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999 ambulance services

8th July 2014 @ 6:06am – by NWAS
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Understanding the increasing demand for 999 ambulance services

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust is urging patients and the public to share their experiences of using the 999 ambulance service to help improve the service for the future.

The project is part of a national piece of work by the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) to investigate changes in the use of ambulance services in England.

Use of 999 ambulance services has been increasing over the past decade and, by conducting this project, AACE hopes to get a better understanding of how the ambulance service is being used.

The project asks people about their experiences of using the 999 ambulance service. There are two ways people can take part:

  • Working with myEnvolve, a new free community engagement app, people who have used the ambulance service within the last three months can contribute their views and experiences via an independent online survey by logging on to and simply entering their postcode.
  • Interested people can also volunteer to take part in telephone interviews to explore why patients choose to call 999. Participants will be asked a number of questions about the occasion on which they called for an ambulance and about any other services they may have contacted for help prior to calling 999.

People prepared to take part in a telephone interview, which will last approximately 30 minutes, should contact Melanie Edwards on:
or 020 7783 2588 to arrange a suitable time.

All information will be treated as confidential and will only be seen by the project team.

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