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Sunday 30th May

1:10pmGB on Website
  • As BoredofThis has observed the attempt to eliminate disagreeable language has failed. It was doomed to fail since it was aimed at topics not at offending posters. Anyway they only show themselves up so let them get on with it. I appeal to the webteam to restore the posting freedom that we had under Audlem Online Mark2.

10:54amNotinourVillage on Locals Only!
  • Whit your first paragraph made me spit my tea out in laughter. The funniest thing I have read since Viz, mind you also quite a worrying read as well. The village is about new people and new ideas mixing with the traditional and not just generations of family ties, don't you consider that a little inbred and odd. If the chatbox gives a true picture then some would rightfully conclude Audlem is not a very nice place unless you have lived here for 40 years and your offspring live here too. I read your post with a mock West Country accent for authenticity by the way. Get out more.

7:33amMinnie Brayne on Website
  • "We, the Audlem Online team, try to avoid an editorial stance on any controversial internal village issue, restricting ourselves to reporting such facts as we can obtain from official sources." Is the restriction not an editorial stance?

    Editor's comment: It could well be but then again, as an editorial stance is what we actually write, maybe it isn't.

Saturday 29th May

9:21pmWorm on Music Festival
  • Thanks for that. I didn't see that item.

9:02pmWhit Tonerperson on Poor Work.
  • Thatís just what we need more people buying into the village at the expense of local people whose children cannot afford a home in what was once their own village!
    I personally don't give a fig (no need to moderate that) who reads the varied comments on this chat box, at least it gives a true picture of village life and not the chocolate box illusion that tends to be portrayed by the Webteam via this propaganda machine!

8:32pmworm on Music Festival
  • Whilst enjoying this great festival today, I wonder why, no-one has set up a stall or something similar, so that CD's etc of the artists can be sold?
    I'm sure people would love to buy what they have heard!

    Editor's comment: We published a story about the Audlem Fringe a couple of days ago which said that CDs were being sold at Hoc's Fat Pigeon in Cheshire Street. The story on Thursday said:
    "And on the Fringe, Hocís Fat Pigeon will be playing various tracks from Festival Artists throughout each day, and also providing an opportunity to buy music and merchandise direct from the Artists. Go through the shop to the sun-trap and you never know who may make a brief live appearance sure to pop in over the festival weekend

3:01pmMinnie Brayne on Website
  • "The purpose of the Audlem Online website can be defined as to inform, entertain and promote the interests of the local community." We have been warned: it is not to provide us with a forum.

11:12amWittoner on Music Festival
  • DOH ! Now sober I realise I've been taken in, a case of 'beer in + brains out'..... no need to guess who's behind Victoria Mildew!

10:42amBoredofThis on Poor Work.
  • John Tilling wrote "Website issues" and Wittoner completely makes it a mockery and a waste of Mr Tilling's time. Of course Wittoner cleverly challenges the webteam and dares them to post his works, and that is enough for this ego based group.
    Wittoner is not funny and is rude and does deserve a reaction, but webteam will ensure that doesn't occur, as Joseph Goebbels would have done, propaganda is a powerful tool in any community. Disappointed in webteam!
    If someone reads this Chatbox with a view to buying into this village, what would they think of us?

2:32amWittoner on Audlem Festival
  • Oh Victoria, if it were not for the censorship which I'm sure would block my intended message, I would just like to say that you're quite right, one pub in the village is really overlooking a great opportunity, no bands, give up a couple 'o' grand but at least you'll still buy your 2 bottles of J2O — are'nt they balmy, how will they survive without you!
    GET A LIFE, oh and I'll bet you hate the church bells and tractors coming thru the village too!

Friday 28th May

2:16pmAllseeingtim on Audlem Festival
  • Victoria, while I understand that the music festival is not too everyone's taste and that yes some people would rather enjoy a quiet drink, you cannot begrudge all the pubs one very busy weekend.
    I don't think Big Bill said the pubs were doing very well all year and therefore, in order to survive and so that you can enjoy a quiet drink 51 weeks of the year, they capitalise on the festival.SIncere best wishes. Hope you have a pleasant weekend wherever you spend it..

10:11amChapel Ender on Coole Lane Re-surfacing
  • Is that it?

7:42amHelen Measures on Audlem Festival
  • Perhaps Victoria Mildew and friends would enjoy the peaceful and picturesque surroundings of Audlem cricket club this weekend. There is a licenced bar and the team seems to have made a good start to the season and would be well worth watching.

12:00amVictoria Mildew on Audlem Festival
  • Thanks for your response Big Bill — if the local pubs are doing so well maybe they should put on a free bus service to say Nantwich this weekend so their regular customers can still enjoy a quiet drink.
    As it is, I think several of us might get together and have a pint at someone's home this weekend, instead of at a local pub, and if we get used to that they have lost our trade all year.

Thursday 27th May

11:19pmSpink on Website
  • Some posters believe they can read the thoughts of other posters. Then they post their supposed findings for anybody to read. I however can only go by what people actually write.
    Audlem Online's Chairman has written the unguarded comment that the Chatbox "... is, after all, supposed to be a bit of fun." So we posters should not aspire to write serious posts on serious matters. Our function is to provide light entertainment.
    I have been accused of trying to create dissention within the webteam but whether the policy is that of an individual or the group I have to submit that it should be changed. So can we write again about Speedwatch and any other serious matters that come to mind?

5:08pmBig Bill on Audlem Festival
  • @ Victoria — do you really think any of the pubs are going to put their hand up and say: "Yeah, we'll be the ones who stay quiet and do a rubbish trade over the village's busiest weekend of the year!"?
    Might I suggest venturing out of the village to Nantwich or Market Drayton if it's all a bit much?
    Not really having a go, just think it's unfair to expect pubs (which it is well documented are struggling in these times) to not take advantage of the hordes.

3:38pmVictoria Mildew on Audlem Festival
  • So Audlem Festival is with us once again and all the pubs will become a no — go area for some of us. Why can't one pub (at least) have no entertainment on for the weekend so those of us who just want to enjoy a quiet pint and a chat with our friends have somewhere to go.

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