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The Post Office Scandal

15th June 2024 @ 6:06am – by Peter Morgan
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AudlemOnline does not usually address National Issues, having enough to cope with for local ones, but we felt that this contribution by Peter Morgan had to be published.


Epitaph to a gross injustice.

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The hounds are baying for you Ms Vennels, the hounds are baying for you
Their kennels are empty, they are on your scent
Their blood is up, and they will not relent
Until their jaws close in, and you repent.
For it was you, who for years ignored
The postmasters' plight, their fate scorned
The cursed computer interventions the norm
The emails intense, outlined their plight
But you turned your back denying them their right
And at every step, where justice should prevail
The company closed ranks and postmasters were jailed.

Many years have passed in this bitter battle
Whilst you have prospered and dismissed it as tattle
Postmasters' complaints brushed under the carpet
By management and politicians who sought to discard it
A state institution outside legal norms
It's Stasi tactics just had to be borne
For the Great and the Good, it wasn't their dominion
And postmasters were left to drown in oblivion
But the focus of the media exposed the injustice
The ineptitude of the system that continued the malpractice
The truth wouldn't die as the Post Office had hoped
Be it Westminster or boardroom, nothing could choke
The stench of infamy in this campaign of denial
Now the nation awaits the truth of a trial.

But the hounds are out Ms Vennels and it's your blood they bay for now
They will drag you down by the proud collar you wear
And limb from limb will metaphorically tear out the truth you so blithely deny,
Beneath the veneer, so deep in your psyche.
Now all your executives are under the spotlight
The pain, impoverishment and social rejection they wantonly inflicted
Must result in each individual, to be called forth and convicted
Suicide, early deaths and financial penury were the true cost of your incompetence and neglect
While your supercilious smile was Marie Antoinette
Once sought for high office by church and state
Now, no amount of tears can ever compensate.

Oh yes, Ms Vennels, the hounds have left their kennels
Their teeth are bared, their breath is fire
And even Heaven cannot conspire
To provide you with refuge Ms Vennels...
View Halloo, View Halloo

Peter Morgan

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