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Norman Huntbach on Norman Conquest

25th January 2021 @ 7:46am

I didn't mention disappearing ditches and the main reason for muddy roads is the shrinking width due to lack of a lengthsman to keep the margins clear. The lengthsman also ensured all gulleys and drains were kept clear and updated the authority on surface conditions. We now just have fleets of vans travelling around Cheshire East "monitoring" the deteriorating conditions of the highways and office workers "acknowledging" our reports of particular problems. C.E. Highways are not fit for purpose.

Ann Tilling on A Saxon gem

24th January 2021 @ 8:24am

Thank you John Whitehead, your article this morning brought back many memories. As a camp follower of Keele's Anglo-Saxon course I too visited Escomb, with its circular graveyard wall to keep out the devil. It is such a charming little church in the midst of council houses. Happy days.

GEOFF Oakes on History of pubs

24th January 2021 @ 8:18am

I have found a booklet entitled 'The Audlem Scrapbook' compiled in 1951 and which I think I bought from Williams Newsagents in the 1070s. It lists many pubs and suggests that the Lamb was formerly Named The Goat.

Of the older pubs it lists:
The Phoenix
The Romping Cat
The Why Not -now a ruin in Kynsey
The Greyhound in Hankelow – now the Grey House
The Plough at Swanbach – which became the shop
The Coach and Horses in Bueron – which became the shop
The Leather Bottle -now Yew Tree Farm in Buerton
The Wolf – now Wolf Farm in Buerton
The Railway Inn – now Holly House

It seems as if they were quite a boozy lot in the 18th and 19th centuries!

Nigel Young on Tom Lowe

21st January 2021 @ 8:40am

My sincere condolences to Gill and the rest of Tom's family. I have many fond memories when Tom worked for my Dad, Peter Young. Happy Days. RIP Tom.

Andrew Carr on History of pubs

21st January 2021 @ 7:55am

According to the "Cheshire Historic Towns Survey" there were five pubs in Audlem in the late eighteenth century – The Griffin, The Hawk & Buckle, The Horseshoe, The Phoenix and The Goat's Head. There also used to be a pub in Buerton, on the main Woore Road (on the opposite side to the old schoolhouse, a few hundred yards or so towards Woore). I THINK it may have been called The Unicorn, but would welcome any more info.

Billy Gibbons on History of pubs

20th January 2021 @ 7:42pm

Does anyone know or heard of a Pub in the area called The Goat? Someone told me about it years ago. I'm not sure but it may have been towards the Chapel End side of the village possibly. Or I've dreamed of the two.

Nigel Mottershead on History of pubs

20th January 2021 @ 3:30pm

Hi Colin,
I too have a green booklet with a white dust cover entitled Audlem – The history of a Cheshire Parish and its five townships.
It was given to me in 1999 and lists some of the pubs that had been and some the still are in existence. One of them is The Greyhound at Hankelow as well as The White Lion.
Both seem to have been inns in 1778 so, maybe The Greyhound (or Greyhause or Grey House) could outdate the White Lion. Looking forward to the next pub instalment from Lennie and even more to actually going for a pint in one of them!

Peter Morgan on The Romping Cat

20th January 2021 @ 12:55pm

I have to inform Lennie that he is wrong about the exact location of the Romping Cat in Salford. It is our house, number 34 right on the turn in the road. When we bought it in 1978 the old cellar complete with barrel stillage was intact. But due to the high water table (a small open drain allowed spring water to flow across the cellar floor thus keeping the ale at a stable temperature summer and winter) we filled in the shallow cellar which had a raised ceiling two feet above the taproom floor, so as to extend the kitchen over it. The spring water still feeds the roadside well at the adjoining Springwell cottage. The late local historian Bill Hardy, gave us a copy of a victorian map from the Cheshire Archives showing it as the R.C. and also a copy of the census from 1851 or 61 recording that 11 people resided here. The pub was also handy for the first village police station complete with it's open air cells built on the opposite side of the lane, where drunkards could, 'cool off'.

Colin Cliffe on History of pubs

20th January 2021 @ 10:19am

About 30 tears ago I was given from the bookshop at Dagfielda a very old small green booklet entitled the history of Audlem and district. Within that booklet, the Greyhause of Hankelow was stated as having been an old coaching house / Inn. Situated on the main road quite close to the green t is now a residential property. Could it have preceded the White Lion? It didn't say

Nick Smith on Main Road from Audlem to Market Drayton

19th January 2021 @ 9:17pm

Does anyone know if the the Main road from Audlem to Market Drayton has flooded again, by the dip in the road what like like an old railway bridge?

