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Monday 11th Nov

10:14amsoniachelp on Todays' news
  • To Splatt and Annt: Please read my post again. My "issue" is with the webteam.

9:49amSuzieW on Nom De Plume
  • I agree with Steph (Stephanie, Sunday name) regarding hiding behind a screen name. Whilst it is a poster's right to do so, it is also a screen to hide behind for potential bullying, trolling, and just been mean.

    Content should be owned.

9:20amAnnT on Todays' news
  • Come on Sonia, they always seem to publish a carping post from you. Surely it is right to publish details of at least two prospective candidates in the upcoming travesty of an election.
    Bob is sorely missed at times like these, would be good to have 'hustings' in the village like last time but many of the people who do the village affairs are paddling like mad to keep floating, probably not a good analogy but it takes a lot of effort to keep the village a vibrant caring community.
    They don't do it for thanks which is just as well then they are not disappointed. Getting continual negative feedback, brickbats etc., may put off more volunteers. Lay off Ralph please unless you can occasionally make the odd positive remark. Whatever you think of him he gets things done.

9:11amAudlemIsGreat on Lost an old Collie?
  • Hi — the dog was reunited with its owner on Sat night.

9:11ambob-bee2000 on Todays' news
  • Totally agree with your comment Sonia. I think the point that some are treated differently or preferentially to the vast majority of AOL subscribers is a valid point.

9:06ambob-bee2000 on Oxford comma
  • Carrie, The fact that your example refers to 'lessons' and not 'a lesson' must surely give the reader a clue. Until this string of chats appeared I have never heard of the 'Oxford comma'. I am now feeling totally bereft and let down that I have missed out on this point of English grammar for the last 70 years. Woe is me!

8:27amSeamus on Todays' news
  • Hey Ralph
    Have you seen Soniachelps posting ? You're a celebrity !

    The Jungle--Big Brother--Strictly--The world's your lobster.

Sunday 10th Nov

6:15pmcelia b on ADAPT in the news
  • As we started our free Apple pressing session yesterday we were delighted to be interviewed by the reporter from the Whitchurch Herald. We were able to explain our aims to be sustainable in food, transport, energy etc. And to show off our equipment as the apples progressed. There is a short piece online but the article should be in this Wednesdays edition. Luckily two photogenic young ladies turned up at just the right moment!

4:08pmCarrie on Oxford comma
  • The Oxford , sometimes termed serial, comma is certainly not redundant. It is of particular use when some of the terms in the series include 'and'. For example:
    We had cookery lessons on the use of apples, oranges, lemons and limes.
    We had cookery lessons on the use of apples, oranges, lemons, and limes.
    Without the Oxford comma there is no way of ascertaining whether the first sentence intimates three or four different lessons. (With apologies for the daft example).

3:42pmSplatt35 on Todays' news
  • Sonia, what exactly is your issue with Ralph Warburton?! If it wasn't for people like Ralph, and many others in the village, Audlem wouldn't be such a fantastic place to live.

9:49amsoniachelp on Todays' news
  • Today's News from two politicians and Ralph. How generous Audlem Online is to celebrities while we readers and voters remain gagged.

Saturday 9th Nov

8:00pmK.L on Lost an old Collie?
  • Hi Audlemis Great — Recognise the dog — if you contact 07946527006 they will come fetch him. I think the number is on the collar as well

6:09pmAudlemIsGreat on Lost an old Collie?
  • It's still in our garden.
    Doesn't seem hungry.
    Still won't let me approach it too closely.
    Managed to get a photo.

1:09pmAudlemIsGreat on Lost an old Collie?
  • I have found an old Collie in our garden.
    It has a tag and collar with small bells but won't let me close enough to read the tag.
    Seem quite old and slow on its feet.
    Please contact me if it's yours.

10:31amChris Lewis on Nom De Plume
  • Totally agree with Lynne and Billy

10:20amHarryboy on Oxford comma
  • Is spelling important? My late teacher took pride in teaching us how to spell "eschscholtzia" which I can still do although it has never been any use to me. I return to my theme.
    A comma-free form would be "Tom and Dick and lastly Harry". So the comma is in the wrong place, it should come after the "and" because the "lastly" does, so in our example "Tom and Dick and, Harry".
    I propose that the corrected form be called the Audlem comma.

Friday 8th Nov

10:30pmBilly Gibbons on Nom De Plume
  • The way I look at it is; I wouldn't write anything on Chatbox (or anywhere else for that matter) that I wouldn't say to that person if they were stood in front of me. I had enough of that nonsense on FarseBook. That's why I use my real name or at least, a name some people know me by even though it's not strictly my birth name. If comments are light hearted and a bit of fun, no harm done but if it's snide or hurtful remarks (which, thankfully, there's not too much of really) then switch to your real name.

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