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Thursday 11th Feb

4:08pmparent on School problem
  • It is my understanding that this is not all about achievement in SATS etc, but about the fact that the children at the school were not given the opportunity to reach their full potential but the school was happy to accept national average as high as they could go.

    As a helpful parent and being part of an affluent community surely our children should be given the right to achieve their full potential and the encouragement to do so, not settle for second best?

3:33pmBuerton parent on School problem
  • What a surprise Buerton children are blamed for the problems at Audlem School! Ten children moved to Audlem from Buerton, our children were happy where they were but the Council gave us no choice, don't use us as scapegoats.

1:53pmfrustrated on School problem
  • Standards — the investigation had been completed when she was given 'gardening' leave. If you want confirmation then approach Cheshire East.

    Editor's comment: It is our understanding that the governors are still considering the report, and until this is concluded Mrs Nolan-Burnitt will not be in school. For the full statement, see yesterday's news item

1:11pmangry on School problem
  • I think that the closure of Beurton primary, all those extra kids in the classes is too much and the added pressure from over protective parents and the Government.

    I wouldn't do the job for all the tea in China! I feel sorry for any teacher who has to teach today's spoilt kids

12:40pmRicardo on School problem
  • This potential teaching problem is symptomatic of the age we live in. Most parents use School as a dumping ground for their kids. The majority of parents will not accept their kid’s achievement levels and will blame anyone except themselves.

    Let’s face it, some are bright, some average and others are basically not academically gifted! The pressures on teachers to produce silk purses out of sows’ ears are enormous.

    The criteria for a good school is now purely based on academia NOT a well rounded education with happy stress free kids. I could go on!

12:11pmStandards on School problem
  • I am staggered that the website will not publish vaguely critical comments about pub meals etc but WILL publish an unproven serious allegation of professional misconduct about an individual whilst the investigation is ongoing.

10:56amSad on School problem
  • I too am sorry to hear the news from the school but understand that in such cases the person with overall responsibility stands aside until the situation is clarified. Hopefully things will soon be sorted.

    I say this with no real idea of exactly what is to be sorted and so I would not like to say that results have been falsified. Perhaps Angry has knowledge of this but might have been wiser to not put it in print.

    Alas if it turns out there is a rap to be taken the person in charge is the one who takes it. Let us hope that calm minds reach a sensible conclusion to this sad interlude in the life of a lovely friendly school, one to which my children went with much happiness.

10:40amTony on Audlem Online Offline
  • And there was I just thinking that the wheel had simply just come off!

Wednesday 10th Feb

11:25pmAngry on School problem
  • I'm very dissapointed about the news of Miss Nolan-Burnet the pressure these teachers are under from the Labour Government on the stats and being forced to falsify the assessments of the children's tests.

    I have always found Miss Nolan to be a very enthusiastic teacher full of passion for the school and I feel that she has taken the rap.

1:55pmcatz1x on Blasts In Chapel End Woore Rd
  • Is it a bird scarer used by a farmer?

Tuesday 9th Feb

2:23pmsj on Blasts In Chapel End Woore Rd
  • Shooting or more likely from the sand quarry at the top of Woodhouse Lane — straight on from Kettle Lane.

1:20pmDennis on Blasts In Chapel End Woore Rd
  • Chapelender:_ Taliban?

12:17pmChapelender on Blasts In Chapel End Woore Rd
  • During the day I hear a large number of continuing blasts or thumps sounding like gunfire (and no I'm not going crazy!) Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

9:39amDennis on Troops in Afghanistan
  • While we contemplate the donation of ‘comforts’ for our well deserving military in Afghanistan and Iraq, please take time out to consider the plight of our poor beleaguered politicians, who at this difficult time need all the help then can get, now that the expenses gravy train has hit the buffers. Please give generously during the oncoming election!!

8:51amKM on Troops in Afghanistan
  • I'm interested in Kev_G's assertion that "most servicemen and women oppose this conflict". Where has this information come from? Whenever I see service personnel interviewed on TV they seem to believe that what they are doing is both worthwhile and necessary.

8:01amCanal Cat on Potholes
  • I have again rang the council about the pothole outside the funeral director. A very young-sounding girl there told me that they subcontracted the work to third party and are awaiting a response. They are responding poorly on this (after 2 emails and 2 phone calls), so I would urge another resident or two to back me up with further complaints as it's making the road in the village look awful in my view. See this page to report potholes:

Monday 8th Feb

10:13pmKev_G on Troops in Afghanistan
  • I think, for what it is worth, that Afghanastan is a conflict and not a war. This is a political mission and regardless of what the media pump us with the 'enemy' has no issue with 'us' and no intention to leave home. We fight to prevent terrorism <ahem> or is it routes to oil fields for the richer powers? Anyway, back to point, Minnie most servicemen and woman oppose this conflict but serve as they are ordered, British Men and Women honouring Queen and Country and serving the UK government that governs it. Not their fault is it, they rely on 'comforts' sent from a public who see no 'war point' but support their effort and their families efforts — to send to them is a good thing, they deserve your support and thoughts whilst they do as they have been ordered.But what do I know :)

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