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Monday 23rd Nov

4:04pmChris Johnson on The Bells!
  • I'm sorry that Ann had a bad experience visiting Bath. I wanted to look round Salisbury Cathedral when visiting my son who was living nearby. We had two beagles and a Jack Russell with us and so he decided to wait with them outside while I had a quick look. I was approached by an official asking if I wanted a guided tour as soon as I got through the door and when I explained about the dogs he said ' go and bring them in, dogs are far less trouble than children or teenagers'. So we all had a wander round this beautiful building, entrance was free and we enjoyed listening to the organ being played. Don't forget that entrance to all cathedrals is free if you attend a service. Sung Evensong by a cathedral quire is very beautiful

Sunday 22nd Nov

12:50pmAnn Tilling on The Bells!
  • I can see some sense in both sides of the C of E riches argument. I was upset a few years ago when my eldest and I were in Bath, for the day, and we went to go in to the Abbey to say a prayer...yes really and were told we must pay £8 or £10 to go in. I was once again an embarrassing Mum and argued that we had the right to go in, purchase a candle etc and come straight out.
    I did win but it marred the reason we were going in to some extent. I did make the point of paying for one of us on the way out. I always give to churches. They may well have fleeced the flock in years past and visitors ought to contribute but a system as in Wells Cathedral , asking for rather than demanding money may bring out the best in people.

12:37pmAnn Tilling on Chatbox
  • I am ambivalent about removing nom de plumes from Chatbox, maybe anonymity allows some people to vent their spleen rather than bend their partner's ears as I do. Don't feel sorry for him though as he is quite deaf, particularly to my voice!
    I do hope that SoniaC and others of that ilk will feel able to still contribute to release their inner gloom. I also hope that in time we can have a bit of a debate.

10:19amAndy Davidson on own up
  • Wasn't Anne Elk (Miss) a character in a Monty Python sketch?

9:30amBob Mc on Own up
  • Like the real names , but miss trying to work out who the nick names belong to. Maybe a photo would be total clarification Maybe not in this time of masks. Alias Blubob Bob McClintock

9:26amNigel Young on Adderley Lights
  • One Network still showing a target closure date of roadworks 23:59 on 30th November. 8 days to go. Orrrrr maybe 373 days to go.

Saturday 21st Nov

2:08pmBilly Gibbons on own up
  • Sonia Chelp and Anne Elk (Miss) are the ones that puzzle me for a variety of reasons. Judging by the nature of their post's, they may be one and the same possibly.

1:03pmEric Leeson on Chatbox
  • It fills me with pride to see the flags being hung each year by the ADAS volunteer.
    And it's awe-inspiring to hear St James bells ring out to bring in the New Year.
    The fireworks are a tonic, so let's raise a glass and say farewell to the past.
    ADC, AOL, Tai chi, Zumba, yoga, bowling, walking, cycling, quiz night, dressing the trees and the Sunday league.
    Audlem — It's all good man.

    Previously Saul Goodman

11:13amDave Martin on own up
  • Pleased to see the trolling shield has been removed.
    Like SteveE, DaveM offered little imagination!
    Dave Martin

10:58amAnnT on Chatbox
  • I thought, wrongly, that I knew who Curryman was.

10:27amJoe Hoyles on own up
  • I was 57 Lawnman

8:55amChris Whalley on Adderley Lights
  • The euphoria of seeing work actually commencing at the famed Adderely lights earlier in the week was somewhat tempered yesterday after the status quo of inactivity once again descended on the site.

    No vans, no workmen, no work women, no hi vis jackets, no hard hats and no equipment, just cones.

8:47amMerc1 on own up
  • Mine

8:08amGeoff Oakes on Chatbox
  • I wholeheartedly welcome more openness and hopefully more positivity which will now apply with us being told to use our real names. I am having trouble changing from curryman, first used when I was praising the Indian restaurant in Hankelow, to my real name.......but I think I have now cracked it!

7:54amcelia b on own up
  • One that defeated me was Colonel Blimp!

7:42amSteve Elliott on own up
  • Great news regarding the loss of textual masks and cloaks!
    My original nickname during in my rare appearance on Chatbox was SteveE — you probably guessed that though!

Friday 20th Nov

11:04pmSuzie Warren on own up
  • My main sign-in was as SuzieW. Very occasionally (twice, I think) I've used Bunny when I was a Parish Councillor and wanted to push back at people berating Councillors.

    Suzie Warren

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