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Friday 19th Feb

9:34amp.kens on Logo
  • I expect the webteam are too busy moderating chat-box messages to design a new logo!

8:41amPJ on Logo
  • Well, Jed, It could mean People Complaining. How about an image of that mystery creature found by the canal as the logo

Thursday 18th Feb

11:49pmRory Cannon on Troops in Afghanistan
  • The USA went into Afghanistan to capture bin Laden then when he was shielded and allowed to escape they stayed for revenge. As usual we went along with them. I watch pictures of troops searching ruined homesteads and wonder what happened to the people who lived there.

8:34pmCanal Cat on Potholes
  • Spoke to the council ref the potholes outside funeral directors, they say work on this is imminent.They sent their engineers to inspect the "trench" outside the Coop too, so watch this space !

8:31pmjedimaster65 on Logo
  • Well PJ, PC = Poorly Conceived...What did you think it meant I wonder ?

2:56pmBilly Gibbons on Even Gritters Do It...
  • Good luck Chapel Ender: For what it's worth, you have my backing. Where I live is slightly different than where you live but, the end result may, one day, be the same: someone get's seriously injured, or killed, because some ( *****">  was going too fast.

10:57amPJ on Logo
  • I have never been a particular fan of the logo but I am just wondering why jedimaster regards it as PC. Does he actually understand what PC means? Or to put the question another way, since when has a slaughtered Buffalo been politically correct?

10:26amChapel Ender on Even Gritters Do It...
  • Yes Canal Cat I agree. I am also starting a campaign to have the speed limit reduced from 60 — 40 mph in our area of Chapel End (on the cross roads of Longhill Lane). It is the first straight stretch of road out of Audlem and we have to witness the appalling overtaking and high speeds through our "hamlet" — 60mph is just too fast. Watch this space for more information!

8:15amCanal cat on Even Gritters Do It...
  • I understand Kev_G's horror at the speeding's a pity the local authority don't show a bit more speed repairing the potholed road around the village (especially outside funeral directors) ...I rang them again yesterday to chase up their lack of action over this and got nearly 101 excuses...It really needs a few more of us to be venting our frustration over this to get them moving, — come on Audlem, lets stop moaning and give them a kick !Regarding the speeding issue, I hate speed cameras, but if ever a village actually needed them, — surely it's Audlem ?

Wednesday 17th Feb

11:52pmKev_G on Even Gritters Do It...
  • Gobsmacked today to see a gritter hurtling down the road into the village near the Co-op, got to have been close to 50 mph and salt ON!!! Felt sorry for the parked cars, they got pebble-dashed. Still, speeding is allowed in Audlem yeah?

2:44pmWingit Sing on Chatbox Comments
  • Could somebody explain to me who are the leaders of this community as I have some issues that I'd like to discuss with them!! What makes them "The Leaders"? (11th Feb Mr & Mrs)

11:24amjedimaster65 on Logo
  • Dicky Ducky is right.That logo is the sort of thing a local authority would use.ABYSMAL !Anyone having a nosey at the Website will think it really weird.Now come along ! Stop this PC nonesence and lets have a nice village pic or painting...even the Audlem tea-towel designs were nicer than this "slaughtered Buffalo" !

Tuesday 16th Feb

2:30pmDicky Ducky on Logo
  • Come on Webteam. What's happened to the promised change of logo? It is long overdue. From the last round of comments on Chatbox everybody seemed to agree that the current logo is rubbish. I seem to remember that the Webteam stated that ithe logo would be changed. Why not have a Vote Poll with various options? They could include the Buttermarket (my favourite), St James Church and the canal. Why not sound people out democratically?

Sunday 14th Feb

8:49pmangry on Website Management
  • I agree with the web-team we need to put a lid on this debate because things were getting out of hand and i personally want to apologise for my comments if they have offended anybody but i do think that its healthy to have these kind's of debates thats why we live in a democratic country .

3:45pmFred1954 on Website Management
  • Come on Ricardo, the webteam are no doubt trying their best. I think they do a good job of keeping the Chatbox balanced. It's certainly not a job I envy.

    If you allow these sort of debates to continue endlessly, people will just get more upset and aggressive. Good points have been made on both sides, lets leave it there shall we?

10:48amRicardo on Website Management
  • School problem:-CHICKENS!!

Saturday 13th Feb

12:06pmWebteam on School problem
  • Editor's comment: We seem to have reached a point where the chatbox comments about this subject are becoming both repetitive and increasingly abusive. The mere fact that people are using pseudonyms like "Angry", "Sad" and "Frustrated" would indicate how strongly people feel about this subject. We hope to be able to publish a statement from the Governors when they have completed their deliberations and determined what action, if any, to take. Until then we will not publish any further chatbox comments on this topic.

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