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Turnpike Field Tree Survey

11th April 2024 @ 6:06am – by Steve Elliott
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Turnpike Field Tree Survey

The Health & Safety Executive guidance relating to managing the risk of falling trees recommends that all tree owners should have their trees inspected for safety purposes on a periodic basis. The frequency of these inspections will depend on the location of the tree in relation to roads, footpaths, public areas and buildings or structures.

So, APC had a professional Visual Tree Condition & Risk Assessment carried out for all of the trees on Turnpike Field. After getting quotes from 3 consultants, Shields Arboricultural Consultancy in Oswestry was chosen.

The purpose of the survey was to provide an assessment of the condition of the trees and provide advice regarding any works required to the trees to ensure that they are maintained in as safe a condition as is reasonably practicable.

All of the trees were assessed and those requiring work or monitoring or with minor defects were recorded. Full details of the tree inspections were provided in an Arboricultural Inspection Record, along with work recommendations which can be read here :

Turnpike's trees vary in age and species and, other than those individually recorded, the overall structural condition of them is good — work is only required to identified trees. In the main, the physiological condition of the trees is also good and no significant pest or diseases were noted.

There are a number of trees that require attention — in particular the large Oak (T32 in on the survey map) adjacent to the Green Lane field entrance. This has low vitality and is declining. Major deadwood in the crown, undersize foliage and early leaf drop, reduced canopy density (to 40% ) have resulted in the recommendation for it to be felled for safety reasons (Risk Factor is Med/High) and then replaced. This decline isn't a recent occurrence. Our Tree Warden confirmed that the Turnpike trees were previously surveyed in 2018 and the surveyor observed deadwood throughout the canopy of T32.The warden also stated that this decay will have occurred over many years as oaks are notoriously hardy.

More information regarding the planned work will be announced as soon as our nominated tree surgeon has confirmed dates for the works to commence. Once again APC obtained 3 quotations from professional Tree Surgeons, one of whom has been appointed based on their price and reputation.

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