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27th October 2011 @ 7:07am – by Kevin Dawson
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"Heating Oil Shortage threatens winter woe." This is the heading of a Daily telegraph article Monday 24th October which warns of an even worse winter for price hikes and shortages and that householders are not ordering enough in advance.

Last year there was a 40% increase in demand in the cold snaps and prices shot up about 70%. Ministers considered rationing and now the Met Office has forecast a high risk of a colder winter!

If you Google “Daily Telegraph” and in search box type “heating oil shortage” you can read the full article.

To protect Oil Baron members I have discussed with DA Roberts – our supplier and our suggestion is that we bring forward the November and December deliveries as follows:-

November 14/15/16 – your order input required by 10th
December 12/13/14 – your order input required by 8th

This is not a panic measure but a practical one to pre-empt the very real potential for shortages and price exploitation by other companies as we saw last year.

I think it necessary to point out this scenario to Oil Baron members so that you can plan your requirements for oil this winter. If you are not sure how much you can take there is always the FILL option with DA Roberts.  

This information is forwarded with the best of intentions but the decision on when and what quantity to order is obviously yours and I remind you that I cannot provide pricing until the Friday before the Monday of delivery due to the volatility in the fluctuation of prices on a daily basis.

Last month saw our groups total purchase since we started exceed the 1,000,000 litres.

We have 400 members and 172 from the CW3 post code area. 

If you want to save on home heating bills using Oil, then join the oil Baron – it is a community project run at no profit and no cost of membership.

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