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Tuesday 11th Jun

1:06pmAnnT on Speedwatch in Buerton
  • My experience of speedwatch in Audlem some years ago now was distinctly unpleasant.
    The person I was working with and I clocked many speeding down from the bend on the Woore Road , we were by the Baptist Church. at least the same two
    cars went past at speed every day , latterly waving to us and some vicious backbiting among the team has put me off for life. as far as I am aware it was a waste of time.

8:29amBuerton1 on Speedwatch in Buerton
  • Agent436743 makes a very good point. The volunteer approach is far too arbitrary, and whilst it may provide the police with some statistics, it will not in any way penalise or deter the offending motorists. The real use of speed cameras is massively diminishing though, so maybe a smiley radar "your speed is X" warning device might have more impact? I'm thinking about something like the device at the end of Longhill Lane in the 30mph zone near to the White Lion. What I can categorically confirm is that far too many motorists (especially motorcyclists) completely ignore the 40mph limit through Buerton.

Monday 10th Jun

9:26pmAgent436743 on Speedwatch in Buerton
  • A "speedwatch" group was considered for Audlem some years ago but not carried through. A speeding driver might confront a vigilante where he would not confront a policeman.
    Would a pole-mounted camera not be a better answer?

9:04pmHarryboy on Website makeover
  • I don't often agree with AnnT but now having heard Trump say that our NHS should be "on the table" I am inclined to agree with her second paragraph. We could break free of Brussels only to find ourselves under the thumb of Washington.

1:25pmSoftail on Oil Boiler Service Recommendations
  • I can thoroughly recommend Nigel Rowley of R & N Garner Services, Burleydam.

    A polite, clean and tidy worker and thorough in all aspects of his work. Even came out to me on a Saturday at no extra cost and did a first class job.

Saturday 8th Jun

8:50pmAnnT on Website makeover
  • I did to some extent understand your comment. I too have had posts rejected or not put online but this was after many exchanges became vitriolic, not necessarily involving me, and I can see some of the reasoning behind the decision.
    The web team have quite a difficult job to do, particularly in this last year, and although I don't agree with the decision totally I was able to see the thought behind it.
    In case my lack of foray into AOL recently for anything political let me sum up my position:- staunch EU supporter, preferable to being a Trump minion.
    Somewhat left of centre and public services supporter.
    Better not put more but there you are Harryboy, can't argue with you on AOL. Bother Brexit.

10:20amHarryboy on Website makeover
  • AnnT has not understood my comment. My problem is that I cannot "Put up an article" on political matters and my "suggestion" is that contributions on political matters should be allowed to all.
    As regards our MP I do not mind her reports but only mention them for comparison.

Friday 7th Jun

9:35amJXP on Elderly care...
  • I have available hours between 1-4pm, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. If you or a friend/relative need help with cooking, shopping, companionship, please do not hesitate in contacting me for further info. Many thanks Julie
    Contact 07467 587456 or

Thursday 6th Jun

5:27pmAnnT on Website makeover
  • I believe our MP sends in her 'pages' as an article not a ChatBox entry.
    I find her to be reasonable. She does, I know, like to tell us what she has been up to.
    Put an article up with your thoughts or indeed suggestions or do you just do brickbats?

7:23amSoftail on Adderley Traffic Lights
  • Still there, still absolutely no sign of anything happening.

Tuesday 4th Jun

10:09pmPKWood on Money found
  • We found some money on our dog walk this evening, that someone must have dropped.
    We would like t return it.
    Let us know how much a roughly where and we can arrange to return it.

Sunday 2nd Jun

1:35pmHarryboy on Website makeover
  • Since our MP can submit several pages AoL policy is not really one of "no politics" but rather of "de haut en bas".

10:31amAndy on Website makeover
  • Is it technically possible to only allow comments from readers that use their proper name?

    I don't really understand why people would want to post comments under an anonymous title.

10:28amStb on Party on the park
  • I've heard a rumour that the Micheal Jackson act has been changed and is now a Rihanna tribute act is this true?

8:16amBilly Gibbons on Village Signs
  • Great job regarding the signs. Talking of signs, I wonder if we can have a new Green Lane sign at the top of Green Lane please. (I can't think of a better place to put a Green Lane sign although I suppose a few people would tell me of an alternative place to stick it) We had one for years then it suddenly grew legs and beggared off. Can we have a new one please thank you.

Saturday 1st Jun

11:11pmAnnT on Website makeover
  • They, The we team that is, used to allow a broader range of contributions it is true. The sheer amount of vitriol they had to contain was a factor in the dumbing down of Chatbox which has cut down a few chances to be clever and cutting under the guise of anonymous contributions.
    Everything that is submitted to Chatbox has to be read and the effect estimated.
    Any positive ideas.?
    You may have more joy sending in an article, I am so disturbed by the political climate and the deceit etc , the whole climate problems and of course Trump that I am thinking of growing feathers and becoming an ostrich.

11:07amsoniachelp on Website makeover
  • Audlem Online is to be "changed and upgraded" in September. It is to be hoped that some consideration will be given to the editorial policy as well as the format. As it is we are not allowed to exchange thoughts on the great political question of our time but are offered titbits of information such as that one contributor wears longjohns and another suffers hair loss.

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