Geoff Farr on The Late Ken Rickards

19th January 2021 @ 12:12pm

Kenneth (Ken) Rickards of Auckland New Zealand formerly of Audlem , Passed away peacefully on Tuesday 19th Jan @21 aged 94
Ken was much loved. A private cremation will be held 20th Jan 13:00 hrs.
Contact Tracy

This is submitted to AOL by Geoff Farr on behalf of ken's sister Mrs Jean Thomas.

Geoff Farr on Mulbery Harbors

17th January 2021 @ 4:06pm

When flying my small aeroplane across the Channel as I have many times, my route for the crossing was Swanage........ Cherbourg........
Down the Cherbourg peninsular steering East along the coast and bypassing North of Bayeux.
The submerged Sections of the Mulberry harbors can still be seen submerged off shore.

Golf-Foxtrot, Alfa, Romeo,Romeo.

Nigel Young on Tablets, Laptops & Computers

17th January 2021 @ 10:48am

I've a non functioning NEC laptop I can donate if anyone is a wizard and can it working.

Sonia Kay on Tablets, Laptops & Computers

17th January 2021 @ 9:18am

Thank you Michael – and thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of school and families already. It really makes a huge difference to all the staff and pupils to know that everyone in the village is doing their best to help.

Michael Cookson on Tablets, Laptops & Computers

16th January 2021 @ 1:59pm

Does anyone have any old working Tablets, Laptops or Computers?
If so Audlem St. James"s School would welcome any donations of the like.
With online schooling now taking place several pupils do not have the facilities to partake lessons online.
Any items donated to the school will be "cleaned" before being put into use.
I have dropped off an old laptop and it was gratefully received. There must be others out there which could find a new home.

Dave Martin on Follow The Rules

14th January 2021 @ 4:46pm

Agree entirely with Nigel re caustic comments appearing. Post them on Farcebook or Twatter, that's where they belong!
Regarding masks outdoors: a very lucid Prof (part of the government advisory team) was interviewed yesterday on this.
He was against wearing them outdoors, PROVIDING distancing was broadly observed. His view was that the reduction in risk was so low as to be not worth trying to enforce it.
He also pointed out that in cold or wet weather outside, the masks get damp, and then become an aerosol generator, so actually make the situation worse if you're a virus carrier and don't realise it.
I'll stick to keeping as far away as practical from people outdoors, and save the mask for indoors.

Billy Gibbons on Takeaway Picnics...

14th January 2021 @ 9:33am

Whoever posted that article beat me to it. I was walking in the woods near the Canal the other day and the rubbish left there is disgusting for the reasons the original poster says.
What I can't understand is; when the people take their stuff to what ever place they're going to consume it, it's heavier than when they've finished it so therefore easier to carry back to where they've come from! Still, me complaining about it isn't going to stop it happening because we're dealing with humans here...nowt so strange as them......

Hannah Platts on Vaccine

13th January 2021 @ 7:57pm

Ok well I seem to be getting lots of vitriol here so let's just take a minute shall we:
I had a baby in lockdown- alone! The care I received at Leighton was superb and I am in awe of those nurses and surgeons etc that took great care of me as there was a few complications. Front line NHS services however have been lacking in my opinion, not the medical care, that is great – aside from the lengthy IVR messeges asking people not to call, to stay away etc – nice!!!.
I had to trek to hospital 3 days after major surgery after having my baby for a simple heel prick test routinely done within GP practices however due to Covid I was forced to go once again to hospital some 25 minutes away still hardly able to walk with a baby during a pandemic. Not ideal! Elderly care was also shifted over to Nantwich so things like warfarin checks were done there rather than the surgery – again because of COVID – I have since been into the go practice 3 times for baby jabs which thankfully have now been moved back to GP practices and the surgery has been completely empty. It's been published in multiple press publications that GP practices were hiding behind Covid. Not saying that's what happened but it certainly seemed a bit like that.
Finally, the ONS has far more accurate data and believe it or not in stark contrast to what we see on the news – it can be found here:
And for anyone scared and terrorized by our media reporting it's worth looking into – yes we are in a pandemic but the methods of reporting leave much to be desired.
Take care all and do try to question things don't just follow the government fed narrative.
And Wes – I can't believe me thinking and suggesting that GP surgery staff should perhaps phone vulnerable people regarding the vaccine makes me so bad! Funny how after I spoke to them 3 vulnerable elderly people known to me in our wonderful community were called.
They do have plenty of available resource to do this!

