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Friday 14th May

9:50pmHigherWyc on Stapeley Water Gardens
  • Evening all just a question. Is the closure of this centre happening or happened?

8:52pmswan on Cookoos
  • Thanks a lot to all the chatterbox people for not being bothered to answer my question about hearing a cuckoo on Bickerton hills. They are on the verge of extinction and all you lot can talk about is the flipping speed-watch group — booorrrring!

    Editor's comment: One also heard at Hanchurch Hills on Wednesday so some are still arriving here. Last May, I heard dozens on a walk in the Loire Valley. The French seem to have loads staying there.

7:27pmPatient Poster on Cookoos
  • "Audlem Online is the official website for Audlem." It does show.

    Editor's comment: Indeed it does on a Google search for Audlem. We are changing that copy on Google.

5:49pmMeerkat on Magic
  • How can AnnT respond to Ken's Message when he sent it an hour later than her response! Is it magic, clairvoyance, or editorial editing?

    Editor's comment: An editorial slip up. An earlier duplicate message from Ken was deleted in error. We are trying to find why the same messages sometimes arrive two or three different times — and over a period of hours in some cases — and all but one then have to be deleted to avoid repetition on the Chatbox. Don't worry, we are as confused as you are by this!

2:52pmKen Maple on Stapeley Water Gardens
  • I was talking to an employee at Stapeley just a few weeks ago and he assured me that the place wasn't closing — just being remodelled. The Palms and the angling centre will stay where they are and the rest will be rebuilt.

1:53pmAnnT on Stapeley Water Gardens
  • Thanks Ken, so that is the next family visit sorted.

12:09pmAnnt on Local Walks
  • Love reading about the local walks. Trying to break my addiction to the puzzles page by really reading the rest of the site. Was also intending to break my Chatbox habit but needed a quick fix. .

11:44ammarket on Logo
  • Good point butter. What has happened to the logo competition? The current one is awful.

10:03amJedimaster65 on Responsible And Caring
  • What a great news story this is...I was on a bus the other day coming back from a trip to London and it picked up dozens of School kids from Nantwich, causing my heart to sink...but these children's behaviour was exemplary...So Well done Hankelow & Audlem kids. There was one small thing that annoyed me though...they all had better mobile phones than me, Sigh! PS I am not sure that the Cemetery piccy is the best to accompany that story though !? .

8:51amAnnt on Stapeley Water Gardens
  • Does the closure of the Water Gardens mean that the Palms,or is it Oasis, is also closed? I hope not as it is a reasonably pleasant place to take small grandchildren. On wet days when Shrewbridge Lake and the walk into Cafe do Paris is not as attractive.

8:40amworm on Stapeley Water Gardens
  • Yes sad, however, I thought it was being rebuilt towards the back of the carpark- alongside the Palms, with houses at the front?.

Thursday 13th May

11:33pmJB on Spruce - Up In The Square !
  • Canal Cat , take my advice; try to stick to far less controversial subjects such as politics, religion or race, and you are far less likely to start a fire you can't put out! Start mentioning any of the 'f', 'c' or 'b' words, and you will have all the village moaners on here.

11:26pmswan on Stapeley Water Gardens
  • So sad to here that Stapeley water gardens is closing. It was such a fantastic place to visit — they have recently put some huge carp back into the outside pond which reminded me when I was young and we used to feed them. Such great memories, all those jobs as well. So sad as it's better than Bridgemere.

4:38pmCanal Cat on Spruce - Up In The Square !
  • JB — I didn't realise that my desire to see the old Red, White & Blue would be so controversial! Sorry for asking...Sniff ! :-(.

3:37pmbutter on Logo
  • In March you launched a competition to design a new logo for Audlem Online – but since then there’s been a deafening silence. What happened? Did you get any good designs or were they all rubbish? What’s next? Will there be a new and exciting logo or are we going to be stuck with the current sheep’s stomach?Come on, webteam, let us know what’s going on.

    Editor's comment: We received some interesting and amusing suggestions. We are looking at a new feature for Audlem Online and, when that is introduced, will be making a small re-design that we hope will satisfy those that dislike the current logo.

7:57amJB on Spruce - Up In The Square!
  • Oh Canal Cat, what are you thinking! Please don't start another Chatbox war! In the interests of Chatbox / village harmony, I appeal to the webteam to ban any talk of flags, bellringing and /or confetti this year. These issues are just too emotive and contentious and create far too much antagonistic debate on the Chatbox page! Please, please, can we all refrain from using the 'F', 'B' or 'C' words again this year?

Wednesday 12th May

9:13pmCanal Cat on Spruce - Up In The Square !
  • Does anyone have any idea when we will see this years new Union flags in the village then? We are pining for them...

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