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Wednesday 24th Mar

11:04pmeric cantona on Parish Council
  • Why not have a vote (at the same time as the allotment issue) as to whether we need a parish council? They have no power and are defacto "unelected" and seem to be a waste of local taxpayers money (indeed in Audlem we seem to have one of the most expensive pc's in Cheshire).

8:19pmRHY on Allotments
  • I have to say that when Celia Bloor says that she cares about the enviroment, does that take into consideration that most people will drive to the allotments in their cars!
    They will then have to park their vehicles on some sort of car park within the allotment area and if all the people who are on the allotment commitee turn up it will have to hold 60 cars!
    That's a big area of natural land that has to be dug up and stoned up! But I suppose you could park all the way up Paddock Lane and block it and not have a car park!
    I do agree that I am being over the top with my comments but it's not as environmentally friendly or really required. We do not live in an inner city where people have very small or no gardens, most of the committee have gardens so why not use them that would seem more env friendly to me.
    I bet within 2 years people will drop out leaving overgrown weeds and mess. Well that would look lovely to drive into, it's like a new craze — it comes in and goes out!

2:44pmCJB on Allotments
  • CO-OP have got some good offers on fresh fruit and veg!

1:48pmbovered on Allotments
  • Allow people to grow vegetables? Don't the majority of people in Audlem have a garden to do this in?

9:04amCelia Bloor on Allotments
  • I was really affronted by the suggestion that a view of allotments would detract from the impression given of the village. Do we want to be a pretty pretty Cotswold type of chocolate box village or one that shows we care about the environment and allow people to grow fresh vegetables?

12:10amhampster on Logo
  • I personally don't think the logo is that bad, it is a bit different to the norm which is a nice change. It just unfortunately isn't obvious exactly what it is. However it could possibly do with a bit of an update, so I think the competition is not a bad idea.
    And as for the comment about it looking like an unidentifiable organ, I would say that rotated anticlockwise through 90 degrees, it looks astonishingly like the stomach! (although I don't think Audlem Online can be blamed for this!).

Tuesday 23rd Mar

7:59pmbud on Parish Council
  • Like the Duke of York, I went along to the extraordinary meeting to see what it was all about. To the residents of Audlem who don't know what all the who har is about, as I understand it, a well known local land developer has offered land in Paddock Lane to the parish council to be used as allottments in return for him to be given planing permisson for a 4 bedroom house on the land, also stables and a car park.
    Apparently if the PC says no to this he will withdraw his offer of the land for the allotments. This is, as I understand, what the meeting was supposed to debate but the people there did not get a chance to do this. So much for democracy.

7:28pmP Throwerman on Longhill Moss
  • Porvided I'd had a soil analysis and that was fine there should be no problem, the grass seems to be doing ok. Should we have any grazing animals checked for contamination? The depth of covering soil should be far deeper than the roots of most crops. Then again, one could use raised beds, or just grow flowers.

6:06pmserfx on Longhill Moss
  • Would you like to grow veggies on an old tip?

5:56pmGrandad on Parish Council
  • Gb what you indicate here seems to be very true in my experience. I admire your nerve at going public with these observations — no doubt the politically correct councillors will see things in a different light.
    All local politicians appear to have been advised on how to run a meeting so as to cause as little controversy as possible and how to gag any opposition to the party line effectively, so preserving the status quo! Fancy advertising this PC meeting and then not allowing debate from the floor! I ask you!

3:46pmP Throwerman on Longhill Moss
  • Serfix. Long hill moss?

3:42pmGB on Parish Council
  • Bodies like parish councils attract committee types who regard "a good meeting" as an end in itself and if all that comes of a meeting is the opportunity for another meeting they are happy. Also they like to keep it cosy. They do not like taking contentious decisions or having to listen to members of the public who expect them to do so.

1:27pmSerfx on Parish Council
  • I think that the mistake my lord Duke made, and I confess I did, was in thinking that because we were allowed in, our views and participation were being canvassed.
    Once the meeting was reopened, we were not part of it and thus didn't need apparently to be able to hear what was being said. To be fair, the chairwoman did make that bit clear(ish) at the beginning.
    I do agree with the rest of your comments. It was an exercise to avoid making a decision. The parish council have, I believe, been working with DAHLIA for over three years to try to find a suitable site for allotments. If someone can come up with a half decent site that would be a better solution.

12:23amThe Duke of York on Parish Council
  • Help — can anyone tell me what a parish council does? This evening whilst looking for some excitement in the village I was drawn to a notice about an "extrordinary meeting " of the parish council — well! If that was extraordinary I will not be attending the ordinary one unless I have got insomnia. To begin with they assumed everyone knew who they were and didn't introduce themselves. With 3 exceptions they all stared at the table and muttered. One brave soul asked them to speak up but that didn't change anything. It appeared that there was a long running debate going on with two groups of interested parties each of whom was only allowed to speak once! I counted 55 people in the audience but they had to remain silent. I think the council made a decision to make a decision at a date I couldn't catch and then after 35 mins of this heart stopping excitement it was all over. So please can anyone tell me what do parish councils do?

Monday 22nd Mar

10:24pmswan on Longhill Moss
  • What was Longhill Moss? Was it a peat bog, like Norfolk, or was it scrubby with willow birch? What kind of plants grew there? I'm fascinated by it. It seems the few things we have we destroy it. It was like the sand pits there — they used to house sand martins but that also has been filled in and I remember a pond and great crested newts and they used to find them hibernating in the embankment. So sad that their home has been destroyed — it's so sad that they were not saved.

10:48ammontymoose on Logo
  • I can't really understand what all the fuss is about. The template they have given us seems to be a JPG file which is the most common of all image formats. Any computer in the world will open it!

    If people haven't the skills or software to edit images, it makes me wonder why they are attempting to design a logo for a website!?

9:32amlogohater on Logo
  • As yesterday I can get the logo template, but then can't do anything with it.

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