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More Photos from Sue Mort re Lord Combermere

27th August 2022 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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More Photos from Sue Mort re Lord Combermere

editor's note:- happy to tag names to photos of anyone you recognise!

From Sue Mort:-

I had a lot of fun staying with my grandparents Charlie and Fran Mort.

I still remember lots of the locals who always treated my sister and I to a coke or crisps.

I have the chairs from the tap room and some of the brass taps from the cellars.

I loved an ice cream from George as well a visit to the shops.

Happy days!

I can remember the old car I was sat in was George Challinor's

Girl with long hair talking to Fran behind the bar is me. Mick Butters behind me. He helped out with jobs around the cellar and bar.

Ice creams in the garden — my sis and me with Paul (Billy) Gibbons whose mum Alice helped out too
.From Mike Stanley:-
Ref your news item on Lord Combermere landlord Charlie Mort. He retired from the Cheshire Police and was the original Inspector Mort...!

PS I lived inAudlem in the 1960's/70's and my wife and I still have family in the area.


.From Judy Evans:-

A huge thanks to Sue for sharing her old photos of the Combermere. Whilst I don't remember the buildings on the (now) car park, I do just about remember her grandparents ! The buildings that are now gone were compulsory purchase by the Council in the 1950's for "road widening" – which I don't think actually ever took place. One of the buildings was a tea room run by my Great Aunty Dos Williams and her husband, Stan Williams. They also occasionally took in lodgers (a school mistress at one point) . Great Uncle Stan was the eldest of George William's children (previous owner of Williams of Audlem ). Like all his brothers, he was more interested in driving, and mechanics, than shop work. He owned (?) drove a coal lorry – but was noticeable by his white plimsols that he always wore driving it ! Next door to the tea room, there was also Turner's Grocers – which then became Fielding's. There was a garage and petrol pumps where the fire station now stands, accessed from the left side of the Combermere. The U.S. soldiers used to fill up their jeeps there during the War. When all the building were pulled down the owners were paid a pittance by the Council, and were told that they were fortunate not to be charged the demolition fees ! So forgive me if I feel that my family may have some 'aboriginal rights' over the Combermere cark park ! This information is largely taken from notes from conversations with (the late) Jean Minshall a few years ago – I would be really interested if any of the present village elders could collaborate, and /or expand on these details. I'm especially interested to know who owned the garage (not to be confused with Moseley's which was further do the street) ?

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