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28th February 2016 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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As promised, here are the answers to yesterday's quiz:


1. As well as the UK, three other European countries are on the same Time Zone. Ireland, Portugal, and which other country?
2. Who claimed "I am a Berliner."
3. When asked in 1964 how he found America, who replied: "It's easy, you turn left at Greenland."
4. What was Tasmania known as between 1642 and 1855?
5. Which railway bridge collapsed in 1879 resulting in the death of 78 people?
6. Which English king spent only six months of his 10-year reign in England?
7. In German legend, which river did the Pied piper drown Hamelin's rats in?
8. Which country's capital was formerly known as Bytown?
9. What does an ichthyologist study?
10. Played in 1872, where was the first Cup Final played?


1. Iceland.
2. President John F Kennedy
3. John Lennon
4. Van Dieman's Land
5.The Tay Bridge
6. Richard 1
7. The Weser
8. Canada's capital Ottawa
9. Fish
10. Kennington Oval

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