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Monday 30th Mar

10:47amDaveM on canal movement
  • As a resident & a boater...
    The canals and towpaths are not closed. I suspect the increased traffic you are seeing is mostly due to people making for home or somewhere to sit tight. We went out a week ago, but headed home when the lock-down was announced. Boaters are encouraged to minimise their movement as much as possible, as we all are. In practice many boatyards have shut up shop, so getting gas, diesel & toilet facilities will be a problem, and deter much movement.
    Out of interest, for any "landlubbers" running out of solid fuel, the coal boat Halsall will be through the village today.
    As to the moaning moorer concerned about their health, I have no sympathy. Go elsewhere where the towpaths are not popular, as several boats have done in the Hack Green direction.

10:08amChris Lewis on news
  • To my mind the most significant statistic would be number of deaths set against the number hospitalised and then discharged cured. A positive statistic to give hope

Sunday 29th Mar

11:56pmAnnT on news
  • Given that much time has gone in to splitting the COVID 19 coverage why not just look at the part you are interested in and let some of us enjoy the stories and poems etc

4:07pmSuzieW on news
  • Web team — please don't spare us the 'stories, poems and articles'... please do spare us the C19 updates (apart from the dedicated tab). I am awash (as are my hands) with it all.

3:00pmSteveE on news
  • Well said Editors!

3:00pmbtb on canal movement
  • out for my only permitted exercise of the day, I noticed more traffic on the canal, than I had seen on the road into Nantwich, for essential supplies. are these boats supposed to be moving? For the record I was not on the towpath. One was cursing a person on the towpath for endangering her health.

12:47pmsoniachelp on news
  • To webteam: Spare us the "Stories,poems and articles" and give us news. For example the overall death rate now against the rate this time last year. The percentage increase would be a measure of the seriousness of the coronavirus epidemic.

    Editor's comment: The webteam's view is that all that sort of thing is already widely available in national and regional media.
    Not only that but one is naturally sceptical about the shades of truth that may be contained in such information, and we really don't want to be party to spreading any more "iffy" news.
    So we'll stick to some home grown contributions which are at least original and may help to lighten the mood, as well as giving our readers something useful to do during lock-down.

12:14pmBlubob on Today
  • Henry Bradshaw Excellent contribution

8:59amJudy Evans on Positive Thoughts
  • Excellent advice Lynne ! Thank you for sharing — its so good to have some positives to 'indulge' in at this time (especially the gin).

Saturday 28th Mar

12:54pmSoftail on Techmedia
  • Agree wholeheartedly, excellent service.

11:54amK.L on Techmedia
  • Likewise Sandy, couldn't agree more.

8:52amsandy on Techmedia
  • Further to the post from Julian of Techmedia offering technical help, I would like to say that I highly recommend this company. Julian is extremely pleasant and helpful and I would trust him to take the upmost care in these difficult times.

Friday 27th Mar

7:04pmLifetime on Day 2 Isolation
  • I have to say that got me laughing out loud.....some humour and cheer is needed.....thanks Steve....

Thursday 26th Mar

6:50pmHarryboy on PC spending
  • The facts do not agree with AnnT's favorable judgement of the Parish Council. For some time it has been negotiating to lease the Playing Field from Cheshire East. If they get it the only actual difference will be that payment for maintainence will be a requirement on the parish rate instead of being funded by Cheshire East.

5:20pmBlubob on The Toilets
  • What are the unforeseen circumstances.?

4:46pmNone-of-the-above on The Lord Combermere
  • Well said Paddy K. I could not agree more. You have encapsulated my thoughts in a nutshell.
    We are in the same boat and have to stay in isolation for at least 12 weeks.
    Not only have Allan and Jo delivered a meal for us but we also took advantage of their Greengrocery delivery which arrived courtesy of ADCA today.
    I always thought they were fantastic people for the village and my thoughts have just been confirmed.

4:00pmpetemarshall on The Lord Combermere
  • Just to remind Paddy K that Allen has a business partner and wife. She's called Jo. Surely as much deserving of the medal you would wish to bestow on Allen.

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