parking
  • Against the grain says that the photo of the coop delivery truck on the pavement should be forwarded to Ken Maple. It was there on the website, surely he saw it. Will it be acted upon ?

10:20amwittoner on Parking
  • Can't agree with fred1066 enough, cyclists are a menace on our roads, their completely selfish attitude and lack of consideration for TAX paying road users drives me to boiling point. They ride along in groups taking up all of the road and then wonder why they get irate drivers overtaking them in dangerous places because their patience has worn out. It's the 21st century, cyclists and horse riders should be removed from our already overcrowded and dangerous roads..

10:13amwittoner on Thefts
  • Judy, after also being subjected to the England 'performance' on Friday night I find that it is me that has been cured, where can I get my hands on a Welsh flag, or any other flag for that matter !

Saturday 19th Jun

7:45pmAnnt on Parking
  • fred 1066.How selfish of cyclists to get their exercise and enjoyment by momentarily slowing down drivers. I suggest they cycle in pairs for protection. Have they made you late for church?

3:24pmJudy Benson on Thefts
  • Wittoner — As you suggested, I sent my Welsh husband to be cured at The Bridge on Friday night. He did support England for the full 90 minutes as instructed.Unfortunately, your suggestion didn't work, and if anything, its made the condition a little worse !What do we do now ?

11:53amAgainst the grain on Parking
  • Original Coop plans were for parking of their own in front of the shop, That was changed to accommodate more houses instead! Parking on pavement is illegal and if you forward a photo of the offender to PC Maple they will be dealt with as befits their selfish ways. Enforcement of limited period waiting on Shropshire and Cheshire St would help somewhat.

8:57amfred1066 on Thefts
  • What happened to the Irish flag that used to be outside the ex pipe smokers office (next door to the fabric shop)?

8:52amfred1066 on Parking
  • Another road traffic problem are the cyclists.Why do they have to go in bunches at least two abreast holding up the traffic? The Audlem Milk Race mob are becoming a Sunday road nuisance.

Friday 18th Jun

7:50pmKW on Hankelow Restaurant
  • We have had a take-away from Hankelow Cottage tonight and it was fantastic. Full of flavour and excellent quality. Also seemed to be quite a few others ordering take-aways and a few eating too. Will definitely go again especially looking forward to the Wednesday night special offer!

1:08pmswan on Thefts
  • Audlem fire station had the same thing done about 6yrs ago. We had a Cheshire fire flag stolen. It cost over £200 pounds and only lasted a few days. Nobody was ever caught so this is why you never see a flag flying from the station. They took the splice as well. This wasn't young kids either as it was too high to reach.

Thursday 17th Jun

6:28pmwittoner on Thefts
  • Judy, tell him to come and support England in the Bridge on Friday night and he'll be cured lol.

9:35amJudy Benson on Thefts
  • Wittoner — there was a time when racism wasn't frowned upon...but it is now LOL !Note to self to seek help for Welsh husband.

9:22amPerplexed on Thefts
  • Only on this chatbox could reports of a series of thefts spark a petty row about the origins of the culprits...based on nothing other than conjecture & entrenched opinion!

8:46amJedimaster65 on Parking
  • Wittoner is right.The Coop delivery lorry causes complete mayhem in the village every time it shows up.The parking spaces opposite should be got rid off, replaced by double yellow lines and disabled only parking in Methodist church car park for the less able to get to the Coop.Sorted !

7:39amCanal Cat on Thefts
  • Paul, once again, your assumptions are incorrect.I now read that even the Church roof is not sacred!Do you still feel that passing boaters may be marauding around our village with large ladders enabling them to steal from rooftops and flags from atop flag poles... ? .

1:52amWittoner on Parking
  • HGV's passing through the village are a nuisance its true, but the main problem is the parking spaces provided, we have a huge public car park but unfortunately an apparently bone idle population who can't walk 50 yards to the shops. Also the coop delivery truck shown blocking the road on the website photo should be reported for parking on the pavement, or is it a case of one law for one again ? Aren't they supposed to park at the rear ?

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