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Tuesday 30th Nov

7:02pmAmz on Icy Roads
  • Thanks Malc, rang the highways department this afternoon and have managed to persuade them that the lower half of the lane needs to be gritted on the basis that ambulances wouldn't be able get to houses on the lane in an emergency. Also got them to replace the grit box that used to sit on the triangle by Bunsley Bank as their workmen removed over a year ago and never put it back!.

4:41pmMalc on Icy Roads
  • Amz — you will probably find that the L.A.'s policy on salting involves bus routes. I understand that the bus route from Hankelow Cottage turns left at Buerton Moss using Windmill Lane rather than the continuation of Longhill Lane.

4:23pmsycophantic on Featured Wedding
  • I too thought the pics were great, they all looked wonderful. I too am grateful to these men and women who serve our forces and do such an amazing and professional job. Not the point though JB and Annt is it? Once again rules are shifted to suit a clique to massage an ego of an editor who is, in my opinion, a disgrace. Now JB makes it all personal and patriotic to aid his point, pathetic I say! You call us 'trolls', how droll (see that?) of you.

    Editor's comment: As this is getting somewhat personal, and you know who I am, perhaps an email to me identifying yourself may be appropriate to even things up. Also, you didn't answer the point made after your last post — what sort of news coverage do want to see on Audlem Online?

4:00pmjedimaster65 on Featured Wedding
  • I am with JB on this one. I get tired of reading all the negative bile coming from some contributors who snipe at everything and contribute nothing.
    Maybe they want to change the name of this service to bitchbox?
    Take some advice from the old saying: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

12:00pmAnnt on Featured Wedding
  • Well said JB, what I wanted to say and more.

11:45amBeemerboy on Featured Wedding
  • I cannot believe the narrow minded attitude of some of the comments regarding the featured wedding! It was a lovely sight to see so many military personnel represented at such a happy occasion rather than the sad funeral processions we see too often in the news, as these people are risking their lives for the UK including Audlem on a daily basis! Just let them shine for one day!

11:41amsj on Featured Wedding
  • I'd like more wedding pictures — and christenings. Reasons to be cheerful in these gloomy times.

10:31amJB on Featured Wedding
  • Thank you website for featuring the recent wedding. I for one was very pleased to see it.
    For one horrible moment on Saturday morning, I thought that there had been some sort of military coup in the village!
    The bride and groom with their guard of honour (most, if not all, have served in Iraq, I believe) were a fantastic sight and I think it very much deserved featuring on Audlem Online for all to enjoy and appreciate. Congratulations to the families involved and many thanks to the servicemen who highly deserve our praises (and not to be sniped at by website trolls).
    It was a superb spectacle to watch and, speaking as a long term Audlem resident, I have never witnessed anything similar at the church — so it was definitely newsworthy in my opinion.
    I really do not understand the pettiness of those who have objected — perhaps a short tour of duty in Iraq would sharpen their perspecive on what is really important in life?

10:26amAmz on Icy Roads
  • Does anyone know why the gritters only gritted the top half of Longhill Lane going towards Hankelow, and not the lower half? You get to the turning for Windmill Lane and the road becomes terrible. I'm tempted to get a dog and sledge as it would safer than driving a car!

10:06amRippo on Featured Wedding
  • Totally agree with you NM — there have been plenty of brides and grooms who are far better known in the village and who would have been a pleasure to see on the website. Any weddings next weekend?

8:40amCanal cat on Feed The Birds 2
  • As this severe weather grips the area, can we all not forget the birds who find themselves struggling for not only food but especially water. We all need to keep bird baths unfrozen with fresh water which needs replenishing twice a day if our feathered friends are not to suffer severe dehydration.
    And bird nuts are a rare source of food and those of us with Holly trees shouldn't be too upset when they strip the berries before Christmas as it's one of the few sources of nutrition for them.
    Remember Mary Poppins advice, please "Feed the birds"!

8:35amAnnt on Featured Wedding
  • I thought that the article was an interesting one but then I was sorry not to be in the village to sing at the wedding of someone who was at school with one of my children and who I had seen, from a distance, grow up. My immediate reaction was to wonder why no one handed the lovely bride something to keep her warm. A sign of age, I think, mine not hers. My best wishes to Robert and Faye.

7:56amJAM on Featured Wedding
  • NM — can only assume you looked at the picture and didn't read the text as it explained that whilst the website does not normally feature weddings, this one was shown because there was a full guard of honour — something not normally seen in the village and which would have have raised some interest — I was certainly interested in seeing the photo.

7:51amsycophantic on Featured Wedding
  • At last someone else sees this blatant use of an 'official' (self-called) website as some egomaniac's toy. How perfect the write up was when outlining the Groom's mother. The Editor should resign.

    Editor's comment: The use of that particular wedding photo was explained in the story. Thank you for your continued interest in the website — not described as 'official' anywhere, we think. If you would like to let us know the sort of stories you would enjoy, please let the webteam know.

Monday 29th Nov

7:50pmNM on Featured Wedding
  • Whilst I do congratulate the couple featured in the "Honour Guard at Audlem Wedding" story, can I ask why their wedding was featured? There are plenty of weddings in Audlem, most weeks in fact, none of which I've seen featured on Audlem Online. Why preferential treatment for some and not all? Surely there isn't Nepotism in Audlem?! Ahem.

    Editor's comment: It was because of the Honour Guard which made an exceptional picture which we did explain in the story.

4:24pmshoes on House Needed To Rent
  • Check, theres usually one or 2 on there.

8:07amAnnt on Snoring
  • Walk down to the village pharmacy and ask them to order one. They may be able to help though they have less scope for that sort of thing now that they are part of a larger organisation.

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