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Monday 15th Apr

10:42amJohnbbank on Spot the Pat
  • Can we also clarify that there won't be any arguments regarding whether said pat was laid down by a cow or a bull please.
    Anyway, enough of this bull pat.

8:17amPatty Spotters Syndicate on Spot the Pat
  • Can the ruling committee please clarify what type of winning 'pat' is it -- a single 'circular' one performance job or the 1st of a series of 'running' ones. Also can the committee clarify what constitutes the 'release'. Is it 'INTO' or 'IN' the field. Also will portable grandstands be allowed for spectators?

Saturday 13th Apr

6:44pmColonel Blimp on 50 and 300
  • What a fascinating anecdote from Mr W. — almost on a par with his day trip to Wigan on the train (which I still read from time to time). I also once got cash from a machine in Spain, but it came out as doubloons and the local newsagent there refused to let me but my Daily Mail with it on the thin pretext that they didn't actually sell it, the rotters. On the other hand Judy was more than happy to take my doubloons, then even sat me down with a lollipop and waited whilst Mrs Blimp came to reclaim me. You don't get better local service than that!

6:24pmbob-bee2000 on Blind Stupid
  • Over the years I thought that I had seen it all when it comes to the stupidity of some drivers. This morning stupidity reached a new level when on my way to Market Drayton I was faced with a driver in a black BMW who had just joined the traffic on Green Lane, their front windscreen totally obscured by frost! How they could see where they were going is beyond me. Oh yes, and there was the driver of the 63 reg, Blue, Honda 4x4 who overtook me at a speed in exess of 60 mph through Hankelow — I hope that you got to your emergency in time without killing anyone.

11:30amLynne on 50 and 300
  • How disappointing to read this article on Audlem On Line. Williams Newsagents opens 364 days a year and even provides a phone number on Christmas Day for emergencies. Judy and her family have served this village unstintingly for numerous years and I feel sorry that the writer has voiced this unfair and unjust criticism. I am also disappointed that Audlem on Line allowed this to be put into the public domaine as a "news" item especially when all local businesses are struggling at the moment and need our support.

    Editor's comment: We are sorry you feel that way about AOL Lynne. As you know, AOL is run by local volunteers and it has always been very supportive of local businesses, groups and events. Moreover it provides free publicity for 365 days a year for these village enterprises. The article in question was not a news item but a weekend feature article and did not directly refer to Judy and her family.
    I am sure no offence was meant and hope this may have been an overreaction.

10:18amDai R Straights on 50 and 300
  • Ralph you didn't mention whether this wonderful Spanish newsagent contributed to your local events by selling your event tickets free of charge, donating raffle prizes to your fund raising quizzes, and took paid adverts to support your event brochures ? Or was it just that they took your money in an expedient manner ?

7:41amsillius soddus on 50 and 300
  • When ever I have only had a large denomination note to purchase a solitary low value item in the local newsagents I have always apologised to the shopkeeper / counter assistant for my lack of foresight and have always received an amusing reply along with my change.In fact I can't recall ever experiencing any difficulty with the issue that the writer of the article seems to have experienced locally.
    It would seem that the wonderful village community spirit he constantly reminds us of doesn't extend to members of the retail trade.

Friday 12th Apr

10:08pmJudy Evans on 50 and 300
  • Strange comment to make Ralph about your local newsagents. We never have a problem with people bringing notes to change ? For that matter we never have a problem bringing large amounts of change in either ? I feel sad you felt to make such a comment ,when we always try to be accommodating as possible to our customers. Judy — at your local newsagents

9:36amtarkatronic on Crow next removal
  • Thank you for all the advice on the removal (or not) of the Crow's nest being built under the roof of our house. I have noted it may be illegal to do so and given the amount of effort the pair of Jackdaw's (yes I even took the time to identify the species) have put into constructing the nest, it will remain in place until the fledglings fledge. I was going to relocate to the west wing of our mid terrace house as someone suggested, however that is currently occupied by a grand piano and indoor fountain at the moment, I will embrace my inner Bill Oddie for the foreseeable.

Wednesday 10th Apr

9:01pmHarryboy on Crow next removal
  • To Tarkatronic: If the birds are occupying a part of the building you yourself do not use why would you wish to remove them? Learn to love nature.

10:43amIanT on Crow next removal
  • I'd check the legality of doing this before you have it removed or do it yourself. I'm fairly sure that once a wild bird has selected a nest site and started to build it, it is illegal to remove it until the young have fledged. Check the Wildlife and Countryside Act for details.

9:26amAndy on Crow next removal
  • Tarkatronic I believe it is an offence to remove a bird nest under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

    Put up with it this year and take remedial action when the young have fledged and the nest abandoned.

8:09amangryofaudlem on ASET firework update
  • Sadly, pet owners, I think you will be sorely disappointed on if you think NOT holding the event will bring relief to your animals. The reality is that instead of one specified day when there is a relatively short burst of fireworks at a predetermined time, you will now get lots of private garden events, which will take place randomly throughout the evening.....or even spread over the whole weekend. As a pet owner myself I know which I prefer.....and as a parent, health & safety wise, I would prefer children (and adults) to attend organised events. Not everyone will go out of the village for their firework entertainment, when it is perfectly legal to hold your own.

7:05amtarkatronic on Crow next removal
  • Hi recommendations for someone with a big ladder who can remove a crows nest that is being built underneath my roof where a peice of soffit board is missing, ideally fixing a small section of wire mesh to stop it happening again.

Tuesday 9th Apr

10:18pmbob-bee2000 on ASET firework update
  • Well said Olive, couldn't agree more. Our dogs hated the noise and used to cower under the kitchen table. If we made children as fearful of our actiuons as that, the old bill and social services would be knocking on our door in a matter of minutes. shouting 'child abuse'.

Monday 8th Apr

11:34amCat lover on ASET firework update
  • Sorry to have to to say this but we are pleased to hear that the fireworks is to close.
    The animals are petrified and it goes on all the year through after all the Party's that we have in the village so to do without one is not that bad.
    Also it's right close to our house


Saturday 6th Apr

5:37pmAgent436743 on ASET firework update
  • Can you still get indoor fireworks? They were an inoffensive novelty.

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