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Julia Parton on Farm Made Tearooms

17th September 2021 @ 9:04am

I was sorry to read yesterday that Farm Made Tearooms are closing at the end of the month.
The last 18 months have been particularly hard for the hospitality business + we all know you have got to sell a lot of cups of coffee to just cover overheads before making any profit.
I am sure people will agree it has been an asset to the village to have such an attractive coffee shop with friendly staff+very tasty homemade food+will be sadly missed.

Denise Harrison on Enclosed field/paddock

16th September 2021 @ 9:30am

Hi. I am local to the village. I have my own dog walking business. However, I am looking to do off lead/group walks, but with knowing the dogs can't escape. I feel this is what this village needs. Can anyone help me out?

Ann on Farm Made

16th September 2021 @ 9:18am

Sorry to read that Farm Made is closing. Always had very nice food and staff always very friendly. Wish you all luck in your next chapter.


16th September 2021 @ 8:31am

At around 2.00pm on Wednesday afternoon, a silver-grey VW Golf containing 3 adult males tried to extort money from an elderly Audlem resident living on Heathfield Road, unsuccessfully I may add. The Police were notified but the number plates on the vehicle were false. Although they claimed to be from Wolverhampton it is believed they may have been from the Chell Heath area of Stoke-on -Trent. The resident in question had lost money from his bank account a few days earlier, it is not known if the incidents were related or simply a coincidence. Yesterday the men were claiming they were owed money from a fictitious roofing job that had apparently been canceled.

Celia Bloor on Yoga

15th September 2021 @ 8:40pm

AOL Directories, leisure, indoor sports, yoga class central near top. Mandy is great. Many classes still on zoom at present, she has had over 80s in her class!
Her details appear if you click book now on her website.

Nick Smith on Yoga

15th September 2021 @ 7:00am

Can anyone recommend a local yoga class, for me and my partner. We are seniors and have been attending classes before. We are new to the area, hence the reason for this post

Greville Coe on Piano lessons

13th September 2021 @ 7:04pm

I'm looking for a piano tutor for my 11 year old daughter. She has been playing the cello to Grade 2 level but now wants to switch to the piano. Does anyone know a tutor that would be happy to come to our house for lessons please?

Ann Tilling on AOL Buy/Sell live animal policy

11th September 2021 @ 11:37am

Good to know the policy is appreciated. Pity you couldn't resist the negative dig.

Paul Tillin on AOL Buy/Sell live animal policy

10th September 2021 @ 4:01pm

10 out of 10 to the AOL team for finally adopting a policy of not allowing animals to be sold via buy/sell, not before time but better late than never.

Billy Gibbons on Animals

10th September 2021 @ 10:37am

Well done AOL for not putting any Animal 'sales' on any more. I cringed when I saw ads especially when they included the words 'free'. I dread to think what happened to some of the Animals. Not blaming the sellers, just some of the people the Animals may have gone to. Great decision. ;-)

Marjorie on Ironing service

9th September 2021 @ 11:24am

Hello Clare
You haven't posted phone number or email details, if you could do so, we can then be in touch.
Many thanks

Bob McClintock on Music Festival

8th September 2021 @ 2:08pm

Well done Adam and his team Another big step towards normality. Ignore the odd moaner and bring on more music . Good use of the Turnpike Field.

Carl Lloyd Beeston on BobCat at the Bowling Club

8th September 2021 @ 8:44am

Thanks all for your messages. He is coming back least for food anyway. Carl

Jon Kay on Electric Gates Fixed – My Recommendation

7th September 2021 @ 2:17pm


If you have electric gate issues, I can highly recommend Colin of "CB Gate Services";
07968 584 322.

My electric gates stopped working.
Two reputable companies confirmed both motors had failed and couldn't be repaired.
Fortunately, a 3rd company – CB Gate Services – said one motor was completely fine and only one needed replacing (the broken motor made the working motor malfunction). Thereby saving me over £1,000.

Three weeks later and they are still working perfectly, so I'm happy to recommend Colin. And it's good to support a local company (Mucklestone).
And he does gate servicing as well as repairs.

