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Buerton Parish Council Statement February 2024

5th February 2024 @ 9:09am – by Aljeana Baddley for BPC
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Buerton Parish Council Statement February 2024

Buerton parish councillors are a group of local parishioners, many of whom have lived here in Buerton for most of their lives and are volunteers. Over the past two years the councillors have been subjected to activities of a vexatious behaviour by a small cohort of people from within Buerton Parish.

Our situation is not new many Parish councils report similar issues unfortunately in our case a small number of residents are trying to make it impossible for the parish council to function fully for the whole of the parish. Councillors are being subjected to aggressive behaviour via emails, text, face to face and on public platforms.

They are ridiculing, making slanderous comments, and spreading misinformation to the point where parish councillors have had no other option but to resign having been bullied and told they should expect it.

As we are duty bound by a code of conduct, we cannot publicly defend ourselves or retaliate. We are now taking advice on how to best stop this constant abuse and any action that we can take.

Some of the mis-information being circulated are:

  • BPC are asking Audlem & Buerton residents to support fundraising to pay for day-to-day finances. Untrue

Buerton Parish Council financial accounts are healthy, and we are within budget, like all councils we are of course always looking at ways to best save money. All our accounts are available to view.

  • Working Groups have been set up specifically to raise funds for the parish council day to day running. Untrue

We are fundraising to help with the preservation of our 2 vintage oak trees for future generations to enjoy & to also look into education projects. Any monies raised via Save our Oak Trees all goes to that fund.

  • Buerton Parish Land, accusations have been made over mismanagement of the parish land. Untrue

The Parish land is now & has always been under the management of regulated Farm Business land agents who action rent reviews & valuations.

Buerton Events Committee (BEC) is not part of the parish council they are a standalone group. We have given them a grant to help on their start up, but we do not receive any monies that they have gained from grants, donations or funds raised by themselves from any of their events held on Buerton Parish Playing field.

We have no access to their accounts so have no knowledge of what they do with anymonies raised or gained from other sources.

If you require that information you need to contact BEC direct at

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