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A message from Audlem to Glasgow

8th October 2021 @ 6:06am – by Chris Thornton
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The last chance climate summit approaches!

The ACER (Audlem Carbon Emissions Reduction) project asks everyone to sign and share the Cheshire East Climate Alliance petition calling on leaders at COP26 in Glasgow to commit to URGENT action NOW to prevent runaway climate change destroying our children's lives.

Sign here

NB If you have signed the paper version at Audlem's Climate and Nature Event or elsewhere, you don't need to sign the online version as well.

In August the UN sounded a code red alarm for humanity when publishing the latest assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, but countries' current commitments are nowhere near equal to the scale of the emergency. Leaders need to know that their citizens want them to take emergency action before it is too late.

Sign the petition to let them know that Cheshire East's citizens want action, not blah blah blah!
Alex Salmón-Suárez will present the petition to COP26 President Alok Sharma. Let's send Alex to Glasgow weighed down with signatures from Cheshire East!

A recent ACER story on Audlem Online was headlined 'ACER to save the planet'.
(Ed – we thought this was quite a nifty headline at the time, but now read on.....)
A wee correction is in order for two reasons. It might seem picky, but it's the heart of the matter.


ACER is not trying to save the planet because there is no need; the continued existence of the planet is not threatened by the climate and nature emergency, but the continued existence of humanity is -- the code red siren is wailing.


The ACER project fails if people think, "Smashing! ACER's saving the planet! Phew, we don't need to do anything." But without community participation the ACER project won't achieve anything. It is here to help the people of Audlem contribute to the UK's net zero ambition in any way they can.

Our children and grandchildren won't survive in the 4 degrees warmer world that looms by the end of the century unless climate and nature actions are hugely and rapidly accelerated. It is a bigger emergency than a war or a pandemic and needs a bigger emergency response. It affects everyone and everyone will end up contributing, so everyone should be involved and have a say.

So what can we do?

The ACER website here has information about practical things we can all do. Of course, the heavy lifting will have to be done by the big-emitting governments, corporations and sectors, so, before heading over to the ACER website, please sign the petition to call on leaders for urgent action now!

So, if you haven't already signed the petition by now

Sign here

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