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More on Metal detecting

3rd August 2021 @ 6:06am – by Bill Biggar
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Metal Detecting

I read with great interest, the article regarding the detectorist who brought along the seal he had discovered relating to Richard Randolph, the first Vicar of Audlyme 1311.

What was particularly pleasing was the fact that it showed the positive and historically rewarding side of metal detecting rather than the negative side often regarding "night-hawking", trespassing, large unfilled holes, property damage etc. etc. caused sadly by a minority.

My son and I have recently returned to this particular pastime and purchased some high-spec equipment and whilst neither of us have as much free time as we would like, we are offering a FREE service to assist residents in Audlem or Whitchurch and surrounding areas, to find lost or missing metallic items.

To find for example: lost keys, rings or other piece of jewellery etc;
horse shoes, tractor or machinery parts etc.

Uncovering history is our primary interest and so we should be very pleased to assist in researching and detecting your land in the hope of finding artefacts which could possibly relate to your ancestors and / or the local community.

All finds would be shown to the landowner and in the case of historical finds of value, any proceeds would be shared equally with the landowner. Please note that under the Treasure Act 1996, certain finds must be reported to the local F.L.O. (Finds Liaison Officer).

Our equipment is such that it enables us to almost pinpoint the exact location of a metal item which means that only a very small hole is required to unearth it. In any event, all holes excavated would be re-filled immediately afterwards.

We are both members of The National Council for Metal Detecting and as such, have Civil Liability insurance cover for up to £10,000,000.

Please give me a call on 07976-295531 you would like any further information.

Bill Biggar

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