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My Moment of Glory

9th August 2021 @ 6:06am – by Jessie
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My moment of glory

Oh my, how lucky am I. I've been to the Olympic games! Yes really and truly; I will tell you about it.

It was way, way back in 1948. I was only a youngster then, and living in Wembley.

Wembley, of course, was the home of the Olympic Games in 1948. The whole place was absolutely buzzing with excitement. The streets were full of visitors from all over the world. Some folk were actually sitting on the pavement, resting, chatting and eating. The Cafes with brim full of eager eaters too, and the shops were doing very good business! Wembley was the best place to be, in my eyes.

I went with my dad, one particular day, to see Emil Zatopek run. I can't remember whether or not it was the day he won the gold in the 10 km or it may have been when he came 2nd to the Belgian Gaston Reiff in the 5km. Whatever day it was it was very memorable!

My young heart filled with pride for this man, Emile, when I saw him. A whippet, so strong, so wiry. Heart and soul determined to do his best. Shouting with the other spectators, I think that was my moment of glory.

I can still hear the roar of the crowd, but more exciting to me, was the gory sound of a bone breaking! It resounded round the stadium with a loud crack! I never did find out exactly what happened.

My parents managed to get tickets for the opening ceremony, but I missed out that time. They said it was a splendid occasion and spoke of it often, in the years to come.

I have never forgotten those heady days, they seemed to go on forever. I have even kept scrawled autographs, no one special, as far as I know, important to me though, at 14 years of age.

I never wanted to be a sporty girl. I only wish I could have been special. Good at something -- just good enough to receive a bright and shiny cup from someone famous!

I did get a wave, however from the Queen as I waited patiently on Wembley highroad. I was waiting to see the king and queen pass by in their car, on their way to a football cup final. I'm sure the wave was for me and me alone. To me, as a teenager, it was another moment of glory.

Jessie 1994

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