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Ann Tilling on Dishwasher repair

6th January 2021 @ 9:13am

I too have used Andrew Cunliffe for repairs, installation etc. Pleasant, effective and reasonable prices.

Mike Smith on Dishwasher repair

5th January 2021 @ 4:17pm

I have used Andrew Cunliffe from Crewe to successfully repair my dishwasher, washing machine and Rangemaster cooker. 01270 665259 /07956 625960. Andrew is very skilled and reasonably inexpensive.

Peter Morgan on Dishwasher repair

4th January 2021 @ 12:43pm

We used APS Dishwasher repair of Burslem. Excellent service. Replaced the pump in our old Bosch in twenty minutes some 12 months ago. Now good as new and for a fraction of what we had been quoted by Bosch . 01782 812333 or 07767881771

Paul Douglas on Dishwasher repair

2nd January 2021 @ 9:17pm

Any recommendations on dishwasher repair, Please ?

Billy Gibbons on "Watch" the Fireworks

2nd January 2021 @ 3:56pm

Thanks for the replies folks and conformation that my eyesight is a bit better than I thought it was. For next New Years Eve, if you all want something that makes a heck of a lot of noise, smells a bit and doesn't look very good, I'll see if I can get a band together! ;-)

Judith Paterson on "Watch" the Fireworks

2nd January 2021 @ 1:22pm

Hi Billy

Like you we looked in vain for fireworks having heard the bangs. Just flashes of colour in the sky and some small areas of light. It was obviously very misty. No need to worry about your sight! Think the confusion sums up 2020 rather well. Hopefully 2021 will bring more clarity on many levels...Happy New Year!

Judi Paterson.

Peter Morgan on Flypast

2nd January 2021 @ 11:30am

Must go to Specsavers (actually this next week in fact!)

Adrian Farrow on "Watch" the Fireworks

2nd January 2021 @ 10:55am

You are not alone, Billy! Heard the detonations, but sadly saw no display.

Nigel Mottershead on "Watch" the Fireworks

2nd January 2021 @ 10:10am

Hi Billy,
Well, we peeped out of the window at midnight on NYE and just heard a few bangs and thuds.
We saw no fireworks at all.

Billy Gibbons on "Watch" the Fireworks

1st January 2021 @ 9:22pm

Oh come on.......I can't be the only person to have been outside at midnight in the Audlem area on New Years Eve and heard the explosions...sorry...fireworks, and not seen them.......can I?

Peter Morgan on Flypast

1st January 2021 @ 11:47am

I have seen the Yak 11 overfly the village a couple of times and it is easily recognizable by its inverted 'bathtub' shaped long canopy as well as the noise. The Hawker Fury flew close overhead on its first pass and its RAF roundels and tail insignia were clearly visible against the blue paintwork. Would the Yak owner be allowed to apply RAF insignia? I do not know the legalities on this, but I suspect there will be some. In addition, this plane appears to have had a Perspex bubble canopy. View the Sleap Yak on YouTube and then the Fury, there is no comparison, but I admit it is easy to be mistaken and I stand to be corrected. So, if there is anyone else who can confirm it had a single bubble canopy or otherwise, I would welcome their opinion to resolve the issue.

Chris Lewis on New Year's Eve 2020

1st January 2021 @ 11:44am

Fortunately my 3 hounds were not too upset, just howled.Shot out of a nice warm bed to keep them company only to find the youngster on the kitchen table not as one would expect under it.Bribed them with a couple of biscuits and all was well. Until snuggles up getting warm off they went again as private parties let there's off for about 10 minutes ,less noisy but seemed to have more effect.
Lets hope we have welcomed in a year to rid ourselves of Covid 19 and return to social gatherings but retain the spirit of friendship and help for others which emerged so powerfully last year

Nigel Mottershead on Flypast

1st January 2021 @ 11:39am

Thanks Maria – that would account for the red stars on the underside of the wings. Great to see him or her.
Happy New Year to Audlem.

Bob McClintock on Medical Centre

1st January 2021 @ 7:19am

Thanks for such clear concise up to date information thus far .

Pat Jones on New Year

1st January 2021 @ 12:32am

Happy New year everybody. Let us get back to normality soon.

