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Five Running Facts

5th April 2019 @ 6:06am – by Ceri Parsons
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Social Change
Running inspires social change: Up until 1972 Women were not allowed to enter the Boston marathon, USA. Change was prompted by Kathrine Switzer who informally ran the course with the help of fellow male runners who shielded her from officials who tried to eject her from the course as she ran. Now women make up 56% of race finishers (Running USA 2012 statistics) and Kathrine Switzer completed her first London Marathon in 2018 age 71.

The Weather
Running makes British winter weather perfect: British Winter weather is closest to a runner's optimal training environment. The colder weather has physiological effects which enable you to run at a lower heart rate making the same pace in the cold easier than it would be in hotter conditions (Runners World).

Running might help you get a promotion at work and is a form of self help: A study has shown that individuals training for a marathon in New York had improved organisation and discipline at work as well as in other aspects of their life.

Keep young
You simply have no excuse that you are 'too old' to run: Fauja Singh from East London ran the 2012 London marathon at the age of 101. His completion time was 7 hours 49 minutes 21 seconds. Fauja Singh is 108 (1st April) today. Enough said.

...and save money
Running can save you money: Aside from being an alternative form of transport, a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports found that runners who wore expensive running shoes with additional features were more likely to get injured than those who wore cheaper running shoes?!

Join us

Audlem running group meets weekly on Saturday at 8.30am on the village playing field/car park. We look forward to welcoming you.

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