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Saturday 1st Dec

5:17pmKAC 87 on Photo of church
  • The picture I agree is that of Church Hill in Knutsford and the church is St. John the Baptist. The shop on the corner of Church Hill and King Street used to be Watson's — a proper grocer.
    Knutsford has changed a lot and not the place it used to be!

4:24pmBillcarper on Photo of church
  • That picture (photo?) is definitely of St John's church Knutsford. The view is from King Street looking up Church Hill. I used to walk up and down the hill every day on my way to Crosstown Primary School in the 1950's. Also that was the view my father had in those days, from his shop on King Street. The scene is probably from 100 to 150 years ago and the street lights look like gas ones.

2:13pmPaulW on Photo of church
  • Terry is spot on..there is the same image in amongst the photos on yahoo for Knutsford churches

12:33pmCHC on Big Switch On
  • Thank you to all the people who worked so hard to make last night such a success. The atmosphere was wonderfully festive and we came away with many unique Christmas presents from our local traders who I hope had a successful evening. Audlem is a very special community.

11:52amBuerton1 on Photo of church
  • It's definitely St Johns Church in Knutsord... I used to live there! (In Knutsford that is , not the church...)

10:29amAudlembornandbred on Joiner
  • Hi, can anyone recommend a joiner who would be able to make and fit an oak door for our cottage please?

10:28amPannyt on Window displays
  • Fantastic effort made from all shops in Audlem... Williams' display is stunning... thanks all for brightening up the village!

9:31amJudy Evans on Photo of church
  • Pretty sure that's Market Drayton

9:01amTerry on Photo of church
  • I reckon that's St. John's in Knutsford, as seen from the bottom of Church Hill.

6:28amcelia b on Photo of church
  • Possibly Whitchurch or Market Drayton? I would have to visit them to check.

Friday 30th Nov

9:32pmClaire on Big Switch On
  • Thank you to all of the people involved in creating the Big Switch On. Once again our children had a great evening. It was a brilliant event for all the family!

5:01pmBat in Belfrey on Switch on Barriers
  • I can see the reason for the barriers for the Big Switch On but why were they put up so early in the afternoon as to create additional safety issues for people trying to cross the road. A point to bear in mind for next year.

Thursday 29th Nov

6:51pmGreen Man on Carpet Fitter Wanted
  • Hi Folks — we're looking for a carpet fitter to refit a bedroom carpet (new) after fitted furniture has been installed end of next week. Any recommendations? Cheers!

4:31pmAnnT on Audlem Mill
  • The shop will be open tomorrow for the arrival of Santa at the wharf. Good for last minute small presents, cards, kits etc. etc.

3:51pmAnnT on Canal closure effect.
  • I believe that the Middlewich breach and the later one must have had a bad effect on local traders particularly the tourist related ones.
    I was in one of my favourite shops, The Mill Shop, which is, as ever, full of lovely gifts and craft supplies. The lack of canal traffic and the closure of The Shroppie Fly for a length of time must have hit their trade massively, particularly the canal closure situation.
    If you get the chance please look in, I find much of interest in there to suit a big age range.

3:44pmAnnT on Christmas Trees
  • Surely not bad for the environment if they are recycled. Seems to be relatively harmless, unlike the fireworks and the amount of driving one has to do given the transport situation.

Wednesday 28th Nov

10:16amHarryboy on Christmas Trees
  • Pre-Christian religions sacrificed animals as part of their festivities. We sacrifice trees. Audlem has sacrificed 61. It is humane but not good for the environment.

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