Lynette hopkins on Council minutes

7th September 2021 @ 12:33pm

Thanks Nigel
Interesting they are contemplating a dipping platform , when the reason it's fenced and gated was to protect the wildlife , keep dogs out and prevent children from getting in !!

Clare Ward on Ironing service

7th September 2021 @ 12:11pm

Hi, does anyone know or can recommend an ironing service or person who offers an ironing service?

Peter Morgan on Salford Road signs

7th September 2021 @ 11:04am

Most of the road signs were dropped off in Salford in the early hours, 3.33am to be precise, last Saturday morning by a small truck with amber flashing lights. The noise caused me to levitate and check the source. Why are the council, or much more likely, a sub contractor working overnight? Is it for health and safety or down to the shortage of drivers to the extent that some are moonlighting? If the latter then it begs the question as to how many hours these people are driving. Lets hope it was not an hgv driver doing an overnighter before driving to Glasgow with a 40 tonne wagon of steel castings on the M6 Just a thought, particularly after the fatalities on the motorway last week in which a van was involved.

John Stead on BobCat at the Bowling Club

7th September 2021 @ 10:33am

Hi Carl
I was at the bowling green yesterday afternoon and as I left Bob was laid outside the club at 4:30pm.
There was no match last night so he won't have had the opportunity to sneak into the clubhouse as he often does

bob fousert on BobCat at the Bowling Club

7th September 2021 @ 8:22am

He was at the Green all day Sunday enjoying the bowling and lots of tit bits and I saw him yesterday afternoon (4.30-ish) when I was at the Club checking the bar stock. So he is around.

Nigel Mottershead on Council minutes

6th September 2021 @ 9:53am

The Turnpike Field minutes for the July and June meetings are here:

Carl Beeston on BobCat at the Bowling Club

6th September 2021 @ 9:39am


Has anyone seen BobCat or Bobby, black and white cat about 12 years old, in the last couple of days. He has not been home and usually when i go looking for him i can find him and he follows me home for food. Usually around the bowling green area of Audlem. Could you check outbuildings for me to make sure he is not locked in as he has been known to get locked in places before. thanks Carl

Lynette hopkins on Council minutes

4th September 2021 @ 11:11am

Thanks for finally publishing the minutes from 12th July . Could someone point me to where I can find the minutes from the last two Turnpike field working group .

Adam Rodda on Audlem Music Festival 2021

3rd September 2021 @ 11:21pm

Thank you for highlighting the negatives about the campers on turnpike Field during the Audlem Music Festival. Firstly, I see it as using poetic licence when stating "nearly a week has gone by since the event started" When the correct statement should have said "3 days since the event ended" Granted that doesn't sound as dramatic. Secondly, I personally visited the site yesterday. Unfortunately the portable loo has not been uplifted yet and the 7 bin bags were exactly where I asked campers to leave them (near the loo). In an ideal world our refuse collection at the Bridge was due Thursday but has been put back to tomorrow (sat) am. When this has been uplifted I will personally go and get the 7 bin bags and place them in our refuse bins as planned albeit a day and a half later than expected. In regard to litter, again it is minimal and will be picked up in less then 2 minutes and at the same time as the bin bags are removed. I'd really appreciate it if issues were highlighted to me and not via a public forum. I see it as nothing more than provocative nonsense, that serves no purpose other than divide the village.
On a final note, this kind of negative posts makes me question whether it's worth putting an event on for the village and for a good cause.

Lynette hopkins on Council minutes

3rd September 2021 @ 11:24am

Hi Suzzie yes they appeared yesterday . Thanks

Chris on Garage Sale

3rd September 2021 @ 9:04am

Hi all, we are having a garage sale at Weaver Bank Farm, Whitchurch Road, Audlem on Saturday 11th sept from 09.00 – 13.00. We have an Aladdins cave of everything from antiques, toys, sports equipment, ornaments, tools, lamps, table wear etc plus lots more. Gates open at 09:00 there will be a sign on the grass verge and ample parking. Come and grab a bargain.
Cash only please.
Hope to see you then.
Many Thanks,

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