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Wednesday 14th Aug

6:17pmCurious on Green Lane Sign
  • With regard to the article about the Green Lane sign on today's AOL, I think it is a great start.

    Could I suggest that the lettering be changed to 'Bill Gibbons Lane' and then underneath that 'Formerly known as Green Lane'

6:13pmCurious on Green Lane Sign
  • Would Celia b be kind enough to clarify what the start of her second sentence means. Did she mean Green Lane was called Green Lane before 16.. or did she mean it was called Radley's Bank before that date. Thanks in advance for an answer.

10:37amAndy on Ragwort
  • Ragwort is an important plant for our diminishing numbers of bees, moths and insects and as I understand it many myths have been allowed to spread about its dangers to livestock. Horses and cattle avoid eating it when growing and it only becomes a problem if it gets into hay which is later fed to animals.

    I would also point out that it is illegal to pull up this plant unless you have the permission of the landowner.

    There is an interesting myth-busting article about Ragwort on the Friends of The Earth Website:

7:08amHarryboy on Ridley's - Radley's
  • I can think of two names "lnvented by newcomers" but Radley's Bank is not one of them.
    Can Celia B not tell us who Radley was and when he lived?

Tuesday 13th Aug

11:04pmg&t on Ragwort
  • Its that time of year and once again the yellow peril of Ragwort is with us. This noxious weed that is poisonous to horses and cattle and should only be handled with gloves by humans needs to be controlled. Pulling or cutting now and herbicide next spring. Each mature plant can release up to 200,000 plus seeds which drift off downwind to contaminate thousands of acres as can be seen on the Derbyshire moorlands as you travel to Bakewell. We have to prevent that happening here. Please destroy it.

4:27pmcelia b on Green Lane Sign
  • According to the Parish registers, Green Lane was called that before 1653 along with 'Kingsey' Heath and the Stairs, Bunsley Bank, Little Heath and Sandy Lane before 1690. Stafford St was Barn St though and there was a letter complaining that Audlem did not need names and numbers when signs went up in 1891 as everyone knew where everyone else lived!

12:55pmCurious on Green Lane Sign
  • Re comments from Audlembornandbred, I can advise that if the newcomer arrived in the village 40 years ago and was given the name Radley's Bank as part of the postal address by the village post office (on Shropshire Street then) then he is correct. I like to think of myself as an Audlem oldy as all my kids have been raised here. I hope this makes sense. The name has been around for more than 40 years is what I was intending to say.

9:43amBilly Gibbons on Green Lane Sign
  • BITB; By pure coincidence I have asked Professor Atom if he could help me but he's too busy preparing his Rocket for blast off into the Outer Stratosphere...or Hankelow...which ever is nearer so, I asked his brother, Professor Anagram to help and he has made me a sign but unfortunately it reads "RenĂ© Lange" who is some sort of a footballer or something so we'll abandon that I think. BUT....wheels have been put in lotion...sorry, motion and (no pun) watch this space.....

9:09amBusybee on Chat Box
  • Could anyone recommend a carpet cleaner +also looking for someone who does cane work to repair a small chair. Many thanks

3:47amAudlembornandbred on Green Lane Sign
  • I'm with Billy on this one... Never heard of Radley's Bank... must be a name invented by newcomers to the village..

Monday 12th Aug

8:32pmHarryboy on Green Lane Sign
  • Names began as descriptions, now they are PR tools. So names like Windmill Field and Green Lane that are good for marketing survive and ones that are not like Rope Bank and Radley's Bank are destined for oblivion.

7:54amBat in Belfrey on Green Lane Sign
  • I am sure Professor Atom would find a 'solution', don't you think Del ? — How about a really big one, sign that is, where the rocket crashed then the whole world would know where Green Lane was !
    Health and Safety is banned in Billyland, so no problem there and the only thing that applies are Marks and Sparks — Billy's bruises and the 'stars' in his eyes, 1950's of course.

7:50amBilly Gibbons on Green Lane Sign
  • Of course they don't know where Green Lane is could they when we haven't got a sign saying "Green Lane". Anyway, yesterday I visitied a DIY type store that is closing down and I thought I'd buy some letters for my sign. Glad I didn't bother as it would have read " R33 L4 3" because that's all they had left. Funnily enough, last month I visited a reclamation yard in the Staffordshire Moorlands and amonst the stuff they had was....wait for it..a Green Lane road sign! I must say it wasn't our old one as I remember the style of it and the one I saw was different. Apart from the fact it said Green Lane on it of course. I shall continue my quest...

Sunday 11th Aug

9:45amDel on Green Lane Sign
  • Com'n Billy get that sign made. It's a very poor excuse to cite Health & Safety. They probably don't know where Green Lane is.If they did, knowing you have lived there for many, many years they would have already condemned it.

Saturday 10th Aug

12:17pmArchie boy on Dogs loose in Kettle Lane
  • Dogs reunited with owner from Buerton way
    They had wandered across the road and down Longhill Lane
    Kept them safe until owner showed up

Thursday 8th Aug

1:06pmHarryboy on Ridley's - Radley's
  • Curious and Bat got it right, it is called Radley's Bank. I don't know what made me type Ridley. As a bank it has a top and a bottom. The bottom end must be the bridge that crosses The Brook.

6:40amBat in Belfrey on Ridley's - Radley's
  • Come on Harryboy stop talking in ridley's, radley's sorry riddles. Please tell Billy precisely where it is or he will simply go on and on and on and on till he finds out just which is right and where. Don't want to spoil your mystery by spilling the beans.

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