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Saturday 16th Feb

10:11pmAudlembornandbred on ADCA mystery for new residents...
  • All the groups are listed in the groups section of the website.
    Don't be offended if someone asks if you want a short ARS.. that's another acronym to get your mind going!

6:31pmBillcarper on ADCA mystery for new residents...
  • Have a look at the "Directories" link on this website then click on "Groups". All will become clear.

5:09pmGreen Man on ADCA mystery for new residents...
  • Reading about the chilli night, but what does 'ADCA' stand for? I'm new to the area, how am I expected to know what an acronym stands for, unless they put the title in brackets in the article?

10:21amLLLovelyChocs on Post Office
  • Just a quick response to the query made by golfer72. The signage in the village is something I have been trying to sort. I did email PO a while back regarding the issue, sadly with no response. This time I have forwarded queries to Laura Smith, (Antoinette Sandbach's email bounced back?) and I have sent another request to PO. If I hear anything I will endeavour to keep you up to date!

Friday 15th Feb

11:10amJudy Evans on Audlem CentreTraffic Cones !
  • All of Shropshire Street was subject to traffic cone restrictions this morning in anticipation of gulley emptying tomorrow, Saturday ! After speaking to the powers that be at Cheshire East this morning, it appears that they were put out in error (they were only supposed to have been dropped off to be ready for tomorrow). Thanks to a swift response by Cheshire East, they gave permission to remove them for today, but they will be back in force first thing tomorrow, with a promise that the work will be carried out as swiftly as possible.

8:27amAJ on White Lion - Hankelow
  • Where is the "additional information" on the website?

    All I see is this (which doesn't really constitute additional information):

    "Our Plans

    When we have it, we will share information on plans for development of the site here.

    Stay tuned for more info!"

6:19amGatman on Local Builders
  • The Businesses section has a list of many different tradesmen in the village.

6:18amAudlembornandbred on Top Soil
  • Can anyone recommend a local supplier of top soil for my raised beds? I need at least a ton!

Thursday 14th Feb

8:53pmthe lion on White Lion - Hankelow
  • Thanks for your interest in the White Lion.
    We are presently having plans drawn up for the alterations and extensions.
    You can find more information at
    Anyone who wishes to support the progress can contact the website

5:40pmHarryboy on Carry on Binning
  • The proper keeper of the bin is pleased to know where it is and says he will recover it when it is emptied of its contents which were put there by somebody else.

1:17pmEBG on Local Builders
  • Can anyone recommend a local builder who may be interested in giving us a quote for a single storey extension at the rear of a bungalow together with some internal alterations? Planning permission has been granted.

11:31amGary on Carpet cleaner??
  • Can anyone point me to a reliable carpet cleaner please

Wednesday 13th Feb

3:49pmVertical Shores on Local Builders
  • I would welcome any recommendations for local builders to undertake a relatively small project.
    Thank You

Tuesday 12th Feb

6:10pmDel on White Lion - Hankelow
  • I usually travel to Nantwich along Coole Lane but today I went along the main road.First time for a long time. I was suprised at the apparent lack of progress on upgrading the community pub. Maybe a lot of work has taken place inside but the only obvious thing was demolition at the end nearest to Audlem. Is anything happening or is the thought of a community pub just pie in the sky ?

12:31pmDen C on Corrugated roof painter
  • I was thinking of going into corrugated roof painting but there were too many ups and downs

Monday 11th Feb

10:40amHazbro on Corrugated roof painter
  • I'm looking for someone who would be able to repaint (hopefully it is simply just a case of that and no repairs are needed) some corrugated roofing on some single storey outbuildings. Is anyone able to help with contacts or advice? I would really appreciate it, thank you.

10:27amAudlembornandbred on Shreck
  • A great evening of fun and laughter... Well done to all who took part both on and off stage. It was evident that you were all enjoying it as much as the audience. Encore!

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