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Sunday 5th Jul

6:18pmJt993 on Floods in Audlem?
  • Hi there, we're looking at moving to Audlem, which seems lovely! Does anyone have any info on which areas have been impacted by flooding in the past...? Has in affected the brook which runs near vicarage lane / school lane and Salford, or has it just been over near swanbach / mill lane?
    Thanks for any help! J

1:30pmBlubob on Fireworks
  • Nice to see the odd firework celebrating the first steps towards normality

Saturday 4th Jul

10:30pmArchie boy on Fireworks
  • So there are still morons in the village?

6:05pmHarryboy on Parking at the Coop/Kingbur Place
  • There were two mistakes: to allow the Co-op to be built without dedicated customer parking and to ask for and get street parking moved from the Chapel side to the Co-op side. The second one can be reversed. The present Parish Council should ask for street parking to be moved back to the Chapel side.

4:37pmAndyC on Fencing Contractor
  • Simon Durber did a great job enclosing a paddock of ours. Highly recommended.

4:14pmgolfer72 on Fencing Contractor
  • Any one know of a good local fencing contractor? Thank you

2:12pmBlubob on Parish Council
  • I extend my thanks and appreciation to the recently retired Parish Councillors. Namely Chairman Geof Seddon and Vice Chairman David Higham Well done and enjoy the break from the civic duties

Friday 3rd Jul

4:37pmJXP on Recommendations please...
  • I am looking for a professional carpet/rug cleaner. I have an 80% wool, 20% cotton cream rug. Would need specialist cleaning. Thank you.

12:26pmAnnT on Parking at the Coop/Kingbur Place
  • I see no real solution for this problem. Certainly when we lived in Kingbur it was always a relief to be safely out on to the road at the start of any journey.
    Pointing out the yellow lines to drivers and explaining how difficult it made life for residents was met with at best "I'm only going to be a few minutes",.I can't bring myself to say the worst although the included description of my physique, lack of, was accurate.
    Observation left me with the conclusion that it was not elderly frail shoppers in the main but younger, well padded drivers for whom a short walk would have been beneficial.

12:20pmAnnT on Lockdown with the Colonel
  • I think many of us can empathise. Not just females either.

11:21amjust saying on Parking at the Coop/Kingbur Place
  • Is there anything at Kingbur Place telling people not to park there, maybe some people don't realise they could be blocking people in, otherwise surely they probably wouldn't do it... just saying

10:25ambob-bee2000 on Parking at the Coop/Kingbur Place
  • Don't worry Den, that firm rebuke from the Parish Council the other day will put the fear of god up those transgressors as sort the problem toot sweet.

Thursday 2nd Jul

6:55pmDen C on Parking at the Coop/Kingbur Place
  • The residents have my sympathies, there's some incredibly ignorant people around. I had an argument with some moron today who thought my drive was a public car park!

Wednesday 1st Jul

10:29amKingbur on Butterflies on Turnpike
  • Adrian Leighton suggests looking at the Collins Gem books to identify what you see in Turnpike Field. At Audlem Mill, we have in stock their books on wild flowers, trees, butterflies and birds

Tuesday 30th Jun

9:45pmAdrian Leighton on Butterflies on Turnpike
  • CHC and others thank you for your encouraging comments. Your idea of a nature walk is a good idea, however I don't think that it is practically possible to arrange in the present circumstances. I will see what we can plan for next year. Most of what I have pick up has been with four years practice using a camera, notebook and basic wildlife books (the Collins Little Gem series are a good start).

Monday 29th Jun

9:52pmCHC on Butterflies on Turnpike
  • I also enjoyed the article on Turnpike Field and I was wondering if Adrian would be willing to lead a nature walk ( at social distance of course ) through the field, which would help some of us to identify the plants, grasses and wildlife? I'm sure that there would be a number of people interested to see what treasures we have on our doorstep.

2:36pmPeter Morgan on Butterflies on Turnpike
  • Yes, in total agreement, great article and even greater knowledge and observation skills Adrian.

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