Billy Gibbons on "Watch" the Fireworks

1st January 2021 @ 12:12am

As much as I dislike fireworks, I can't help but see and hear them as I let the New Year in here at home. This year though was totally different. I could hear them (unfortunately) but...see them? No. I know as I'm getting older, things are starting to fail me but my eye's aren't so bad that they wouldn't allow me to see the fireworks. As a matter of interest; where were they let off from? I can only assume a long way from Audlem. The noise would dictate otherwise though.

Bob McClintock on Planes and Fireworks

31st December 2020 @ 8:35pm

How exciting on Chatbox today . Diverse opinions on both subjects . To conclude on a lighter note . May I suggest that the Foche might have been a Messerschmit I really hope the spellings are correct Happy New Year everybody

Maria Fox on Flypast

31st December 2020 @ 5:37pm

I think the plane that flew over today was actually the Russian YAK 11 WW2 Fighter that is based nearby at Sleap airfield in Shropshire. We have seen it there and It has overflown the village a number of times in the recent past and I think there are previous AOL articles about it...perhaps the pilot has a friend or relative here in the village, as every year we get at least one visit, great to get one on New Year's Eve.

Nigel Mottershead on Flypast

31st December 2020 @ 2:55pm

Ah – so that's what it was! I couldn't make it out and it sounded different to a Merlin engine.
It looked marvellous banking round in the blue sky. Thanks to whoever it was and Happy New Year when it comes.

Peter Morgan on New Year's Eve 2020

31st December 2020 @ 2:31pm

On hopefully a more positive note and bearing in mind the need to become carbon neutral (whatever that really means) by 20diddly squat, as politicians inevitably move the goal posts or revise the definition, is there not a viable alternative to fireworks in the form of a lazer display, with or without musical accompaniment? I can imagine the use of drone technology to lend itself to future displays. A more ethical use of technology than that of dropping bombs on people although, naturally it is a poor second in our current world. Meanwhile, not being a great fan of fireworks myself, having nearly killed my sweet cousin Ruthie whom I prevailed upon to light the fuse of a home made rocket that I built back in our childhood- I was in mission control you understand- I thank Ralph and team for all their efforts over the last twenty years. People who do.

Peter Morgan on Flypast

31st December 2020 @ 2:23pm

At 12.30 today I was lucky enough to be in the garden to witness the Hawker Sea Fury do a couple of swift circuits over the village, its Bristol Centaurus engine roaring out a fitting end to 2020 What a beast of a plane. The last time I saw one flying was in the mid sixties. How time has flown.

Brittany Wright on New Year's Eve 2020

31st December 2020 @ 1:30pm

Good on Ralph for trying to bring some happiness into the village and wave good bye to the horrible year we have all had. I understand people are worried about crowds gathering but if people use their common sense they will stay at home and watch the fireworks from their own gardens. Embrace the new year and be thankful you get to see it as some people won't get the chance.

Ann Tilling on New Year's Eve 2020

31st December 2020 @ 12:27pm

Perhaps the car causing all the trouble on Shropshire Street is marking his spot from which to watch the fireworks. If everyone is sensible tonight and remains in their own home or even at a vantage point in their own car bubble then all might be well. Stay calm and remember I can't remember the other thing but common sense and concern for others is a good maxim.

Wes Lechley on New Year's Eve 2020

31st December 2020 @ 11:58am

I greatly admire all the work that Ralph has done for the village over the years, and it's regrettable that there is rancor over this event. However, I would not wish any unpleasant consequences to follow from this proposal (some are referring to the police). It would seem to be in breach of Tier 4 rules, the first of which is "Stay at home" – if you live in Tier 4 you must not leave or be outside of your home or garden except where you have a 'reasonable excuse'. Watching or letting off fireworks won't count as such. How about leaving it until spring when the bulk of the vulnerable will have been vaccinated?
I think it would be advisable for AudlemOnline to issue a "stay away" warning.

Helen Measures on New Year's Eve 2020

31st December 2020 @ 11:32am

Fireworks on new years eve is NOT a long standing tradition in Audlem. It was supposed to be a one off for the Millennium. We live in the middle of the village and we have two dogs who will be petrified and traumatized for hours not the 2 minutes that Ralph predicts.

We do not normally complain and whinge and appreciate that a lot of people enjoy the New Years celebration on the Square and for this reason we go away from the village every New Years Eve . The Law tells us that we cannot do this this year so we will abide by the rules.

This year therefore we will be trapped with two traumatized dogs unless we break the law... whilst it seems that Ralph and his assistants can ignore the law with impunity. Why can't the fireworks be put off for 12 months like everywhere else?

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