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Friday 2nd Jul

11:57amedge1 on Nursery Care
  • We use the Nursery on Jackson's Corner in Wistaston — handy for Crewe or Nantwich area, Our son has attended since he was 9 months old and we are really happy with the care he receives. He starts smiling the minute we pull into the car park!

8:57amJedimaster65 on Buzzards
  • I too had a close encounter with a Buzzard on Wednesday as it swooped down into my garden to land in the conifer tree where there are blackbirds and pigeons nesting.
    The look of horror on my cat's face said it all as she realised it was a little out of her league... the sheer size of these birds only becomes apparent when you get up really close, the full wingspan was about 2.5 metres...Yikes!

2:02amwittoner on Buzzards
  • Country boy, why waste bullets? Just let the buzzards take the vile creatures out ! lol !

Thursday 1st Jul

10:20pmCountry Boy on Buzzards
  • Break out the Ak 47s.

9:24pmGB on Audlem History
  • There was an enquiry recently about a George Lynes who came to Audlem in the 19th century to set up as a coal merchant. I have read somewhere that Audlem Gasworks, which did not survive, and of which there is now no trace, was built by a George Lynes. Since Lynes is not a common local name it could have been the same man.
    Coming down to my parent's time there were brothers George and Harry Lynes. Perhaps they were descendants. I only knew of George by mention but Harry was married to my aunt Mary. They are buried in the Cemetery together with a son also called Harry who died at 15. There was a memorial to them till a few years ago when The Burial Board in its wisdom demolished it.

9:04pmBit o politics on Buzzards
  • I blame the Government — what have they ever done about the Buzzards? Does anyone have the number for the Daily Mail?

7:15pmWittoner on Buzzards
  • I would just like to make it clear that even with my well publicised dislike of cyclists on our roads, I have NOT taken to training birds of prey to carry out my dirty work, thank you! Ooh, now a hostile badger!

8:23amChrisJ on Buzzards
  • Yesterday evening I was out on a cycle ride near Coole Pilot Lane and was attacked by a buzzard. It has made a dent in the top of my cycle helmet and felt like a branch falling on my head — quite frightening. Do they do this often? I was lucky I was wearing a helmet as I think I could have been quite badly hurt.

Wednesday 30th Jun

7:08amHelen Measures on Nursery Care
  • My grandson goes to Napley nursery just outside Norton in Hales which is about 5 miles away. My daughter is delighted with it. The nursery is set on a farm, the staff are really lovely, the food home cooked, and the children seem extremely happy. My grandson loves it, he is 20 months old and has attended since 6 months.

Tuesday 29th Jun

8:27pmpenitent sinner on Nursery Care
  • Ask how long the staff have been there. Quick turnover = unhappy staff = problems. I was cheeky and asked staff how much they were paid. Differences were amazing and showed how much profit some were making. So I chose the one where staff were paid most relative to the fees.

7:01pmJAM on Nursery Care
  • Hi, we used Parklands for both our children and were very happy.

3:35pmSonia on Nursery Care
  • Im looking into nursery care for my baby for when I have to go back to work, and as this is my first child I have no idea at all about what the local nurseries are actually like.

    Id really appreciate some advice from anyone who has some experience.In particular Im looking at Parklands in Stapeley and Stepping Stones in Weston. Are there other places I should consider?

    Your help would be very gratefully received..

12:53amian on Day Care For The Elderly
  • This subject appears to have disappeared from view. Age Concern are no longer supporting it and it is up to the local community to provide it. It may not affect you or yours at he moment. A few years down the line and you may wonder where it went. Please concider what is important in this community with the age of its residents. If this facility goes we will all eventualy suffer.

Monday 28th Jun

12:17pmBilly Gibbons on Quiet Roads (safer)?
  • Just had a thought, you couldn't have been the school bus driver because, if you were, you'd be about a 113 years old now and, you may be getting me mixed up with someone else because, when I was at school, I wasn't Billy Gibbons. That name came a bit later. You didn't go to school in Texas did you? If you did, you may well have gone with a Billy Gibbons but not this one, which I wasn't anyway, 'till later. Or something along those lines.....

9:10amBilly Gibbons on Quiet Roads (safer)?
  • Hellooo KOT, well, I'm as old as me gums but a bit younger than me teeth!If you went to Shavington Secondary School you may well have gone to school with me. You weren't the school bus driver were you?.

Sunday 27th Jun

8:48pmkeep on truckin on Quiet Roads (safer)?
  • i went to school with a billy gibbons (a few years ago now though) how old are you Billy ?

5:23pmBilly Gibbons on Quiet Roads (safer)?
  • I wish the World Cup was on EVERY weekend! It's not that I'm a football fan, it's just that the roads (Green Lane in particular) has not been as quiet (safe) since I moved here.

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