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Audlem FC Win – Again

25th January 2022 @ 6:06am – by Ralph Warburton
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Match report

Have you ever thought as to just how many disposable nappies end up in landfill sites across the kingdom every year. According to the records ? Three million !!!

To lie there for years and years . Quite frightening . And have we the resolve to change from using them ? Frankly I have my doubts .

Add to that the many ,many millions of dog poo bags from the the huge 11 million pooch population . What we are building ? -- that will , I feel bite us hard one day . It is a hope that most will be fabricated in degradable plastic . Either way it is a horrid legacy for our grandchildren etc .

The game .

At home versus Winsford Over F C . From Winsford of course . When we met on their home ground we beat them .

A tough team to beat . We have a goodi line up of players , so hopes are high

Church Bells so lovely as they sound across the air .

Referee David Bloor In charge .

Kev Mort , our superb manager and one time player of the year in his younger days, selects another , we hope, winning side from a very keen set of players .

Pitch looking tired -- and sadly has not been re- lined after last weeks game.


Kick off

Winsford request a minutes applause in memory of past manager who has died . We all take part ,

Then off we go . Winsford very young in age -- one player is 19, the rest 18. So very full of running and the testosterone of the young . Second in the league , just behind us.

So we expect a tough game .

Ben Walker cannot be with us as he was stuck in Liverpool .

Very fast play as young legs are fired up and we have to rise to the occasion and match them .

First free kick goes to us .no gain.

Important man, Dan Rooney not playing after negative test. Big loss to our defence line. Jack Walsh plays in his stead. David Farral here ( senior executive of the league. )Check with him about our plans for new strip in black and he tells me no -- black is not allowed.


And wham bam slam . Winsford score a truly beautiful goal.


Will Cork sliced down -- how many times he is tackled heavily and yet springs up right away. -- and player carded . First card of what will be many .

Kev Rodger taken down -- free kick. Free kick again and yet another .

Andrew Betteley misbehaving as he rages against the opposition . Rachel our fervent secretary races in the field of play to remonstrate with Andrew . Referee orders her off and warns her that he will book her if she misbehaves again . Rachel full of fire .


Free kick to us . Just outside their area. Kev Rodgers takes it . Hits the wall and no gain .

First corner to us . No gain .

Very ,very feisty match- with considerable fruity language .


Referee Bloor books another WFC player -- mouthing off .


We get an indirect free kick in their area. Nick Gregory steps up and scores


Game intensity still very hot . Paul Bowker taken down . Free kick. No gain


Paul Bowker floors their goalie . All ok. Very good goal keeper by the way .

Nick Gregory races upfield -- shoots , but it is saved

Corner to us and then another corner .

Real 50/50 play all round .

Many many free kicks in this match . Born of the feisty play . Such loud yelling . Still fast and furious and no sign of slowing down . Brawn versus brain . Youth versus maturity .


Willl Cirk, so full of running , races upfield and then the ball is taken off him in the box . So close to scoring .


Free kick to WFC and yet another. They score but offside .


Free kick again but no gain .

Can we do it. Can we win to keep our record of no losses in the league. A real test for us today ,as this is the best team we have played this season . And all under the age of 20!

Attack by them and Rods Henderson, our very strong number 2 , saves what looked like a sure goal .

Pace of the game has not let up one iota .

Sub played as James Craig replaces Paul Bowker.

Free kick taken by Kev Rodgers -- playing a very fine game and we get a corner. Will Cork taken down in the box . Penalty awarded. Sam Mason steps up , kicks so softly and goalie saves .

Ref makes yet another booking. This time Sam Mason.

More free kicks. No gain


We survive what looked like a sure goal -- harder to miss than to score .

Free kick to WFC. Game of free kicks !

1217 .

Seem to be playing for such a long time. Sweet cross by Seb Burrows is met by Nick Gregory and he scores.

2-1 . Came out of the blue that did.

Sub as Sam Mason os replaced by Tony Sindstadt .


Free kick to opponents just out side out area. Shot hits the wall and we are safe .


Long throw in by James Craig is met by Andrew Betteley and he shoots. Goalie saves, but Beco scores the rebound .


WFC makes a fine run up the pitch , dribbles the ball into the area -- and scores .

3. 2

Referee books the manager of Winsford . Mouthing off . Game very testy. No prisoners taken .

Again I say their goal keeper so good. Man of the match for them I feel.

Tony Sinstadt gets booked for kicking the ball out .

Ref books player for tackle on Ross Henderson . So many bookings . The most ever in the season .

Ref books Ross !

Then in the closing seconds player floors James Craig , who jumps up and throws a punch. Then everyone piles in to a big scrap . Ref books both players . And then -- final whistle .

Man of the match goes to the ever running and skillful Ross Henderson . Watched by his lovely wife Katie , cradling baby Dylan .

A serous incidence as Winsford player trashes our changing room. Leaving toilet doors completely smashed off.

I call the police to report criminal damage .

Manager goes into to sort his players out . The culprit has the guts to come to me to apologise . I alert the management of the Annexe.

All disperse . Promise of full payment for damage caused . Stupid act .

Manager full of apologies. Sad end to their excellent play .

Kev Mort drives home to get his tools and screws etc and we repair the damage as best we can, so that other users of the rooms can do so in comfort . It is so heart warming how we pull together both on the field of play and off it .

Big thank you to Lee and Ben , our very loyal spectators , and their boys for helping me clean up the mud after the game and the repairs .

Next game is away- to play J S Bailey in Nantwich .

Then we will face the next 9 games with high hopes . As Kev Rodgers our coach and star defender says, 9 cup ties in effect as we strive to win the league !

Ralph Warburton

Audlem F C

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