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ADCA needs help

3rd April 2023 @ 6:06am – by Kathleen Fedouloff
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People of Audlem! Help!

We are looking for a body! (Not that kind of body! We are looking for a good body!)

You know the saying that if you want to hide a pebble, put it on a beach? And if you want hide a leaf, put it in a forest? For why? Because there are so many thousands of pebbles on a beach, and leaves in a forest, that it will be almost impossible to find one specific pebble, or leaf.

And that's what it feels like to us, looking for this body. There are just so many 'bodies' in Audlem and District and the surrounding area. One of them must surely be the one we are looking for!!

Here's how to help

Maybe YOU KNOW this body? Please send them the link below!

Or maybe you know someone who MIGHT KNOW this body? Please send them the link!

Or maybe you know of SOMEWHERE ELSE we might put the word out? Please tell us – email: or call 07984 785907 on Wednesday or Friday mornings.

Or perhaps you have a network of friends or colleagues who between them might know of someone who could fill the bill? Please pass the link around!

We really appreciate your help!

Here is the link:

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