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Money waiting for An Audlem Youth Project

15th July 2021 @ 6:06am – by John Tilling
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An Audlem Youth Project

Back in the mists of time (say about ten years ago), there was briefly a project under consideration for a skate board circuit somewhere in Audlem, particularly as something for the youngsters in the village, who were (and are) unhappy at the lack of provision for them within the village.

This was a "go-er" for a short time and did attract some initial funding, together will a promise of more funding for a properly set up project.

It all fizzled out in the end, as much as anything because nobody (understandably enough) wanted a skate board circuit next to where they lived.

However it did leave a few quid in the bank, which was then augmented when the Audlem Youth Club was restarted and ran for three or four years (and was at the time an integral part of the plans for the Public Hall Annexe).

But this iteration of the Youth Club ceased to operate a year or more ago.

So a small part of the accumulated funds has been passed on to the Audlem organisations identified as being primarily for the benefit of the village youth.

This leaves a "kitty" of around £5000 some of which could be used to reform a Youth Club yet again, or to initiate another project with village youth in mind.

AudlemOnline will happily publish any sensible (and legal) suggestions for such a project – but bear in mind that there is no "they" who "should" do whatever it is – it will need people (hopefully including the "Youth" who are supposed to be the beneficiaries) to actually make it a reality.

But it would be a pity if the money just sits there not doing anything.....

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