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Cheshire re-united once more?

10th September 2014 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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Cheshire East Council Leader Councillor Michael Jones is calling for the reunification of Cheshire in a move designed to bring back a county council for the borough.

His announcement follows months of talks between the Leader and multi-agency partners about how to improve Cheshire's offer to its residents.

Cllr Jones, who stressed the idea was his own personal view, said: "Cheshire East Council was formed following Local Government Reorganisation in 2009, when Cheshire County Council was effectively carved into two, the other half being Cheshire West.

"The two authorities were made weaker as a result, yet mirror one another in terms of their people and aspirations.

"It didn't make much sense then and it still doesn't! Yes, Cheshire East as a local authority is a great success (well he would say that, wouldn't he!) and I'm sure Cheshire West would say the same about their council.

"But the fact remains, it was a bad decision and the people weren't behind it and I suspect many are still not.

"What I'm calling for today is a review of our separated and divided local government as I set out my ambition for a unified Cheshire Council that serves the needs of all Cheshire residents.

"A unified and strong Cheshire would reduce Council Tax liability for every household to the tune of around £100.

"I want to throw open the debate about 'One Cheshire'! Yes, or no? I think it's got a great feel to it. What do residents think?"

Michael Jones' idea of reunification received a less than warm welcome from Cheshire West's leader, confusingly called Mike Jones, who retorted that this was simply a distraction from more important work.

But then again, a reunited council will only require one leader!

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