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Audlem hit by the Coriolis effect

27th January 2021 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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Audlem (or at least Bridge 80) has become a site for major scientific research with the appearance of the "whirlpool" in the canal as the water disappears down the hole which has developed in the canal bed.

There is a phenomenon known as the Coriolis effect which suggests that water going down a hole such as this goes in a clockwise direction in the Northern hemisphere, but anticlockwise in the Southern.

Although various experiments have been set up involving baths and lots of water it is rare to have such an unrivalled opportunity to observe the effect in natural surroundings. So the scientific world has been waiting impatiently for evidence to emerge that will confirm or deny the Coriolis effect.

The Video evidence

We can reveal exclusively on AudlemOnline that, thanks to the efforts of a reader, Sandra Rothwell, we have obtained video footage which clearly shows that the water is rotating clockwise as it goes down the hole.

This confirms two things:-

  • Audlem is in the Northern Hemisphere
  • The water in the canal obeys normal physical rules even though most of it originates as outfall from the Wolverhampton Sewage works.

It is rumoured that the Canal & River Trust have been asked not to repair the hole until the experts at the Overwater Institute of Science and Technology have had a chance to conduct further experiments on the Coriolis effect.

You can see the dramatic (if short) video of the whirlpool through a vimeo link by clicking here , or if that doesn't work, try clicking on the link below the picture to download the .mov file to your own computer which may or may not be able to display it.

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