Lesley Dale-Lace on Follow The Rules

13th January 2021 @ 3:51pm

As someone in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group, I would just like to make a plea for people out walking to consider how fearful many of us in this group are. As someone who is on immuno suppressant therapy, I am all too aware that my chances of surviving Covid are slim to nil. Having been shielding since March, the only respite I get is my hour long walk each day. Please consider that when you meet other walkers, their anxiety levels may be quite high. The majority of people are considerate, however, a significant minority are not. If you are walking two abreast, please move to single file. I promise that if you let go of your partner's hand, they won't disappear. Equally, try to keep as much distance between yourself and others when you encounter them. I met a group of 4 on Moss Lane a couple of days ago who were walking 4 abreast and would not move aside to leave me space when I approached them. I'm sure my discomfort was obvious as I got onto the narrow verge and as close to the hedgerow as I could without climbing over it. I've been going out later recently to avoid this or going out when the weather is unpleasant as there are likely to be fewer people about. It isn't fair that some of us are placed at risk by the thoughtlessness of a minority.

Nigel Mottershead on Follow the Rules?

13th January 2021 @ 3:15pm

Wes, that was so very well put; thank you.
Maybe when this is all over, there could be a communication skills course held in the village which would maybe help prevent one or two posters on Chatbox in coming over so caustic and offensive with duff information.

Brenda Heathcock on Vaccine

13th January 2021 @ 11:43am

Just back from Nantwich having had my vaccination.What brilliant organisation-very efficient and friendly.My time was10.40 and I had my jab at 10.39 ! Could I nominate the organiser for a job?...?!,

Wes Lechley on Follow the Rules?

13th January 2021 @ 10:32am

I'm intrigued as to why Hannah believes the BBC is hysterical in their coverage and how going directly to the ONS website gives an altered perspective? Has she not seen that some hospitals are now so overwhelmed by COVID patients that they are having to cancel elective surgery, in some cases urgent cancer surgery. My partner recently had an operation cancelled as COVID patients were taking up all the available beds and staff are on their knees and exhausted. As for wearing masks outdoors, both the BMA and WHO recommend it. In my opinion it should be mandatory, as in some other countries, but as usual we seem to be a day late and a dollar short – possibly contributing to the fact we have one of the worst rates of western countries. Remember that you have to keep 2 metres distance from other people, which simply can't be done on the narrow pavements in Audlem. The risk of transmission is indeed much lower outdoors, but it's still there. You could unwittingly kill someone if you are asymptomatic and they breathe in virus laden air that you exhale.

Janet Maughan on Vaccine

13th January 2021 @ 9:03am

My mum who is 83 received a phone call from the surgery to arrange her vaccine (she's not on the internet either) so perhaps they are working their way through them.

Terry Aston on Vaccine

13th January 2021 @ 3:15am

Sorry Hannah, my mistake, when I read both your earlier posts I rather thought when you said "a proactive post or release of info" I didn't realise that you actually meant that the surgery should be devoting their scarce resources to phoning people to tell them what has been actively publicised through print and broadcast media, i.e. wait and you will be contacted (as lots of people seem to have been). I sort of assumed that you meant a "proactive post or message" on AudlemOnline like the one on Dec 30th that maybe internet savvy neighbours or carers could pass. Silly me!

hannah platts on Vaccine

12th January 2021 @ 6:40pm

In response to Terry, I see what you're saying however perhaps re-read my post. My blind 82 year old neighbour surprisingly isn't online so missed this online post (with her being blind) My point was, the surgery could be actively calling vulnerable residents namely those who perhaps are not likely to be online/internet savvy and checking posts. If you see my following post I stated that I called went through the lengthy IVR basically telling me to not call and speak to them and sought out the relevant information. They were helpful and I'm grateful for that however maybe good old fashioned phone calls where the elderly and vulnerable are concerned that would be more beneficial to such residents.

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