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Heavy Lorries Through Audlem

16th February 2018 @ 6:06am – by Beryl Cole
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I am seriously concerned by the number of heavy lorries coming through the centre of Audlem. It is quite un-nerving to be walking along the pavements in the village particularly on Cheshire Street opposite the butcher's where the footpath is quite narrow and to have a huge lorry thunder by less than a metre away from one. They often appear to be exceeding the speed limit. I just wonder whether they would slow down if they saw a mother with young children.

The situation is particularly bad this week because the road between Whitchurch and Nantwich is closed and all traffic is diverted through Audlem. However I have become increasingly worried over the past year at the increase in the number of juggernauts using the village. They are clearly cutting off a corner instead of using the A53 past Market Drayton and the A51 to Nantwich. I feel this is an issue of the health and safety of pedestrians.

It is totally unacceptable to have these heavy vehicles using such a narrow road. In many countries in Europe and in Japan and Korea of which I have some experience towns and villages are organised primarily for people and their safety and not as in the UK where life seems to be organised for the convenience of vehicles and not pedestrians.

Beryl Cole

The de – priming of the A525 from Woore does not yet seem to have solved this problem. Surely this could be a Project to solve for our Parish Council in 2018? – complex though it may be. It would win the Parish Council so much gratitude

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