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Saturday 28th Aug

9:34pmGB on Congratulations
  • My celebration of Audlem Online has to be more muted than Ann Tilling's. Its glory days were under Webteam Mark2. Now under Mark3 with its restrictions it has gone tame. However its owner has the right to run it how he wishes.

8:50pmswan on Chat Room Etiquette
  • Chapel Ender: It's all part of the fun of saying things that you want to say but face to face people don't speak the truth because they know they might offend and if you did say the things you said on here you would have very few friends left. Just take it with a pinch of salt.

8:45pm57lawnman on Eating Out
  • Had a great meal out to-night. Not saying where as it may be ramming it down some throats! But it was very very good! Not in Audlem though!

6:29pmBilly Gibbons on Billy's Chicken Run
  • Hi Judy; Don't you mean Dragon's Hen and Chick Park? See what you've done now.

5:53pmmum on Hankelow Restaurant
  • Had a really lovely meal last night at the Indian. Apologies to those that are getting fed up of all this praise but it's great to go out locally and have a fantastic meal and be able to walk home. If we can't show our appreciation think its a bit sad! So keep up the praise!

11:23amJudy Benson on Billy's Chicken Run
  • Just wondered if we were going to see you on Dragon's Den Billy? Or perhaps your idea may be of interest to Wallace & Gromit creator, Nick Park? It's certainly a very compreHENsive piece of kit ! Well done!

9:26amsycophantic on Chat Room Etiquette
  • I agree wholeheartedly with Annts piece. I wish all our local business much custom and busy days, I am looking forward to the beer festival also. I just wish, my original reason for coming on here, users didn't ram it down our throats in such a sickly and obvious manner as was done with the chippy as it is vomit inducing.

Friday 27th Aug

11:39pmAnnt on Chat Room Etiquette
  • I seem to be unable to follow who is complaining about whom. Humour is very hard to convey and umbrage easy to take but the recent chipshop exchange was a bit OTT, the place has only just opened. Nice to hear good reports. I believe in trying to be polite but always positive? Surely not. That probably hasn't translated quite how it was intended either. Now I shall not be an avid participant in this weekend's beerfest but hope it goes well. I must try to be around the Square on Monday evening, outside the Lord Combermere to hear Jim Kirkpatrick et al's jam session. Events like this weekend's give the place a bit of a buzz.

7:29pmbusinessbanker on Chat Room Etiquette
  • Being that someone reading the chatbox for the first time and living not too far away...I was beginning to wonder if no one liked each other in Audlem. Being someone trying to support small businesses and keep negative press at bay, I wish every small business in Audlem and surrounding area all the success in the world. It is hard enough trying to keep businessess going and we should all support these harding working folks. I for one will then stay in a job. We should be grateful we can walk to our shops etc and not have to drive everywhere. Keep the heart in the village!

7:13pmsycophantic on Chat Room Etiquette
  • I think it is always (the Chatroom) either one extreme or the other Peace Man. I read a week or so ago many arguments over hedgerows and someone (may be you) actually wrote how horrible some personalities were in Audlem, now I find this chatroom either very informative or very sycophantic, ego based and incestuous but that is just me. The negative moaning, well that seems to be going on daily and has done for many a while.

5:52pmPeace Man on Chat Room Etiquette
  • Well said Chapel Ender and Billy Gibbons. Why do some people feel the need to be so blatently rude? What's wrong with putting up comments that are positve and polite? Someone reading Chatbox for the first time might think Audlem is full of negative moaning people — which isn't the case in my experience.

1:50pmBilly Gibbons on Chat Room Etiquette
  • I agree, thats why I choose to put my name as opposed to a nick name...having said that, this is a nick name but some people will know it's me. But anyway, I'd never post anything on the ChatBox that I wouldn't dare say to someone's face. I know that could be seen as being a bit of a wimp, but I'd rather be seen to be that than a keyboard warrior to be honest.

1:06pmsycophantic on Chapel Ender
  • No.

    Editor's comment: We were tempted to add "Thank You" but having edited a Sycophantic post yesterday, decided against.

1:04pmgeoff on Clock Appeal
  • I'm glad to see that the donations are "ring" fenced!

11:09amChapel Ender on Chat Room Etiquette
  • As a regular reader of this site and many others I am always amazed how people interact quite differently than "person-to-person". On many occasions the cloak of anonymity brings out the worst in human conditions. Please post messages as if you are known to the reader even if using a nick name.

10:05amsycophantic on Dry Cleaners
  • I have just received my skirt and blouse from the dry cleaners. I must say how dry and clean they are, it is an amazing job. Well done, keep up the standards I will be in again soon.

9:27am57lawnman on Chipshop
  • Oh I wish I had not said how good the fish and chips are in the first plaice! Sorry all I was only trying to help a new business get going and offer the village another great plaice! That's it on the chipshop from me — it's had its chips!

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